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Can't forget the history

The blood soul - Battle of Bagui casting model to model the battle of heroic devotion to the heroes :history often be rewritten ,or drown .When we walk through the history of the gap, is a thinking or memory ,is a lament or recall ?&quot ;Guilin Scenery Jia Tianxia &quot ;,roam over the peaks of the Guilin water scenery how many people can remember ,sixty-one years ago ,here the occurrence of Guiliu battle ?That is a the Lijiang River water red bloody battle ,be our party after that martyrs of the three generals ,eight hundred warriors, and countless heroes ,blood on the vast land ,deducing a shaking heaven and earth resistance elegy, created a ray of ndelible the soul of a nation .
Forget the history means betrayal ,I would like to use this model in battle ,for heroic dedication of the Anti-Japanese heroes .The storm &quot ;Yong Tong wife ,Liu after not communication is missing ,I in Guangxi all are detailed in both Ren letter, want to have read .
defend Guilin campaign will soon be opening ,this matter, I Division rate to participate, is feeling lucky ,all or nothing ,always with the Japanese in the battle field .You take refuge in the children into the county ,the war opened letter has been a problem ,Help even more easily, has also asked all Ren nearby home care ,no savings ,cost to save ,how very poor also when the bear ,the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in sight, life always has a solution .
I live here as usual ,without much thought .Thereafter during combat as possible can be communication ,more than not ,namely, ask close &quot ;.Thirty-one army one three one division commander Kan Villon gently put the ink drying ,the book carefully folded the letter ,give personal guardian ,swept into the Guilin defense command .
At Guilin garrison commander lieutenant general Wei Yunsong ,chief of staff of the thirty-one army one three one Lieutenant Chen Jihuan ,Guo Shaowen ,forty-six army one seven zero division the teacher Xu Gao Yang, deputy commander of Wei generals have been present ,nest ,are a serious face, silent speechless .
See Kan Villon ,Wei Yunsong gave a little cough ,:&quot ;Peter culvert more precisely .The present situation ,we surely knows it. The Japanese break in in full fury ,a fight to the death ,can not be avoided.
Yesterday, the ninety-three army to withdraw without resistance ,all Yellow River and the delta of Guilin ,open the door ,the Japanese can be in one day and one night only ,to me Guilin border .
Above the dead order ,defend to the last three months. The Japanese army one hundred thousand strong, our army is less than twenty thousand ,and more Is the number of untrained recruits ,some even equipped with soil to rob .
So weak force to resist the Japanese armed forces, almost inaccessible .You what good ,wish each airs his own views. &quot ;all the red tape surface .The phase at ,not by the look stops in Yong Shen Kan Kan dimension dimension .
I have a well-thought-out plan ,slowly path :&quot ;I army serious shortage of troops ,can only rely on the local militia. Guangxi is known as the &quot &quot ;Nan ;say, are tough ,combative and Shang Yong .
Mostly ethnic ancestry ,provincialism is very serious ,often one person is occupied, the village to help. They hate Japanese ,has spontaneously organized anti-Japanese self-defence team ten branch ,although not be trained with regularity ,but given the equipment ,but also a Jones .
The United States Air Force has guaranteed the Guilin absolute mastery of the sky, from the air to the Japanese invaders severely hit .I Guilin is peculiar, mountain forest ,cave is numerous, more River can be as a natural barrier .
Now use the rock hole ,a permanent device arranged in a crisscross pattern fortifications ,into each separate but interconnected fortress group .In order to make up for the Lijiang weak zone shortcomings ,in addition to the various obstacles ,the east coast Qixingyan into a rugged independent stronghold ,and Guilin City crossfire ,echo each other .
The munitions such as forage ammunition ,also reserve enough for half a year .In terrain fortifications device ,against the enemy for three months ,no matter who counts .&quot ;Wei Yunsong was a slightly slower ,praise: &quot ;Bo Han have a well-thought-out plan .
&quot ;immediately announced Guilin defensive deployment :first three one division three nine two regiment occupied in north along the river to the north of the line ,in particular to strengthen the fortifications along the river bank and fire allocation of occupation in the North River ,north to a mountain region and the river on the east coast ,screen hill ,head for the hills ,Qixingyan ,mountain ,water street along the river the line to the seven-star rock areas, and each individual stronghold Hill .
.. This is the end of 1944 10 .Since the Japanese army occupied Hengyang ,the Japanese commander in chief because general personally command the Hengshan Yong ,eleventh division ,fifty-eighth division ,Hirota ,Maori Maruo ,eighteenth division ,fortieth division ,army lieutenant general Gong Chuan, sixth regiment ,fifth mountain troops air force about 15 Wan Dajun ,ready to get to Spratly Islands in Northeast China mainland transportation line ,save the Pacific battlefield defeat.
The Hunan-Guangxi railway ,highway along the South against the tide ,Model ,is bound to get rid of the United States Air Force stationed there in long-range bomber base. Guilin ,Liu Zhou ,the two city ,suddenly become China the focus of world attention .
The Communist Party of China in the Xinhua Daily published continuously important editorial ,on war :&quot Xiang-Gui ;Guilin have been exposed to the enemy ,the enemy attempted it is more and more obvious ,Guilin has become the main target of enemy ,we should let the enemy before further ,to defend northern Guangxi ,defend the big southwest ,with all the power to turn the tide of the battle.
&quot ;and on war :&quot along ;two people ,a resist foreign aggression ,defend the motherland strong national consciousness ,a very rich experience in revolution ,they are good at organizing and advocacy ,also be used to war or fighting the war started ,they exercise .
