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The Dreamer :Teacher :listen to your program for almost two years ,this is the second time that give you the message ,I had a dream last night ,so you need to answer, thank you! I :female ,age 25 ,married ,no children .
Dream :I dreamed I went to an aunt ( is my mother the unit ,but never seen ,is also not been ) ,one inside, feel nobody ,at the time that the house is particularly large ,the living room has a bed, furniture structure is quite unique ,I do not know how in the bed, and later into two beds ,are single ,I could sleep in the middle ( two beds ,feeling is on the ground ,but as a quilt ) feel especially other and clean ,very comfortable to sleep ( usually from Mom heard that Aunt particularly clean ,but also can be with cleanliness ) .
Later found inside her husband was in the bedroom ,and also seems to sleep, I feel him out of his bedroom ,at that time I was particularly alert ,after all, do not know .He later moving ahead of me ( no special features ,the dream can ) ,I .
Up towards the road outside ,unexpectedly all of a sudden, becomes a sort of court Floor ( like Nongjiale inside that structure ) ,downstairs is a shoe ,I know not what is in downstair bought a pair of boots ( without purchase process ) ,or white ,only remember that buy feel feel special love ,but then I feel particularly bad ,still think of how I bought this pair ?Or white !Feel and point grey and surface started small cut .
I saw ,others try on shoes box ,with a very nice belt ( with a flower on it ,general waistband that plastic material ) ,I will give the waiter ( female ) with my boots returned into the belt up ,she agreed .
But after a while ,I felt a belt that flower does not look good ,do not particularly like .Suddenly ,I had to go outside ,but in the sense of a large pavilion garden ,there is one family ,the feeling is in like manner to the elderly birthday ,the special event, or during Ming and Qing Dynasties style .
Special &quot &quot ;waiter ;,especially big place, feel like someone cries ,the attendant ( that time should be called off on it ) from upstairs End of all kinds of dishes down .
At that time, I saw my junior middle school schoolmate ( usually male ,relations can also be ) inside, feeling he was naked to the waist ,holding a string of 1000 paper crane,who also feel very beautiful.
Then ,I saw two check-in desks ,should be close to what place it. I continued to go out ,go get lost, my sister and my other cousin a let me in the past, they are like a shopping or eating .
I do think it ,I knew that he knew the way ,walking ,the road also is under construction ,and took the road to special muddy ,also put a few large stones ,I have no way of the past ,the heart very anxious ,so he turned back to find the path, has not found his way ,wake up.
Explain :dream content relatively trivial ,and some alternative deformation and camouflage ,although the narrative is clear, but the background is not much, especially I don your growth data ,this dream seems to be associated with this ,so it is difficult to explain .
Maybe this dream is important to you ,so ,I will try to find out some key words in the dream ,discuss its symbolic meaning ,to help you grasp this dream Outline and meaning :Aunt mm which is a borrowed ,with &quot ;aunt &quot ;this image to represent a mother position woman ,estimate that your mother .
Of course ,aunt &quot ;&quot ;can also refer to life and you are concerned about a female elders or big sister .Specifically what circumstances ,depending on your baby growing experience ,if you have been in your parents grew up ,the aunt that your mother ,no other explanation .
Mm refers to a family living room space ,you in this family as guests at &quot ;&quot &quot &quot ;rather than ;owner ;position .If you are not in the living room ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,but directly into the bedroom ,it means you entered a very intimate relationship .
The cold chamber &quot ;particularly large and feel at home ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,none ;this is the depiction of you to the family mm with lonely ,not and parents establish close emotional attachment relationships ,or can attention and the warmth and care ,and so on .
Aunt is your mother ,why is it that you are from the outside in. ?this is because your parents relationship is ,first ,you are later born to the family ,so you are from a place Enter the family space .
Beds ,two beds ,single bed mm bed is used to sleeping or resting place ,&quot ;two single beds &quot ;refers to the two person .You &quot ;sleep in the bed in the middle of two &quot ;it means you rely on parental relationships in life.
This is in fact a a juvenile image ,as most of us ,have sleep in their middle ,were dependent on their parents to take care of her husband !Aunt mm refers to the older woman ,because my aunt was interpreted as your mother ,her husband nature refers to your father ;of course ,if the aunt is another mature married women ,such as your boss ,the boss of what her husband ,refers to the other man.
All the man is the father or the similar to the one your father. Since it is the father ,why don say ?The truth depends on your father ,and do not close, direct say your father ,are you afraid of your father closer to you ,your inner &quot &quot ;police ;yet, so need to borrow her husband to aunt ,your dad .
Dad bedroom mm private emotion space. This man from private space ,you run .Hey !That came out of the bedroom .,it is your Father ,you run, you have to father fear. Can be envisaged ,the projected onto your adult after the external relation ,do you still have to mature married male guard ,fear and avoidance tendencies .
The attic ,farmhouse mm you grow older ,out of the house ,you went to the &quot &quot ;attic ;type &quot ;Nongjiale &quot ;&quot ;&quot .Pavilion ;symbol of a relatively not very open space ,the dream of &quot &quot ;Nongjiale ;can you leave home after the external communication space .
Maybe you often invite or were invited to participate in some of the students ,the gathering of friends ,playing cards ,Adidas Porsche Design,eat ,drink ,entertainment and so on ,lived a very leisurely ,be light of heart from care ,so &quot &quot ;Nongjiale ;to represent such idle situation .
However ,in the interaction, no parental care and protection ,will certainly need self protection ,because you grow up ,is a big girl, in the face of interactions in a variety of temptation ,you need a reason to protect themselves.
Shoes ,boots mm which ,dream of &quot &quot ;shoes ;is this sensible protection . &quot or &quot ;shoes ;boots ;&quot ;from the symbol of reason ,Realistic function extended out, because if a person without shoes ,he can not walk ,otherwise ,the sole of the foot hurts .
Therefore ,&quot &quot ;shoes ;symbolic sense of self protection .Of course ,&quot &quot ;shoes ;usually represent the woman in a dating relationship in white boots ,self image .Grey and surface started small hole mm your boots attitudes ,responses to your self attitude.
