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Find such a woman

Where a girl can do any of the above 10 you marry,Adidas Jeremy Scott, right 1,Adidas Porsche Design,The complete handbook of studying in Korea, you are the first man of her 2, from behind holding her sleep, she quietly curled into a ball, do not turn to see you 3, wake up the middle of the night when you tucked in 4, eat what you feed her you think something good, and feel good, I don't ask you 5 don't want her to know that any thing 6, every word that you say, do not expose your lie 7, efforts to adapt to your life and the lives of the circle of 8, friendly to your friends, get them as his 9 friends, in front of your friends to meet you face 10, continue to do what you love her work 11, stay long hair, not curling,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, no user gel water to make hair hard stuff 12, diet control and exercise, in order to keep thin and change the Taiping princess the current situation 13, cut nails for you, let you get rid of the bad habit of biting his nails there is something to be 14, you go to the square of soap bubble blowing 15, put away her bad mood, dry your tears, when you see her she will smile as much as possible, on the radio "16 points" to the angel and the dolphin you 17, and you cherish every meeting in 18, karaoke singing "courage" call when you 19,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, buy cigarettes to you, but only a bit,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, because smoking is harmful to your health 20, let you back with her in the house around 21,Adidas Wings,Spring training, lie on your stomach and you watch TV 22, take a shower together, help you wipe away 23, see Apian, learning to do a solution style woman, but is not a naive little girl 24, for love into a silly little girl 25, washing your clothes, especially smelly socks 26, help you to clean all the shoes, no matter what you you need to wear a pair of them are clean 27, accompany you to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, eat 28 and praised the dishes you cook 29, with father learned to do his gold medal 30, braised knuckle to ensure smooth mobile phone, you can always find her mother and 31, tell your story, she has the right to know who his daughter into a woman in 32, and you in the bathroom 33, keep you send her every thing 34, using a PP small write down you sent her a message 35, quietly waiting for you to come back again in 37, 36, when you are happy than you are happy, you feel sadWhen 38, even more upset than you really think you do every thing is justified in 39, take couple photoes, make beautiful brochure, she would wear a wedding dress in 40, the bears have been placed at the end of 41, introduction to all her good friend to you, 42 protect you from a little frustrated 43, apply a their mailbox, write a lot of letters in it for you to read 44, every year to see you from home 45, pouring coax you take medicine 46, secretly to pull your clothes angle, to remind you to drink less 47, when you are suffering will never give up you 48, be ready to follow you, be forced to leave one's hometown 49 agreed to your proposal, even without the rose and the ring (if there is such a day) 50, you no longer love her quietly walked away strongly suggest that: where there is a girl can do any of the above 10 you marry, right 20 you have to work hard to marry her.

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[the children under the feet do not need too much weight]

Dragon Dragon Mother (paper) many caring parents,To want to practice life skills of new friends,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, often be nuanced for kids in the shoe pad on a pair of insoles,Wear sports pants running to flyover welcome to 2010, hope can reach warm moisture effect, better protection of children's feet. However the German pediatrician Schuster has said,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, children cushion insole is not only unnecessary,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com, but also is not good for children's feet.
Schuster said,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, many parents thought, insoles for their benefit, but the result is opposite. They proved this one view is wrong. Now Germany has many children are cushioned insole,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, not only for their feet,Buddha wants us to know what, but could make " healthy foot became deformed " Schuster.

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The foot is Uprising - Valentine's day little knowledge Reprint

The foot is Uprising - Valentine knowledge ( Reprint ) Valentines Day Valentine ,also known as Valentine and Valentine ( St. Valentine s Day ) ,which in February 14th each year, is one of the western traditional festivals .
On this day among men and women give chocolates ,cards and flowers, used to express love or friendship ,Europe and the United States has become a favorite holiday for young people .Maybe this world has how many lovers can have as much about the origin of Valentine And Chinese now almost fanatical enthusiasm for Christmas ,Valentine into the minds of countless young people ,become China traditional festivals outside of another important festival .
In our country, lunar Chuqi July night ,the weather is warm ,fragrant grass ,this is people common July 7th Festival ( Chinese Valentine ,also known as &quot &quot or &quot ;Festival ;Festival ;daughter ,&quot ;this is the traditional Chinese festivals the most romantic festival ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,is also the past the most important day of the girls .
They are the bright moon, put on seasonal fruits ,beg sky goddess worship in the air, giving them the intelligence of the heart and dexterous hands ,begging for can have a happy marriage. One day a legend in ancient Rome, February 14th was to express the respect and JONA Festival.
Is that numerous magical Rome empress of the Romans at the same time ,she will be enshrined as the God of women and marriage. Then in February 15th, called &quot ;Lupasala Festival ,is used on the &quot ;lower yuenazhi other gods respect Festival.
In ancient Rome ,the young man and the young girl strictly separated .However ,on Lupasala Festival ,boys can choose an own beloved girl on the vase. So ,for the holidays, the boy can with their choice girl dancing together ,to celebrate the festival.
If selected for the young girls are interested in it, they would have been matched ,and eventually they fall in love and getting married in church together. Posterity will end the year as Valentine February 14th .
Legend two Valentine in English it is called St. Valentine. s Day ( intended for Valentine :&quot ;&quot .Literally ,it is difficult to see what is the connection between the Western crooner .
This hidden inside a moving story .The third Century ad ,ancient Rome a Emperor named Claudius ( Claudius ) .At that time, ancient Rome and wars, in order to make up the men, the tyrant ordered : all age men ,have entered the military to serve their country.
Ever since, the husband leaves a wife, leaving the young lovers ,the entire Rome covered in long lovesickness .However ,* forbids love from the tyrant .Not far from the palace ,there is a very beautiful temple.
The friar Valentine ( Valentine ) lived here .He was respected by the Romans ,men and women, old and young ,whether rich or poor ,always clustered around him ,the altar in the raging flame ,listen to Valentine .
Ancient Rome war has been without stop ,tyrant Claudius recruited a large number of citizens to the battlefield, the voices of discontent. .men did not want to leave home ,the boys to and away from the lover.
Claudius stamp with rage ,he was not allowed to hold weddings ,even all engaged in also immediately to the dissolution of a marriage. Many young people on this farewell love ,grief and indignation towards the battlefield .