Immediate response to war ,Songhu battle ,the battle of Taierzhuang ,Guangdong and Guangxi athletes loyalty and patriotic ,for a long time for the country to be praised ,as long as the mobilization ,is a great strength.
&quot ;the Chinese army had to rush Chen Munong into ninety-third army from Guizhou laurel ,Quanzhou defensive ;Xia Wei thirty-first army ,forty-sixth army to defend Guilin ;the Group Army Deputy commander Wei Yunsong Ren and commander of various ranks ,press forward day and night alike to prevent war .
9 model cloth On 12 August ,the Japanese striker tries to attack Yellow River ,the ninety-third army slightly war is back, known as &quot &quot the Great Wall ;Guilin ;the Yellow River natural barrier line between one night by the breakthrough.
The next morning ,the Japanese attack on Quanzhou, the ninety-third army didn wait until the fighting started ,suddenly withdrew to 60 kilometers Xingan. Run away when going into battle ,make Guilin off barrier ,Chen Munong was shot in the southern suburbs of Guilin bridge general execution.
Seeing the urgency of the situation ,to defend Guilin thirty-first main force division 188 division ,forty-sixth army main division 175 division and a large number of elite School Department ,carry for keep GUI and equipped with sophisticated weapons and equipment from Guilin ,directly under the Central Government Engineer camp along with jungle machinery ,transport vehicles and other equipment to &quot &quot ;offensive defense ;the name overnight ,from laurel ,leaving only the 131st division and the dimension of Kan Xu Gaoyang 170th division was ordered to stay in Guilin.
Because too few troops ,equipment is not worth badly also ,at least 1/4 has built a defensive position had to be abandoned. dimension Yong ,formerly known as Qingfu ,number ,culvert ,1900 ( Guangxu twenty-six years ) born in Guangxi, Liuzhou ,after graduating from high school ,entered the Guangzhou medical school .
Not drop back to Liuzhou . 1919 was admitted to the Guangxi Military Academy Engineering Department ,Graduate refuge in the home . 1924 Lee Guangxi supervision of appeasement and first army commander ,Ren for the military confidential staff .
The Nanning military instructors. And successively as engineers ,traffic ,communication ,traffic ,the team Engineering Team Captain Captain post. Seventh military barracks and served as battalion commander ,fifty-seventh Division staff director .
Fortieth army twelfth division thirty-six regiment ,the Fourth Army commander under the Ministry of communications regiment ,transportation division ,nineteenth division chief of staff and so on .
In 1932 into the Nanjing army engineer school. After the Anti-Japanese War broke out ,the Japanese invasion of the south ,to the nineteenth ,thirty-first army chief of staff of the first rate in 1942 three one division major general ,served as the southern Guangxi defense .
Because he was well-read, can speak Japanese ,on Vietnamese ,author of the language entry .His military knowledge quite study, called &quot &quot ;Confucianism ;model battle .Before, he and all the officers and men to walk from Nanning development to Guilin ,straight feet inflamed fester ,still bitter .
Kan Villon to Guilin after day in and day out to supervise subordinate evacuation of residents ,repair works ,and the depth of the forces ,encouraged the soldiers bravely fighting the enemy ,defend Guilin the Great Wall .
Flesh before dawn, the rising sun that shines A clear, green river ,shines upon his show ,form the Zhu Feng river .It does not clamp a mottled green ,like a flawless jade Luo belt wound on a wild profusion of vegetation ,the mountains between thick and heavy in colours ,composition ,hundred miles landscape.
This glorious god move scenery ,but could not see one cruise ,between heaven and earth covered the invisible murderous ,air seemed to solidification ,suffocating. A scream shot pierced the dead silence ,as if lit a string of firecrackers ,rifles ,machine guns ,grenades ,explosives ,ammunition buzzed ,like a clap of thunder, rolled over in the air ,spread out along the Li river .
The black brigade troops ,carrying assault boats and skin boats ,intended to force the Lijiang River .At the same time ,outside the North Station area to the North found the enemy assault ,screen lynx mountain was also the Japanese attack ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,general hill to the South and West Li Jiacun near the checkpoint near the west door and monkey depression region and Japanese cross fire ,Guilin click into the Japanese siege.
Stationed in the Elephant Trunk Hill cannon team and stationed Xiufeng funk team ,immediately support various positions of combat ,a cannon and mountain gun roared ,cannonball River and north of the station near bursting ,give the enemy a heavy blow.
Pressure army assault Japanese Da Zuo ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 so lovely starfish,keen discovers ,on the East Bank of the river near the Miao Shan is scarce, and the artillery range, immediately organize forces to attack storm ,as the breach .
The rows of the Japanese assault boats on the river on the other side of the river ,grass ,trees, suddenly out of a group of Zhuang and Yao garb ,or topless Lu ventral to the villagers.
Some of them holding soil gunman grenade ,some brandishing knives spear ,fought bravely against Japanese .Relying on sophisticated equipment ,so that the villagers suffered heavy casualties ,but the villagers to war more and more, even a grey-haired old man ,and little children .
The break in in full fury ,many villagers simply with explosive charges ,drove straight into rafts ,Japanese ,and enemies perish together .The militia was so tough that ,not to fear ,the impact of several were repulsed .
Throughout the battle ,the Japanese Light in the Lijiang River and pay more than 7000 dead the human cost. According to witness the battle of old memories ,was full of nearly 5 km river ,are floating on the water body ,almost be dyed bright red .
The Japanese army fifty-eighth division division commander in the future battlefield report says :&quot ;I Division in Guilin is Guangxi local indigenous armed blocking ,these indigenous armed equipment is poor, but very fierce determination ,death is very thick ,the brave army is far less than that for me ,my Sergeant gas funk hh.
