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In order to sweet honey I late into the Public Security Bureau _

In order to sweet honey I late into the Public Security Bureau text / rosewood love this spring festival was very haggard ,very tired. It seems that all energy is a kind of intangible chained ,belong to me but also where hibernate.
I live very tiredly ,than the average person to tired thousands of times; I live good hard ,than all the women are difficult. Fortunately ,like I do dissociableness and lofty people ,to have this friend .
It is my biggest harvest in 2010 ,will also be in my life I want to cherish a friendship. Thank you ,mother ,father beans beans ,and my little peas !Night ,that all pain hotbed. So dark ,I can say is to show special preference to ,hate .
People ,sometimes is such a contradiction ,struggle .Every time the sun rises ,I tried time and again remind ourselves :today must be better !But ,I can not deceive oneself and others ,????,I can .
When a warning after failed ,when a fall into the abyss of suffering ,I know ,I once again deceive ourselves !Life is a game ,feel helpless ,staged are endless infighting ,???????????????????2.0 is the first set.,intrigues ,curry favour with .
.. ... Mind emerge from those who do not a happy thing ,not only a piece of two pieces ,a lot. These unpleasant things so clear ,full of my whole world .My heart, already reburning no hope.
I ask myself :what is wrong with you? Why let all these things to the impact of their own, let your heart so bad ?Let yourself happy point can not smartly ?Good ?But ,my heart is very clearly tell myself : no! Some things can be easy, some things can not.
If you do, then I would not say this is a free and easy ,I would say :you are too 2 !I cannot so 2 ,know ?Tan Tan ,Adidas Jeremy Scott!Now ,already was at 1: 47 ,around a silence ;and my heart ,so can not be calm.
Tonight, the first of many first times .Involved in the brawl ,and a group of rural households with soil eight. Because of their small every night in the outdoor dance ,the two loudspeakers placed in our area opposite the open ,and we plot no fences separate,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, spaced only a river.
So dance to our community ,but also our couch motion ,directly into the Zhen Sha said once again .Once, is still persist in one ,I sing my justice Bao ,sweet, and XX ,you shake your sofa .
No way, night sound is loud come through ,let a person simply did not live, but not to make a scene will be forced to enter the family mad .At eight o .After eight ,soil road ,relocated the upstart ,threatened to take us into the river and drown us, shoot us .
Also say what ,we just buy houses ,where they lived for three years ,and made the land or house they used before farm ,they love to do how is the local bully ,they say ,we go on our way.
A group of silly B. There several dancing woman what bad words can call out ,I now also learn not to come .Because these curse words ,since my childhood to the country ,occasionally a few times to listen where the shrew scolded ,had not heard from &quot ;&quot ;mouth the words out.
More over that, where several of the so-called ,in our eyes look or man man ,&quot ;&quot ;was also a finger rubbing our face scold us, slobber is spatter exist everywhere ,often we Face .
.. ... This and we plot the man is just the opposite .We plot also past several men ,but when they want to kill us, to drown us,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, we plot the man began to hide hide ,????? ObyO ????????? Princess sleeve,can slip out ,can not speak directly into the mute ,would also like to say thank one .
.. ... And I and beans mother two women ,one will never abuse ,two will not play .For a temporary stay alive ,because I don ( the ghost ) ,finally can only be pulled out 110 then staged a life for the first time in Public Security Bureau ,do not know for what? Thank father beans ,is you ,me and beans mother from the twenty or thirty men laid siege to pull out.
Thank beans mother ,because you do not rest assured I am alone in such a place. In this place to stand in, was out of the thing be accustomed to ,so your life with the young woman .
You ,I can only say ,put you in my heart the softest place .Thanks ,moved to P words ,????? ObyO ?????????,I do not want to say one more word .In Public Security Bureau ,sat down on the sofa, I opened their cabinet with disposable cup cups of water ,also give them drink to that .
The police chief was stupefied, thought I is very rough .To tell you the truth ,I only know yourself .Tonight, at this moment, I reminded myself again ,don fantasy beautiful ,don go to any final fantasy .
