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[to] a college student struggle for 5 years from 3500 to 7000000

In 11 ,frustrated frustrated I tell the Yun ,tell her when I hear a beautiful bubble in her heart broken voice. She appears to not say anything ,but I knew she was very disappointed .
We have no words, I can only from her here be a ray of warmth and comfort .She said ,don ,never mind ,we start all over again .But ,my love ,you know ,this fight and let me look back to their own ,doubt yourself :I like a northerner ,is it right? In Shanghai for the fight ?Although very lost and disappointed ,but I can the girl to me disappointed.
The very next day I manage to get on a Yun says I have to start again .I consider all night ,because I have no money ,can rent the house ,I have to find a house to live, every month can save 7~800 yuan or so.
But it cannot and Yun as before that are close . I said I can ,there is not much time. Cried and hugged me and said ,I will come to see her ,she would miss me, I was having financial difficulties must be looking for her.
I smiled and said ,you have economic difficulties have to come to me. Friends ,although time has passed so long ,can be Today is my memory of it remains more than tears .That time I was at a low point ,survival is also a problem, but I still like to recall that thing.
I can think of ,the fate of old man will make later I and she have so big change? 12,I moved to a newly awakened residence is a house ,is houses built by the peasants themselves ,summer is hot and winter is cold inside the house ,and only 10 cottagesize.
I have been very satisfied here every month ,the rent is 200 yuan ,than before I have saved 800 dollars.Come later ,I have a very long time not knowing do well. I think this is across the fall of the common people ,believed to have had a similar experience friends will have the same feeling .
But don do things I felt very anxious . The contradictory feeling really made my day was very hard .It will be a month later, in the month I basically is the bread is pickles ,stomach oil is lacked badly.
I decided to buy some meat snack .I the houses around several new into the plot ,as farther from the urban areas ,basically is some inner-city households moved to here ,really buy here the man of the house Have no money ,but such people in Shanghai ,the area sentiment or good.
Here unlike Gaojiefang ,Gaojiefang is opened for a long time not to see several people .The area between a street ,lots of people but mostly old children around .Cooked meat shop business as if is not very good, I have some meat and bought a bottle of beer ,beside the shop simple table and sat down to eat .
Years later I recall the moment ,or that it is God in a desperate my one chance . Just then, suddenly someone to talk to the boss and deli ,said the boss ,your business ah! Yes ,the boss says ,I am busy next week ,ready to go home ,not to do .
Said the man ,you the shop do? The boss said ,turn back ,in the first half of this year did not earn any money ,might as well do something else. I suddenly have a regained feeling ,I looked everywhere to find money ,but ambitious, ignore this opportunity around them ,don you seen? I stand up ,let the boss give me some beef ,and pay no heed to ask he transfer store .
But ten minutes, I knew :this shop has about 10 square, month rent rent he pay 1200,two Month. The transfer fee he required is not high ,even on the line, with a little bit of simple facilities ,20000bucks.
I said I wanted to take ,but the price is too high ,he dropped to 10000 8I 100005I mustgo back ,he and his wife discussed below, agreed. I went back to the room with my only 3000 dollarsas a deposit to pay him ,then the set of transfer ,and of course he agree with me in 7 days .
13tobalance paid ,I find previous company boss ,asked him to lend me money . I also took me to do the planning books, said I to the company . The boss is also much heard me ,he detailed understanding of the situation, without saying a word to me 10000 5000dollars.
Ismiled and said :&quot ;the boss ,I take charge card here ?&quot ;also ,the boss smiled and said :your &quot ;shall I ID ,100005 Ibet on you there? &quot ;in fact, until now I have always admired my boss.
His career now has also done well, family owned about 30000000 .Can I store business has changed ?First, I recalled the previous shop Jiyu ,think Shanghai people love to eat chicken ,chicken and duck ,in particular ,determine operating varieties appropriate changes ;in addition ,the catering industry is the most important Is health ( hygiene license a year to do ,already has) ,I decided to clean the store one day, the store back opening logo ,also bought a second-hand disinfection cabinet ,specially placed on the table so that customers see disinfection facilities process ;then ,I am looking for a Shanghai teachers to guide the production process ( retired retired ,very cheap ) ,to find 2diligentSichuan younger sister for help ,their promised performance 5% percentage, but no I substitution ;etc.
there are probably 20 more steps ,I was filled with a 2 page,everything has been nearly 10 days.Finally, I bought some firecrackers ,pitter-patter put, popularity immediately drawn to me .
Hehe ,the busy until 11 at night,an inventory turnover was 500 !14,dawn had done the business friends all know ,opened on the day of business or not necessarily deal always be good. Since the beginning of the customer is curious ,try ,if no special attraction ,they will forget you.
And you want to attract their attention is much more difficult .I understand this truth ,so the very next day beginning in the front of the shop does not stop holding chat ,ask how it tastes ,and then From division to send them some food .
Shanghai people both inside and outside of the well ,they never white to others, most of them pay little money ,they won give others . Of course I know ,business is the key to my goods to customers taste.
Slowly I shop popularity there .I also asked people in several areas where posted our advertising ,please also deliberately picked our duck in several areas where there are too many people around, between with loud, clever to attract attention .
Through many of these methods ,a month after my shop daily turnover can reach 800 yuan,and still rising .Hehe ,I had knowledge of planning all over it .I so busy everyday work from dawn to night ,probably 14,5hours,completely out of his mind flutter in the storefronts .
For the first month after my business ,inventory of what ,I have to earn 9000 yuan ;for second months I earn 12000owedis away, I have no money .But I feel ,my life long dawn has come.
To tell the truth ,this feeling is really very wonderful .I do business for their own store ,and over time the 3~4 months.I am busy every day to sleep only 5 ,6 hours,a lie in it. And I of the phone several times ,she is also busy, because she was promoted to be a senior business .
We met a few times ,she let me have a good rest ,I smiled and said ,marry you back later. She said you rely on the frontispiece to earn the money ?I smiled ,decided a few months later to give her a surprise .
After 4 months, I have saved 50000 dollars,but also toward the end of the year .Calculate my time only a little over 13 months .If according to this mode the development continues, I finish marked the 150000 possibility issteady .
Every month I just keep it, then a year later I should use 18~20 million.Money is enough, can also do a decent wedding ,but buying a house is temporarily do not want . Hehe ,see here ,don again how many friends are laughing at me? Your infantilism made again! Yeah ,if not the landlord rent event ,I think I that dream again.
The landlord to collect several month later, will be the end of the day the landlord suddenly said to sign the contract next year ,but your price doubled .Gas I almost turn ,this is clearly see my Business get jealous !But I know people in the house ,not down .
I now but some problems can not . He and I talked ,and gave him some food ,the landlord and me 1000 dollars. It made me aware of the crisis have already appeared .To do business well ,the first landlord rent will rise ,can not decline ,costs will rise ;in second ,soon after the emergence of competitors will appear ,and my shop is the same size ,is bound to shunt of customers.
So the money is not long lasting . If I didn act ,the final result I want to draw :shop after just a few months back to subsistence level. So what can I do ?I didn ,thinking countermeasures.
The very next day early in the morning, I am determined, decided to throw the helve after the hatchet ,taking a big risk !16,adventure my plan is this :in the first step ,near the area to open a few delicatessens.
Lot as long as I now store Lot went almost ,but not too close ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo broad worker,and then use the same decoration ,the same name ,same planning means ,establish area residents brand image ,so that the purchase price Will be much cheaper ,but also forced later improve investment.
This plan as soon as possible .The second step ,I think the shop prices is not high ,more than 2000 rentnot buy it. Shanghai friends all know ,at the end of 2000, Shanghai suburban house price only 2000, shops only 3000.
This stepmust carry out steadily ,one by one. But I like is must put in all 50000 yuan,if it fails, our time ,money can let my goal completely impossible .But I think again, I don do ,places the hope in others to grab business ,I do, I hope in my own body .
Compared to ,I am willing to put their hopes in him. But I think for me ,a surprise plan can only delay .I says to myself ,for her, take out all your Jin !It is very hard for a month.
I not only want to take care of a store business ,but also for the Shop No. two ,No. three ,shop location selection, buy facilities ,shop layout and so on. Later I raised a number of shop percentage ,raised him to the store manager ,told him 1 months afterthe store business Amount if a drop of more than 5% ,immediately change manager .
So I put my heart into the opening of new stores .1 months later,my shop No. two ,No. three stores opened ,I was not idle, began before planning campaign, and began to shop No. four preparations.
The latter months ,I shop the profitability or good ,reached 12000 yuan ,5000 yuan of storeNo. two ,No. 3 best shop,there are actually 10000 !Want to know this is the first month ,personnel also unfamiliar !I found the reason is a girl clerk has excellent business talents ,[quote] Yang Hengjun, Mubarak!,would cause Lai customers ,Li Hanchen notes 5,without another word I give her salary doubled ,directly promoted to manager .
The end of the year as scheduled arrival ,I and j only spent half a day, had to be busy with their own store .To go home ,I can ,targets have not completed the how do I see her family ?But I and her mother .
A telephone call ,her mother said with a smile :&quot ;D ,we know you are a good boy ,we are looking forward to your home by early to marry !&quot ;I know this word meaning ,also smiled and said :&quot ;I will, thank aunt and uncle trust.
&quot ;at the end of year 2 months,because have the Spring Festival ,the festival also , my business is good in a complete mess .Four store opened in time before the Spring Festival .This two months each store an average of January can make 15000,2 months afterme cash reached 120000 .
Before New Year and another thing ,the boss called me and said ,he also has an into account quota ,asked if I would ,I say .He said I did not, to give him the information on the line. In order to thank him, have the Spring Festival when I went to his home to his children send a 5000 piece of red packets.
Years shortly after my account run down .I began to gradually and various East real talk to buy pavement ,if they don ,I landlord on ,is that many of the houses are property ,better take .
At that time and the prices are low, and I find a house before it hit the foreshadowing ,in addition I price to slightly higher ,in front of 3 homeon the well ,the unit price in about 3700 of asquare ,a total of 130000 ,all my cash is home to fourth to 50000total.