&quot ;October 28th, the Japanese army stationed in Guilin with China officially opened fire, blood flow osteosarcoma ,fuzzy ,wonderland Guilin city suddenly become a human purgatory .
Lijiang fighting at the same time ,the defense is also always in turn white-hot condition .At the beginning of the war ,the United States Air Force in 393 the regiment was stationed in the North outside the enemy bombing and strafing ,to a certain extent, blocking effect.
The Japanese battle with overwhelm with numerical strength ,soldier in four ,one to the screen hill ,mountain stronghold of each independent attack ,one to the general bridge ,one to the west hill positions I de Chile secondary attack ,a large part of the station to the north of the north gate of the north line of attack .
Villon pro-shou Guilin city channel ,in the bridge bridgehead. The charge times ,leaving only a hundred dead bodies, not the Leichi half step .Second, the sudden change of weather ,rain downpour .
U.S. military aircraft to support ,the Chinese army only fight a lone battle Japanese artillery arrived .At once ,come to 15 gallons gun more than about thirty door ,door to the funk hundreds of various positions for the attack of the bombing, in the Japanese artillery under cover to my position was stormed .
Fire pressure Chinese army could not fight ,the enemy to rush on like a swarm of hornets ,straight in the bridge (today the liberation of the bridge ) .This Kan Villon ready ,immediately into the city ,use wall housing for the bunker ,and the enemy launched hand-to-hand.
Both sides of a street, a house ,or even a wall a wall charge for repeatedly ,until nearly all the Japanese casualties .A red bridge ,again and again by the Chinese army back ,both in the tug of war ,casualties .
November 4th sky ,rain ,the Japanese army captured dwarf mountain ,the artillery provided respectively control in the vicinity of the five-power Village area ,.Screen hill ,mountain .The Maoer mountain positions repeatedly by enemy strong forces captured ,night and desperate to recapture the Japanese long attack .
No ,suffered heavy casualties ,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス,the morale greatly reduced .Supervises combat the Japanese officer with rage ,literally meaning ,in command ;and look back or turn ,will be killed ,do not talk.
Our army and the enemy again for dozens of times ,not always a step backwards .At dusk, screen hill ,mountain stronghold At the same time by enemy capture ,Maoershan defenders with one city and survived for more than 100 people ,and all died in the position.
It is night, the temporary truce ,Kan Villon from exhaustion ,patrol the various positions ,organize the rush to repair of trench fortifications ,to treat the wounded. The Guilin City ,almost a the ruins ,and fireworks ,the streets are full of wounded and dead.
After a coffin shop ,Kan Villon on personal bodyguard says :&quot ;if I died in the war, you remember to buy a coffin and buried me. &quot ;others are choking unceasingly. November 5th, Japanese about 2000 people six shares to morality middle school west mountain positions continued onslaught ,North East bank Simon General Hill line are fierce fighting, north of the city against the Japanese defenders flat hill or machine guns ,cannon fire ,were all killed.
Japanese when I was 131st he is bridge ,Fubo Hill ,Yushan ,a Buddism godness Guanyin Mountain West by North ,old man the hills along the wall to the door of the northern line ,area ,at least in the attack strength of more than thirty thousand, 35 tanks ,15 cm cannon of more than 30 doors ,door ,more than 50 hundred Shanbao usual door .
The Japanese planes also came to help ,after the Japanese concentrated bombardment ,the city fortifications almost ruined Destroy completely, Guilin city smoke plumes ,engulfed in flames.
Chinese soldiers risked sniper ,some a pack of dynamite and grenades ,and Japanese tank perish together ;some bare to the waist like a bayonet grapple with an enemy ,never to yield an inch of ground .
The bloody days of fierce fighting ,a Japanese officer field diary card :&quot ;I heard Guilin scenery ,as the world rare ,but today I Corps was the most ferocious resistance since the war ,the gunfire everywhere ,everywhere is mine ,the town in hand-to-hand combat ,I group of more than 900 people in the war ended with more than 70 people ,mostly men ,after the war the enemy from the dead found Guilin of the enemy weapons ,mostly I was in Japan 40 years ago has been knocked out of the gun.
So rudimentary weapons could make us suffer so huge casualties ,although the enemy ,but also for the gallant spirit and emotion .&quot ;Japanese turns urgently take ,East South Bridge to the north of the river front line of succession as the fire damage, and each is bridgehead of Fort independence has for the occupied by the Japanese one three one division .
The heavy casualties ,and the front has been unable to attack and defense, Kan Villon above private and monitor for the main into commandos ,personally led ,with Rocket launcher ,grenade ,tank-destroyer gun started the battle, eventually bridgehead positions retaken.
According to the soldiers ,&quot ;we braved heavy enemy fire ,straight to the laurel Road ,arrived at the Cross Street (now Guilin palace of culture ,smile ,South building area) ,laurel road has become a sea of flames ,not through retracing bypass .
East Lane ,was also the fire partition .Xihua gate was 170 division garrison blocked, and led the troops along Wangcheng street ,to law ,Guihua street to via Donghua street ,Salt River Bridge at the door .
But we have not yet reached Donghua ,Donghua outside the cement bunker has been soldiers captured ,we from Osmanthus street to the door was suddenly in Donghua ,Donghua outside the bunker enemy machine-gun fire .
I had three soldiers killed by the enemy searched .When laurel road fire ,we are in the light ,the enemy to see in the dark place we are very clear ,and we can not see the enemy .We are the enemy sniper .
Several times without success, finally I had to use a bazooka bombardment bunker. First returned no emission ,the shooter will be the enemy killed. We put the bazooka is transferred to a shadow ,but due to the light shooting ,look not clear target ,result aiming high, shells over the ground Castle Peak hit the bunker behind the house .