Even hear again beautiful P, also want to ice water it. So big ,??????????,first by police ,was first So the treatment into the public security bureau !Welcome you into the Tan Tan blog tonight
I will promise to bury his life important tips :be wary of false information winning management blog article of the good way to bring you here tonight I will own the doll to life the

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Zhongjiang real estate ST source of Oriental Garden, Shenhuo sha

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Easy small investment) 1: funds and stock accounts by yourself up control, 2: the company responsible for notifying you to the end of the bit into the warehouse and the highest point in the warehouse time! You save time save worry today.
Stock investment tactics click into the Shanghai Huatai Securities home Tuesday morning 10: 10 old Lecong early 40 minutes before the market operation characteristics, the basic maintenance of a weak trend of shock.
From the stock price comparison, the stock risk is very big still,Jeremy Scott Adidas, fell more than 5% of the stock held at last first, that the stock risk release still clean enough. The plates from the running characteristics of plate, rising to only 20 homes,A series of comments - Yu Er ~ ~, 150 home plate down.
Also shows that the air force is still strong. At present the index did not collapse, mainly because of the financial, real estate, coal gainers. From the market trend of running characteristics, still

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Beijing Yonghe 8 horse Marathon

Beijing marathon 8 We were very fortunate to change our clothes quickly. And we had soon found our bus. Mr. Xu and Mr. Dai had not brought their second shoes and socks,????? ObyO ?????????, they had gone to the supermarket to buy new shoes and socks at once.
During waiting for other athletes,Adidas Jeremy Scott, I sat the bus and saw a restaurant on the roadside,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, so I went into the restaurant and bought a bowl hot noodle to eat. How pleased! After all athletes coming, we drove to the Olympic centre to receive the all marathon athletes.
However when we came near the Olympic centre,??????????, the road was blocked. Taotao looked for the policeman and asked to let us to enter. The policeman agreed at last. But the policeman of the second crossing did not agree.
We went to the third crossing,???????????????????2.0, Taotao got off the bus and requested the policeman for long time. In the end, the policeman let our bus to enter. The policeman of the fourth crossing blocked us to enter again.

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2009 Market truth of what are now the purchase right - Li Xiaope

Text / good Lolo friction as far away as Weifang's friends call me,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, take indefinite attention, can now buy a house? He worried that prices fall, because in many houses in the promotion, also a lot of vacant houses, although already made deposit, or some hesitation,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, he asked me what is the truth? I give him tell a story: once, in his home town one thing: that the richest man in the town on the river just when the storm.
The river is in flood, ship in midstream over. Somehow, the boatman to escape, he failed to save the money. The money people drowned, there are a lot of people to find the body. A fisherman found a corpse, a corpse, but his price is very high, but not willing to bargain.
The family refused to a corpse out of so much money, so they went to consult a lawyer, ask how should do. Can you take any legal action? The lawyer said: "you do not have to worry about. The first paid the money to me, then I will tell you.
" "lawyers took the money, and then said:" you stand. He can't put the body to anyone else; he will compromise, because no one will buy the corpse, so you just stick to live in. "In 2 days, 3 days past.
The family in accordance with the lawyer's advice halt the troops and wait. Fishermen started to worry about, because the body is embodied in the stink, he starts to think or give up,アディダスジェレミースコットウイングス2.0, they can give how many to many.
The corpse into a dilemma, no one else will want to buy it, he also felt that this a little. So how can he for a supply of sth.? But in his decision, he went to ask the legal adviser, with a legal adviser.
The legal adviser said: "first paid the money to me, then I will tell you the way. " he took the money, said:" hold it! The family could not from any other place to buy the corpse, they will certainly compromise.
"" all attempts to elaborate the logical truth as a prostitute, a prostitute. It can support, it can also be against it. It belongs to no one. The truth is always and logic together. The property market is so, for want to buy a house people, which is the one and only a few houses as the corpse, developers sold to you, he may not be sold to others, because everyone has the one and only choice,Adidas Jeremy Scott, buy a house is your uncle, reserved, developers will not stand.