( business good, landlord threatened me ) ,I have no money, but the pledge in front of a shop as a 30000 firstsigned a letter of intent ,until a months later ,the money ,the money together to store down .
At this time is the 3 At the end of the month ,I got 8 months. The business as if at a steady pace, the target seems more and more close. But I didn ,one is enough to destroy my hit is also getting more and more near .
Till today, I remember this impresses me time ,still feel eyes tears wet. 17,hit time after 3 and a half months,immediately to the July 10th ,I remember this day ,because this is Yun I decided on this day mustering up before 150000,and send this message as a birthday present for her.
She get the present time happy ,my heart not Titus is excited .A few months stores also good ,each shop can reach more than 10000 of theprofits ,it is because I shop ,purchase cost low, but also do not have to pay the rent ,still one of the main reason is that I used a very good manager? Small .
Small fast promotion is in front of me as the manager of the girl .The girl is from Zhejiang, only 19 years old ,one long handsome beautiful ( because of the need to attract customers ,this is one of the more important factors ,measures the time I have paid special attention to find look uncomfortable girl ) .
Because the general migrant girls are not Zhejiang Here, so I pay special attention to her. Don think of the girl in the business really talented ,she is always happy, never seen she tired of living ,will speak, very sweet ,very good customer margin .
And she ,opened a few days all the regulars the names of familiar ( I suppose she asked around the shopkeeper and customer ) ,and suggested that I ,in hot weather, shop with vegetables ,beer ,buy some summary tables and chairs ,night let customers eating while cooling.
She also placed around a few telephone got ,the hotel business is pulled in. Then we Deli Business Hotel purchase was occupied 30% !But she is a bit bad, if the body is too thin ,strength to work soon tired face pale ,sweating .
The shop when business is good ,it also very influential. I thought for a few days ,decided to raise its long ,avoid its are short ,in the shop has got a be robust and strong guy call her ,tell her just to attract customers ,management of accounts.
One of my friends call me. He did not know where that I opened several stores ,do ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,and while he was doing real estate sales ,agent of a villa Plate ,I want to have a look . Shanghai friends all know ,in 2001 when the Shanghai property is not hot ,real estate sales especially Gaojiefang sales difficult.
He represented the villa has 180 many square ,surrounding facilities is not perfect ,and total to 800000 dynasties,I don ,you didn so much money. He said ,check it out ,see the love ,and the money matter is easy, the loan will do.
I said it will Shoufu ,I pay no .He said never mind ,he can contract to do something ,let me zero Shoufu ,all loans .I had no choice but to go to have a look ,did not think of looking after a special love under the villa garden ,because I remember ,once told me ,her dream is to live in the garden above ,every morning to open the window you can smell the fragrance of flowers .
Friends I have meaning ,desperately encourage me ,bought the house of this offer, the free of charge, as long as the monthly pay 6000 more than it.I was a bit hesitant ,saying I don go to the bank every month .
He said ,I help you do, monthly automatic transfer money, you don .I have nothing to pick up ,consider the set a .But later know ,this guy is Hit in the ambush ,some exaggerate :windows is no he said to the bilayer, parking spaces are not free ,hehe.
July 9th, I took the 150000 yuanpassbook card ,excitedly holding a bunch of flowers ,a bottle of red wine ( carrying the cake tomorrow is sent to the residence. ) before, I have to give her mother a call ,to her parents .
At the same time, tell them ,I have 5 months ahead of schedule to achievethe promise ,will soon marry her daughter. I decided to design a surprise ,then tonight live there. I have cast in her work before to prepare ,appear suddenly ,frightens her happy cry .
But let me unexpected things, Yun off is not a person ,but a boy together. They were hand in hand ,as if very intimate .I look silly, not knowing what to do, they go into the village, my stupid to follow behind.
In light shade ,the man also holds in the arms of kiss .I blow your head up ,can I cried ,name ,rushed forward to grabbed Yun ,and then make the man .a scare ,desperately hold me, say to the man go ,you go first ,I Explain to him .
He ,Yun was pulled on me ,I call explain what? Explain what? Side tears down quickly .Look at me ,very cool ,calm as if we don .She said sorry to me ,I should have told me. But today I was too calm ,she wants me to calm down, now the atmosphere we couldn talk.
I couldn calm ,say no ,today you must give me a reason .She was my entangled in no way ,said to me ,D ,has been ,I think your quality is very high, this will let you today I am very disappointed.
I stopped ,looked at her, the tears streaming down slowly ,finally said to her ,OK ,I go ,tomorrow to talk out of the area ,found the flowers and wine was still in your hands ,put them into the garbage.
That night I was sleepless, staring at the outside in a daze ,I don how things would come to this .The very next day morning I Yun waiting downstairs .stop and say we find a place .
We went to a cafe ,I just sat down ,Adiads Porsche Design,waiting for her to explain . The day she says a lot ,I can .She said in fact ,since I move we rarely together. She knows me very hard ,very hard, but the experience So many twists and turns ,I wonder is it right? I can achieve a 150000 word.
She began to fear ,but no chance and I said. I and the pressure of the discord she shared. In Shanghai for so long time ,she and I did do very hard also have no sense of belonging ,feeling very tired.
At this time .Her boss ,the boy appeared at her side ,boys are from Shanghai ,4 years older than her,in the company of good ,home or talk with him together .,she will feel very comfortable ,very stable, very safe ,unlike me, although once very warm feelings ,but always do not know our future there.
She says sorry ,really sorry .My body shook ,speechless .Finally calmed down a little ,I said to her ,now I have 150000, you still love me ?She said ,sorry ,I feel very well ,I can sorry for him ,we will not be together, I hope your future happiness .
Go out when I found the boy ,he was a stabbing pain around here, they must be discussed results. With high performance to three &quot ;ten &quot ;18,it is the question !A great irony .
All along ,I am to Her motivation to work hard ,but I struggle to target him ,but found the target disappeared suddenly .I remember when ,I begin insomnia ,hope to get to sleep ,and dream of .
But I never once dreamed of her ,but when I am sober moment did not stop thinking about her I often feel pain ,scalp . All along ,I then with great care to put her in my heart is one of the most warm ,the softest place ,did not think of the most painful blow is produced here .
A friend once you asked me ,how to get the love don you girl ,I didn Not that I am unwilling to answer ,but I don .I am not really an expert in this field, I have been very painful, wish I could change my love to the girl.
But I have nothing ,only he quietly returned ,alone licking their wounds that time on my own past the doings of doubt, I do so what ?If I still work for the company ,and every day the time ,won it.
If I don move ,it is not so. If I don sell, will have time to accompany her ,Also not. Is open, if I do not open a branch, also have time to visit her ,should also be able to stop her heart .
Every day I thought so at sixes and sevens fills my mind ,let me on business is uninterested .Store employees see all of them with great care ,not to provoke me .Several manager is a very competent ,for fear that the store things makes me be furious .
Especially small ,she took the initiative to find me that she walked in a store inventory ,let my mind my own business . I am very grateful to her ,that her ability ,tell a few stores later by her to check store I know myself this state if hard to let me go ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,not an accident cannot .
Small into the very means ,also have the ability to do more ,check the shop every day for 2 hours ,she quickly let other people docile and obedient .Fortunately, there are small and their help ,my business without any effect.
But I know ,I direction. I do not know how to find the direction. The clerk clever use of &quot ;city of &quot ;19,lost someone says when tired of work ,family pressure when very hard, but I do not think so.
I think a person lost direction when the most pain Bitter ,because you don what I should do this every day ,every hour and moment not profoundly to remind you is but a with a dead-alive person .
That time I lost .I like a to be pumped to a wind-up clock pendulum ,every day but is composed of an inertia drive me in the swing .I do not know when it will shut down. Maybe in my heart still secretly hope that stop time.
Mom gave me a phone call ,received a phone call to know her ,I really do not know what taste .Her mother said to me, children ,aunt know you You young people of thing somehow .But my aunt told you ,you are a good boy.
Your future is still very great . you can she never know .Well ,we all wish you listened to this word ,my tears have stayed before .To think she is so stubborn and forces ,today how to feel her words so warm.
I was finally able to really stand to a parental perspective of betrothal gifts it ,yeah ,that is to throw his daughter future happy life as much as possible to catch you . Here I want to thank my a schoolmate at college maple If not ,he came to Shanghai ,I want to accompany you ,I don how long it will take.
I this state maple to play in Shanghai, designated I accompany ,and said with well immediately to all friends call to say Shanghai was not me. I swipe spirit ,maple maple or something.
I said how to lose weight ,your kid is so apparent, no, we can photography class beauty ,or see photos ,I a little thought was lost. He is such ,that several days make me happy .
Go ,Feng said ,tell me ,how I know this ,he had seen something ,so always makes me happy. From Yun change since, I have someone to talk to .Maple heard ,long time no talk . Later, an opening is one: &quot ;good !This is a good thing !&quot ;I hear her Maple went on to explain that .
Now ,I and ,start good. Because now is not separated, sooner or later we must separate . Because we are not in the same way .The heart that people could not afford to remain in one ,turbulence ,separate time as I wave depends on the intensity ;and I was kind of restless and keep people ,the more unfavorable ,the more difficult ,the more excited I can Force I appropriate for variables in order to survive, and development.
And I don material ,so the feeling is very pure ,most girls to marry the critical moment, the reality of life and foster offspring instincts make them have substance .This cannot be said right.
This is why Yun himself do not oppose the nuptial reasons. He said ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,people like me ,only the material life to a level ,with girls will have safe feeling. Not yet .But I should thank Yun ,she inspired me ,she gave me is my lucky ,otherwise we together ,of a certain will be my shackles .
And he said ,your fighting power is she ?That your family ,friends ?We ?Your boss ?Your employees ?We always think you can into the atmosphere ,for we trust ,you should not give up .
But ,to tell the truth ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,you this house is very small, one not careful ,soon defeated. He also told me to watch the little ,the little girl is so clever. I on female too dull to planted somersault .