Young girl also because of losing her grief ,depression .Valentin tyrant of the line of child feel very sad. When a young couple came to the temple of his request for help ,the Valen emperor Nepal In the sacred altar before they quietly held a wedding ceremony .
People spread from mouth to mouth ,a lot of people come here ,in the Valentine formed with the help of a partner .News finally came to the palace ,spread to the ears of a tyrant .Claudius and a stamp with rage ,he commanded the soldiers stormed into the temple ,will tile reduced d from a wedding being held by the new towed ,into a dungeon .
People begged the tyrant ,but all in vain .Valentine finally in the dungeon was tortured to death. Sad friends will be buried in his St. church. That day is on February 14th ,that year is in the year 270 .
Legend three legend of Valentin is one of the earliest Christians ,that era to be a Christian means danger and death. For the protection of other martyrs ,Valentine was caught ,put in jail.
Where he cured the daughter of the governor of blind eyes .When the tyrant hear a miracle ,he feel very afraid ,so will the Valentine was beheaded .According to legend ,in the execution of that day morning ,valentine to the warden wrote a letter lovey-dovey farewell letter ,signed by :From your Valentine ( from your Valentin ) .
The blind girl in his grave ,Planted a saffron almond trees ,to pin their wall ,this day is in February 14th .Since then ,Christianity was put on February 14th for Valentine Legend four historians prefer to get at the end ,they perform on Valentine seems to be convincing.
earlier than 270 BC,when the city of Rome just the foundation ,or around a wilderness ,packs of wolves wandering around. In Romans worshipped gods ,animal husbandry God Lu Bo Kunz ( Lupercus ) in charge of the shepherd and flock protection.
February each year, the Romans held a grand ceremony to celebrate the festival of Lupercalia .Then and now the calendar compared ,to a little later ,so the Lupercalia festival is a celebration of the coming of spring .
Others say the festival is celebrated by the God Faunus ( Faunus ) ,which is similar to the ancient Greeks as sheep foot ,with horns on its head pan (Pan ) ,director of animal husbandry and agriculture.
God of the origin of animal husbandry is far too long, even the first Century BC scholars are unable to confirm. But the importance of this festival is to allow all doubt .Such as historical records, Anthony ( Mark Antony ) is in the year 44 BC Lupercalia ,crown grant Caesar ( Julius Cae SAR ) .
February 15th of every year ,Yesterday who is Valentine's Day ~,the monks will gather in Rome city the reduced D Palantine) a mountain cave ,it says here ,the ancient city of Rome founder ( Romilus andRemus ) by a She-Wolf to help yo grow up.
In the festive celebrations ,a young nobleman who ,with a sheep whips ,running in the streets. Young women will be gathered in the streets ,beating expectations sheep whip to their heads. They believe it will make them easier to procreate.
In Latin, sheep whips whiplash is called Februa ,called fabruatio ,are actually contain a pure the meaning of the name of February .( February ) is derived. With the forces of Rome the Lupercalia festival was brought to what is now France and the United Kingdom.
Most people always enjoy it a festival similar to the lottery. The young woman was placed in a box ,then a young man forward extraction .Drawn to become a man and a woman lover ,time is one year or longer .
The rise of the Christian people to commemorate the gods of the custom gradually indifferent .Priests don the festive joy ,so will the Lupercalia festival ( Lupercalia ) into a Valentine Day ( Val Entine s Day ) ,and moved to February 14th.
So ,on Valentine and the ancient legend of the festival was a natural combination .This festival in England in the middle ages is the most popular. Unmarried men and women names are extracted, they exchange gifts ,woman in the years to become the man Valentine.
The men will be on the sleeves embroidered woman ,care and protection of the woman is the man .The pope in about AD 498, announced on February 14th is Valentine .Such marriages Roman Christians believe that approach was not legitimate .
During the middle ages ,in the UK and France ,is usually thought of in February 14th bird is the mating season .Therefore put today an increase ,that it should be a romantic day .Valentine gifts are the Orlean Duke Charles prison in Tower of London ,wrote his wife .
Because he was captured in the battle of Agincourt .This was written in 1415 .Being stored in the British Museum in London. A few years later ,King Henry V hired John Lydgate wrote a song for Catherine of Valois as a Valentine .
Valentine history can be found The modern significance of Valentin in the early fifteenth Century .French young Grand Duke of Orlean at the battle of Agincourt ( Agincourt ) captured by the British ,and then be locked in the Tower of London for many years.
He wrote to his wife a love poem, about 60has been preserved.Do with flowers valeentine day keepsake in about two hundred years later. Henry IV ( Henry IV ) of a daughter in the Valentine Day held a grand party .
All the ladies from the selected her Valentine man received a bunch of flowers. In this way, the continuation of the ancient Italy ,France and the UK customs ,we can annually in February fourteen to transfer their friends love information.
Flowers ,candy hearts ,with lace and folding spike sent conceal the names of a pledge ,not only represents a true love ,the courage to resist the friar Valentin best memory .Valentine in February 14th of each year, the &quot &quot ;Valentine ,also known as the St.
Valentine ;&quot ;&quot ;is a need for careful days mm for single people and romantic people is more such .&quot ;Valentine &quot ;early in the morning gets up on your key hole outwards from prying eyes.
According to legend Records, if you see the first person is in alone ,then you will be single year ;if you see two people or more counterparts ,then you will find that the lover ;if you see a cock and a hen ,you will be in &quot &quot ;Christmas ;previously married to .
Now the court is rarely cock hen infested ,urban open space also won chicken disappeared, so if you can see a pair of pigeon or a pair of sparrow also has the same wonders .Bachelors on Valentine morning &quot ;&quot ;encountered by the first individual special attention ,because if you are unmarried and looking for a companion ,you are destined to be the first person to see and in February 14th married ,at least the people will be in your life play a decisive role role.
If you don ,you can give your loved one morning call ,requirements on the other side of the car to work. Or keep close at home ,at noon to go out again ,is also a good countermeasures .
&quot &quot ;Valentine ;is one ancient holiday ,can be traced back to Christianity before Valentine ,but &quot ;&quot ;but recently argument. According to one legend ,Valentine is ancient Rome two homonymous bishop ,Two per capita in 270 A.
D.died. They died before doing the last thing to do is to write a love letter (then wife who can marry ) ,thereafter ,&quot ;Valentine &quot ;this name was applied to the early religious ceremony .