The developers also said, that the one and onlyHouse, only you have, he can't be from other places to buy, you have to bite the tooth, he must be from here to buy,ジェレミースコットアディダス, because he could not live on the streets.
Haha! Developers and property buyers of the game, like a logical, is actually funny, economic shocks reflected in the property market is small concussion, prices for, you may not have, also did not account for the greater cheap space.
Calm we will seek to sell the realm, low-key, buy also stick to your own choice. Trying to penetrate the market truth, this is just a wish. The truth only exist with present, past, future or not. You

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Yunnan province Qiaojia county old new Reprint

Old new author :Chen Zhengbiao 2007-06-21 02 : 56: 37 label :old education of old town government resident shop belongs to the stereo climate ,the minimum altitude of 800 meters ,the highest altitude many meters 3000.
Diagram for high mountain villages of laterite .These children curiously Wai .Campus in walnut growing well. A wild child. Flat camp primary school .The current school building was built in 1992 ,has not meet the teaching needs.
I heard their pictures, the children have a good laugh .These children are curious to gather around .In nursery of Hongkong merit Monument near ,two children with curiosity at us. In sea wetland in full bloom into flowers .
The campus the dewy roses .Yin Wu Qiaojia is the earliest establishment of semantics .Qiaojia County ,contains: &quot ;county education although civilized later ,but urban and rural schools ,where many are .
&quot ;and cloud :&quot ;semantics that schools .Qing Dynasty official record ,the officials and the people jointly organized the free primary education form. The funds come from farm land rent and the officers to donate ,teaching content ,teaching methods ,teaching management and school are approximately the same.
County semantics have membership can be one ,11 .&quot ;in these semantics ,old Yin Wuyi science is the county county .Chi said ,Yin Wuyi &quot ;located in Yin Wu ,the Qing emperor Yong Zheng six years ,the year 1728,??????????????, prefect of Dongchuan Cui Naiyong ,Huize county magistrate Zu Chengyou from &quot ;Yin Wu ,old town .
Today is an administrative village ,away from the location of the town government 30 kilometers ,a dirt road linking the two .(figure to Yin Wu on the way, bad ,should get off clear wrap wheel of mud.
) hours trek ,it was already late ,but Yin Wuzhi is still muddy road long .This way ,daunting. The crops are growing well ,the aunt mood this year should be relaxed .The wild flowers on the roadside so bright .
Is a local man named yellow flowers small shrubs ,flowers can be tea ,and pleasant fragrance ,fruit leaves cure a cold .This two cute girl dress up .I looked up, gorillas in the mist mountain ,ahead .
Over a mountain ,Yin Wu finally came to the hill on the right side. The locals rhino ,us only took its first half .Yin Wu child really have a well-deserved reputation .The opposite hills village place is Yin Wuyi learning site .
Can buy here to build house, want to do is make fun of high position .Of course ,people living here also have their difficulties. Field Domain orderly ,verdant trees ,smoke four, surrounded by hills ,connecting heaven and earth, good send &quot ;Hirabayashi misty smoke weave &quot ;magnificent scene.
It forward on our journey ,Yin Wu primary school is still ahead of us. Yin Wu primary school, an old courtyard house .New teaching building completed in September of this year and put into use ,it will be planning for the garden .
The school has 613 students, 20 teachers, is the county village primary school .In Yin Wu primary school principal Wang Deng is home interviews. Old new old town education grows on-the-spot record into the MM store the ultimate purpose of education is what ?The famous British historian Toynbee said: &quot ;education aim ,not only interests.
Education is a kind of exploration ,so that people can understand the meaning and purpose of life ,find the right way. &quot ;perhaps ,old education administrators and teachers can better understand the profound connotation of education .
In 2006 March, the old town of educational reform in the world looking eyes start ,a year more over, old education exactly what has happened ?Reform obtained what successful experience ?Taking these issues ,in June this rainy season ,the old line over the hill landscape water, walked into the The school ,adidas ObyO JS WINGS,approached those of ordinary education ,witnessed the old education development the vicissitudes .