Never let her alone palm financial power ,I must control her. Finally, he slapped me ,brother Brother ,wake up ,the world outside is very cruel ,but also very exciting, but definitely not for the way you are prepared.
Maple ,today you also see this post ?If so ,I want to say to you :friends ,thank you !20,because the field .Straight talk express opinions and maple exquisite comfort ,I finally slowly started to get rid of the lovelorn shadow .
I have called home to his younger brother ,also called, but also friends and fellow students have contact ,went to visit the old boss ,they are for me in Shanghai state and the struggle happy.
I chose to do it this way to remind myself ,my world is still ,my life is ,I will take the initiative to let they pulled me back to my world. They love for me will be my motivation ,which is more remain unbroken ,more durable power .
At the same time I heard Maple suggestion ,reclaim the store management authority and financial authority. And I took the little and another one store changed positions ,and then carefully query of recent accounts ,also quietly and privately and other people talk ,side asked of their small into view ,everybody said nothing valuable, in addition to a shop The owner, his oldest .
One owner said little too bossy ,so don what they are ,not my boss ,not to mention the other people .Every financial account ,cash is full of her ,don let others to intervene ,also do not know what she thought .
For I do not find anything to handle ,so only comfort him ,nor do the action. This shop No. 4 smallXu ( he is me for a small way .) I find, asked to change places, he wants with small into a shop ,or quit .
I was very strange ,later see light suddenly ,see small Xu mind :the original small Xu has like little .I agreed with Hsu at the same time more vigilant ,because the company has a pair of words ,easy to form a small group ,and their easy job hopping ,become our new competitors .

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Feng shui master Li Jizhong on 2011 of 12 zodiac horoscope analy

Feng shui master Li Jizhong on 2011of12zodiac horoscopeanalysis ( on) today I in the year of the rabbit line Wang Yun to explain in detail .In the first year of the rabbit ,rat luck mouse business ,as we all know ,the mouse is the most flexible ,very weak personality ,but is it dedication and enthusiasm of habit ,often cannot control his mind ,this is the rat man weakness.
In business, often to do some bad things. But the rat will sum up experience ,continuous efforts ,will cause in the hit to turn over battle. Rats in the year of the ox line is good fortune ,in the year of the rabbit still the flourishing movement, because this mouse who has four Jetion ,in favor of wealth ,the Wenchang star, but also conducive to the culture ,learning ,career has very good development ,especially with the help of others ,can get a partner support, help develop good cause, this is the rat year is one of the greatest advantages ,heterosexual people can get help.
Especially in the catering industry ,rat man should exhibit boxing foot greatly ,work energetically, should do poineering work, also can study ,reading ,there will be good results .Marriage, husband and wife ,so this year luck or good ,they meet do scholars ,performing arts critic or open personalized Store ,rat man this year luck is very good ,rats were a common nature ,once set a career goal ,especially to make money ,they are very active to do.
Look for the target ,he will desperately hard, did not achieve the goal of absolute does not give up ,this is the biggest Rat Man properties. They also can often achieve the goal. In one ,in this year to note is the peach blossom star ,rat man this year is big peach ,peach .
What wave wave peach ?This peach is very big, do nothing ,and even eat, pass by the road are heterosexual friends chasing you in this year .So people should pay special attention to the matter.
The emotional life ,this mouse is a great leap forward ,love ,blossom ,results ,can love you ,this love of flowers will open ,if can get married ,when still children. Particular attention is not deceived ,the emotional processing is not good there will be peach blossoming peach blossoming ,it will bring disaster ,affects the whole fortune .
This year he will endure, a non-tongue . Southeast direction to marriage ,education, and career ,north is the noble rat ,have large and elegant support ,want to do business ,want to support ,for the noble ,North East ,West .
Is money ,thing two direction is the rat man money .Family to put the red thing ,such as the red lantern ,red firecracker and so on ,these things at home a little red ,in the new year to a good start ,a year down .
In addition ,a door on both sides take the dragon is comparison of auspicious .On opposite sides of the door are dragon ,dragon can move large and elegant ,so set the dragon is big auspicious .
Rat year suitable to wear jade Buddha ,brave . Female with Buddha ,man with dance ,wish you good fortune and every success .Transport in porcine ,bracelet ,black ,yellow best . Below speak rat man character ,rats are be clever and sensible ,optimistic ,broad interests ,good at anxious ,a strong ability to adapt ,thinking and imagination is extremely rich ,love the party ,love the partnership officer ,organizational ability, work easy success .
Cherish friends love, feelings of surface smooth ,love of family ,which is in human nature people generally have a fortune .Rats will be sweethearts aspect to the finance, rat man will save money ,little money .
Rats tend to save their money set number ,say no to this figure is desperately trying to save .In life are not short of cash, conducive to investment ,especially in the year of the rabbit ,you don have money ,cast Endowment doubled moneymaking.
Mouse wealth than wealth ,business will be rising, others provide cooperation information ,it has a good range ,money ,southeastern and Eastern ,western is relatively good . Appreciation ,elegant square in the north, rat man must seize the several directions ,you there will be the opportunity to revalue ,someone to help with learning ,good luck.
Here about rats in the year of the rabbit partners ,said with bovine cooperation bank wealth ,flourishing career. And tiger cooperation with business ,temper ,lose. And the cooperation ,into the financial success, is one of the best cooperation method and the dragon people cooperation is conducive to enterprise development ,into the financial cooperation ;and the snake into a fortune ,business will prosper ;and is a horse who face enemies from cooperation ,cooperation ;and sheep to after ,but will eventually earn money ,not money ;and monkey cooperation is noble ,elegant monkey is the mouse ,the career development more, make rats more peace of mind; and chicken business cooperation ,wealth ,wealth is not for, not to gambling and dog to do business cooperation has great benefit for ,but not for long ,just leave ;and pig cooperation can big profit ,but don family to participate in, family participation is not good .
Six zero years of rats Rely on their wisdom and talent will have a big harvest ,and their wealth ,adverse ,villains .Six zero years in this note is the toilet ,kitchen ,home water pipes do not break ,that will lose money ,can cause marital discord .
Seven two years of rats ,this year opportunity entrepreneurship ,unrestricted to do sth seven two years of rats ,noble most benefit, but also to be lovers of money and support ,work on a new innovation, will get a little help, much wealth ,wealth may not ,need to control personal feelings ,otherwise you .
Eight four years of rats in the career opportunity to appreciate in business ,a new development .Attention should be paid first ,eight four years of rats ,two eyebrow middle do not have nevus ,or you will lose money ,the scarred man will go to beauty salons ,otherwise will lose money .
Studies is good fortune ,wealth and flourishing, have a brilliant future . Below about the rat man during those twelve months luck . January fortune good fortune plain .In February .March .
April windfall fortune good ,someone the way. In May is not conducive to investment ,is best to halt the troops and wait . June Lee investment ,there is wealth ,there is wealth . July money float is bigger, so to grasp the opportunity to To have licoldei .
August rats to prevent being ,deceived ,steady money can benefit .In September into the money ,but to prevent a non-tongue . October fortune unimpeded. November strictly business man.
December property ,is good luck. Rat year should pay attention to respiratory ,gastrointestinal aspects of this disease . Feelings a lot of ,peach ,must control their own feelings ,do not become third .
In order to avoidance ,bedside cabinets can be placed on the copper sheep ,can solve this problem . Cows second zodiac are cattle ,last year cattle fortune ,wealth into the wide ,cause a fairly good development ,emotional life is happy .
The year of the rabbit ,in adversity in the struggle, upstream. So the cattle to the year of the rabbit luck slightly is not suitable, in particular ,lunar January April ,August ,November, the four month cattle must strive to forge ahead ,there will be a good situation.
This attention to non-tongue ,do not be deceived to throw things, trouble the upper part of the body, pay more attention to the elderly with disaster, hypertension ,spleen and stomach disease ,but the expert is not terrible ,you put two things done can be avoided.
First ,don go to the hospital to see the patient ,not to attend the funeral ,travel ,travel ,less to the West and South West .When it Calm down ,sink the heart to do things ,career and rat ,dragon ,snake ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,the world will be better, you will have flourishing transport ,insurable safe ,stable ,cause .
To attend party ,watching the program and other sports ,also will improve your luck. Expert itself nature is stubborn ,poor to shout ,but cattle responsibility heart strong, helpful, loving face ,having respect for traditional values, follow the prescribed order to do.
But expert there are entrepreneurial drive ,will power stronger. So that he is not the kind of pull mountains ,placed artillery man ,once he want to see each other, can design all to to help people.
This is expert practice .&quot &quot ;expert ;financial and business ,this year with the cooperation ,unity and good friends ,not wealth ,to wealth ,try not to gambling ,speculation and civil servants this year .
The white-collar workers will have to leadership positions .Businessmen mainly to development ,listen to the opinions of others ,to wealth ,or great wealth .Expert often pay for others ,appropriate this year to help it ,do not have to pay, must stay away from gambling places and places of entertainment ,legitimate business will have greater returns.
&quot &quot ;expert ;with the cooperation of people can get unexpected Fortune, but to give up, not long ,also can do real estate business ,but the expert should pay attention to in the years or have a large Jetion ,your big Jetion you home in the northeast direction .
In addition there are three other big Jetion is conducive to entrepreneurship ,the appreciation of the opportunity to earn.&quot ;expert &quot profit seeking business ;Southeast ,northwest has the help of others ,just north of easy to create development.
Home to swing mascot ,home must have a fish tank ,in order to raise white fish .The mascot ,home can swing gourd ,gold bullions .Transport in porcine to wear black and white ,maintain peace .
Avoid to the southwest ,South to cattle ,the attention should be paid to the home appliances easy bad, can lead to health ,these things after the destruction of you to fix it . Bovine and rat cooperation is operated by ACE ,stand on solid ground to a pleasant cooperation ,can make a lot of money .
In cattle with bovine cooperation ,can be in business entrepreneurship ,help each other ,will do big business. Cattle and tiger cooperation ,both sides is not possible, the character of the two sides can not agree with each other .