Among them: &quot ;white &quot ;can be used to symbolize pure ,plain or clean,For seven years, your emotional outlook ,moral values ,life, seem dull and lack of color .&quot ;boots grey and surface a small hole in the &quot ;this one,Waiting for the summer, is that you think his idea is obsolete ,cannot keep pace with the times ,and has already begun to no effect ( break ) .
So ,you need to update the concept of the belt .Mm symbol of a taboo or constraint ,but this taboo and constraint ,it adds female charm. With boots returned into a belt mm it is a conversion ,namely abandon self reason ,replace sb.
To the feminine expression .Although this kind of expression is not grades ,not the meaning of nobility ( &quot ;plastic belt a Flower &quot ;portrayed ) ,but you still make that shift.
However ,this change did not last long ,you will start to feel a belt that flower ( your self image ) is not what you like .Large pavilion one family mm then ,accompany you grow further, you further from the the original communication space ,into a more adult relationship, you have give the elderly birthday of one family .
The dream from the situation, but this is a wealthy family ,etiquette family ,in your dreams with &quot ;style grand style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ,&quot ;to describe the family ,seems to hierarchical, a &quot Jun Jun ;Chen ,father and son father son &quot ;the aristocratic demeanor .
Obviously, this is not your home ,it may refer to your husband for the elderly birthday ,&quot ;&quot ;means descendants of the elders of filial piety . Naked to the waist of the junior high school male students mm he is this big family member ,but obviously in the low order bits ,is a junior.
&quot ;closed upper &quot ;mean this person has the emotional dimension of the simple ,honest character ,not disguise her real feelings and status ,is a piety boy ,a small boy Students.
Who is this man ?Don ,estimation is to your husband !Of course ,we can imagine ,in this family, you are unlikely to have very high status ,also do not get much attention .Thousand cranes mm with very limited knowledge and scanty information !I really don &quot ;thousand cranes &quot ;can mean anything.
Guess ,&quot ;1000 paper crane&quot ;is a symbol of peace and a look to the future ,in view of this ,your husband is a nice young man .I think ,this dream is perhaps in the records of your husband family man birthday ,may also be in a lively group scene ,to reproduce your wedding.
As to the elderly ,son or grandson of marriage, but also the elderly a blessing .Mm you lost along the way ,through the above three lives ,namely: parents in the original family was born and grew up ;leave the parents to complete their studies into the society ;in love and wedding .
You finally arrived at such a important stage of life .But ,you are lost! You feel lost ,lost the direction of life. Shopping or eating sister ,cousin mm you will yourself with your sister or your peers to do a comparison ,you find they are in a A pleasure ,satisfaction and do not think in the state ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,you in a dream by &quot &quot ;shopping ;and &quot &quot ,say ;eat ;their life status .
However ,Suddenly remembered,Adidas Wings,you do not agree with this way of life ,so ,despite their &quot ;let your past ,but &quot ;you do not want, determined to find your own way ,go your own way .The road was muddy ,in construction ,road blocks of stone mm you find ,if you continue in now go on the road, you will feel very difficult.
The dream by &quot ;h h road is muddy in the construction of the rocks on the road &quot ;image to illustrate ,you are now on the road of life, encountered difficulties. Turn to find
mm so ,do you want to go back to find the road ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,but the road there ?Although dream did not give the answer, but clearly reveals your heart a repressed desire ,that is ,you need to find

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Unnamed friends - the lonely, 36 female, need you to hold your s

Mistress natural refers to those brave lurking in the other family sisters ,that she is always ready to be genuine lady who replaced woman ,and her mistress is a world of difference .
Mistress mistress is eliminated ,mistress is at best man to the outer chamber ,as man caged birds .While the mistress is squeezed out is the wife to him ,was a strong ambition. Can say ,three infants are than mistress badly ,the original is ambition than mistress is much larger ,more important is ,she wants to be the man house a large duct .
Like some time ago that China famous mistress ,also not be most willing to ground when the family of birds in a cage ,but more so that man money ,live like happy days ,her suffering is never his day.
Not borrow something going on ,but made news again big ,or mistress .Of course mistress ,some is love and when ,not apart their original family ,the people also like some people righteous .
Make no reply and other women by men ,no regrets .Also very great .Ambitious three infants ,it is a strong woman ,but the woman Oh ,in order to Enough to tie a man ,it is able to like Sun Wukong .
Seventy-two Wu Yi master ,let a man to divorce her and original ,the centralizer. First is gentle ,the man heart ,then passion like fire, will be the body of a man burning man is so much passion .
Animal ,heart afraid, afraid that the body forward .Then ,the fire is not the way to withdraw, three infants is: I will give you the body ,you will sign to me. If a man really loves the mistress ,also not really married the mistress door .
Although experienced hundred revolutions a thousand fold ,as long as men have friendship ,the mistress is come to a successful issue ,is able to get into it .Not far ,we have seen the world many three son is centralized .
We can only say ,that is their ability ,do you admire ?An Qi is not envy ,come without cost, and really not people that ability .This small wrist play man to abandon his wife and children ,there are some master .
This woman is not a demon is fine .But some mistress revolution succeeded, genuine lady has given way ,is to should become a genuine lady ,was another younger mistress to the extrusion of a bureau .
The original mistress there were plenty of revolution was not successful ,however, is to help people to it. One man surnamed Ni ,long is not tall ,almost five years old ,a little bald on top ,light a candle can stand.
Although there are five piece, was not changed, always give people the short capable of feeling .With his expressive face ,particularly that of the thief to have God little eyes .All who met him ,they believe that this guy is Japanese .
He is also Japan and margin ,when you were young students to go to Japan .At home ,one of his Japanese name is Henglujinger ,his name for him is really be worthy of the name .His long sample into the Japanese heap, he is like the fish into the sea ,without a little strange feeling.
Ni Ge has a wife is a small ,two can be said to be grown up together ,from birth to marriage almost all together .You don ,not made up, the two are close neighbors .Ni Ge had lived for two years, Ni was born to meet Ni Ge .
Ni Tai hill ,two surnames together also have little meaning ,Ni Qiu .This Ni Ge short ,Ni Tai is really good ,no more than a Ni Ge ,two people let outsiders is really class With Ni Ge is .