Wherever we go ,the campus or unpaved mountain road ,as long as there is a student places ,because the teacher &quot ;&quot ;greetings from children sincere heart ,&quot &quot into ;teacher ;the old education in popular language, became the old education the most powerful footnote.
This is a common greeting it reflects the old education unusual connotation ,shows the old education yesterday ,today and tomorrow of HH century-old shop, county is located in the East ,North and mountain ,bordering the west ,new store ,Chong Xi Ma Shu ,South and corn Nao ,adjacent to Huize county and Ludian County ,east of the cowshed river .
The existing land area of 426.82 square kilometers ,population 54000 people, occupy entire county second .Town government 122 kilometers from the county ,87 km from the city of Zhaotong .The minimum altitude of 800 meters ,the highest elevation of 3000 meters.
Here Shan a deep valley, gully freely ,which stretches ,Yibu for king ,pleasant scenery .Shop, in the history of Qiaojia has a special status. Because he had in the seat of town government administrated home Ping unearthed bronze bell mouth,Adidas Jeremy Scott brought about by the influence of alcohol to stimulate, even once the experts identified as the remains of Gu Tanglang calendar .
History of the smoke is too strong ,difficult to ensure historical test ,but has long history is an accepted fact. Old, is special ,it is also in the history of education in Qiaojia has a beautifully significance.
Qiaojia county contains: &quot ;county education although civilized later ,but urban and rural schools ,where many are .&quot ;&quot ;and the cloud: semantics that schools .Qing Dynasty official record ,the officials and the people jointly organized the free elementary school forms.
Funding comes mainly from the farm land rent and the officers to donate ,teaching content ,teaching methods ,teaching management and school are approximately the same. County semantics have membership can be one ,11 .
&quot ;in these semantics ,old Yin Wuyi science is the first county said ,Yin Wuyi .&quot ;located in Yin Wu ,the Qing emperor Yong Zheng six years ,the year 1728, prefect of Dongchuan Cui Naiyong ,Huize county magistrate Zu Chengyou from &quot ;Yin Wu ,old town .
Today is an administrative village ,away from the location of the town government 30 km ,a dirt road linking the two .When we go ,the weather is not too good ,rain ,ride motorcycle repeatedly stuck in a muddy cannot go ,but no weakening of our old education roots enthusiasm.
A few hours trek ,around 6 pm ,we finally arrived at a line of four Yin Wu looked up .Stand high ,the vast Yin Wu dam Tian Chou orderly ,verdant trees ,smoke four, surrounded by hills ,connecting heaven and earth, good send &quot ;Hirabayashi misty smoke weave &quot ;magnificent scene.
Hundreds of years of vicissitudes ,Yin Wuyi school house is long gone, semantics ruins a dense crops .Maybe ,the farmer did not think of how they are farmed a could lead civilization beginning land of HH light of civilization due to numerous educators and never extinguished.
At a distance of Yin Wuyi site not far from the village street sits the Yin Wucun primary school ,the old school was built in 1983 ,is a traditional courtyard, but has not adapted to the modern education development needs.
According to this school for Wang Deng is the teacher Yin Wu small xianyouzaixiaosheng 613 ,the teacher 20 people ,is the county village primary school .The old schoolhouse next brick structure of the new school is being built by the Hongkong nursery ,and the County Bureau of Education jointly investment of 680000 yuan ,will be completed in 2007 September and put into use ,the old campus will be converted into gardens and sports grounds .
Talk about old educational history ,but also let us remember another end small village primary school for MM governance music .Music ,Jeremy Scott Adidas Design component of overall,backed by Huashan pine seed production base Mm White Road ,surrounded by mountains ,a small brook deep canyon to the east of the Kraal River .
Here ,water gurgling, reluctantly bid farewell ,a village ,farm tillage planting village faces or complacent expression ,all of which proved that the governance music is a primitive land of idyllic beauty governance music school time .
The late Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China ,there is a private school ,the school was founded in 1923 ,after the founding of new China ,has done with junior high and high school attached .