In bovine and rabbit of cooperation is the best partner ,business good will ,the cause has honored person . Cows and long cooperation ,to walk after ,dragon people with big ideas ,expert By hard work will cause constantly grow .
Cows and snake cooperation is the best choice ,career will be better and better .The cattle and horse cooperation is a good partner, diligence ,career will have great development. Cattle and sheep cooperation is not possible, the zodiac relative to the punch .
Cow and chicken cooperation will there is a big movement ,two individuals is relatively good . Cows and dogs together is not possible, the character is not the same, the business is not good.
Cattle and pigs ,pig on the help is very large . So the cattle and pigs this year must cooperate ,at the same time cattle work can let pig letter clothing ,so their cooperation is relatively good.
Six zero years from cattle ,this money is better, to strive for greater fortune. This must attend a celebration of six zero years of financial position in the north ;seven three years of cows can boss promoted ,has full play to stem opportunities ,someone to help ,is the cattle in the best development, this can make full use of talent ,attention to harmony ,don fight with others .
Money square in the South West, elegant square in the northwest eight five years cattle this year wealth is relatively abundant, can do business in partnership, money is thick, the second half of the year cause someone to help,Serial high frequency switching mode power supply for battery impact three , but to pay attention to A non-tongue .
Money in the East, studying in the southeast. Nine seven years of cattle this year is good luck ,understanding ability is strong, have overflow talent. Large Kyrgyzstan in the southeast ,and South West ,test ,elegant .
Health expert ,this year should pay attention to the respiratory system and the spleen and stomach problems. January cattle is flatly, work and career development .February March bovine hh.
expert is have one ,had better fortune . April expert career ,have good situation. May cattle cause will also have will help ,but in June the good half, and there is something wrong with the body ,prevent accidents ,as far as possible this month do not attend the funeral ,not to hospital procedure more successful career .
In July ,there will be good turn .August cattle field for money, and money ,September bovine villains ,anti non-tongue ,big peach .In October there will be an economic crisis ,but eventually Ji Yun .
November .December double work ,money for someone help. The spring cattle Jiazhong put a tower of Wenchang ,summer cattle Jiazhong placed a small tripod ,namely the piggy, autumn bovine Jiazhong put a jade ,winter cattle Jiazhong put a brave tiger ,wish you good fortune and every success .
Total look this year fortune, tiger .Tiger is good this year the main is to prevent sudden illness ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,money success rate is still relatively good . Below speak tiger chart analysis. Tiger person in the enterprise is able to endure hardship ,can be risky.
Tiger will have good luck ,in an emergency off head would tend to have a favourable turn, can turn calamities into blessings ,tiger greatest faith is the money of pioneering development ,bold ,generally do not worry about the economy ,because the tiger has many resources ,there are many economic sources ,this is tiger pride ,but his pursuit of perfection ,the pursuit of the cause of pride ,tiger to grasp the opportunity ,business success, efficiency is particularly high .
He one of the best features of speech perception is ,frankly .Tiger in the occasion will prove his strength ,so tiger judgement super ,career must be firm and selfless spirit ,compared the atmosphere ,not selfish .
For example tiger comparison of personality frank ,enthusiastic ,bold ,optimistic ,honest ,affectionate, caring and strong personality ,but sometimes also very persistent, tough, sometimes also can not touch a tiger by the tail ,is quite powerful .
Tiger in the world of literature and art ,the art world will have the opportunity to come out on top ,Shine ,tiger like others, do not want to be guidance and leadership ,this is a major feature of the tiger ,the main can be competent ,I think I love you enough,civil servants, soldiers ,police ,etiquette this aspect, it is doing the best tiger .
Tiger wealth ,the tiger by business mind ,good fortune this year than last year ,the business the help of others . If the tiger in the year of the rabbit to do business, is a large fortune ,other animal to cooperate with the tiger ,money rolling in.
If the workers have fortune, and also a pleasant mood ,this can raise white-collar can get leadership reuse ,consciously promote you. The tiger year of the rabbit ideal ,this year there are three tiger event .
First ,working with beating ,must move, move is good. Second ,a business opportunity ,wealth is better. Third ,wealth ,career will be someone to help ,and no students child tiger hare year must be students ,student girl ,boy big expensive.
When ,in the second half of the year to more than half the fortune to be big, can be in your home for the northwest to wealth ,to trade ,factory, office .Money is not enough ,you can also go to do ,will someone for help.
Wealth in the northeast ,the tiger can in the year of the rabbit stocks ,buy more shares ,than Buy the stocks such as tourism ,must make money. It is elegant western side ,to the west to find people to help ,looking for work can be successful.
Marriage ,reading in the south ,home of the color to white or pink down, than if you can put some woody ,raw leaf flowers as the main ,the mascot in a home can put a horse ,tiger is very important.
A sitting room to put a horse ,your business to meet the honored ,money to meet the honored ,fly faster. So noble ,put your horse is big .In addition ,no horse can put an elephant ,for example in the bedside cabinet put tortoise can keep ,God of wealth can worship Guan door left .
Both sides can put two copper hyacinth ,ensuring peace and fortune . Bracelet to wear white crystal or white crystal Lee Huang Shuijing ,business ,yellow crystal Lee fortune ,wear jade and gold ,will have good luck.
The tiger next year to pay attention to kitchen ,bathroom to be timely repaired ,or may cause physical health ,business development. Tiger at last year partner to introduce .Tiger and tiger cooperation is successful ,the development of more greatly ;and bovine cooperation with little success .
The tiger and the tiger ,money is not good ,long-term cooperation. Tiger and rabbit cooperation can be successful , is the best partner. And long cooperation career is becoming a big tiger snakes and cooperation is the best partner ,can cause a relatively steady development .
And the cooperation is very good cooperation ,the cause can be a big sheep .And cooperation can be successful. And monkey cooperation is good bad ,is not ideal. And chicken cooperation for cooperation ,because two people have personality, will and then become enemies with each other .
And wish you good fortune and every success .And pig dog cooperation is a very successful cooperation .Six two years the tigers this year can be all-round development ,seven four years of tiger is transportation ,this year to have opportunities for advancement ,wealth is relatively good, but four in May, pay attention to health ,September eight peach .
Eight six years of tiger fortune relatively prosperous ,is among the best of all the wealth ,this can start ,and will support ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,marriage Dashun ,gain both fame and wealth ,this is the eight six year of the tiger.
Tiger for five zero years career steadily ,to pay attention to the health ,five zero years of tiger this year in peach blossom star ,prone to emotional thing ,give priority to with the family ,marriage the couple will be bright red light ,two people have said ,make peach blossoming .
Health, this note accident ,fall, gay male attention to neurological disease ,gastrointestinal diseases of the female attention . The following Tell me again about the tigers in December .
The tiger into prosperous year of the rabbit ,the first month is varied. A body is easy ,stomach is not good, so it must be paid more attention to ,but improving the interpersonal relationship is good ,with the help of others .
In February, the tigers career especially in the above work will have good grades ,feelings of control is better, so in the cause of long to play, there will be a great reward. In March, the month money very flourishing ,but the emotion is not satisfactory, this month and leadership ,and people around you don square accounts in every detail ,to finance many make an issue of .
April ,fortune is smooth ,in May fortune ,good luck ,bold attack ,wealth and flourishing ,hands ,this month will be greatly rewarded. June is wish you good fortune and every success ,happy event Rimmon ,investment success ,the help of others ,look like the tiger should begin from March to buy large stocks, can do this the large investment in July was on the tigers do not .
Good ,but his fortunes strive for further improvement ,but must pay attention to the body ,pay attention to wound disaster ,in August around, wealth into the wide ,good luck in the year of the rabbit ,the tiger fortune really good luck fall September ,careful non-tongue ,the most important thing is to pay attention to in October has sworn revenge .
Promotion opportunity ,Leadership Awards you ,give you dry . November event is not easy to do. December note peach appears, this is a good sign, someone chasing you. Rabbit rabbit rabbit below about .
At last some sensitive nerve, pressure, be preoccupied by some troubles ,lack of physical health ,the body vulnerable to small operation or a sprain of the disaster, there will be trouble, bring not happy ,feel no matter from the year of the rabbit .
This is the last year of bad luck. Enter the year of the rabbit ,is your world ,you can be bold to steal the show, unlike the previous year ,must be better than last year this year Wangwang .
Jetion trillion ,noble friends together to help ,work at it ,if you are not working group ,this promotion will also give you a raise ,you when the leader can fully play .In this year there are five Jetion ,efficiency is very high ,as long as you want to do ,bold ,will be able to success ,get a raise and promotion of leadership .
The interest is wide ,but sometimes stuffy ,not shown, with art ,talent ,good at communication .The one of the biggest characteristics will be considerate of others, to keep a secret ,and chaos make mouth tongue ,decisive people every year of the rabbit .
The rabbit will appreciate the raise ,School Excellent business results ,Xinglong ,gain both fame and wealth ,often encounter happy thing ,also a lot of opportunities .But rabbit should pay attention to emotional disturbance ,are not as one wishes .
The business style relatively mild, especially in business for yourself ,do business in partnership is better, and also will have the help of others ,can be the friends of the support . Rabbit who engage in sales is a good player ,both within and outside ,pass ,in business ,judge ,presided over the work can take charge as chief of rabbit in work easily sentimental.
Rabbit with friends of the opposite sex ,for men and women the relationship between friends ,but will run better this year .The mammon in northwest ,the range for money ,Wenchang in the southwest ,to the post salary.
In school ,the civil service exam, engineer ,the patron is located in the East . The marriage in the West and Southeast, the success rate is relatively high . Female rabbit easy Western proposal ,the male rabbit .
In the southeast direction comparison of success ,wealth is located in the south ,is easy to speculate in the stock market ,entertainment ,karaoke bars can be placed in the north to do home can put red mascot ,such as peonies ,peony ,rose on painting painting ,wish you good fortune and every success .
Products using black as well, such as handbags ,underwear ,home to car. Put aquarium fish, red two ,the living room which can be placed on both sides of a cicada ,the house can be put on a copper dragon ,dinner at home where you can put the bamboo of riches and honour ,to enhance their own luck.