Bang the bunker enemies away ,we seized bunker to salt Street ran. Just rushed to the salt in the salt street ,street near are not completely removed the old city wall to find the enemy two heavy machine guns ,adidas ObyO JS WINGS,with intensive fire blocked salt street .
Now has nearly dawn ,I army several times to his shock ,were the enemy phalanx fire blocking ,I even casualties half ... &quot ;Guilin city were struggling ,the twenty-seven into the city ,and twenty-seven times repulsed.
For several days ,rain downpour ,U.S. aircraft to take off ,can mastery of the sky ;but the defenders every boss begged assistance ,the answer &quot ;army in March ,defend until reinforcements arrived.
&quot ;historical records ,the Kwangsi army is in March ,just draw further apart ,are moving towards more and more distant mountain ,Hechi ,Guilin ,the Baise area. A vast city ,completely immersed in predicament of be besieged on all sides ,be isolated and helpless .
Hero elegy on November 6th morning 4 when Japanese troops occupied the East Bank of the river god head mountain crags peak ,Guilin East West traffic attack by truncation. Seven Star rocks in Guilin Lijiang River on the east coast ,cave about 1100 meters long ,50 meters wide ,The highest point 20 meters .
There is a hole in the various stalactites ,stalagmites ,columns ,stone curtain formed in different poses and with different expressions ,the scenery ,like a string of beads underground galleries.
After Chinese troops of elaborate design, here is not only a fortress ,in wartime as a field hospital and logistics warehouse . November 7th ,391 regiment position to fall,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, mission command to move into the hole ,to the 4 opening.
After several days of fighting ,the mountain has long been surrounded by Japanese army positions ,more and more Chinese troops were unable to evacuate ,only focus on seven star rock .Then rock, in addition to the 391 regiment regimental headquarters and each position is one of the few remaining defenders ,and more than 300 wounded as well as a field hospital ,health team ,transport ,spy row unit members ,for a total of nearly 1000 people ,most non-combat soldiers ,and several field hospital female Japanese aircraft .
In cooperation with the storm Qixingyan ,Guild Wars two night later ,still unable to make the most of the wounded soldiers and noncombatants .Team yield .Subsequently, the Japanese used to rock mountain artillery point-blank ,Qixingyan rock ,rock ,rock ,rock ,the crescent hole fortifications were destroyed ,the hole in front of all the trees had been burned .
With the fireworks Into the cave ,is more concentrated ,the defenders can hardly breathe .They depend on favorable terrain blocking ,the Japanese can not always forward half step. The afternoon of November 7th ,the sun slowly down the hill ,the sky clouds become like blood ,dyed the entire earth .
Japanese .Suddenly temporarily in Dayton ,A shares leather city will continue,Qixingyan defenders to take the opportunity to rescue the wounded ,finishing the fortifications. Transport company Huang Haichao busy transporting firearms and ammunition ,all of a sudden, heard a soft voice :&quot ;two years ago, in the southern winter ,cold in the evening ,mother shook out her hand ,send their children to the country .
L go, my child ,in the battle .,you take care of yourself ,as filial piety me. &quot ;Huang Haichao is startled, and find ,saw the health team of female nurses ,while busy for the wound ,while gently humming the song echoes .
In the cave ,the wounded soldiers listen carefully, could not help with the response, voice is louder and louder ,in the spacious cave flying. The song did not break, cave people in Japan: &quot ;Qixingyan the defenders look, you have been surrounded, all the exits are blocked .
As long as I army assault ,the whole army was wiped out. You absolutely .And died in vain ,as a hole cast Fall, I army that abuse of prisoners ,each two silver dollar coin ,send back home.
.. .everyone without exception .&quot ;shout abuse ,stationed at the cave mouth soldiers ,but picked up while machine-gun fire .Huang Haichao rushed to the entrance ,and stretch out the head looking, I saw a Japanese officer ,with several soldiers ,in stone with big the speakers in the message .
He made a tush ,bitter towards the Japanese officer spat. Suddenly ,he cried :&quot ;the small Japanese how familiar ?&quot ;is observing the positions of the three nine one regiment Tan Ze Wen Jing, ask :&quot ;do you know him ?&quot ;&quot ;is he ,yes !Before two years that sell tripod pot northern businessman .
He is still my home for the night ,always asking questions ,ah !&quot ;Huang Haichao abruptly a racket head ,chagrin :&quot ;he said he have a look we Guilin beauty ,I also took him everywhere ,have to the Qixingyan .
Who thought ,he is a small Japanese spies !&quot ;Tan Zewen was surprised, sighed :&quot ;Japanese deliberately plan long already, no wonder to me all over Guangxi, especially the pass line is very familiar with .
&quot ;immediately asked the soldiers to keep vigilance ,launch a sneak attack against each other at night ,the hole .Sudden bursts of gunfire before ,few thud ,Like many shells exploded in a daze .
Huang Haichao woke up ,only to find gas tight chest tightness ,difficult to breathe. Just go and see. All of a sudden dizziness spin ,binocular DC tears .Previously singing female suddenly shouted :&quot ;not good ,the Japanese used poison gas ,we quickly with a damp cloth blindfold muzzle ,immediately escape !&quot ;hole soldiers was chaos ,Huang Haichao immediately pulled back ,wet casts ,busy ask: &quot ;why don go? &quot ;the female smiled sadly ,patted his waist, where puffed with two grenades.