According to one legend records ,&quot &quot ;Valentine ;the day birds pair off ,bees also amphibious flying ,so a man .In different times ,&quot ;Valentine &quot ;prediction of marriage ,attract lovers in different ways.
From ancient Rome to Vitoria times ,people with two strains of half-open flowers to predict marital status for unmarried men and women grow .Two strains of semi open flower, flower name to the first letter of their name and the first letter of the same.
If two flower to open ,it indicates a couple lifelong happy ;if two flower back open, it indicates a couple will part company each going his own way ;if the flowers in full bloom ,said the future of the family have a flourishing population ;if there is a flower fade or death situation ,it means the couple have a party will precede another young.
If you don resign oneself to one ,can try from Buckinghamshire for an old method :in the &quot &quot ;Valentine ;night light a candle ,In the bottom two needle bar ,to ensure that the needle through the wick ,side bar ,bar :I not only candles a ,I want to penetrate the is TTT ,whether he is sleeping is awake ,I asked him to come with me to talk ,but must pay attention ,you choose a dream lover to the actual number ,do not hope can is said to be a candle ,characters .
To fuel when the needle, you will open the door to your running .Second approaches is in &quot &quot ;Valentine ;a week before every night to bring the right foot sock onto the left foot ,and mouth muttering incantations :&quot ;dream of living, not the devil, this is the young man ,I want to match with .
&quot ;after speaking to keep silent to the next morning .Third approaches are in bed before the left socks is on the neck .Attention should not be too tight, if they broke ,it may be spoiled .
An unmarried woman believe that if the shoe is placed into T fonts under the bed ,and open the window ,will dream sweetheart or found him standing in front of the bed .This success in rural rate higher ,because of her suitors from the window into specially put shoes.
Although from Vitoria times ,&quot &quot decline ;Valentine ;1More than 00 years .Today, the festival has become more and more popular. &quot ;Valentine &quot ;is about love ,romance and flowers ,chocolates ,Hallmark holiday ,to our mind is precious.
Different times ,Valentine customs vary from 1837-1901 .The British Queen Victoria during the Valentine the most distinctive customs :the day of February 14th ,a pair of lovers ,will a student has two flower buds of spring branch graft in early puberty in a special pot.
Spend the first letter must be the couple a name the first letter of the anastomosis. A few days later ,if the Spring Branch double bud in full bloom, add radiance and beauty to each other ,it indicates that the lovers together forever ;if the two company ,is North spit pistil ,the man would be like birds flying in different directions ,of love ;if the bloom was huge ,brilliant ,said after the house full of children and grandchildren ,joy ;if the flower withers ,the lover of a risk of early death in Buckinghamshire .
Also have prevailed in the Valentine Night Prayer study :lit a candle ,insertion of two fine needle ,the bottom is inserted into the candle wick from ,say your lover ,pray love always ,to be the candle burns to the tip ,is said to love people will timely knock door and .
There is a Valentine :before the Valentine week ,for 7 consecutive nights ,will be left on the socks off to the right foot, repeated wish :&quot ;let my beloved can enter the dream tonight .
&quot ;reportedly ,then the fall a lucky red thread and socks .Around the neck for in love .After the times of Vitoria ,Valentine gradually faded ,twentieth Century thirty or forty time, along with the popular Valentine greeting card ,and complex heat again.
In some countries ,Valentine has evolved for women to men to express friendship trend ,then ,and in March 14th as &quot ;also the plot &quot ;man to woman ,which presents to show &quot ;also &quot ;.
Valentine day of friends ,belongs to the family of the day ,which belongs to the Valentine .In the west, Valentine only the best time to express affection ,but also to his beloved people the best time to marry him .
At this point ,Valentine show ,is the ancient Romans designed this festival was intended ?Valentine generally on Valentine ,by giving a red rose to express the feeling between the lover .
A half-open red roses lining on a beautiful shape color Green leaves ,and in a transparent plastic bag in a single flower ,in the lower half of pedicel with ribbons ,the last beautiful bowknot, forming a beautiful beautiful small bouquets ,as the best gift on Valentine .
Rose is one of main world gift flower ,indicates single-minded ,emotion and vitality .Rose generally has dark red, pink, yellow ,white and other colors .Famous varieties of Queen Elizabeth ( red) ,first love ( yellow ) .
Valentine to send red roses for valentine rose up .With a few branches advisable ?Is more of course better ,a branch takes the show special preference to the Italian ,three branches are represented &quot ;I love you &quot ;.
Send 6 branches ,8 branches represent lucky number,send 11 branches ,is to give the most beloved person 10 branches ,a branch represents himself. As for sending 24 branches is the international common practice ,12 branches are a dozen,represents a year in 12 months, the pursuit of perfection, year after year to offer the compassion of Italy.
Valentine is also indispensable. Chocolate since its birth is in love with have all kinds of connections with contact. People love chocolate with sweet expression on lover .The United States in the 1980 the diamond business begins for Valentine jewelry promotional activities ,so that So Valentine made of chocolate and flowers two major categories ,more jewelry in this category.
Valentine Valentine dinner date culture usually represents the relationship development key .Each country (region ) :the United States of America culture .:men in this day to his female friends say &quot ;lovers Festival &quot ;have no special relationship, and gradually evolved into a public occasions like the greeting form.
But males are less in public on another male so hello. .Britain :from the beginning of seventeenth Century ,Valentine became common. .Japan :women give chocolates to men she likes ,UGGs ,while men in one month after the White Valentine ( gov.
cn ?,White Day ) salute the table Zhongchang ,this is a Japanese businessman in 1965,Adidas Jeremy Scott, speculation. .China :after the reform and opening up, with the development of commercial speculation ,many young men and women began to celebrate the holiday .
Because of the &quot the lover ;&quot ;the diverse understandings of the term ( in Chinese, &quot ;lover &quot ;sometimes contains &quot ;&quot ,&quot lover mistress ;;&quot ;,namely the legal marriage outside the relationship means ) ,was a lot of criticism ,on the other hand ,due to the fear of western traditional festivals Break into Chinese culture ,diluted to traditional festivals celebrated, this festival often by conservatives to oppose and resist .