Wealth can be put off .Eight seven years of rabbit ,this career has strength ,super ,someone support ,there are four large and elegant back ,big profit is wealth ,fame ,especially buying a share is a big winner ,so to buy shares, and eight seven years of rabbit cooperation to buy .
This can be bold activity, wealth wealth double bumper harvest this year ,the rabbit had a birthday ,Nefertiti .Five one years of rabbit ,women must have happy birthday ,too big ?Why do the birthday ?This year because of the heart and spleen and stomach bad ,to live a life in jail.
Six one years hare money is collected ,but the cause is not suitable, this year how to travel outside ,make your own luck will improve. Six three years of rabbit ,engaged in food ,culture, art and culture how to grasp the opportunity, to do business with vigour and vitality .
Seven five years of rabbit this year is a bumper harvest year ,exchequer billow and come in on the southeast ,and east to wealth ,but pay attention to emotional storm ,with emotional problems .
Work as much as possible to make the flower of love ,can not open this year ,a rabbit Set is a peach blossom, so be careful there was a red plum tree. In particular ,seven five years ,five one years especially this year the rabbit confidante of Kyrgyzstan ,tree blossom ,home do not put real flowers and artificial flowers ,from fire ,especially the lunar calendar in August ,September ,December be careful with counter fire.
Eight seven years Tuzou is is the peach, health need to be careful ,first of all to prevent sworn revenge and operation ,the body more check hepatobiliary ,ill to Eastern Hospital and North Hospital for examination and treatment.
The rabbit can not go now go west ,especially the doctor ,to play below speak rabbit monthly horoscope . January ,in particular the cause transport ,you will have a big improvement ,business should pay attention to one February non-tongue ,unity and good colleagues around February ,rabbit not external money, money cannot come back .
March, career advancement ,good fortune ,you dare to invest. April career Wangwang transport ,can be diversified investment work ,smoothly, increase business mantissa .May villains ,a non-tongue ,special attention should be paid to the peach blossom ,cause you ,this month to work, must go out to find a partner company.
June Festival month ,this month is the removal of bone change,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, special Glamorous. July rabbit is the three largest Jetion pledge according to the cause ,strive for further improvement ,the stock market increased, education smoothly, work better ,but this month to prevent the relationship between tongue.
The August hare will be careful ,will consolidate step by step ,should be in stable guard off ,work to identify what people ,with special attention to the traffic accident. In September to enter the most and the moon ,Jupiter and is elegant and ,looking to cooperation with you, this month is a scene of bustling activity ,big big leadership will help ,help ,help people like rabbits in general, gain a complete victory .
October wealth flow, listen to others opinion ,people ,wealth will have big income . November emotionally to wind ,rain rain ,cause love double benefit .In December to pay attention to health ,cause to steady development .
The Dragon below about dragon in the year of the rabbit did Yuncheng dragon last move ,hard ,in the difficult operating at a level .In China ,the Dragon represents the leader ,If life is never meet,it represents the rights .
In the year of the dragon people of all origins with the fate of the summary ,in the year of the dragon people are living with nature ,his induction intuition more sensitive, dragon people feel strong force .
In general is dragon or comparison Auspicious dragon of virtually everyone has the potential to do great things ,hope to make snap to career, people belonging to the success of the zodiac, dragon and strong determination, proud as Lucifer ,but not cunning, dragon man had better fortune ,in their life in the pursuit of career seems can handy ,success.
Active Dragon person in the enterprise line easily get to a leadership position, generally the dragon people are late bloomers ,most of their adaptation to the work is art ,performing arts ,culture ,politics ,civil servants ,academic this aspect, so people can be kind and generous ,full of vitality and strength ,though the dragon people are self-centered ,one-sided the dragon ,but Renshan understanding or doing better.
Love will generally take a long time to understand each other ,focused on the choice of a beloved companion ,married will be a as an understanding wife and loving mother ,feelings are sincere, not to disguise themselves ,this is the Dragon greatest characteristics.
The year of the rabbit ,the dragon in the cause of losing a lot of people support ,the body prone to make mistakes ,so in this respect, we should pay more attention to check their home feng shui ,pay more attention to home appliances ,toilet water ,not water leakage ,to timely repair ,do not damage .
Bed ,desk ,not the place ,Do things down, dragon fly in the sky ,the rabbit in the uplink ,dragon man and rabbits have the feeling of be frustrated for all one ,put fine timber to petty use ,so the ability to play the opportunity to do too much .
But the dragon people secretly have noble support ,Jetion this year in the southeast ,will have great wealth luck ,wealth luck or billow and come. Dragon ,to lecture ,performance ,stock ,can achieve good success .
People long to lay down their stubborn opinion ,change ,change ,can make your own a stretch of New World monkey ,rat . In addition ,this year of good luck ,so people must with rat and monkey people cooperation .
The dragon people observe things more delicate ,it is characteristic of him ,dragon play economy talents is still relatively good ,pretty smart. You will always be good ,so the dragon people money is not his highest goal ,they want to get interest money ,mainly want to reach his dreams ,the dragon people attention is savings ,income ,defray is much also, so long to be more engaged in real estate ,stock ,avocation as a hedge ,the good method.
This mostly be richly endowed by nature ,Wealth Mastery ,dragon year of the rabbit will have little trouble, we should pay more attention to the health of the body, in January ,four In August ,July ,November is a good luck ,can do the sales ,catering and entertainment business for the dissemination of culture ,jade ,gold and silver ,audio lighting ,civil servants will enhance the good opportunity.
In wealth can cooperate with others ,investment ,will also be big fortune dragon in the year of the rabbit big money in the Northeast money ,profit .Wenchang in the southwest ,conducive to learning ,the civil service exam, engineer ,can raise raise patron in northwest ,the patron who is noble ,northwest area for the nobles ,for teachers to solve the problem ,this is a good direction.
The marriage in the west, looking for a mate ,for easy in the southeast .Wealth ,such as stocks ,a cabaret bar ,do have big profits. The tank to raise fish and fish is better, automobile ,handbags are white for DGC .
Home mascot ,God of wealth ,success ,such as home can worship the God only ,door on both sides of the coin can be linked to lifting ,put in the study of white crystal ball ,the kitchen can put gossip gourd ,insurable auspicious.
Beds could be placed with North and south ,pendant, metal ,jade monkey ,transport of pigs, to white .Five two years long career will have great progress ,but it should be noted that high blood pressure ,diabetes .
Six four years Dragon Yuncheng ,such as the nose ,nose a nevus can disadvantage ,how to do ?Do not go to the hospital to see the patient ,do not go to the funeral . Four zero years of gay male dragon this year not smoothly ,to March in lunar eighth place banquet of disaster, should pay attention to stroke ,thrombosis seven six years dragon big Jetion sign, career games it will help ,strive for further improvement ,at the same time have in the home ,joy eight eight years dragon this year due to the old person in the home too much love ,emotionally disastrous ,business deceived.
Below about dragon in the year of the rabbit cooperation .Dragon man and rat cooperation is the best partner ,business will have very good development . The dragon and bovine cooperation ,after the first is not good ,with two individual temper .
Dragon and tiger cooperation is the best partner ,their ability to echo each other ,can do a great dragon with rabbit cooperation is the best partner ,have a common vision ,common desire ,mutual cooperation ,business will be a success.
The dragon and snake cooperation ,cooperation can be better, but the two sides can develop their talents ,and also can be the most peak. The dragon and horse ,a long time will be the crisis.
The dragon and the sheep cooperation business Dacheng dragon and monkey .Cooperation is the most water cooperation ,career Great interests. The dragon and the chicken is very good cooperation.
The dragon and the chicken ,chicken is a good partner. The dragon and the dogs together ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,two people not speculation. The dragon and the pig cooperation is successful . The dragon in the year of the rabbit love ,this lack of peach Jetion ,not luck ,interpersonal relationship discord ,dragon man must endure.
Health, pay attention to non-tongue ,spleen and stomach and liver problems . The following about dragon year of the rabbit .January December flourishing ,the dragon people have good luck and success in life ,business good, career opportunities are ,this month to move hi .
February ,this month luck comparison of good fortune ,but in lack of health ,March is to sail against the current ,progress ,work is not smooth .April cause will be assistant ,jewelry business Dacheng ,much to work with others to wish you good fortune and every success .
May cause strokes guy ,to grasp the chance. June fortune pick-up ,Guangcaizhaoren ,work on the cause of you are better. July, busy work, position there will be promoted, careful non-tongue .
August ,the month changes, is best to halt the troops and wait for the best policy. September handy work . October benefit is better ,pay attention to business major .November could improve the joy ,in front of twelve event .

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Gong Zhu if you can change the opportunity that changed a number

If the God would give me another chance don't leave Shanghai not to leave my hometown not to leave my friends no matter what bitter to me but I know this is not realistic. Dear brothers and sisters: brothers.,Adiads Porsche Design
He brother. The brother. Dragon Bi brother. Learning elder brother brother white dish.. Gloria brother. Cattle brother. Hill love brother. Jie little brother. Memories brother and sisters. Evil sister.

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Song is not a song, not a tune tune

Song song ,adjustable tuneless Author : 2004-07-2122:49hairpin inthe past few days, computer failure ,can not get on the Internet. Slow down ,but also read a few books. Last night, light reading of Yu Guangzhong .
,called the rivers and lakes city who guest ,wrote the University times ,as well as to lecture in memory ,simple language ,their nostalgia ,as well as the sentimental memories of the years ,Weiweidaolai .
Read Yu Guangzhong text ,also feel that they have little talent and less learning ,to learn the beautiful style of writing. So ,probably not a ,twenty years can be reached. Reading ,suddenly remembered some things start to miss some people ,some people said ,was immersed memories are aging .
Anyway ,still want to put them into words. When I was young, very envious of teachers ,so naturally ,college entrance examination for University .Remember the first day ,the dormitory wardens of chaos ,teacher ,teacher ,parent ,the new arrangement ,in the dormitory.