The Japanese night near the cave entrance ,gassing and jet flame ,Qixingyan massive poisoning in garrison ,be at one ,lose the ability to resist. Huang Haichao followed by Tan Zewen tissue stormtroopers break out of an encirclement ,is ambushed in the export of Japanese fierce ambush ,break out of an encirclement soldiers suffered heavy losses ,only a few people survived.
The Japanese into the cave ,Chinese soldiers with the rest of the a little bit of effort to the shooting ,and with the Japanese Army started hand-to-hand ,some simply sounding body explosives and grenades ,and the enemy will die .
Because the Chinese soldiers will fight to the death ,never surrender ,the Japanese will Qixingyan export all closed, and to the large number of Poison ,I army 832 soldiers wounded all died a heroic death.
After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War ,opening view ,my body still maintain combat soldiers ,are being gassed . 1946 ,the Chinese government to martyrs left patellar buried in Qixing Park Mount Putuo Bowang Ping ,grave eight hundred heroes Tomb of &quot ;&quot ;November 8th ,Qixingyan is .
Captured at the same time,アディダスウイングス, the Chinese army and the Japanese invaders in the Mount Putuo also into melee .For urban safety ,the defenders will destroy Japanese bridge ,in the superior firepower support, cast smoke cover ,divided by bamboo boats across the laurel River Bridge ,Fubo Hill ,in three nine three the regiment was stationed ashore .
The Fubo Hill area, braving the enemy direct suppressive fire be fearless of absolute advantage ,to attack the enemy everywhere continuous shot noise .Gun play red ,slightly cold ,and then shot by enemy cannon .
Until destroyed ,or I artillery no combat casualties .The specially for this new two teams desperate charge .As a result, the captain is the squadron long play honeycomb ,two small skipper died.
Although heavy casualties, but they still in the evening under the captured Fubo Hill. Japanese defense defense research institute war room the battle of Guangxi later called ,Fubo Hill not conquer Only the fire out ,and become unravelled Chinese positions .
The main factors of the Lijiang River in Guilin through to November 9th ,the city launched an all-out attack .After fierce battles ,the Japanese finally break through the defenders positions ,trespassing urban .
Defenders and into the Japanese and in the Imperial City ,East loop launched house-to-house battle ,at the same time ,the Japanese army also the North stream of reinforcements ;Japanese army also used chariots ,artillery ,air in fire support ,a clear lake hill ,Yongsan ,Yushan ,Lv Zushan and other strongholds .
bloody battle, to afternoon all the sacrifices ,various positions in succession fall ;West Japan in more than ten chariots support, were captured at the junction of two ,monkey mountain pass ,Center Hill ,Yang Mountain South of garrison ;General Hill firm resistance ,due to the end of run out of ammunition and food supplies ,was the enemy attack.
On the afternoon of the same day ,Guilin and Liuzhou ,fourth theater and the sixteen army command link interrupt ,Japanese has achieved a decisive breakthrough .Salt street ,laurel Road ,Donghua gate ,Guihua street ,cross street ,law politics has captured by the enemy ,a Buddism godness Guanyin Pavilion ,Yushan temple ,new quay ,north gate ,Simon ,train station ,morality and secondary various positions have been falling into enemy hands.
Japanese is a north-south flanking the encirclement ,near my wind tunnel Hill ,hill ,iron mountain breaking ,Duxiu Peak last core position ,is also the garrison commander of thirty-one army ,the one three one division headquarters is located .
Imperishable noble spirit garrison commander Wei Yunsong saw Guilin defeat can hardly be avoided on the afternoon of November 9th ,4 senior generals called defense emergency military meeting and the meeting.
The meeting, Wei Yunsong pats the table, anger: &quot ;one three one combat ineffective, even by the enemy breakthrough in North River Bridge positions and entering the city, repeated sweeps and cannot Zougong ,causing disease in one .
&quot ;Kan Villon head not language ,the hearts of grief unspeakable .Throughout the thirty-one army ,one three one division of the equipment of the poor, soldiers are using time out of the gun ,and most of it is old and infirm ,force is seriously insufficient.
This war ,they bear the most violent attack ,suffered heavy casualties ,to the regimental level ,almost completely before the war casualties .Dial above ,under the city fee twenty-five million yuan ,Wei Yunsong was most or all of corruption ,Deputy Defense no barbed wire ,using only wood nail into the stockade ,position before the laying of a mine .
Is more lethal ,lack of lighting equipment ,in combat against a night near my position ,illegal occupation of the Lijiang River, Bridge bridgehead and salt Street lobby hard attack ,to combat global has had a tremendous impact.
Wei Yunsong continued: &quot ;keep is not keep ,it is better to give up Guilin to break out ,and avoid being annihilated the enemy garrison commander .&quot ;chief of staff Chen Jiheng ,deputy chief of staff Tan Geming ,commander lieutenant general ,virgin ,forty-six army one seven zero division commander Xu Gao Yang et al.
All agree ,Kan Villon radical :&quot ;the battle greatly, and Chinese people have high hopes on the peak .Forces while the loss is large, one seven zero divisions still retain a certain strength, as long as the adjustment of the deployment ,change tactics ,can fight .
&quot ;Wei Yunsong looked grave, a tract :&quot ;I must have been intended ,Bo Han not complex !&quot ;Kan Villon grief and indignation ,nu ask :&quot ;so abandoned the city ,how to try to military patriotic soil duty, such as the face of the memorial, and help the effort of 8 laurel elders ?&quot ;dinner ,Wei Yunsong .
Hastily set banquet ,drinking to the breakout success. Wei Kan Yong Manzhen glass of wine ,and drank, frankly speaking :&quot ;&quot ;see you next life !Turn away and go, everybody can stunned .