Until now ,every year this time ,still in the media has a similar comments .By western culture .Hongkong :long-term effects ,celebrating Valentine has a long history .Both men and women will give each other presents female ,male feeding standard gifts are usually flowers ,chocolate ,such as jewelry ,watches ,male female send Tie Mens clothing supplies ,and often to the restaurant a candlelit dinner .
.Macao :in the Valentine send flowers ,male female ,female will give male chocolate ( chocolate ) .Male and female lovers are very pay attention to this festival. .Taiwan :also celebrate the holiday ,not the object contacts of young men and women often in the centripetal on ad ,couples will also on this day date.
A Valentine ,July 7th &quot ;&quot ;section :in our country, lunar Chuqi July night ,warm weather ,plant fragrance ,this is people commonly known as the July 7th Festival ,also known as &quot &quot or &quot ;Festival ;Festival ;daughter &quot ,because once a year ;Cowboy Weaver meet days, also known as the Chinese Valentine .
This is the traditional Chinese festivals most romantic one The festival is over ,the most important day of the girls in July seven .&quot ;&quot Festival July 7th July 7th ;in July seven ,is the legendary Cowherd from the bridge crossing the river meet day.
People heart Weaver is a diligent and kind have clever hands and good sense ,the angel ,so in July seven that night, the young girls and young married woman should out line of worship rituals ,and Weaver Girl begging ,I wish I could be like Vega as a pair of dexterous hands ,a wise heart ,will live happily .
2lunar Januaryfifteen Lantern Festival ,Lantern Festival ,also known as the Chinese Valentine .This appellation age-old Lantern Festival .Is also a romantic holiday ,in ancient times, the usual woman especially great lady or daughter of a humble family ,is &quot ;three step out of contral &quot ;,only to the Lantern Festival, before they can come out night lamp .
The exhibit of lanterns in the traditional feudal society ,to unmarried men and women met to provide an opportunity ,the Lantern Festival flower the lamp is precisely a fellowship opportunity ,unmarried men and women also passing through flowers light can identify the object itself .
During the Lantern Festival ,but also young men and women the opportunity to meet with the lover .So the Lantern Festival is a symbol of love in the folk festival .In Taiwan, still unmarried women in lantern night picking onion or dish would marry a good husband ,commonly known as :&quot ;steal in onions ,married ?&quot ,&quot ;;steal in dish ,marry good son-in-law &quot ;,hope married girl ,in the night garden to steal pick green or green ,and look forward to the future well-being of families, the Tang Dynasty ,also appeared in dance dance performances ,tens of thousands of maids, folk singing and dancing girls in brightly download ,called the line of the song ,singing Ou Yangxiu ( born son .
Check ) :last night ,cloud flower light as day ;on the first on the moon ,Xin Qiji ( after the date .Qing Yu an ) wrote :the public in finding it a thousand times, cheap UGG boots ,suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim.
They vividly reflect the ancient couple the dating scene. And traditional opera Chen San and five mothers in the Lantern festival flower lamp meet and fall in love at first sight ,Lechang documents and Xu Deyan lantern night in a broken mirror joined together ,spring riddles written on lanterns in Yuwen Yan and shadow like Lantern set conditions .
3,white valentine ( White Day ) in March 14th .The white valentine day popular in Japan ,Korea ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,Taiwan and other regions ,is what we know about the Western Valentine gifts continue ,also different :specific to female February 14th send Male chocolate ,male on March 14th to send a gift.
In fact ,the white valentine day that White Day ,originated in Japanese Folklore :in February 14th ValentineDay was a girl on the boy to resort to complex day by the girls ,Valentine Chocolate boy.
In Japan, was a man February 14th the majority of girls gifts sweethearts love, if he is also interested in March 14th ,will be favor to both sides have mutual affinity .But in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places ,and the distinction is not so obvious .
In March 14th echo each other a Valentine gift ,that means each other already have mutual affinity .Valentine :heard of Valentine ,he heard the July 7th Valentine .What do you wanna know what is &quot ;the White Valentine &quot ;?&quot ;white valentine &quot ;originated in Rome in the third Century.
The emperor of Rome in February 14th to save a pair because the original love marriage for violating the ban to be executed lover ,the emperor of Rome to commemorate this day and set up a Valentine .
And at one month after March 14th ,the couple promise their love will will never change until death ,to commemorate this day ,then another set for White Lover In addition ,this is also the festival .
With Japanese folk tales about a Valentine .February 14th was a girl on the boy to resort to complex day by the girls ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,Valentine gift to the boys ,but gradually developed into the final ,as one ,now the Valentine take the initiative to give gifts not important .
In Japan, if a party on that day in February 14th received the anisotropic valentine gift to express your love, but they have the same affection or friendship ,will in March 14th to each other a Valentine gift ,said this year each other already have mutual affinity .
So they took this date of March 14th ,set to &quot ;white valentine &quot ;if you .Also received a look forward to the Valentine ,that it took advantage of &quot ;white valentine &quot ;this day let the other person feel your love ?This is the white valentine day ,originated in South Korea .
In South Korea, on February 14th the girls like boys gave his chocolate ,if the boys she also interesting ,Baby, pout,then in March 14th that gave the girl chocolate 1.14 Valentine( diary day ) ,couples give each other love diary 2.
14 Valentine( s T Valentine s day ) ,Valentine 3.14 WhiteValentine ( white day ) ,the boys return gift valentine day 4.14 black( black day ) ,belonging to the singletons Valentine 5.
14 yellowand Rose Day ( yellow and rose day ) ,on this day to wear yellow clothes ,eat the yellow curry rice is to tell you you meaning ,moreover ,in this day to send the red rose is love ,send the white rose is expressed hesitation ,if sent yellow rose ,Discount UGG boots ,said goodbye to the 6.
14valentine day kiss( kiss day ) ,couples kissing expression of love for each other 7.14Valentine( Silver day ) ,take your sweetheart home let parents know good chance 8.14Green Day( green day ) ,hot summer, might as well and the other half a cool forest tour 9.
14 music & Photo Day( Music Day &amp ;photo day ) ,is the organising social activities of the day ,and many couples in this day is blue and clear sky pictures, it is also known as the &quot ;photo day &quot ;10.
14Valentine( wine day ) ,of course, is to drink a little wine to pull 11.14 orange day movie.Valentine ( orange day &amp ;movie day ) ,this day, couples can even catch the two films ,after reading a cup of orange juice .