My own reports ,in the corridor, suddenly heard someone call my name. Enter 317bedroom,Adiads Porsche Design,I arrived last ,leaving only the upper door ,threw down the baggage ,began to stare at people. A house eight people ,are the memories of this Beijing .
,I don Find ,my university life ,even there is nothing important .Remember ,just remember ,drunken trifles. A bedroom with eight individuals ,although from different districts and counties of Beijing ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,appearance ,personality is also very different ,which have a common hobby ,a drink.
Then ,the girl student collective drink, it is very rare, and are secret ,if the warden of the teacher found ,is not a check can be settled .Up to now ,be that secretly do wrong stimulation ,so that we would defy the law .
Sunday night, Zhao them ,the Qing Royal descendants ,the Qing Imperial includes three Jueluo name - - - - - - Aixinjueluo Xi Linjue ,Ilgenjo Lo and Luo. 4aredescendants of Ilgenjo Lo ,right Manchuria is yellow ,juniors of high-ranking officials .
From home to bring a bottle of wine. The wine we drink ,by a few doggerel .Remember most clearly is Zhao Laoba ,when she was drunk ,&quot ;love ,let me sing you a song ,Northern Shaanxi culture - gmp110d's blog - the focus of Blog,you listen to your face :View on article ,little blood infeasible ,advised no to flower station ,fear of bees that room.
How ?&quot ;it is laughing at me ,face just long youth pox . Eleven, lights out .The seven girls had become unconscious ,only me Himself in a daze. After midnight sleep .The very next day wake up ,the earliest Cui boss.
She is shallow ,don .It was nearly ten, eight comrades that our collective late. At last night class ,called our drunken eight immortals .Zhao them more simply in the sleep room door ,put a piece of paper ,write : drunk Xianju.
Two ,truancy can then ,in 1997, two .That winter ,remember an old man telling Marxism political theory ,very boring. Then proposed by them ,the collective skipping .Can not remember the number one ,that means snow in the dormitory ,we wake up ,is already dusk .
Didn ,go to Tiananmen square square bright lights ,the snow drifting profusely and disorderly ,is very beautiful. The history museum ,also feel receive Hongkong regression to pour timing card .
We have a snowball fight ,chat ,very late .Later I heard ,the very next day is still Marxism-Leninism ,change course. So ,the very next day we went to Xiangshan early ,I climb the Fragrant Hills !Floundered ,we really are the climb to the top of the mountain ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,looking at the mountains of snow, don be a flavor .
Come back ,we who is laughing ,fled to too many people ,were found .Marxism Leninism the old man asked us to write a check ,also threatened ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,don make Us eight this section all hang up .
This arduous task ,ultimately to me. With old words, only I examination ( high school, for boys ,I have written articles ,the condition is for me to join in their basketball team .) to check the time, the old man said no more, I remember most clearly is ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,&quot ;you will be a model for others ,know this sentence :the body is,I was not good enough or you are not good......, do not order line .
Go, later you will see .&quot ;then ,we honestly ,not wishful thinking for many years has been playing truant .After ,my students ,in Internet cafes playing legend ,not three days go home.
And I and the parents almost searched around the Internet bar .When I think of the teacher ,it is the retribution. Three ,psycho about old things ,think that go to visit Xiling . Qing Xiling ,in Hebei, Yixian County ,at that time only the Guangxu emperor of Palace of the Earth is open .
We bypass the crescent moon wall ,on the city, on the mound ,old suddenly said :&quot ;here to have Wu Zixu play cadaveric whip was .&quot ;later conversation ,make our bedroom classic joke.
Boss :&quot ;playing cadaveric whip ,why ?&quot ;&quot ;old :Emperor to whip corpse !&quot ;&quot ;second :why ?&quot :&quot ;them ;if he Wu Xu reform success ,now ,maybe I still princess !Also had the kind of lazy day :&quot ;.
&quot ;four great mansion on the point of collapse ,the chips are down ,can not blame him! &quot ;&quot ;Du three :EMI and finally soil ,not you hate too hastily! & quot ;&quot ;princess, let them :I serve you ,Palace of the Earth ,no corpse ,staring eyes or old :&quot ;.
&quot ;that is to say, well ,drive! &quot ;into the depths of Palace of the Earth ,all of a sudden, a dark. Then a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves ,someone turned off the light. It is Zhao Laoba .
Drain into large ,in school and Xiling management office after the consultation ,wrote a check ,To encounter,fine silver number. Then she said ,I don what is moving ,black .Three ,we moved to the new school of Chinese.
At that time, college is not yet completed ,on the site of the great confusion. Then mixed rumours the campus is haunted ,said the girl goes missing, then came back to catch ghost go.
Only we know ,is old .Later she and her parents went to the United States ,before said to ask me to eat Brazil roast meat .Then ,listen to that her parents were in a car accident left her ,.
Since then no news .Thought ,four years Will be very slow ,can be a blink of an eye ,graduated five years .Don Earth side of the old ,remember ,owe me a Brazil roast meat has not yet.

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Short-term courses -- master index commonly used study skills

One ,similarities and differences between smoothed moving average MACD similarities and differences between smoothed moving average ( Moving Average Convergence and Diver-gence ) similar to the moving average index ,the difference is the index smoothing processing.
MACD in the application should be calculated quickly ( 12)moving average value and slow ( 26)moving average numerically, this two numbers ,as measured both ( fast and slow line ) the diff basis.
The so-called diff ( DIF ) is 12 EMAvalue minus 26EMA value.Therefore ,the sustained rise, 12EMA at 26EMA.It is poor from the value ( +DIF ) will be bigger and bigger .And in the fall ,DIF may become negative ( -DIF ) is more and more big .
As prices begin to return ,positive or negative deviation from value should be reduced to what extent ,is the real market reversal signal ,defined as MACD reversal distance value 9 day movingaverage ( 9 EMA) .
In MACD exponential smoothing moving average algorithm ,are accentuated by a recent day weight weight .12the calculation of EMA:EMA12 = ( EMA12t11/13+ the previous day closing price t2/13 ).
26 EMAComputing :EMA26 = ( before a EMA26t25/27+ closing t2/27 ).Diff ( DIF ) :DIF calculation of =EMA12-EMA26 then according to thedifference from the values calculated its 9 daymoving average smoothing transaction distance value MACD.
MACD= MACDt8/10+ the previous day today DIFt2/10. calculated from the DIF and MACD are positive or negative ,which is formed on the 0 shaft to move up and downtwo fast and slow line ,for the convenience of judgment ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,also be DIF minus MACD is used to draw string diagram .
As for the calculation of mobile period ,different commodities are still different . Days in the foreign exchange market on the use of 25and50 EMAto calculate the deviation from value. Analysis techniques: 1 DIFvalue and MACD value in the X axis ,upwardly mobile, the market is bullish ,contrary to bear 2 in Xpositioned above the shaft ,when the value of DIF upward through the MACD value for a buy signal.
In the X axis under the cross is only suitable for the bears closed. 3 in Xshaft ,when the value of DIF downward through the MACD value for a sell signal. In the X axis above the cross is only suitable for the longs unwinding .
4deviation signals.When the index curve upward trend, while DIF ,MACD curve and the incompatible ,occurs the situation soon turned down signal. When the DMI of the ADX indicative quotes in the consolidation or market is too h ,avoid using MACD Trading .
two ,trend index DMI trend indicator (Directional Movement Index ) is the basic principle to explore the price at rising and falling in the process of equilibrium ,i.e. the supply demand relations by tension ,through the price change and achieve harmonious &quot ;&quot ;,and then for the price of supply and demand of mutual influence, and lead tension in the endless process of.
DMI can generate index cross trading signals ,can recognize situation is launched. The market a number of technical indicators ,it must be used with DMI .Not by subjective and intuitive to judge the buyer to the seller ,but to be scientific.
1,ask +/-DM ( trend change value ) + - item on behalf of rising and falling is not representative of the positive and negative value ,a day of trend changes, only in between takes its maximum value, and cannot take .
+DM = today - yesterday price ( take positive ,otherwise 0 )-DM = today - yesterday ( take positive, otherwise 0 )2,TR ,true amplitude ,maximum variation ( one of three ) 1 H-Lhigh minus the minimum price of 2 H-PC high - yesterday gap 3 and L-PC the lowest - yesterday Gap 3 ,line of direction (DI ) for the detection of prices rise or fall index ,expressed by +DI ascent direction line ,said -DI DI DIF = up down direction line line direction and the down direction line difference DI SUM = ascent direction line and down direction line and the trend of changes in the value of nature ,thus to fourteen days of smooth operation ,i.
e. it tends to average ( ADX ) in assessment of numerical calculation method ,it is the day of the and fourteen days ago that the sum divided by 2 DMIanalysis techniques: 1 (+DI ) when crossing ( -DI ) ,is a buy signal ,if ADX stops drop pick up ,it gains more.
If ADX rises to a certain level ,turn down ,even though the show back rise ,rise will also slow ,and the maintenance time not too long ,will be down ,until the ADX turn around turn up until 2when( .
DI ) crossing (+DI ) ,or ( +DI ) below ( DI ) ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,is a sell signal, if ADX upward ,there will be a sharp decline ,until the ADX peaked ,it confirmed that the turned up bottom, will also slow decline ,and rebound phenomenon in 3when.
Stock price peaked when ,ADX will subsequently peaked at ADX ,in 70 the left and right sides ,so ADX The function of distinguishing rise or decline in the reversal .4when( +DI ) and ( DI ) cross ,appeared trading signals ,then ADX and ADXR intersect, is the last chance to buy or sell .
5 ADXfrom 20-30climb,regardless of when the price is up or down fall ,can be identified ,will produce a significant market. 6 ADXlocated in the +DI and -DI below ,particularly in 20 following,representing the shares have been bogged down ,in a dull finishing period ,at this time, should withdraw from the market .
7 ADXonce above 50 ,suddenly turning downward folding ,at this time at that time ,regardless of the price is going up or down ,represents the market will reverse. Three ,difference from the moving average ( Divergence DMA DMA of Moving Average ) ,also called MAOSC ( MovingAverage OSCillator ) ,is a short-term into a very useful index ,the bottom up said buy ,peak decline said to sell can be reference .