Iron mountain ,and the town of South Peak ,and the parrot hill of confrontation, but Yu Guilin north of the city ,248.6 meters above sea level ,the relative height of 9 0 meters ,430 meters long ,180 meters wide ,mountain area of 4.
75 hectares ,dominating the north entrance ,,and parrots Hill things Xiangzhi ,forming a natural barrier .Here is the one three one division headquarters is located . Villon back to division command ,a wind ,History of the development of the Chinese People's Liberation Army uniforms,rain tears ,Guns N screams incessant; on iron mountain silent ,mountains ,the fires were lighted ,incendiary and gunpowder in burning .
He eagerly look ,its compound belonging to scanty ,ever be together morning and night men almost depleted by casualties ,overcome by feeling of sorrow ,tears in my eyes . Villon immediately called the divisional offices directly under the director ,the company commander and the relevant personnel arrangement of break out of an encirclement ,:&quot Guilin ;war goes so fast, you prepare for his breakout rate outside city, no longer in this confined to die .
I will execute the order ,do my duty ,not and you leave together .You brought these things to Rong County to my wife ,let her not too sad .The children expenses will with care ,to their diligent self-study ,must not be lazy.
&quot ;in all ,writes the vast life poem ,and will usually back sabretache ,his appointment to ,to guard Yang Linchao .Yang Linchao eagerly :&quot ;sir please change clothes, I took you from the path to the &quot highlights ;They also say: &quot ;teachers don go ,nor do we go! &quot ;Wei Kan Yong Zheng volume :&quot ;you to break out ,I can .
Guilin defense failed ,believe that China will not perish !&quot ;then ,the entire military generals ,chapter hang ,hang it into symbols ,residence. Even foreboding ominous secret service bodyguard ,busy follow closely.
Kan Villon to rest on the grounds ,into the bedroom ,raised the pistol ,aimed at his right temple ,pulled the trigger ,suicide is martyred. At the age of 44. The men heard rushed into the room ,up screaming: &quot ;&quot ;but Sir !Sir !Not everyone has to rescue .
Suddenly ,tears, all willing to provide teachers with the Japanese Battle Revenge .Chief of staff Guo Bingqi immediately by telephone to report Wei Yunsong ,Wei Yunsong :Die &quot ;&quot ;still life ,each group according to the plan to break out of an encirclement.
November 10th, to continue the fight. At 12 noon ,Guilin Guilin garrison commander of fall .Commander in chief Wei Yunsong led some of the officers and men ,to break out of the city. The fierce battle, the garrison commander of chief of staff, Chen Jihuan was seriously wounded, he wrote a suicide note card :&quot ;November 10th in Hou Shan pass was injured ,the mouth and the shoulder of a projectile, due to a foot injury cannot be separated from the position ,must with a pistol to Dutch act ,in order to avoid Shame !&quot ;refers to the stained blood handprints wound cover ,then Dutch act ,51 years of age; thirty-first army chief of staff general Lv Zhanmeng rate of open channel and the enemy repeatedly break out of an encirclement ,melee ,died in morality middle school nearby ,at the age of 40 years old .
The November 10, 1944 Guilin fell more than 9 ,10000 troops ,10000 2000 people died (of which half were gassed ) ,more than 7000 people because of poisoning in by Japanese prisoner ,( not a soldier in &quot ;awake &quot ;when the surrender.
) and Japanese casualties according to Japanese later submit camp said :&quot ;imperial forces in the battle of Guilin 10000 3000 more than 9 people died ,10000 injured in 9000 more than 1 people missing ,which killed more than 300 people, 9 Da Zuo level commander ,in 31 with rank captain ,nearly 100 chief and captain, Lijiang River water enemy armies of blood is red ,this is my life experienced the worst battles ,not in the scale ,but in the fierce enemy .
&quot ;in fact ,Guilin was the date ,but historians ,but not actually ,after two or three days, Guilin ,Shi Cong Canqiangduanbi see peaks ,trench in caves, the sound of the guns still very intense, and then gradually died down.
That is guarded Chinese soldiers ,shed the last drop of blood .&quot ;million head were bent ,or going over the body ;when the Panther leaving skin, do not drop the general. &quot ;Kan Villon desperate poem for newspaper and widely read, recite ,hear ,all the tears .
Also on the loyalty and admiration for the spirit ,ordered the captured officers and soldiers and the Japanese army officers and more than 20 people ,will Kan Villon to the funeral ,respectful salute salute ,buried in Guilin garrison command ,and a wooden sign ,write :&quot ;China Army Kan Villon general tomb &quot ;after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War ,the national government .
In 1945 October after Jin Kanwei for lieutenant commander Zion ,as Kan general held a state funeral ,and general Chen Jihuan ,general Lv Zhanmeng was buried with Yu Guilin Qixingyan King Ping ,said the three general tomb .
Was buried, along with tens of thousands of people ,since our sacred sent home ,all the way to the patriotic hero tribute ,the city was shrouded in solemn solemn atmosphere. The Qixingyan heroic sacrifice eight hundred and twenty-three heroes ,are also buried Qixingyan King Ping ,said &quot &quot ;eight hundred warriors tomb ;generals and warriors .
The neighbors ,not far ,share this paragraph of history. The people Of China after the establishment of Liuzhou City ,the military control commission under the State Council document, that Kan Villon for Anti-Japanese War Memorial ,chase after think of martyrs for their relatives ,issued &quot families of martyrs ;&quot ;glorious plaque .