Henglujinger ,people give the name Ni Tai was really particularly beautiful .Ni Tai is the kind of woman Wen Wen small ,quiet woman .In China ,is an old hair education out of the iron maiden, speech act is that carry out with drive and sweep it.
Followed Ni Ge to Japan, only to find a woman with the Japanese woman as tender it. What is Ni Tai ,Ni Ge friend ,Ni Ge is making a belch fart ,she will be able to know Ni Ge today body is normal .
So ,Ni Tai in Japan and also like Ni Ge ,like back into the sea. Not a long time ,Ni Tai learned of the Japanese woman wearing clogs when walking too small for a day ,Ni Ge and An Li ,often let Ni Ge have a trance feeling ,don is it right? In Japan and married a Japanese lady ,only two people buried lights when sleeping, just know that Mrs.
Ni Geren smart in a complete mess ,in Japan after graduating from University of Tokyo ,to find a job ,Ni Tai also in other schools ,then two people have graduated .Ni Tai worked for two years later ,because of the child in the home a full-time wife.
Ni Ge although hard, but after all, is the one family together ,will be very lucky Blessing to send their children to nursery school .After Ni Taicai ,and out of work .Is the husband ,in Japan these years the couple with concentric small live prosperously .
When Ni Ge was sent back to China after the job, Ni Ge is suddenly changed ,he returned to China ,Ni Ge is already the real Japanese ,as long as he does not say that they are Chinese ,do not speak Chinese ,did not believe that he is Chinese .
Naturally ,Ni Ge also hope that we took him for a Japanese .His office staff is in Chinese ,he and the Secretary and the staff speak Japanese. But he does not know ,when he is yet to come ,the company is remittent know he is Chinese .
But no one thinks of Ni Ge short ,than the Japanese also Japan. Because nothing happens on the end ,Ni Ge ,behind people said he was a traitor . wronged Ni Ge ,he is to let the company employees more Japanese have said .
One thing you like Ni Ge ,Ni Ge is to let the office inside the Japanese do not properly a female employee said the yellow joke. It makes you really like Ni Ge ,Ni Ge in Japan do not feel height troubles ,returned to China ,he really Feel he was a problem ,office staff while a when also considering that height ,but each of them all like high-heeled shoes .
Both Ni Ge and female staff together, often feel oppressed .His secretary is a work of just two years of university students ,the girls wear high heels, Ni Ge and she spoke a look up .It made Ni Ge feel uncomfortable, but said it.
But ,the secretary is wise ,and Ni Ge a few times standing ,she finds Ni Ge and she speaks some looking at her ,she then at work is not to wear high-heeled shoes .So ,she is Ni Gemeng point.
Anyway ,Ni Ge Queen neck uncomfortable .This comfortable people see the secretary is bit more, this one look,Clothing design, something is ambiguous .Ni Ge started to pay attention to this as he volunteered to do not wear high-heeled shoes secretary ,ah ,the original is so beautiful.
In fact ,the secretary is really not pretty .Of course ,and Ni Tai than nature is the young and beautiful .However ,you also do not forget Ni Ge honor. This Ni Ge is naturally wife not in side have time, his love is real .
He does not know, the secretary is interested in the place to see the original near Ni Ge .To Ni Ge ,do not know whether the Electra complex ,she really likes Ni Ge ,especially know Ni Ge in Japan is already settle down .
She wants to go to Japan was ,that do not have the right to marry the man .She doesn Japanese ,Japanese to Chinese ,also is rich and identity ,is really not easy to find .When Ni Ge took office ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,she felt Ni Ge this appearance, he will come is not a big problem.
So ,she and Ni Ge several times to talk ,specifically to the shoes with the flat ,Ni Ge immediately to pay attention to her. This little secretary family name ginger ,if and Ni Ge on a piece of it some meaning, Ni ginger .
Think of it ,Ni Ge day if not to the turbid too ,they are sorry two surnames .Since when do not know ,Ni Ge ginger secret to grasp ,the ginger secret but there are plans the woman ,she knows to man rich and beautiful ,it looks still worse, but a man like Ni Ge ,want to catch is not difficult.
Moreover ,Ni Ge wife is not around ,another chance ,do not catch white doesn catch. She was soon able to do Ni Ge ,the University is and boyfriend living together .Then ,male friends abroad, the relationship between two people Broken.
She also went to the bar to do ,but also to guard ,also understand the man ,on the relationship between man and woman, her heart would like Der Spiegel .Her most understand is dead on the money ,birds die for food sense.
Also occurs several times one-night thing ,later ,summed up the look ,oneself with free chicken .She took the hand ,the University finished ,find the Japanese company .This heart is already booked a what kind of person to marry ,but never do mistress .
This Ni Ge mouth or talking ,though he long Japan little ,speak or let a woman love .Their employees often eat out together ,come down a few times ,Ni Ge and Jiang Michang are sitting together .
Ni Ge often dishonest ,not patted ginger hand ,is a ginger secret back .This ginger secret there is nothing that pretty girl ,both sides of the two heart best laid plans .In the company began to ogle ,one day the company to ask customers to eat ,Ni Ge points to participate in the famous ginger secret .
Accompany guests play very late ,Ni Ge had a drink ,scattered ,he let ginger ginger secret secret to send him home .Learn soon, and no alcohol ,on the drove Ni Ge back at Ni Ge .Ni Ge is really drunk ,The original is bold color ,think early ginger secret and he went to look ,is that there is no chance.
Today let ginger Secretary to send him back ,leaving the ginger is a secret night thoughts. This ginger secret is not pretty girl ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,man .She had clearly. Don look young, she can want to let them go .
She is Ni Ge real wife ,she knew Ni Ge was attracted to her .But she let Ni Ge burn it, she was not anxious devotion .When she took Ni Ge to the room, and turned to leave, Ni Ge pulls her ,then he kissed her.
Ginger secret not hide ,she was holding Ni Ge heat, Ni Ge on fire ,he began to solution of ginger secret clothes .Now parted lips ginger secret ,in Ni Ge ear whispered :you always ,you are drunk.
Go rest ,I am tired .Today ,stay with me ok .Does Ni Ge want ginger secret now on the fire to withdraw, he said ,hand did not stop. No ,Ni ,not prepared for things to come .Maybe you can buy flowers and wine ,I will accompany you .