Hundred years ,governance music training a large number of talents .In Kunming teacher Huang Dalin had taught here ,and here the knot issued deep feelings ,Mr. Huang has a poem :&quot ;before the mountain highway winding ,mountain fire Teng Yan .
Surrounded by acres of fertile farmland ,to teach farming linked up. He it is who I love ,governance music school .&quot ;governance music school is located on the Bank of the river in the new tower ,a new teaching building ,dormitory ,canteen in the green field under particularly eye-catching.
The headmaster Dynasty will teacher introduction ,governance music primary school has 386 students, 18 teachers. As a result of the left-behind children ,school canteen set up ,there are 80 students in the cafeteria dining.
Wang said that, in order to guarantee the children to be fed ,ten school A table ,each table specifies a table is long, high grade students take care of the students of lower grades. When we go ,it is time for class, cannot see the student dining scene ,but we visited their dining room ,closed the cupboard neatly dozens of sets of tableware.
Hundreds of years traveling all the time ,let the old education rolling hills closed out ,to civilization, to the modern. History forward to twenty-first Century, old education ushered in a hitherto unknown opportunities.
2006, revocation of lead factory village and township ,the establishment of old town ,new town set up shop the original jurisdiction of township and lead factory Rural under the jurisdiction of the administrative area ,the town government in the original township government resident .
Old land area ranks entire county the first ,the county ranked second in population .Old administrative division &quot ;evacuate rural area and town &quot ;at the same time ,in 2006 March, old education also implements the &quot ;evacuate rural area and Town ,the town of &quot ;set a headmaster ,in charge of the town of education management ;four vice president ,respectively.
Responsible for a town in the town primary school ,shop ,second area ,lead factory district primary school management. Since then ,the old education opened a new chapter on teaching reform came into the shop .
A school ,the teachers talk at most is education from &quot ;The township and the town of &quot ;impact ,they generally believe that the Old Town Education &quot ;evacuate rural area and town &quot ;greatly promoted the development of education and teaching ,????? ????? ???? ?????,and the most successful ,most main experience is: one is the reform as a whole the limited education funds ,energetically initiate to all teachers and students life have a significant impact on the project of common feelings of people .
Previous education fund is fragmented ,can a thing .Can now put the town education funds together ,every year several points of the key input. Since the old school in the town center since its establishment ,the school scattered education fund focused on the use of plan as a whole ,has more than 60 yuan for the teachers and students of all things ,good :for by the Qiaojia Bureau of education to help resolve after 100000 yuan ,built from town to town in the street after a period of the cement road ,solve the old town of more than one thousand teachers and students bad dilemma ;for a town in the town in the second half ,hardened playground sclerosis was carried out ,and the campus greening ;investment 110000 yuan for governance music primary school built a dormitory and dining hall ,solve more than 80 semi boarding students and children accommodation problems ;20 investment million yuan to build small and pepper main winding fork two is to teach primary school .
To integrate education resources, strengthen the education and teaching management. Teaching integration of educational resources ,make the education management system has been nine years ,a change in the primary and secondary education &quot ;railway workers in mm section of the pipe &quot ;detached from the serious situation.
&quot ;all &quot ;after primary school ,no study pressure ,a some teachers working responsibility heart is not strong ,the teaching enthusiasm is not high ,the objective primary school education and teaching quality showed a declining trend.
The old town center school was founded, pay close attention to the school education ,especially the preschool and primary school education ,middle school education and university education target ,education for life.
Especially the implementation of school administrative leadership of the the village primary school link to help the responsibility system of the administrative leadership ,assessment and hook the school education teaching effect combining ,strengthening of primary school education teaching guidance and supervision and inspection .
Three is activated in the primary and middle school teachers exchanges ,enhance the enthusiasm of teachers .The school held a staff of games ,execute high school administrative leadership hook primary school education and teaching system ,and carry out every kind of primary and secondary school teachers exchange activities ,strengthen the teachers communication ,breaking the primary and middle school teachers are never in contact with &quot &quot ;Pattern.