12.14Valentine( hug day ) ,publicly embrace .Declaring the love between you 7.7 lunarJuly 7th Valentine Chinese Valentine December 31st network lover festival to network the anniversaries of Valentine Valentine gift TOP10 associated withValentine ,my heart started again that familiar anxiety .
Maybe you feel like a man you so will hurt ,but I was not ashamed ,for her, for my true love .So ,on a night like this ,I searched the heart of every corner, UGG shoes ,start looking for that could be called a Valentine items.
Rose :if I was a too observant of conventional standards. Man, I must send roses to her usual she didn .Flowers ,certainly didn roses. But Valentine I know from her eyes to see a method called envy things.
But I think I will not send her a bunch of roses ,to send to send one branch ,or a car or a boat ,you know what I mean .Candy :if I is A sweet ,I candy .My girlfriend loves candy, which is why do I think of candy .
I really appreciate those creative candy business ,because not only delicious candy ,packaging exquisite .Remember when the University, a boy in the pursuit of a girl, who will candy and a variety of odd shape rubber mounted in advance put lucky star glass jar ,I don why send rubber ,also don the girl why shouldn touched.
Poems :if I is a have no money to buy flowers and lazy calculating people ,I will HH you know what I can do .&quot &quot ;poetry ;miss is a very mysterious things .Don I was wrong ,miss strange ,this poetry is more mysterious .
&quot ;unity of heaven and earth ,but with you I &quot ;there seem to be too sorrowful ,I compare like &quot ;I am willing to be a lamb ,and beside you every day ,I wish you hold a thin whip ,gently to me &quot ;.
Of course ,if I can own a better ,not this .Dinner :if I were a millionaire businessman ,I and she had a Valentine ,is of course the candlelight dinner ,that also use say ?The black dress ,white table cloth ,The silvery utensils silhouetted against the bright rose .
The Romantic Violin flow transferring people itch to scratch note, during the dinner do not shake and crumble timing out that moment her name necklace for her and for her to wear .
Have carved names ,in case of breaking up can not be back, people would of course don ,I don ,this gift is the most boring. Ring :if I is a very crafty man ,I ring .Gold too cheesy ,diamond is too expensive ,or platinum ,a small circle ,put her on again.
You don ,ring not even the love ,trap ,trap and is not good ?If gold is not good ,then send the ivory ,appears to have a taste. Perfume :if I were a rather fashionable people ,Wrong in the rainy season _ Xin Yue,I sent her perfume .
Because I heard that the gas smell can be in people memory retention time things .But my limited knowledge about the perfume ,I know you can give her a surprise .From then on ,I can in this familiar smell ,intoxicated .
Card :if I were a little young blood ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,I make a card for her. This I love as a junior ,In love one girl sewing their dowry .This piece of no economic value to the card will have a I love the people to enjoy, it is enough .
Toys :if I was a pretty girl who understand the mind ,I will send her a toy .It is best that fluffy ,a teddy bear ,Garfield cat. Every time I see these ,she will be exaggerated for these cute things out ,I never mind too ,because I love her.
Although it is a little like a birthday present ,but as long as not to pursue her and why ?Records :if I were a romantic and caring person, I record .Share two people love music. This is a wonderful thing ,want her not too moved and kiss me ,because you know about me is not too good .
Yourself: if I am a seemed nonsensical ,I would turn myself packing for her. She once said ,I am God to give her the best gift ,you know how much I touched ?So ,I can no longer be sloppy ,according to her most loved figure to design their own ,but also rub a little she most like perfume.
Everything is ready, knock on her door ,use ready for the ribbon on the head Make a bow ,because you don ,now I am a Valentine .Valentine of 7 arms of a diamond bright flawless diamond ,symbolizing the precious love, is again appropriate did not pass ,the wedding ring is generally a diamond !If you have identified ,III also willing to spend together with her ,then ,for Valentine this chance to give her a diamond jewelry * love keepsake .
With diamonds ,the most sweet language is &quot ;I asked you to marry me _ &quot ;yo !This time ,a diamond ring is the most suitable gifts .If not for marriage ,diamond necklaces or earrings are also good choices ,or ,the unique design of pin ,hairpin ,bracelet ,can show your unique mind .
Valentine diamond not too big ,let her feel you too luxury is not good .If only the jewelry shop order bare drilling ,then the special people design and processing ,to give her your own diamond jewelry ,it is can be a family heirloom collection Oh !Chocolate flavor ,is the flavor of love mm chocolate but girls exclusive special weapons !&quot ;can you feel my heart ;&quot ;&quot ;chocolate Taste ,like me ?;&quot ;&quot ;thank you for me has always been so good ;&quot ;&quot ;I love you &quot ;HH chocolate language also has many kinds of oh .
To tell the truth, Valentine the patent girls ,don chance _ . if the understanding of each other taste ,of course to give him the love of chocolate ,can go to discuss his favor ,otherwise ,the election can be a chocolate ,revealing your feelings .

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Before preparing for armed to the heart -- - bokee.net!

Before the interview preparation -- armed to the south-southeast ,heart !If your resume is the first weapon ,so you can get professional counterparts experience or little out of the ordinary mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore from &quot ;&quot ;in deus ex .
But see if you can make &quot &quot ;gold ;and a round or rounds of harsh the interview. You fast enough ,enough ,enough ,whether a firm has the potential to become a famous boutique depends on your actual passed !&quot ;know yourself as well as the enemy ,before being victorious &quot ;it is absolutely out of combat after knowing !Interview preparation includes :psychological preparations -- &quot &quot ;imaginary a few days before the interview ;adjust their emotions ,maintain good mental outlook .
The most important is to make good use of the imaginary &quot ;&quot ;.There is a famous American sprinter who said her success is one of the &quot ;imaginary &quot ;.In addition to hard training and psychological adjustment ,her time in pre-competition perceives runway length camber ,runway material elastic ,around the voice wave even court grass fragrance.