Said Ni Ge hand ginger ..then ,entire clothes ,picked up the bag to go out .Ni Ge is originally use wine to bile ,ginger secret that Say ,you just have to let go .He took ginger secret :that I arrange the time ,now let me kiss .
So ginger secret have successfully left Ni Ge ,the very next day ,two people in the company meeting, no one feel shy ,the eyes are more than a desire to weekend with fire .Ni Ge ,put ginger secret about to ,the ginger secret today is specially dressed up ,low-cut blouse ,skirt.
Was young ,how to dress is sultry .Come to Ni Ge Ni Ge to this end a meatless diet ,did many preparation. Ginger secret see table of flowers and wine ,knew Ni Ge wait .Ginger secretary told Ni Ge :you ,you big me so much ,you and I have fun.
I want to find her husband ,not as the change person .Ni Ge now thought is to go to bed ,listening to the ginger secretary said: will you marry me ,I and my wife divorced ,married you.
Ni Ge but not serious, where does he know ginger secret is prepared. Since can do Ni total wife ,I would like to .You always ,do you love me? Love ,sweetie. I miss you every day .
You madam ?Put her down ,she is a husband .Not to mention she ,.We have a drink first .Ni Ge is excited, his age and It looks today can and do pretty woman to sleep ,is that he never wanted .
Now he was waiting to make ginger secret come to bed .Then ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,Ni Ge followed the ginger secret does not know and said many words .This ginger bed ,Ni Ge really understand what is my love for you .
Mood. After that, two people one cannot receive .Ni Ge suddenly felt recover one ,and Ni Tai was not feeling only obligations .And Jiang Mize is overwhelmed with emotion ,he was inseparable from the young woman .
But he didn want to throw the small ,but Ni Tai is not in China, he and ginger will take one to do secret underground couple .Mrs. Ni Ge natural wonder woman ,have latent came in ,its purpose is to act as hosts Ni Tai Ni Ge and ginger .
St two people lived with day ,Ni Ge is to ones content .Now is the day out of ginger Ni Ge there, Ni Ge lonely end of his life .Now every day and ginger front foot work, natural or avoiding point .
Flash quickly half a year later ,immediately before the Christmas and the new year ,Ni Ge agreed to return to Japan ,but ,now left ginger secret there is the live feeling. It also natural ginger Eighteen Wu Yi served as Ni Ge ,so Ni Ge had to call Ni Tai ,they don That what Ni Tai character ,Ni Ge small .
She told Ni Ge all too well ,she just changed jobs ,the job is busy ,and baby son learning to tube ,children will test the university immediately .Ni Ge in China ,Ni Tai never worry ,thinking that she looked at the husband is handsome ,other women do not understand Ni Ge .
And she also believes that Ni Ge is not derailed. But ,as Ni Ge says not to come back .Her sixth induction immediately tell her ,Ni Ge Ni Tai also should change .Without saying anything ,is told :don ,do not come back will not come back .
Come back for a few days ,it will fly away. Yeah ,you don how much I tired .Ni Ge said, really feel empty .Now he is really tired ,do not centre of tired, the body is tired .In order to ginger secret there to ensure that he is the most amazing ,staying with ginger happy.
But so tired but Ni Ge himself happy ,he is still the old proud. He is now if Ni Tai agreed to him not to come back ,so that ,so he and ginger secret too little time .Ni Tai put the phone down ,the heart beat of the drum.
Remember Ni Gegang returned to China ,the people in China ,the heart still in Japan. Every point to telephone ,a holiday to fly back, no one urging him. Just half a year ,Ni Taixin changed his job ,Ni Ge also has a phone call, saying time is short, you are too busy with her own business learning ,also do not have too much .
Here she is busy at home to big sister to phone ,but the big sister ,Ni Ge each week will return to parents .Eldest sister also teases :your husband still worry about ,that the world of all men are not live .
This is also the past to the present and sisters often make fun of each other between the words ,that is to say ,the Ni Ge family should be the most there won Sister ,you have time to have a look to him ,how I feel wrong .
Ni Tai whispered. Really ?Ni Tai the elder sister is really a heart ,she said :I have a look of his past ,you also worried for nothing ,he really did, what can you do .Let you come back ,you children go to school .
He was also able to cheat ,you little worry . Okay, sister .I told he is so old, just like his long .You go and check ,do not Tell him you go .You this is not for me to give him a surprise inspection ?Something okay ,okay ,later he also won hate me.
You .No matter, sister .You do me a favor ,or my heart always feel uneasy .What did you hear ?No ,he is don want to go home .He previously is not like this . really ,you listen to me.
I .So ,the investigation of the private life of Ni Ge Ni Tai is a bad thing to decorate his own sister .The sister ,the sister put down the phone and start open ,have a look table was already ten in the evening ,she called her husband together go to find Ni Ge.
He directly asked :so late in the night ,you go to do? I something to eat ,I night just do the ribs, he likes to eat I do this .Ni Jie really find topic .The brother-in-law is in all ,accompanied Ni Tai sister Ni Ge and Ni Tai street .
Please leave, this uncomfortable, so that he will have time to accompany the ginger ginger secret secret .It fascinated him ,also let him worry about things .It not just happy to tell her: this holiday with her in Beijing.
Jiang Mixian is holding Ni Gemeng kissing ,then asked Ni Ge what Time can let her perfectly justifiable when Ni wife . Ni Ge said nothing .He wants it now such a pattern ,a two systems ,we live in peace.
Ni Ge is not a fool ,his appearance ,the age ,the head .By such a young woman ,heart or imaginary point the young woman .Who knows when to leave him, how Ni Tai was his first love and small .
He can never divorce with Ni Tai ,ginger secret he is loved ,but is not sure the girl with him for the rest of your life .So ,in the first half of this year ,Ni Ge tried not to mention his family matters ,and ginger is trying to enjoy the secret life of two person .
Jiang Mike can always let two people not ,today was very happy two people ,to the Ni Ge family things, with some unpleasant secret .Ni Ge told ginger ,ginger secretary told Ni Ge ,she hoped to give Ni Gesheng children ,she is not think the lady .