Implementation of the Old Town Center School Teachers flow scheme ,the primary school education teaching quality but also has junior middle school teachers teacher ,can go to middle school ,high school teaching the poor quality of the teachers ,to flow to the primary school teaching ,implementation of primary and secondary school teachers in middle and primary schools of reasonable flow ,change of teachers idea idea ,arouse the enthusiasm of teachers .
At the same time ,old educational success also lies in the development of practical system ,and the system implementation of hundred-percent .Old town education teaching rules and regulations is perfect ,the education policy objectives ,small to each of the behavior detail specification ,almost covers education teaching in all areas .
Any system come on stage ,can not let everyone will agree ,need an explanation ,communication ,understanding of the process ,more needs to be in fulfil fluctuation kongfu .Only in this way ,management credibility will be in the teachers and students be improved ,reform idea will into teacher-student conscious behavior .
To this end, old school administrators are the details from the start .According to the previous teacher late ,early ,absenteeism phenomenon ,strengthen the supervision and inspection ,for those who turn a deaf ear to the teacher ,School leadership for patient counseling ,and strictly according to the system processing ,one or two months come down ,this kind of teachers responsibility obviously strengthened .
For those teaching outstanding teachers ,incentive mechanism ,no matter how money tight cash on time .Old reform to be carried out smoothly ,the key lies in the unity ,??????????,pragmatic leadership team.
If the wind is the school so also the wind is the group of wind .In the old days, everywhere we go ,you can see where the educators will work closely together ,work hard and be practical spirit .
In order to completely renovate the campus environment ,leaders and even personally clean sanitation dead. For boarding students, safety ,led personally lead the patrol ,and the courage to challenge the social evil .
In order to student behavior education ,leadership and students greet each other. Let the principal often with teachers talk, man is a lifetime thing ,the fate of going to work together ,ask you to treasure this section rare years .
From leading to the general staff ,dedication ,become a common practice .Can say ,is the development of education and achievement of old town today . 1988 ,Qiaojia fourth here completed ,Now the old one predecessor .
It in the old history of epoch-making significance. Because the mountain middle school ,is the old town as a school .And there is a town in Qiaojia County ,the other villages and towns is probably unique .
Therefore, we see not hard also education in old the components play a decisive role .In education reform introduced today, this piece of land on the education did not let fellow disappointment ,they put education strongman ,town of education is a step into reality .
Let us see a group of numbers :2006 year senior high school entrance examination enrollment high school students 165 people ,the number of admission in 2005 in 61 an increase of 104 people ,the enrollment rate of 67.
5% ,achieved the history best level. Scores in the county has been greatly enhanced ,a town in politics from 05 years in 15 to 3 ,the language from the 12 to 7 from 9 to 2 ,mathematics ,physics from 8 rose to 6 from 16 to 8 ,chemistry ,English from 14 to 5 ,from 11 to 8 sports ;the town in two political from 05 years in 18 to 7 ,the language from the 21 to 8 from 19 to 10 ,mathematics ,physics from 16 rose to 7 from 21 to 10 ,chemistry ,English from 22 litre To 19 ,from 13 to 6 sports .
Especially a town in mathematics ,politics two ,average exceeded the average points, have been among the forefront of the county .Through these numbers ,we see the old reform won the first battle ,see the town and sweat and shining hope.
Without the town of 376 the teacher innumerable day and night of hard work ,without these root mountain general education &quot ;holding a heart ,without even a straw to &quot ;professionalism ,it is not difficult to imagine ,old development process will be how long !Education reform is to challenge traditional chronic difficult course .
Without that stand on solid ground .Carry out carry out, again good education idea is also empty .Reform, because there is a group of education front doer ,old education achieved gratifying results .
To understand the old teaching reforms ,don listen to those in the education reform the crests fight education managers .The morning of June 7th ,.The author visited old town interviewed in the old town center school teacher Rao Xiangping Rao .
Into the principal behind the desk blackboard chalk line in unusually striking :solid work , dignified and imposing man .See ,this is the principal Habla Mi Corazon ,my motto, is the principal of the teacher-student interpersonal basic requirements.