Before the interview, you should not only imaginary interview scene atmosphere ,but also to good every step possible scenarios of .In your resume should be learned by heart, for some routine problems early ready :for example, do you think what you can do for the company ?Why do you think you fit in the forest ,the business manager / Assistant occupation blog ( twenty-first Century lack most is what ?Talent ) - enterprise bokee.
com Must succeed on the struggle !Must become outstanding must strive for success qingqingyecao.blog.bokee.net region: Shenzhen city article archive &lt ;&lt ;&gt &gt ;2011;01months 02months 03months04months05months06months07months08months09 months in October toNovember December before the interview preparation -- armed to the heart !2007-11-12 13:59:41 -- reading if your resume is south-southeast of a weapon, so you can get professional counterparts experience or little out of the ordinary mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore from &quot ;&quot ;in deus ex .
But see if you can make &quot &quot ;gold ;and a round or rounds of rigorous interview. You fast enough ,enough .Sharp ,enough ,whether has the potential to become a famous boutique depends on your actual passed !&quot ;know yourself as well as the enemy ,before being victorious &quot ;it is absolutely out of combat after knowing !Before the interview .
Preparations include: psychological preparation for mm&quot ;imaginary &quot ;a few days before the interview to adjust their emotions ,Happy Valentine's Day!,maintain good mental outlook .The most important is to make good use of the imaginary &quot ;&quot ;.
There is a famous American sprinter who said her success is one of the &quot ;imaginary &quot ;in addition to hard training .And psychological adjustment ,her time in pre-game perceives runway length camber ,runway material elastic ,around the voice wave even court grass fragrance.
Before the interview,Jeremy Scott Adidas, you should not only imaginary interview scene atmosphere ,but also to good every step possible scenarios. For your resume should be learned by heart ,for some routine questions already fully prepared to do :for example,2011 NEW! Men Men's running shoes respiratory network [053] Running Shoes Mens Sport Shoes, do you think what you can do for the company ?Why do you think you are qualified for this job ?Your previous employers and co-workers to your evaluation ?And so on .
For their own advantage more vulnerable to rational analysis ,especially for your shortcomings such as &quot ;what is &quot ;such negative questions ,to try various devices to use simple and positive language to offset the negative issues.
Instrument for proper mm&quot ;&quot ;in fact ,to find a job as salesman Business behavior ,Adidas Porsche Design,employer is the buyer ,you are the seller ,to attract buyers, in addition to &quot ;intelligent &quot ;,also show &quot ;&quot ;.
Moreover ,when you step into the interview room after the first impression that gives a person is your instrument .Considering wears please consider the nature of the company and the job if the company regulations .
In uniform ,you must consider to tidy and elegant suit .If network company, casual also won inconvenience. But if you are a sales ,public relations ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,marketing and senior positions ,wearing dark or grey suit would be more appropriate ,of course ,you can use some elegant charm dress themselves.
Clothing problem should be in an interview last night decided ,thoughtful ,not temporary change .For men ,dark suit for any interviews ,with white or light gray light blue shirt ,concise style tie.
Remember not to choose the color bright tie ,cheap and crappy tie clip will decrease .Clothes must be clean, hair should be combed ,shoes ,nail cleaner, in addition ,shaved his beard .
Ladies clothing than men have more choices ,but still with a conservative is better :dark or neutral color set Dress or jacket and skirt ,with a demure shirt ( do not add lace ) ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,wearing matching dark stockings and high heel shoes half lightweight (do not wear high heel peep toe or ) .
Using the brown or black handbag ,cosmetic ,resume and dress to the inside. A knee-length skirt a step as well. The hairstyle also be conservative .In addition ,white ,bright yellow orange ,pink series set is not suitable for interview.
Material to prepare for the mm&quot &quot ;complete ;pen or pen two why two ?Do backup make provision against a rainy day !With pen or pen is for any complete formal form. Notepad interview records or calculation may be.
The pen and notebook on the outer bag ,convenient for use ,not for show over time ,a waste of time and is the lack of organizational capacity .Recently updated resume at least two ,the more, the better.
Even if your resume is so that you get the interview ,interview person still has may receive another resume ,prepare complete resume has two purposes: first ,in the company to fill in the application form, can be taken out at any time as a reference ;second ,can be directly to the company interviews after get many copies .
Aimed at if more than one interviewer ,can show you the complete diploma and certificate carefully .Known as &quot astepping-stone to success ;&quot ;,if worry about losing ,took photos and ID card copy .
There is probably not ,but be prepared against want .Newspaper or magazine sometimes waiting for an interview for a long time .But don carry the &quot &quot ;gossip ;newspapers and magazines ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,it is best to bring the relevant professional magazines ,can show you always pay close attention to the developments .
Briefcase a to carry these items ,women can make a suitable only for his briefcase ,handbag is not squeeze such things ,and some of these files can not be %. &quot ;secret weapon &quot ;if you work or works that even patent certificate ,please be sure to take ,but this proved your best &quot ;secret weapon &quot ;background for detailed !Mm&quot ;&quot ;familiar with may post new company will increase the interviewer impression ,because of your company understand more ,of your company and working more interested .
Moreover ,can also increase your confidence in interview .Understand the company more, more can hold from One ,such as general coping .Companies to inform you interview in two ways, one is the telephone ,two is a letter or Emmail .
The interview notice arrival also means you reconnaissance operations start. If a telephone ,in addition to note each other company name ,interview time place ,don just say goodbye ,please try to find out the following problems : the interview is the way many people at the same time for an interview ?Or a separate interview interview content ?Is it right? Have written ?Or the interview only written ?Interview interviewer name and position of the object ,is in charge of personnel or departments responsible person ?If it written notice,Xiao Lin Hiroki, you also need to keep call they asked ,with this information ,you to the interview should be grounded .
Subsequent &quot &quot ;reconnaissance ;action of natural is to collect the data of the company ,such as the size of the company ,nature ,start date ,do product project ,annual turnover ,growth rate ,the personnel system ,enterprise culture ,in the industry .
The top and so on ,try to know more about it. Now companies have their own website ,this is &quot &quot ;reconnaissance ;action to save a lot of effort ,more clearly, you succeed in a job interview Ratio is also higher .
One of his job very familiar candidates ,often easier access to the interviewer identity ;conversely ,a company what products do not get to know the person is very difficult to obtain the confidence of the interviewer .
Besides ,if we can understand the atmosphere of the company for you ,prepare suitable dress and speech is also very useful. It is ,as far as possible to understand you for the position. If you are familiar with the duties of the nature ,you will become a strong applicant .