This made Ni Ge nervous, Ni Ge, five ,a few years to do the old grandpa ,let him when his father ,he did not mind that .He told ginger Secretary :my age is not to father .Ginger secret after listening staring eyes :I told you so long ,you must give me a reason .
I find your wife says .She said Ni Ge was really a surprise ,the woman to be able to be my wife ,wants to find Ni Tai showdown. It seems that this woman is not good ,or to withdraw .
But now is not able to make his own mind to see ginger secret ,he immediately put his rich face ,be that sad look ,said :you have to give me the time .It could like you imagine so easy to solve ,in Japan I have a family .
Just then the doorbell to ,Ni Ge was surprised to know that he is here ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,no one to say ,so late .See ginger secret look ,he let ginger secret to hide inside .Ni Ge opens the door to see even a Ni Tai sister and brother-in-law, Ni Ge fine ,he said :what to do ,to help your sister rounds ?But the mouth can not show it, he is busy let them in ,the elder sister came in his eyes will not idle ,her sixth induction is that there is room .
See women her eyes glanced at the corner. Didn what a woman thing ,in hall, ginger secret is never put her things ,her stuff in their bedroom. But there is no go have a look ., it .
Today ,Ni Gecai and sister back to Japan. At night, I will come. So ,she have in mind ,also cannot too exposed, looked at Ni Ge she felt more Ni Ge the room there .Ni Ge the thief light small eyes ,tonight some unnatural ,is a little astigmatism .
Elder sister said :you see this pay virtue ,also do things stealthily .Eyes what empty .She quietly tunnel: brother-in-law ,today I just do some ribs, and give it to you .It We go back .
Can I use your restroom ?Of course .I come give you turn on the lights .Ni Ge .No, I know that .She went to the restroom ,is so clever ,ginger secret this two days old friends came ,the changing things down and threw in the wastebasket .
What Ni Jie ,she could not understand what was going on .She is angry, really wanted to take a basket out asked Ni Ge .But he thought ,or consult and sister again. When she came out ,the mood is stable ,she and her husband came out, she told her husband about it.
Man is naturally toward the man ,the brother-in-law :not be guest stay .Sister station in the street does not go ,she looked at him saying: you This man is it right? Is it right? ?you will carry me do anything .
You threw me talking about, I have sincerely ,you don .Swear .Do .Men are all the same, the hair is the same, send and forget. I was such a pipe you ,your eyes is not honest ,looking at the beautiful young woman ,your eyes will be restless .
You see you, now it is said your brother-in-law ,you pulled me in. Later ,again this kind of things ,you are on your own. Two people a way back to home the eldest sister ,wondering how to tell her.
No words overnight .But Ni Ge since Ni Tai sister left, he suddenly felt the seriousness of the situation, thinking of small lady ,he was weak. He saw ginger Secretary has to lie to the bed waiting for him ,but tonight ,he really did not want to move her .
He walked into the restroom ,he saw the basket inside things, he was really angry .She saw ,Ni Ge rushed to the secret room ginger :are you going down ,things do not pack a bag .It okay ,you from tomorrow ,will not be able to live here if my wife elder sister .
You see ,there .The secret is now suffer from ginger Don to let oneself quickly formally married into the Ni ,heard Ni Ge say ,she was naturally pleased .She said :know how ,I also want to let her know.
She is a serious person ,if she found you ,miserable .Ni Ge threatening her tone . I .So ,I hope to become your wife .Ginger happy . Ni Ge looked at the ginger secretary did not speak ,he suddenly felt himself a very ridiculous things, the ginger secret but do you Mrs.
Ni Ge in the absence of ginger secret is thought to have such a beautiful young the woman is really a good thing. But do two wife has almost, namely Ni Ge is never to take Ni Tai for the new ,see many people outside of the chamber ,Ni Ge certainly was the envy of his image ,but even he himself guilty ,Ni Tai will not go ,then he really no need to find a wife .
Now the ginger St age is small ,people are also good, is the possessive is strong enough. This contact short is the problem ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Ni Ge was a lower animal ,no brain ,and ginger bed. Although know ginger ultimate aim is to be his wife he only wants to enjoy ,the people ,have Impulse ginger secret received real .
But suddenly he found he and ginger secret just in bed harmonious ,in life, some s .Two people for different purposes ,Ni Ge might really be a purpose ,it is the bed ;Jiang Mize was to be Ni Ge duct .
So that the two heart is difficult to close to or not say ,will often have some unpleasant. They say that men and women honeymoon period only when there is no before bed, especially now where are disposable supplies ,such as chopsticks ,cups .
What Ni Ge naturally want ginger secret to do the psychological preparation ,watching the ginger secret in dream Ni wife ,his heart was bother .Listen ginger secret not willing to leave his home ,Ni Ge was old unhappy.
Although Ni Ge image is poor ,but the heart smart .He began to plan how to fry ginger secret ,he went to bed after ,no ginger ginger secret secret .Knowing that Ni Ge won of what is going on ,she thought ,do you think you and I are compulsory .
You this image does not let me nightmares will thank one at night ,I want you to bring me to go to Japan ,and you your money. You really think that I will keep you for a lifetime ?Don sick people .
I don move out ,see how can you .Ginger is easy to catch a good secretary ,where she can let go .The very next day ,Ni Tai listened to the eldest sister ,she knew how things seriously ,she really did not think Ni Ge this was Henglujinger appearance was a woman love .
She didn Ni Ge ,they leave home .This is sister to the third day after ,Ni Taifei came back .She was quietly back ,in the evening to where Ni Ge lives .This two days Ni Ge has been doing ginger secret work ,let her move.
Ginger secret one is young ,but she is really eager to seize a married man. This evening, two people just for this matter . Jiang Miyi insists Ni Ge play enough of her elder sister ,by the things she left Ni Ge ,detonation .
Heart also do ,of course in the mouth can not say so. Don two people are not happy, who did not want to go to bed ,but ginger secret has been put on the thin lingerie sitting on the sofa .
Then heard someone open the door sound ,Ni overflowing to be hit by a response to Ni Tai is back ,but that is small ,there is really induction .Jiang Mize thought whose house was broken into ,she quickly hid behind Ni Ge .