Rao Xiangping ,the 37 year old education managers, in the store has an excellent reputation .Perhaps with his conduct ,but more important is that he and his colleagues the construction of hardware and software for the old education made distinctions won in battle ,let the old education reform to stride a key one pace.
Rao president is old three people ,about to the cause of education attitude ,he spoke feelingly of primary school is a caring teacher mm Wen Fayun. He said ,not the teacher of the enlightenment and influence no he career and passion.
He had a lot of time to leave the shop out of the mountains of the opportunity ,in order to home education ,give up ,seventeen years quietly portrait of dedication .Rao headmaster said ,the town 17 village has 18 elementary school ,with 5186 students.
A town in 1218 students, the town of two students in 307 .On-the-job teachers 376. At present, the well-ordered education ,teachers rises generally ,students cultivate good education ,learning enthusiasm.
Let the original lead factory center school ,shop ,factory lead Evacuate rural area and town after 2006 March ,old town center school principals ,and management of the town primary and secondary education .
At that time, was caught in the county comprehensive education reform to carry out the occasion for Rao ,headmaster ,is an opportunity, it is to meet the challenges .As a result of the history ,natural factors ,rural education development difficult funds .
Insufficient ,hardware construction cannot keep up with the needs of educational development of the school teachers and students ;dispersion ,the management difficulty big ;primary and secondary education the lack of the consciousness of the whole ;some teachers responsibility heart is not strong ,the education thought is backward ;a wide range of poverty ,control and security pressure HH these are placed in Rao before the principal problem Rao .
The principal arrived after carry out with drive and sweep ,to lead the team members started a far-reaching reform journey. The lack of funds ,various strive for all levels of various departments and the hook to help deficient unit support.
City ,county people for more than 3000 meters above sea level ,the condition is very difficult to solve the large cave primary school 60 sets of new city help desk and stool .A large cave village Majiagou ,white rock groove two of each school 50000 yuan to build capital ,large caves all teachers a new desk ,from 2003 to 2005 for Dayandong all students pay a fee for the &quot ;&quot ;funds .
Zhaotong city construction investment of 18000 yuan ,Qiaojia credit cooperative investment 10000 yuan for the sea primary school built cement athletic field, improve the conditions for running schools.
Hongkong Fuhui Charitable Foundation donated $170000 for the old Mr. Pan II built teaching building .From Hongkong Lin donated 240000 yuan method soil South primary school building engineering is implementation .
By Hongkong Sowers ,Qiaojia County Education Bureau jointly donated 480000 yuan building red nursery hope primary school has been put into use ;donated 680000 yuan Yin Wu primary school teaching building in September this year will be completed and put into use.
At present, a town in except the school building ,office building, dormitory students ,has two laboratories ,one the music room ,a piano accordion ,two ,more than ten thousand books ,sports facilities ,office staff a computer ,is striven for with all possible means to build the teaching building is to exclude dangerous .
Town primary school ,primary school ,primary school primary bifurcated pepper ,dry river valley primary school is being rebuilt ,south end ,ping method soil to camp elementary school school reconstruction is being developed .
According to Rao introduced ,investment in hardware ,the leading departments at all levels to give a strong support ,also cannot leave the community assistance .Because of the limitation of conditions ,a mountainous area education compared to other areas ,to achieve the same school grades do not know how much hard work !Because the school is far away from home ,or the parents go out to work ,many children can normal learning .
In order to solve this problem ,Jeremy Scott Adidas the bright road,governance music primary school and red primary school ,the school according to oneself actual get boarding ,open in primary school canteen .Red nursery of Hongkong works to build the campus, for the teachers and students from a nearby hill collection of flowers and trees, all kinds of flowers in the brilliant sunshine contest put ,from these ordinary flowers and trees ,we see the mountain and persistent and stubborn will to life in front of the school .
The school contracted a fields ,teachers and students use the break time and planting ,weeding ,fertilizing ,it fosters the ability to work, but also solves the student &quot dish difficult ;&quot ;questions ,is really shoot two hawks with one arrow .