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Roll roll, roll up sweet - - - - - - - cream roll cake

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 80 grams of sugar (20 grams of 40 grams to add egg yolk, egg white, the remaining 20 grams of added to the cream of), 2 grams of salt, milk 30ml, 50 grams of salad oil, low gluten flour 80 grams, 20 grams of cream of corn starch, 100ml practices: 1 eggs in advance remove, room temperature warmer, then carefully the egg white, egg yolk, egg white into a dry, oil-free clean container.
The egg white using eggbeater play fish Yanpao, then add 20 grams of sugar, beat,Sweet breakfast ~ [China] vanilla waffle, bubble becomes finer, the remaining 20 grams of sugar and then two times, until the egg white beat until stiff peaks form, mentions the eggbeater, apical protein Delta will not collapse can; Sheng 2 egg bowl add milk, salad oil, manual to appear coarse bubble, and then add 20 grams of sugar evenly, gently sift in the flour, corn starch, add salt, with upper and lower mixing blade this uniform.
Preheat the oven to 150 degrees; 3 1 / 3 of the protein into the egg yolk, upper and lower stirring evenly, no protein particles,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, the liquid egg yolk and protein mixture, mix to quickly cut into pale yellow; 4 pan pad on a layer of paper, into the cake batter, smooth surface into middle oven, with 150 degrees under fireForce and bake for 20 minutes; 5 bake a cake, the remaining 20 grams of sugar into the whipped cream, with eggbeater play to eight distribution, mentions the eggbeater, top of the river after a few seconds will be slightly curved,????????????????? everyone is different, to kill a good butter in the refrigerator for standby; 6 of the surface of the cake until golden brown, toothpick into the impurities do not immediately after the buckle, hot off the bottom of the paper, and cool to hot temperature, coated with a layer of cream, the sheet cake roll after biopsy.
Cake is a very convenient small snacks, lovely shape with the kids love, of course also suitable for carrying, as afternoon tea is sweet and delicious. As long as the master the basic essentials of wind in front of Qi cake, the cake is no difficulty; omelette baked to immediately reverse buckling prevents retraction, cake layer must advance pad paper, otherwise easy release paper must be hot.
Off,adidas jeremy scott wings, otherwise cool later on easy and cake together. When the screw is reversed, grill to pad a piece of paper, or the cake is easy and the grill surface adhesion, attractive golden yellow skin would not be complete; the sandwich layer cake according to their own preferences to adjust, butter,??????????????, jam,Chocolate, honey, fruit and so on are good.
I tried a clip of ice cream cones,????? ????? ???? ?????, Yu Wen just can be softened after the entrance of ice cream, cake is soft with slowly melted ice cream is very beautiful, you do not try! Roll crimp style has no fixed mode, if some surface color, color slightly heavier also it doesn't matter, the stuffing is coated on the deep surface, to curl, expose the bottom portion of the egg yellow, is also very beautiful.
But must pay attention to, cake is the best in still warm, not hot when beginning to curl, so easy to stereotypes,????? ObyO ?????????, but also will not crack. Many friends come up cracking, may be baked too long, an excessive loss of water,I hope my blog can you love, or wait until the cake is completely cool before volume, so it is easy to crack.

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I do not want you

I just went to a junction at a time when you can think of; I just think to see half of the time will think of you; I only heard the song soon will think of you. I really do not want you, I just I do not think about at a time when you think of you.
In this way, I do not want you, I do not think you want to go crazy, I just want you to the eyes moist. I go to bed, but I can't sleep,from the original to cook the folk, on the bed when the book reminds me of you, and I will shake out your shadow,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, but it is printed in a book, so I put the book away.
I turned off the light,ジェレミースコットアディダス use a 3-5 days, you look in the darkness is so clear, so I turned the lights bright. I turned off the computer, where we said, no less, but the words into my mind, so I opened the computer. I do not want you, just can't sleep when you want to, I just don't know think you can not sleep, or think you can't sleep.
I do not want you, even you,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, in the time before we leave nothing. Waste time like this, I don't feel bad,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, do not want you when they become a blank. When you want me happy, do not miss you when I'm lonely.
Happiness is not more, memoriesIn the mechanical repetition, more heavy loneliness, no time to miss you less and less. I do not want you,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス, I just miss you when happy, I do not happy of time remind of you.
Give me the person is not memory recall memories of deception, talent will be deceived by it. Balance in lover, weights slight like hair, you laugh, my sunny,Jeremy Scott Adidas, you are silent, my heart is grey. I catch you any look, to judge whether you also like before the general enthusiasm, I collect all your messages,adidas ObyO JS WINGS I say., to measure whether you also as before love.
Dear, I'm doing the boring and interesting, in an empty pajamas barefoot in the room and waited for the one one count, finally one day tell me the answer can stop these those. I understand all of your changes, I appear in front of you cold and indifferent, that is weak thin shell mollusks.

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routes set up the Lu Sheng

In May 1st, I set out from base camp at 5800 M transition camp ,May 2nd braved the snow to reach forward camp. Advance base camp at 6500 meters above sea level ,is located in a valley ,steep mountains ,climate is harsh ,according to Tibetan members of the argument ,even &quot &quot yak ;headache ;camp .
Dead ahead is an open ice ,the ice sheet to the right is the North col ,steep ice walls ,it is often because of diffuse ,daunting. We advance base camp has completed 7028 meters ,7500 meters of training adaptation ,very hard .
12 ,withdrawing to Tashi case area to rest,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス, for the race to the top to make final preparations. Forward camp life relative to dull some ,both day and night stay in tent cards ,chat .
The camp every night snow, can see the beautiful snow color and night .Transition camp ,at an elevation of 5800 meters ,from base camp to the forward camp to rest here one night. The tent is generally located in the forest of seracs .