With the opening of the door, listen to the voice of Ni Tai :eldest sister ,he .Come in .In this one ,Ni Ge almost urine trousers ,Thinking about the secret behind ginger ,Ni Ge hates not to dig into a seam .
Ni Taijin come first adapted to the light ,she sees Ni Ge and the woman behind .Ni Tai almost rude, is Ni Tai sister cried :who are you? How so shameless .Now that Jiang Micai knows Ni Tai is back ,she was nervous, often said to be genuine lady caught, mistress end badly.
Now there are two middle-aged woman standing in front of her, if she ,that she lay out. Come to think of it, she is afraid of going behind Ni Ge Ni Ge at this time by .Has also covered ,Ni Tai like the airborne ,too sudden .
Let him even lie Kung Fu did not, although this did not catch her in bed ,as ginger secret like this ,but also really catch her in bed, and there two .Ni Ge stood there, not knowing how to say ,ginger secretary then tight next to him.
Look sister called ginger secret ,he tries to stop ,mouth like glue ,not open .Ni Tai heart is really cool, I thought it would be derailed ,did not think the two bitches have lived together .
Ni Tai eyes and heart are not rub the sand ,she hate a man betrayed ,in Japan .And heard many such things to Ni Ge .She is one hundred assured ,she always thought ,so Ni Ge she regarded him as a treasure .
But his Ni Taizhen do not know at this world has changed ,Snow ball & coconut milk yellow polished glutinous rice,young men in general is not wealth ,in men over the age of forty to fifty-five years of age ,the age of men ,that person of ability ,are in this period is up ,and, the body is good still.
The young woman who has already not a lover, first you must have the material basis ,can talk about spiritual matters .Ni Ge now no matter how image difference ,still have the woman home Ni Tai did not think of the couple .
I know ,up to now have forty years ,let a young woman to living .The fact in sight, Ni Tai knew that no significance ,stopped by her elder sister :the lady ,please put on your clothes here .
You always ginger secret .To Ni Ge for help .You wear the clothes to go home. Ni Ge on ginger ginger secret secret .Naturally do not want to leave ,she looked at Ni Ge to say anything.
She quit ,she ginger secret :to wear your clothes leave .I don his age to shame ,when your father ,you Have any parents ah ,what is your education .The elder sister ,you let her go .
Ni Tai on the sister .To be ginger secret left, Ni Tai looked at Ni Ge Road :this woman is going to replace my position a person ?Wife ,sorry .I didn back today. You know Ni Ge .My sister came back ,we can also see that woman .
I felt ,you don stare at me .My sister and I said what I feel here the day before yesterday ,my sister knew ,she flew back. You back ,son how to do ?Ni Ge recalled his son .Don tube son ,since I alone can run back ,you should know ,I have arranged .
You say ,we do ?Sorry ,I can and how she is. You say, what shall we do? Ni Ge whispered .Can do ,is very simple . divorce .I don a divorce .,she and I have nothing .I will ignore her.
Do you think the mirror is broken ,can be together again ? .Can .To stick together .The crack ?Can see .Time can heal .Ni Ge but do not want to divorce, does not want to marry his secretary Jiang .
The thought of Ni Tai so sad ,coming in the door ,he also Japanese etiquette. Let Ni Ge thought in Japan, one family enjoyable manner. And ginger in a secret Qini paste a half a year ,he was really rarely appears Ni Tai.
He really thought he would be able to leave the life of Ni Tai, see today Ni Tai ,just understand ginger secret anyway difficult and Ni Tai than .Woman is long ,but the experience of life.
There .Ni Ge felt made a special ridiculous things, his wife to admit mistakes. Ni Tai but does not want to give Ni Ge the opportunity ,she will not miss Ni Ge ,how to they are also more than 20 years married.
Ni Tai didn compromise with Ni Ge ,she said this mirror ,is told Ni Ge ,Nike James five six seven eight generation entire record all series,she could not forgive him .He heard Ni Ge say what use time to heal ,she laughed .Then says :time ,how long to want ?You told me that people can live how long .
I want to be happy days ,not in time to kill I bring to you hurt .I think ,you better be ready, I divorce you .Today I went to my sister at home ,I can only at home for a week. We discuss how to do it.
Listen ,she began to also want my sister and Ni Ge Divorce ,but Ni Ge hears cries, her softhearted .Looked at her so insist on divorce ,she knew the sisters must be very sad. But ,sister wants to divorce too fast .
She was about to speak ,he saw Ni Tai with her own thing ,pulling the big sister go go .Ni Ge knows that Ni Tai is angry ,would ,later .He had thought Ni Tai and scare him ,how can this marriage away from said .
He just watched Ni Tai couldn .Ni Tai pulled the elder sister left Ni Ge house ,after it had not gone far ,Ni Tai finally could not help crying sister ,but beside pat her. Ni Tai cried for a long time to stop crying .
She busy stopped a taxi ,together they returned home. Sit down, Ni Tai began to cry again .My sister ,you really want to divorce ?Sister looked at her so sad ,she didn what to do .So ,she asked.
I want to divorce him .Sister .You believe that a broken mirror can it again ?I don My sister .You now in a bad mood .We think ,tomorrow ,he will come to you .Just then ,the doorbell rings .
Ni Ge and Ni Ge .Watch sister Ni Taihe gone ,his heart sinking ,he Know ,in their home is Ni Tai as Ni Tai ,if not happy, he had to admit his mistakes .He now like loach was slipped into the domestic more than a year of work ,he did not expect Ni Tai to leave behind .
This year and ginger SECRET RAPTURE days ,indeed let Ni Ge find a North however ,he did not move .Love and Jiang Mihao .Ni Tai, let him feel made a sorry about Ni Tai .He did not think the divorce thing ,Ni Tai is able to speak out ,Ni Ge knows that Ni Tai ,but from Ni Tai mouth the words ,nive out of ten is serious .
Ni Tai that sad look ,he knew the Ni Tai gas is not light. He hastened to apologize to ,so ,he pulled up. Great brother-in-law opened the door to see Ni Ge ,he was busy in the direction of Ni Ge make an eye ,that means ,you now what Ni Ge ran .