The MACD index ,EXPMA index four index average average ( Exponential Moving Average ) with the stock price fast moving ,adjust the direction ,to effectively solve the signal backward problem .
Analysis techniques: 1 whenEXPMA line from below Through the EXPMA special line, will share price caused by the push force. 2when fastline EXPMA from the top down through the slow EXPMA line, will push down stock price caused by force.
3 stockup to touch EXPMA, very easy to encounter a big pressure back to the block. 4 stockfrom the top down to touch EXPMA, very easy to encounter a big bounce. 5judgmentinstant support market fluctuations ,the abandonment of the use of EXPMA index ,to CCI with ROC .
Five ,three triple exponentially smoothed moving average TRIX three triple exponentially smoothed moving average ( Triple Exponentially Smoothed MovingAverage ) ,long-term operation by adopting the index signal ,can filter out some short-term wave interference ,avoid too frequent ,resulting in no profit trading, and fees loss.
This index is a long cycle index ,long time according to the index signal transaction ,profit percentage greater than the percentage of loss ,considerable profits .Study skills :1 intendedfor long-term disc or investment, trend class index of TRIX for 2TRIXfrom the bottom to the top cross TMA, bought TRIX .
3from top to bottomcross TMA, sell. Six ,ARBR energy index ( a ) AR index also known as buy Sell momentum indicators ,to on the day of the opening price basis with the highest ,lowest price comparison, then give the statistical calculation of strength index price since opening day price began ,Cheap Air Force One,after various fluctuations ,to the closing price over, and we to the day reference ,were calculated on the day of the opening price and the highest and lowest difference between, and shall be cumulative comparison ,if the sale is higher than the opening price momentum ,can determine the current is strong ,should buy and hold .
Conversely ,if the sale momentum below the opening price ,can judge the current system for the vulnerable ,to sell or look better .Procedures: 1 thehigh minus the opening price balances classified as positive, and the lowest price minus the opening price balance is negative, the number of positive and negative balance per day were accumulated .
2 ifthe day is high or low ,the day is numerical or negative values to zero. 3on the same dayfrom opening to closing only a price or the day did not clinch a deal ,the days of negative numbers are zero .
4ex-dividendor PEG prices do not need to be modified weight ,but as usual method calculation .5according to the abovemethod ,calculates the The 26days( or N ) the cumulative number ,with positive sum for the molecular analysis techniques: 1 usually ARwith the trend of stock price is in the same direction ,namely AR down trend ,is also fell .
2in the heador bottom is formed, AR often has a leading ability. 3 ARindex ,between 80~120 relativelynormal. 4below 50mayconsider buying the stock ,more than 150 should pay attention toprice correction or falling.
5 ARincreased from 60-80-120-150 to 180or more,must always pay attention to the stock price inversion drop a fair chance .6 ARby 100-80-60-40 gradually decreased,representing the energy has been accumulated to a certain degree of maturity ( two .
) BR index also known as the intention to sell or purchase index ,to yesterday basis with today highest ,lowest ,be calculated strength index is due to changes in stock prices will stimulate investors traded ,so we had a day as the benchmark ,digital the day prices fluctuated expressed ,used as a prediction of future price trends method.
Procedures: 1 toyesterday closing price minus the today ,the balance on the negative side ,then today minus the yesterday ,the balance in Affirmative ,daily statistics .2 ifprices fell Tiaokong ,today the highest compared with yesterday is lower ,the affirmative kinetic energy were suppressed ,i.
e. the affirmative becomes negative ,the same is also listed in the affirmative board. 3 ifprices gapped up ,today than yesterday is high ,this is negative method of kinetic energy were suppressed ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,that is the negative side becomes negative ,the same shall also be the negative balance in negative side board.
4dayif only an affirmative is positive ,negative side for the same amount of negative ;on the contrary, if the transaction price than yesterday is low ,the affirmative for negative, negative side for the same amount of positive number.
5dayif not up or not ,and only one price ,then the day of affirmative and negative side are zero .The 6 daywere not sold ,the day of the positive and negative or zero ;and the next day if the transaction, it is still before the closing date closing price shall prevail.
7ex-dividendor PEG ,should put the previous day deduction to weight or dividend ,i.e. the ex-dividend or peg the declared price to calculate its positive and negative side .Analysis techniques: 1 usually BR>300,BR&lt overbought zone ;50the oversold zone.
2of its normalrange in 70~150 between,from Normal zone periphery to overbought oversold ,interval can be regarded as a warning zone .3BR is bestused with AR ,it can play the effect. 4 when AR,BR were decreased rapidly when indicated price peak has nearly ,shareholders should take profits ,BR lower than AR ,can buy the dips ,and BR rapid rise ,and the AR consolidation or a small back ,shipped temper .
5 BRin more than 300 ,easily triggered profit-taking selling pressure .6 BRby 80-60-40 decreased to a low levelposition ,and continued for a longer period ,the stock is at the bottom of the possibility of a 7BRfirst in 100 near theequilibrium condition to wander ,and then began to rise ,the equilibrium state at low point in the area, BR doubled profit selling opportunity .
8 BRby high-grade dropped by half ,then choose the stock price returns to stop buying ,the success rate can be as high as 95% in 9 when theBR of more than 300 ,400are still withoutturning down signs ,shall immediately give up the use of the BR index ,CR index to seven ,ribbon energy line .
CR CR index calculation formula and BR the same ,just put the formula in yesterday to yesterday price .CR can measure the popularity of heat, capable of measuring momentum potential; CR can display the pressure belt and the support belt ,Function ,can assist the inadequacy of BRAR program :1 will beyesterday intermediate price minus the today ,the balance on the negative side ,then today minus the yesterday price, the remaining amount in the affirmative ,daily statistics .
2 ifprices fell Tiaokong ,today highest than yesterday price low, the affirmative kinetic energy were suppressed ,i.e. the affirmative becomes negative ,the same is also listed in the affirmative board.
3 ifprices gapped up today than yesterday ,the lowest price the price is high ,the negative side of kinetic energy were suppressed ,that is the negative side becomes negative ,the same shall be the on the negative side of negative balance board.
4dayif only an affirmative is positive ,negative side for the same amount of negative ;on the contrary, if the price of the middle price is lower than yesterday is affirmative ,negative ,negative side for the same amount of positive number.
5dayif not do not fall up ,and only one price ,then the day of affirmative and negative side are zero .The 6 daywere not sold ,the day of the positive and negative or zero ;and the next day if a transaction, a transaction is still before the middle price of the subject.
7ex-dividendor PEG ,should take the day before the middle price Clasp to weight or dividend ,i.e. the ex-dividend or peg the declared price to calculate its positive and negative side .
Analysis techniques: 1 when CRfrom down to up to pass through the A ,B two line clip into the area, relatively will encounter the secondary pressure interference ;when the CR desire from the top down throughout the region .
,the stock price relative will encounter the secondary support interference .2when CRfrom down to up to pass through the C ,D two line clip into the area, price relatively will encounter strong pressure interference ;when the CR desire from the top down through the area, price relatively will encounter strong support interference .
3CR relativeprice will produce the departure from the phenomenon ,especially in the stock price .4 CRto A ,B ,C ,D four below the line ,again by low climbing for 160%,for short-term profit selling opportunity .
5 CRfell to 40 the following,the formation at the bottom of a very high chance of 6 CR higher than that of 300-400 between.When the stock price downward ,easy reversal. 7when A,B ,C ,D four lines in front of CR several day place ,almost at the same time cross at a point ,the point of time position ,is a price rise or drop point .
The signal once it appears, its relative success the probability is very high. Eight ,volume change rate of VR matrix In the volume is the price index of go ahead of the rest ,quantity and price synchronization ,similar to theory as the foundation structure of the analysis system ,in order to rendering and volume first confirm price and high price ,decided to trade opportunity .
Shares rose day turnover total +1/2 share price unchangeddays turnover total turnover ratio = shares fell on the total turnover +1/2 share price unchangeddays turnover total generally use twenty-six as the number of days at baseline .
Analysis techniques: 1 volumeratio in 100% when the stock rose transaction value and price drop transaction values are equal ,from experience, share price rises on the transaction value is down day transaction value is large ,so the distribution of VR value in 150% fornormal ,therefore beyond 450%or below 70% ,pay attention to market reversal or rebound .
2VR decreased60% to40%break line, easily bottom rebound ,and increased from 160% to 180%,turnover will enter a period of decline ,while the stock hit vertex will invert and under 3must pay attention.
,VR line in the low region with high reliability ,high prices in the region, the stock market value of uncertainty, need to reference other indicators. 4 VRwith PSY psychological line of high-grade ,high-priced zone to produce more reliable signal .
5 VRin 40 following therebound signal is suitable for the application in the index, and with the ADR OBOS index ,the use effect is very good .6VR initialslow rise fast ,but over 250 of suchforms ,often develop big market ,therefore ,in addition to the VR high-grade signal as the basis of judgment, CR should be ,TRIX ,DMI comprehensive analysis, comparison can be objective answer.
Nine ,popular line OBV principle :from the viewpoint of mechanics ,the volume as the stock price of energy ,plus a body is in motion ,static constant static inertia principle ;rise of the object will fall sooner or later the gravity principle ,otherwise only continue to supply more energy ,to maintain the original direction .
Advantages: as the price of the leading indicators ,predictable price or price coming. Disadvantages :it is a quantitative index,Click Here, with warning function ,in reference to other indicators for buying selling point.
Study skills :1.OBVline declined ,and stock prices will rise ,as a sell signal. The 2.OBV line rise ,and the stock price to drop ,to buy signal .The 3.OBV line exhibited a slow rise ,a buy signal ,and vice versa .
4.OBVlines showed a sharp upward ,that turnover increases too fast ,should be sold for .5.OBV lines from thepositive is negative ,To drop trend ,should sell the stock ,conversely ,OBV line from negative to positive ,to buy signal .