It is important to note :for a particular job ready is absolutely correct. But you don to confine himself to a particular position, and ignore other positions are considered. Ready for all this ,the rest is through the map to determine the route arriving ,special attention to the other company from traffic ,sometimes interviewers will be referred to related problems ,regardless of the car ride ,choose one of the shortest time answer standby .
If you are free, had better to be able to run a company ,look at the surrounding environment ,have a look the other company &quot ;class &quot ;,the jargon is &quot ;step &quot ;.Now you
playing a game of &quot ;Prepared by &quot ;,how, is it right? Have a great faith ?Finally and most important point mm&quot &quot ;self-confidence ;is the sharp weapon !Go ,rolled ,won
the good fight !Read: 41 top :twenty-first Century lack most is what ?Talent theme :search answer: talent website can give headhunting industry brings far-reaching influence ?Interview
you will encounter 5 big trapsthe director of human resources the necessary qualifications before preparing for armed to the heart -- the executive search industry in China !Opened veil Xinshoubikan

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Quote] [quote in the two country life difference

&nbsp ;cited the white-haired fishermen in two country life gap &nbsp ;quoted xiaoxiebno references not know ,one more than surprised ,day two in the country life gap &nbsp ;references to see world not know ,one more than surprised ,day two in the country life gap &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I grew up in China ,for 3 years before being sent to Japan to work ,because of the very kind of Confucius ,Analects of Confucius too familiar with the Chinese culture ,to almost absorb and blend in .
Let me see me to stay and the importance of prospective .So ,I contrast to in contrast to ,should stay for the popularization of Confucius culture ,to pour my heart and life .I lived in Japan for 3 years ,to understand China ,also slowly understand Japanese .
So ,see a lot of Sino-Japanese two countries people life level contrast article ,feel and fact is not consistent ,right here. Through the basic necessities of life and shopping to compare two ordinary people level ,what I say is the objective reality ,we can also hope that the spirit of peace and the objective state of mind to face up to and understanding of this gap by real data .
Possible in some And ,we also actively provide me at the same time ,and to forgive .Firstly, shopping ,buy luxury goods .Japanese cars is very common thing, Japanese monthly salary is about 35-40million yen,usually in banks ,large enterprises ,IT and IT related companies ,trading companies ,government departments ,since business monthly income is higher ,usually Japanese common large enterprises ( enterprise ) the general formal employee each month more than 400000, or even higher ( including two times a year ( Bonus ) .
According to the Japanese Ministry of health and welfare survey ,Japan will be members of the average monthly wage in more than 500000 yen ,but I know of the general staff ,each month also Sanshijisishiwan yen.
) and Japan an ordinary household car for less than the price of 2000000 yen,the general models of the price and the China price ,or even lower ,that is to say four months of wages can afford a car.
But the Japanese drove the car as a pastime or tool life ,like to buy my house saving Toyota BLIIUS one year to open thirty or 40 timesalmost ,Tokyo, convenient transportation ,the tram can lead in all directions .
Of course Japanese general digital camera ,camera price than in China and Cheap. For example can be used 30000yen to buyin China the sale price in 3000 yuanfor the camera. That is a big Japanese company employees ,can use the monthly pay ten percent of the purchase of China ,foreign white-collar workers a monthly salary to buy things.
We refer to this is the quality of life of Japanese housing problem. Most Japanese are basic ,live in a building not only Japanese called a building ,is also the Chinese common sense small villas .
Price of 30000000 yento 50000000 yen ,currency conversion * * is in 2100000 - between 3500000 RMB ,is a family the sum of 6-9.The price is China Beijing or Shanghai the equal area prices.
But in Japan, Beijing ,Shanghai, the income is the income of ten times or more. Japanese can easily loan buy a house ,such as a set of 40000000 yen invilla ,down only 1000000 yen ,then each month is 10 to150000 yenloan ,in the 30-50years to pay off.
China ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,loans are required for a variety of conditions ,and the loan ,a set of 400000 yuan ofhousing ,first to pay 100000 yuanof above, and also is a few years to pay off. But also the amount of the loan is a door Family for over 10 years the total income .
However ,Japanese live in the five or six rooms ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,with private parking and small garden family households to build ( Villa ) ;while the Chinese had two rooms or 3 rooms one hall. I am in Qingdao to buy a house down payment is about three hundred thousand ,and then twenty years to pay off ,strange is the area including pool area ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,with the different traffic .
Besides ,Japanese traffic convenience ,as long as to the Japanese people know Japanese traffic environment than Beijing ,Shanghai more than how many times. But traffic fee income proportion is cheaper in China than in Japan ,for example ,the common travel electric the ticket in 130 yen- between 300 yen ,pass is usually at half the price of around, and Japan will be members of the fare are reimbursed.
For example, a monthly income of 400000 yen ingeneral organization staff ,daily commuting costs only about 200 yen ,0.5% of income,monthly fees are usually in about 10000 yen ,for months the Chinese one in 40, and the cost is also responsible for by clubs .
But in Beijing ,Shanghai ,the general staff monthly income can reach 3000 yuan will have a general staff, only reaching the supervisor level white-collar monthly income can reach 4000 to 5000 peopleRMB ,I refer to the company.
And monthly commuting costs in 60-100yuan,accounting for 10% of monthly income,and in many cases are to be borne by the individual. Besides metropolitan people go to work by bus ,whether you are the boss or the staff.
As my friend Itochu president thirty-five years, the tram to work are the morning ,evening entertainment ,to take a taxi home. Because Japanese companies are not owning a car ,but the car or package cars .
Said dressing, Japan now prices are the highest in the world, but far from domestic reports so too high to be reached .For example ,in the ordinary Japanese fashion store ,buy a T-shirt ,if a country other than Japan manufacturing ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,in the price of 500 yento 1000 yen ,Japan products price in 1500-2000 yen,accounted for 0.
1% of monthly incometo 0.7% ,winter coat at the price of 10000 - 20000 yen( 20000 yen inwinter is the absolute high-end goods ) ,accounted for monthly income 3%-6%.While in China ,store T-shirt is usually in the 50 yuansometimes hundreds, monthly charge 3000 ,accounting for income 0.
15%-0.33%,is 1.5 times of Japan ;and winter at the price of 200 yuanto 300 yuan( the only Is a common sign ) ,accounts for the monthly salary is nearly 5%-10%,Japan times. In China a suit is not thousands of tens of thousands of ,let me not be understood and shocked.