Have no time to look at the big brother eye, he came in to find Ni Tai ,who they saw this ,they can avoid the room .Only Ni Ge and wife ,Ni Ge stood there, where he could sit down ,he whispered :I was wrong ,this time you can forgive me .
Ni Tai made no reply ,she looked at Ni Ge ,This thought :this appearance also can find a young woman ,you are not playing good? I let you play. I don raise, without you, I live more comfortable.

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If you want to secure all sports, the price should not be to buy air max nike sport shoes sole standard! Nike sports shoes with no seam design the vamp and the mesh pad provides good support force and air permeability.

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What I write

A this is my way ,you are walking the road well, regardless of whether others ,wear other ,go your own way ,let others go looking for a view of the campus is still the same as before ,do not have too big difference, just feel a bit strange ,as if a long time no reading the book ,no matter what you do you want to have a look ,it is still there.
And so familiar !Start in this familiar and strange places around in the classroom ,I really can ,each person must adapt to the new environment ,just plug into this class, all also are not very familiar with, this also give yourself restless find a reason for new.
Let the whole school is busy ,carrying bags of other students in the dormitory .There product into a heap of new place ,noisy, excited ah ~ ah ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,I also like this. To the farmers market than, three the comrades are more quiet.
It was the first ,but not the classroom atmosphere of excitement ,but occasionally a person out of the window at the sigh a sigh of relief ,then ,into deep thinking ,think of yourself that came in too naive !Head deep into the problem in the north .
Ho ,from the Backdoor hurried out ,from the oppressive atmosphere out of, a breath of fresh air .Sitting under a basketball hoop ,quietly taste a mind of its own. The sky clouds drift slowly ,then took the school over to the haze .
&quot ;July day ,doll face ,said that changed &quot ;the toilet as usual ,it seems that the whole world even alike .But mm we Chinese even has its unique place ,this place is a notorious repute ,with toilet odor mutual .
School gangsters or no progress,Adidas Jeremy Scott, catch up with a few years a kind ,Look at the regional revitalization expert stock road,all filter cigarette holder ,a tread air .Ridiculous ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,couldn ,he had it ?&quot ;what are you looking at ,fucking have a death wish ?,Jeremy Scott Adidas!&quot ;an ugly kids think I laughed at him ,but I didn them, in particular he ,for the weak ,we always have great sympathy for the eyes .
I was out general tobacco and back ,go ,&quot ;you fuck !&quot ;the edge of a friend threw the cigarette butt into the pit ,a is not provoked waves. I think I pretending not to hear it .
The notorious repute from this place to leave,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, but ,they have only one entrance block .I suddenly stopped ,no ?&quot ;here ,just damn it laughs ?!&quot ;or that looks more ugly friends .
I really didn see him ,I was afraid of will laugh at him ,it is not very good in &quot ;hear? You fucking laugh ?&quot ;&quot ;his mother scolds who &quot ;?I stop &quot ;ah ,ah you are hanging &quot ;the men moved up at me ,seemed to me a Diao Chan &quot ;tell you ,my brother is fucking Xu Fei &quot ;hear him after I be startled at home ,this guy head with me ,what is his brother called Xu Fei ?Still fucking Xu Fei ?I really don know Xu Fei ,could not answer .
&quot ;you are a few ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;play !I rely on ,don it, what is the meaning of this ?I don fix it .It, blood ,grey walls along the flow down .May I the kick too hard ,the boy ran up the wall slowly lie down.
&quot ;&quot ;dynamic !I turned ,catch a boy neck ,&quot ;don fucking ask who am I ?!&quot ;I know that this time they must Is stunned and speechless ,I just as they pass .The outside air is good ,there is little moist, oh sky began to drizzle .
Have a look who also has not noticed footprints ,&quot ;error R. Back to the dormitory .About forest .Shut the door ,the dormitory is quiet &quot ;Hello ,the Woods ah ,I is the North Ho ,you know a person named Xu Fei ?&quot ;&quot ;how Hao brother ,you now in where ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot ;dormitory ;well ,I past &quot ;when the umbrella in the woods ,dripping ,just for a while the ground wet .
&quot ;Xu Fei the kid here, I think he fucking live greasy sprain &quot ;Lin like this forever ,impulse. Here I briefly introduce the role ,will always appear ,woods ,The twenty-ninth Beijing Olympic Games China Wind security,name :sex: male age :17this yearsecond year in high school .
,or so impulsive ,&quot ;in fact nothing ,today met several of his younger brother .&quot ;&quot ;Xu Fei ,I see is fucking owe kick ,by home a few bad money ,do not know what ,grass &quot ;&quot ;he who it was with &quot ;&quot ;you say that Xu Fei is his brother ah ,is Wang Dajun &quot ;&quot ;Oh ,he is ,Wang Dajun ,oh the rain still lingering, pedestrians rush, occasionally to a motorized vehicle ,splashing a waterworks ,causing pedestrians oaths.
And the woods as brothers is an accident ,but also seems to be a thing should happen. When I was sophomore, he is a high one newborn ,each other is not very well. Also remember what day ,a night ,I remember ,on Liu Dan ,the woods silly sitting next to me.
He told Liu Dan Liu Dan .Don where to get so much younger brother ,the whole of a boy scout .Oh ,Liu Dan is also a great figure ,table friends are very happy to play ,the woods could drink ,also very really .
Coupled with Liu Dan, then an introduction ,everyone in a table is not significantly less squeamish ,soon I address each other as brothers .Do not know this is it right? The rivers and lakes, but basically and these people know is this way ,another friend !&quot ;Dan today is your birthday do not give brothers say ?&quot ;then we will see several ,when there came a group of strange faces .
Gao Jian ,&quot ;I tell you ,today is my birthday ,do not want to quarrel with you If you want to drink ,leave ,if nothing to hurry !&quot ;Liu Dan stand up ,face ,it is the role of alcohol or because this kid gas .