The cultivation of students skills ,in the alpine mountain primary school are so vivid embodiment ,to let a person be filled with a thousand regrets !In the vicissitudes of old education ,are a group of normal education worker supports the education of blue sky ,they open the children in one of the first lessons of life .
Let us into the ordinary Teacher education ,to feel their sincerity and love .The dynasty ,governance music primary school headmaster. The elegant mountain teacher in the local popular.
Principal Wang to school as their home ,the system to add emotional school. He is various schools to raise funds for construction ,now ,the teaching building ,library ,dormitory ,canteen ,teacher dormitory ,campus greening belt goods are available in all varieties.
.at present, the school quality of teaching ,students .Principal Wang &quot ;two about &quot ;very good :concern of teachers ,teachers engage in basketball game every week ,every holiday, teachers throughout the study learning ,to relax while broaden teachers view on Teachers discipline .
Requirements are extremely stringent ,teachers in class before 5 minutes to reach the designated position. Care for students ,in order to let those left-behind children normally complete their studies ,school canteens ,afraid of low grade students do not have enough to eat, special arrangements for their high grade dish.
From this small detail ,we see a village primary school headmaster amiable and respectable quality .Su Yan ,the honest kind of female teachers in primary school ,when we lead factory campus interview with her, she repeated her humility ,saying that she just did what he should have done .
In fact ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0,we stepped into the shop Land was heard her story .Teacher Su is &quot ;the transfer of public &quot ;teachers ,from the beginning of 1984 in three in a remote ,1995 through the examination to the formal teacher .
In education and teaching ,teacher Su is a talent, her classes lively and interesting ,educational achievement is outstanding .20 years ,from three in primary school ,three streams of water ,lead plant primary school primary school along the way, no matter where you go ,Sue teacher put the seeds of love silently spread on the student And that she is a good teacher ,as she is a good mother .
She put the single-parent family impoverished children as her own the children ,give them to buy Stationery ,shoes ,students in the material to help at the same time, give the students the spirit of strong support .
When she and her colleagues in the joint efforts ,a child during the most critical period to be a healthy development .&quot ;in the mountains to teach well ,have fun ,&quot ;&quot ;when the primary school teachers is very proud, teachers should regard themselves as parents ,&quot ;Sue teacher sincere spirit of cultivating students a large cave register profound respect .
Primary school ,the old town of the highest elevation of the school is the name of a person closely together, he is 52 years old Li Chuan should be the teacher .The teacher is &quot ;the transfer of public &quot ;teacher .
Because the condition is restricted ,people turn to &quot ;&quot ;teachers have their own &quot ;be congenitally deficient in education ,&quot ;they each made a little success on the road to pay unimaginably hard.
Miss Li is such as &quot ;Saburo ,&quot ;to speak fluent mandarin teaching ,he got up at four or five every day practice reading .Just imagine ,how the dark morning ,teacher Li Mandarin in the silent hills echoed ,it lovely scenery HH harvest tomorrow in the old school ,the reform wave of emerging new personalities and new deeds impacting our heart .
No &quot ;&quot ;the concept of education is unbelievable. Man is the starting point of education ,is also the ultimate goal of the education .Einstein said :&quot ;school always the goal should be: young people leaving school ,as a harmony of the people ,not as an expert .
&quot ;education reform aims to reform from the bottom ,change the old ideas and mode of operation ,change those bound students development of a variety of factors, so the educator of music teaching ,good teaching, let students do Self harmony ,interpersonal harmony ,and nature live in harmony .
&quot ;heaven can be overturned ,world is a world of the past &quot ;,despite the difficult journey ,but old reform have accumulated valuable experience and established a profound social basis ,strode is delectable one pace .
We see gladly ,in the standing on the vast land ,change education with a strong push old civilization advancement ,promotes the old society ,economy ,culture development. In the leading
departments at all levels ,all sectors of the community concern and support ,school leadership team cooperate with absolute sincerity ,all the efforts of teachers and students ,we believe ,shop

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