6may be formedMtou price ,if the top second ,OBV line to rise ,the turnover atrophic instead ,this time to form M head but the stock price falls ,Change the way,one of 7departure from the phenomenon.Otherwise ,may form a low-cost W at the end ,if at the end of second, OBV line leading up, volume expansion ,this time to form W bottom and the stock price rise, the phenomenon of two .
8lasta rising tide of fall ,if below the previous fall low ,can be considered as the basis of inversion .Last 9 falls in the tidethe rising tide ,if break through their previous tide raising high ,can be considered as the basis of inversion .
10when OBVappeared more than a month or more, generally close to the horizontal moving, on behalf of the market is in a long period of consolidation .The big market that may occur at any time .
Ten ,vibrating lifting index ASI ( Accumulation Swing Index vibrating lifting index ) ,is the highest ,the lowest price ,closing price ,combined into a curve ,instead of the real situation ,the best performance of the current market conditions to form the true market line .
ASI pointed out short-term price trends ,can one step ahead Determination of stock price trend. ASI formula :first calculate the highest and the previous day the absolute difference between the A ,with the price of the previous day the absolute difference between the B ,the highest and the previous day low absolute difference C ,one day before the closing price and the day before the opening price the absolute difference between the D ,A ,B ,C between the three maximum value ,if the maximum A ,R=A+1/2tB+1/4tD; if B ,R=B+1/2tA+1/4tD ;if C ,R=C+1/4tD.
E= day closing price the day before the day closing price ,F= - same day opening price ,closing price - G= the day before the day before the opening price ,X=E+1/2tF+G.K=A ,B between maximum ,L=3 ,SI=50tX/RtK/L ,ASI= cumulative daily SI value analysis techniques: 1 ASI trendand price almost synchronous ,if the lead ASI shares ,ASI early breakthroughs in the previous highs or lows, are a day after the stock price will break the previous highs or lows .
2upwardASI ,once a significant down below the N type turning point ,be regarded as a stop loss sell signal. The 3 stock pricewave and ASI wave higher than ,but not relative innovation formation of high &quot ;bovine deviates from &quot ;,should sell .
4stock pricewave than a low ,ASI without relative record New low &quot ;bear from &quot ;,should buy .5 ASImost of the timing is synchronized and stock price trend ,investors can only from the many stock ,looking for a few produce leading breakthrough the stock investors .
6according to ASIearly step to buy the shares ,share prices subsequently smooth breakthrough pressure ,once generated profits, can how much gain back ,shall immediately dispose sold for a profit .
7 ASIand OBV maintain the same &quot ;N&quot ;font fluctuations ,and also to break or below &quot ;N&quot ;high ,low, as observed in ASI main method. Eleven ,fluctuating difficulty index difficulty index ( Ease EMV fluctuation of Movement Value ) ,is a measure of the volatility of difficulty degree index.
It is the relative volume divided by the relative amplitude ,as a measure of price fluctuations in the price of the percentage of middle base ,to get the price the price relatively fluctuating range .
Analysis techniques: 1 when EMVfrom down to up through the 0shaft,2whenbuying .EMV from the top down through the 0shaft,sell. 3using EMV indexaverage across the 0 axlefor signal ,generated by the transaction results will be more satisfactory.
4when the DMI of theADX or ADXR &quot ;&quot indicators of failure ;signal, should immediately stop Use the EMV index twelve ,William WVAD William variability variability of discrete discrete quantity ( William Variable Accumulation Distribution ) is a kind of volume weighted quantity and price index.
Firstly calculates the day of opening between the closing price ,accounting for the total fluctuation percentage, and the percentage of the volume weighted ,and moving average analysis techniques: 1 when WVADbecomes positive from negative moment, as long-term buy points .
2when WVAD bypositive to negative moment ,as long-term profit .Thirteen ,the relative strength index RSI note: the general calculation method of RSI ,when 6 RSIindex was more than 85 ,or less than 20 below,is heavily overbought oversold signals ,while using the method above mentioned ,when RIS index above 90 orbelow 15, is heavily overbought and oversold signal analysis techniques: RSI now commonly available in the market ,is one of the main technical index ,its main characteristic is to calculate an within a period of time, force of the buyers and sellers ,as overbought oversold ,reference and K-line and other technical indicators ( three to five ) used together, so as to avoid premature sell and buy ,causing less earn more pay 1toloss.
Six RSI as an example ,for more than ninety of the overbought ,less than fifteen as oversold ,in the strong rise when in the vicinity of ninety into Mtou sold in steep decline ,decline in the vicinity of fifteen to W .
2 in the bottom when buying new price highs ,while RSI innovation point ,that is still strong ,if not high point to sell signal .3 innew price low, RSI innovation is low ,market outlook is still weak ,if RSI is not innovation point ,is a buy signal .
The 4 consolidation period,a bottom than a bottom ,for multiple potential ,potential may rise again after a period of time ,buy ,and vice versa a bottom than a bottom is low it is time to sell .
5 graphicsgenerally have a long ,short two different cycles of RSI. 6 short days RSI below 20 levels,from bottom to top cross long days RSI, to buy signal .The 7 short days RSI levels above 80 ,from the top down cross long days RSI, to sell signal .
8 stockwave than a low ,opposite ,but RSI wave than a wave is high ,price is very easy to reverse rising. 9 stockwave than a wave high ,conversely, RSI wave than a wave is low, easy to reverse the decline of 10 shares.
RSI more than 80 entered the overboughtarea ,price easy to form a short back Block. 11 RSIis less than 20 of the shares into the oversold zone ,easy formation of short-term rebound .12 RSIwas at 50boundaryfollowing the disadvantaged areas ,and then to reverse break 50 boundaries,representing the shares have been strengthened .
13 RSIwas at 50strong areaabove the line ,and then downward torsion below 50 division,representative stock has turned weak. 14connectedRSI continuous bottom two ,draw a from left to right above the inclined tangent ,when RSI down below the line ,Air Force One Sale Chinese much criticized,is a very good sell signal .
The 15 connection RSItwo continuous peaks, draw a downward inclined tangent from left to right ,when RSI to break up this line ,is a good buy signal .16 RSIon head-shoulder top ,bottom ,triangular shape for trading point signal.
17the bull market of theRSI: 3 >5 >10 >20 >60RSI: 3,www.deadidasporschedesign.com &quot,bear market &lt ;5 <10 <20 <60day fourteen,William W%R William index ( Williams index Overbought/Oversold WMS Index ) ,also called%R ( Percent R ) ,indicating the current with N in the highest proximity ,calculation method and KD index ( Stochastic indicator ) is very similar to ,just using the high minus charge The price of replacing calculation KD RSV molecules .
Coordinates to reverse from 1000,W%R Y axis and RSI ,KDJ Y axis is inverted principle :using swing point to measure the stock market overbought oversold phenomenon ,can measure the cycle period of high or low, we proposed an efficient investment information .
Study tips :1 W%Rrose to more than 20 levels after20,once again fell below the overbought line, to sell signal .The 2 W%R decreased tobelow 80 levels after,once again break 80 oversoldline, is a buy signal .
3 W%Rto touch the top 0%four times, fourth times to touch ,is quite a good selling point. 4W%R downwardtouch the bottom 100% four times, fourth times to touch ,is quite a good buy .5 RSIthrough the 50division,if W%R also through 50,is relatively reliable.
6W%R entered theoverbought or oversold zone, with a MACD signal for the inversion of fifteen signal .,stop loss point steering operating system SAR stop loss point steering operating system ( Stop And Reverse ) ,also known as parabola steering system ( Parabolic Time Price system ) PTP ,belongs to the price and the time of both analysis tools.
Principle :SAR is the use of parabolic manner ,adjust the stop loss point location system With the advantages of :1 simple,Hira Kura clearly .2bullor bear ,for long-term can avoid selling early after losing some profit .
Disadvantages: 1discset, the market under the wash basin, high failure rate .2Calculation and drawingof trouble. 3 in "the trend of City & quot ;,SAR appears a very high frequency ,leading to signal loss.
Analysis techniques: 1 followersof SAR is undoubtedly all indicators point of sale the most clear, the most easily with the operation strategy indexes. 2 SARcan dispense investor doubts ,signal out of action.
3 stockcurve in SAR curve ,as the bull market. 4sharesin SAR curve curve under bear market ,as .5 stockcurve from the top down below the SAR curve, as a sell signal .6 stockcurve from bottom to top, worn out when the SAR curve ,as a buy signal .
The 7 long-term use ofSAR index ,is only likely to lose big money ,never once were locked .In sixteen ,the stochastic KDJ random indicator line ( Stochastics ) was invented by Dr. George B blue grace ,is Europe and the United States futures market commonly used set of technical analysis tools ,because the goods risk fluctuation is big, need is short-term ,sensitive indicator tool ,because of The short term investment technical analysis are also suitable ,stochastic momentum concept ,comprehensive strength index and the moving average of the advantages of.
KD line random ideas ,in practice than the moving average line a lot of progress in technical analysis on the field, in fact can be divided into graphic analysis and moving average theory two a range of moving averages in habits ,are close to doing the calculation basis ,thus unable to demonstrate a real price volatility .
That is to say ,on or in recent days the highest or lowest ,not shown in the moving average data ,some experts to recognize these shortcomings ,while creating a more progressive technology theory ,the moving average line application ,to play the.
KD line is one representative masterpiece of immature random value with nine high price ,closing price changes vary. If the market is an obvious rise ,drive line ( K quick average ) and the D line (slow average) up.
Such as the rally started slowly, it will response to K value and D value ,K value below D, the short-term decline to establish a.KD line is essentially a random wave dynamic concept ,for the acquisition of short-term prices go Potential is very correct.
Therefore it is a very practical tool. Analysis techniques: 1 K value to 20level,D value from the right direction to cross the D value, for the short-term buy signal .The 2 K value to 80level,D value from the right direction to cross D value, for short sell signal .
3the departure from the phenomenon: the price is high or low, while KD no this phenomenon ,also for inversion of the important precursor .4 Kvalues form a bottom than a bottom high phenomenon ,and in 50 the followinglow level ,up to two consecutive cross D value, price increase will be greater .

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