Gao Jian but did not speak, but don ,Gao Jian also heard before ,a pure riffraff .Listen to those who say ,he a sling. &quot ;yes ,I go. You to drink, drink a little a ,ha ha ~ ~ &quot ;&quot ;you fucking say what !&quot ;forest stand up ,Gao Jian has said he put his head turned traitor &quot ;you have seed Gao Jian ,come here! &quot ;still the hanging like &quot ;grass ,you hang what? &quot ;Lin go past ,no one stopped him, and he did not let Gao Jian to Gao Jian when several younger brother hold &quot ;fuck you just telling me ?&quot ;Gao Jian patted the face &quot ;grass ,I say is you ,you are a damn it &quot ;Lin ah Lin &quot ;&quot ;Gao Jian gave him a slap on the &quot ;today I was looking at the Liu Dan birthday ,the next time I see you beat you once !&quot ;then the kid went see you sit ,you stood &quot ;what are you looking at ,my grass !&quot ;Gao Jian took these words threw all the door Export to &quot &quot ;Gao Jian ;Gao Jian in turn ,the woods a beer bottle over his head flowers.
Blood ,flow down, down his face &quot ;I grass !!&quot ;a group of people to hold and woods .&quot ;a clever !&quot ;I don he used the hoist way ,so it is said, this man ,is not too hung ,easy to cause the common anger .
And your encourage. Club is my brother, I grabbed two bottles .&quot ;clap &quot ;in their head flowers ,grass ,three son of &quot ;,shut the door ,one individual out. &quot ;everyone took guy ,Gao Jian Gao Jian ,you are so hanging .
The younger Gao Jian how can block so much brother bottle ?Our national wine quality is not too good ,every time I touch them the body ,easily broken ,I suggest that the National Bureau of quality supervision should increase in the aspects of supervision .
As Gao Jian fell to the ground ,&quot ;Liu Dan ,you fucking hard ,dare to touch me? &quot ;Gao Jian fell to the ground says that make people sick ,&quot ;roll fuck you in a B&quot ;Lin a box on the ear beat him in the face ,&quot ;damn it ,dare hit me in the face ,Are you fucking &quot ;&quot ;roll ,you fucking back hard ,just which hand to hit me? !&quot ;Lin pulls out a dagger ,they see Lin to go under the knife ,are silent .
Liu Dan didn stop ,but did not speak .This time who speak ah !You ,&quot ;frighten children .&quot ;Gao Jiancuo was wrong in the more stimulating public words .A knife in Gao Jian ,deadpan .
&quot ;ah !!&quot ;Gao Jian apart ,holding the hand of Howling &quot ;I fucking told woods ,what I find &quot ;woods !Stand up ,just like a dog biting prey like this, not much of the twists and turns can speak, and so on.
General campus evil forces that grew up in school ,so special place mixed ,or your family is very rich, and you and I are the relatively generous, either you are more loyalty ,is a bit like the hearts of students and professionals, start to hate .
Even if you had only one dollar to all, even if you can have to fight to the end ,or burning you is difficult in such places wise remark of an experienced person ,mixed up .Jun and encourage each other.
The classroom after lunch, and the woods In wanton wind walk, arrived very quickly we often happened ,pure campus school .What is relatively clean place ,at least in the school you can anywhere people.
Walk into the classroom everyone sleepy ,we are the flowers in the greenhouse ,greenhouse environment is most suitable for sleeping. More disgusting thing is the class so you can ,they learn not.
Then we will think of the rules and regulations of the school or have it in place ,or you sleeping? Light study is a routine meeting, this is our school errors in place ,it will make many people feel uncomfortable ,analysis, learning good students only if it is a waste of time ,delay in Tsinghua or Peking University People ?Learn bad ,needless to say ,is very accurate .
This may be a lot of schools are wrong !Old class ,middle-aged man ,body small fat, bearded (assuming no scraping ,I that beard ) ,a smart ( I will think of the word l intelligent mm ?R ) ,is our Chinese teacher ,but the fact that his Mandarin is very common .
&quot ;students we pay attention to Next ,there are a few things to declare what ,,,&quot ;I think it is necessary to omit it ,generally the case teacher said, never less than half an hour .
He finished, the following is the class cadre took turns on stage. What about this semester work plan ,to talk about the teacher respect ,talk about love of country ,to talk about the learning enthusiasm .
Later the group A also failed. Remember our big monitor ,handsome ,tall a boy ,the other has nothing special impression .My deskmate is a girl ,named Xu Shuang ,is not very pretty, the inside call Sun Dong ,grow more beautiful, so that a comparison I still think Xu Shuang is beautiful .
This is what we often say that the &quot . &quot ;comparison ;,Adidas Wings If there is,is on the basis of the comparison we can see who is more beautiful ,or slightly ugly. So when someone says you are more handsome or beautiful you have a look ,with whom is our dormitory .
The dormitory is eight worlds, so a small dormitory but should not be underestimated, there are our school various characters. A repeat ,two higher vocational students ,the rest is our class four .
Oh ,forget ,there is a A high school junior. This combination also can not tell who is who ,because for any of us is a new environment ,we can only learn to get along and everyone slowly ,with long process .
Sometimes we may find a true friend, but sometimes only one .Many masters are not so ?The rain outside the window still glass around, under it ,under it ,the school has flooded it. I can swim .
Roommate is one of our class A ,called Zhu Dong .Long just like his name ,take the clothes off is a heap of ribs .I have a good relationship ,to an officer ,I sleep on his floor .Repeat student named Chang Chen East ,very mature.
Talk is also very cautious ,conservative estimation should be in more than 20 years of age .His was called Jin Cheng, looks honest ,but generally looks honest guy don settle. Two vocational students are very silent, a man named Lin Yi called the south ,I am sorry I can remember their names ,this is very normal ,at the end of the term of Zhu Dong was not called up to them, they just like one of A-Sun song has been very quiet .
In the guy I ,on the floor ,all frame A cigarette with maturity ,and so we are all graduated from his beard is not long ,failed. His bunk is our class study model ,honestly do knowledge ,it is reading kill ah ,I have a suspicion that he is it right? Learn stupid ?That ?Not easy !You simple dormitory chat on the restoration of the quiet ,lying in bed can hear the rain outside the window, and slowly breath .
&quot ;something what grove ?&quot ,&quot ;;Oh ,hey ,all right ,we are playing cards ,and you, ha ha ~ ~ &quot ;&quot ;HA ,laugh my ass ?!who are ?&quot ;&quot ;like a wise ,old Wu &quot ;&quot ;row ,you play it ,be careful .

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