Besides eating ,everyone says that eating in Japan is expensive, if according to the absolute price,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, Japan really expensive, but if monthly income ratio value ,it is in China city your number .
Then compare the Tokyo and Beijing ,Shanghai. A port three between the Japanese ,monthly family meal fee is 50000 yento 80000 yen in left and right ,accounting for the male family income wage 16%-26%.
Note ,this only by the Japanese men ,which is a monthly income of 300000 yen,but according to the Japanese Ministry of health and welfare statistics, Japan in 2006 the company average monthly salary is in 400000 to more than 500000 yen ,Adidas Jeremy Scott just bought MP3,the statistical approach is deducted from the pension ,pension ,national health insurance and monthly tax after the conservative and digital .
In the case of China how ?A family of three monthly meals less in 400-600between the renminbi,the less likely ?Then press 300-500 Renminbi?Every expenditure of 10 yuan to 15 yuanfire Food expenses ,so cheap ?But also to account for the monthly wage of 3000 yuan10%-16%,only a lot cheaper than Japan 5-6 percent.
It inside the Japanese and Chinese monthly meals are calculated according to the lowest standard .Moreover, Japanese very thrifty ,on television often have such a program ,to several people each of 10000 yen,giving them ten thousand yen a month of life ,the last remaining money most who is the winner of the race .
But in the program ,with 10000 yena month, usually have more than 3000 yen ,up to life a month only 3000 much yen,equivalent in 200 yuanRMB .Japanese go out for a drink, usually in the 10000 yento 20000 yen ,can eat very well ,monthly income is also equivalent to 100 Chineseyuan to 200 yuan,but if the Chinese want to go out for a drink, usually take two hundred or three hundred ,in my impression than the Japanese to you .
Besides benefits ,in Japan because everyone has a national health insurance ,so go to the hospital to pay only carry 30% medical bills .But in China ,although also have medical insurance ,but go to a hospital after only in the most expensive drugs to enjoy the preferential ,and in many places Party ,even do a CT does not enjoy the medical insurance ,that is the difference .
In Japan, which is true of compulsory education from primary school ,children do not have to spend money ,do not have to pay tuition fees ,and the country has not given you a subsidy. Family burden children books or clothing costs ,the cost of a year in the 20-30 million yen,is also the home of adult men the salary of a month ,always adhere to high school graduation.
Of course if in Japan in the choice of private schools ,the price will be surprisingly high. But in China ,nine years of compulsory ,school fees ,fees, costs a lot at sixes and sevens ,a years down number money ?At least a 349.
Japanese club employees retirement ,get a decent pension ,it is society thanks to the staff in the company for a lifetime appreciation ,although Japanese economy depression ,but less is 2 millionyen ,big company and bank ,IT ,trading company some can get 5589ortens of millions of yen ,this is just an ordinary employee ,if until director or above level ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,this number will be higher.
But Chinese employees retirement ,no nothing. After retirement, because Japanese employees at work During their national annuity and pension ,general every month can from the country to 150000 -300000 even higherpension ( this is not go-vern-ment civil servant, is a common Japanese company employees ) ,but this time the medical expenses spent only 10% or even 3% ,this treatment plus deposit ,enough to get paid housing loans two old ease through old age.
In China ,the company employee retirement and how much of what now ?The company to employees retirement pension ?Unless human relations in the company ,the majority of contract staff have no pension ,after the old life safeguard is a problem ,because the country no matter ,want this some of the burden to the company ,and the company only burden human relations employees ,for employees to just let them pay endowment insurance ,and the endowment insurance pay later ,when it is old, can from the country Social Security Bureau get how much ?Who knows ??and medical expenses in China ,how to do? Medical costs and the high drug costs surprisingly ,and per capita income absolutely disproportionate, Chinese company old people how to do later? What do not have disease ,a disease to human life ,which may be in Chinese common people life True portrayal.
Besides playing ,traveling in Japan ,such as going to Australia mid-range six brigade ,costs about 100000 yen ,equivalent to a monthly salary of 25%-33% ;go to Canada ,the United States fifteen days ,the cost of the 150000 - 200000 yen,equivalent to one month wages half ;to Southeast Asia tourism is very cheap ,100000 yencan swim Xintai horses a week.
In China ,to go to Australia for a week to more than 8000 yuan,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings had also just, more expensive than Japan ,and is the monthly salary of 2-2.5times.To the United States and Canada tour fifteen ,cost 10000 5000 yuanmonthly salary ,is 4-5 times,to the Southeast Asia recently seems cheap ,but also to 8000yuan,and Japan quite ,but Chinese monthly salary is 2 to3 times.
In China ,by the hour, one hour to count money ,cheap 20 yuan,expensive 50 yuan a day ,if you want to slip 8 hours,need to spend 160-400yuan,equivalent to a monthly salary of 5%-10% ;in japan skiing ,by the day of money ,one day cheap 7000 yen,expensive 10000 yen,equivalent to a monthly salary of 2.
5%-3.3%,and from nine in the morning ,can be slid to nine at night, casually. In Japan to see a large areas of the United States ,the price is 1800 yen,equivalent to 0.05% of monthly salary.But in China is a large areas of the United States ,the price of RMB is monthly wages in 30-50 ,1%-1.
6%,that is to say in Chinese movies is the price in Japan movie price 2-3 times.Japan many museums ,exhibition hall for students are free ,but in China the student is preferential ;many sports facilities in Japan for example ,basketball courts ,soccer field ,tennis courts on the small people are open free of charge ,but in China in addition to the school ,want to look for a to play football and basketball fewer places to work in China .
Besides ,because hard work is as everyone knows ,apart from the black armband does not work ,what people want to work, but also a lot of things tube does not understand, if the Chinese want to do a thing ,or to have a relationship ,or to be rich ,or eat face ,please eat gifts is unavoidable .
This point of China and Europe and the United States ,Japan system country does not have a law to compare .Here no longer this problem ,otherwise will involve go-vern-ment and politics. The gap between China and Japan in where? I think in our daily life, it is the difference .
I often come to China to Japan ,this is what I know in the lives of the people level gap. Because deep understanding of china ,But since that is slowly understanding of Japan ,so to conclude :if you have the money and authority, living in China is very handsome ,very happy ;if you have no money and no power is a small community ,living in Japan, stability and peace of mind.

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