Solar energy device due to strong sunshine ,located in highland ,Tibet solar energy application is widespread ,we all the way through the towns and villages can be seen .The transition from the camp to the forward camp road is continuous forest of seracs ,in the sun light Shining blue flashing blue light ,very beautiful .
The transition from the camp to the forward camp road is not good, complex terrain, mostly gravel road ,and some of the ice ,ice bucket, go up very uncomfortable .Advance base camp ,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン,at an elevation of 6500 meters ,is a &quot ;even the yak headache &quot ;place ,adidas ObyO JS WINGS,rugged mountains,Jeremy Scott Adidas, climate is harsh .
Across the camp is a sheet of ice, according to Wang and coach ,Jeremy Scott Adidas shaft,through the ice to reach the world Zuo Neng mm Makalu camp along the ice .Look right, you can see Mount Everest steep ridge and the North col of ice wall (right ) ,Mount Everest had a pointed roof ,couldn .
This is our camp ,right near the white Cooking Accounts yellow tent is my ,opposite rows of five tents are the other team .My tent ,the space is very large, the pad was a three bed of military ,lay good.
Look, there is a use of solar energy .Power supply of the lamp .As long as they have the time ,I will write diary ,to happen here are recorded. Mount Everest brings me a lot of experience ,every day to write a lot of ,a total of about about one hundred thousand words.
When not busy ,coach Luo Shen always come around and teammates playing cards ,fire Torch team camp in the US top the hill ,go on about half an hour .Teammate Li Xiangping in iridium phone contact with his family.
The iridium phone signal is relatively stable ,アディダスウイングス a blind man on a blind horse,every minute needs about 20 yuan .Mountain guides in blood pressure measurement. Every morning we measured blood pressure ,heart rate ,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット is the official personnel Yisifumu,oxygen content ,to understand the state of his body .
Forward camp kitchen ,than the base pallet. Due to high altitude ,the food is not easily cooked, the taste is not static as compared with the base .At the camp ,the tent with orange lights ,this is to advance base camp at night ,so quiet and serene.
May 7th, CCTV camera in Awang and other four before held very single Weisang rites ,with a curl of smoke for the acceptance and tolerance. Big Awang video on lower back to tell us the conditions on the mountain .
They and torch rehearsal team in 9 summit ,Adidas Jeremy Scott do not preach animated stories,the retreat to the forward camp vunga coach with us .Training camp ,from set out to 6600 meters of the shoes are such a gravel road ,some sections are mixed with ice.
Shoes office ,6600 meters above sea level .The team in general are crampons ,seat belts and other technical equipment in Barrel lock up ,wear ,down the mountain took off .This is the famous North col of ice wall ,the dot is the climber ice wall .
The average gradient of 40 degrees, the steepest part close to 70 degrees ,height difference of 400 meters, a road is ice ,go up very hard the first time I go .For nearly 7 hours. We are through the North col of steep snow slope ,because of the high elevation ,steep terrain ,route long ,from the North col of ice wall ,routes set up the Lu Sheng ,until 8844 m peak.
Reach the North Camp before by an ice crack ,not very wide ,can see the gloomy crack down on bottom. Fortunately crack on the metal ladder ,by up to save a lot of trouble. North Camp ,at an elevation of 7028 meters ,is behind Zhang Zifeng steep ridges.
Because of the wind ,the tent with thick ropes binding reinforcement .12 we completed third stage training from the forward camp down to 4130 m ,the Tashi case rest, for the race to the top to make final preparations.
Visit the case of Central Primary School ,there are more than 400 students, is in Tibet, a sizeable .I send text messages when, the children have encircled, staring at the mobile phone .
Watch this is small .Student dormitory ,simple but clean and tidy ,it reminds me of the apple school ,our children do not enough. The case of spot Cirendunzhu hotel boss ,he is the Tibet autonomous region of the people ,be happy in doing good ,won the local people respect .
In March, Tibet autonomous region ask him to go to Beijing for a meeting ,he had refused ,the reason was that Beijing was not highland barley wine and Zanba .In order to expand the hotel business ,Cirendunzhu boss from Lhasa bought a lot of new furniture ,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット bath treasure,spot the hotel shortly after the repair of a new case .
The Mount Everest shop ,each week from Lhasa ,アディダスジェレミースコットウイングス2.0,Shigatse and shipped fresh meat ,vegetables and fruits ,supply here several restaurants .Rock candy stew Sydney ,Runfei cough ,is a restaurant in accordance with the requirements of our special to do .
We drink for two days ,but the effect is not obvious. Teammate Christine Fan rest when went to Zhangmu Zhangmu .Is the altitude on the world the largest gap between the towns ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 but once there,nearly 500 meters ,verdant trees ,the air is moist, very comfortable.
Due to the bilateral trade port ,gathered here in Nepal ,Indian and western ,high degree of internationalization .Base bar & Restaurant ,was published 1960 Mount Everest of Kampot his son Ben opened ,in the customs boundary ,business is fire .

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Non - mainstream travel - pass in Beijing

Went to Beijing this beauty , and soon came back , I had wanted to shoot a huge topic , and ultimately frustrated . These photos is just the feeling of fur on the city of Beijing . Perhaps you will find very familiar or very unfamiliar , was called and people who've been mm cities of large population movements every day millions of people pass by , I chose to shoot those people resting on a chair outside the Zhongnanhai,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, the red walls ,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス may,Jeremy Scott Adidas, I was looking for one kind and ambiguous relationship between everyone and city .

rub plus over Beijing mm in this section you can see familiar with the Tiananmen Square , Xidan , just not so solemn ,adidas jeremy scott wings,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット said, bustling , and I just want to solemn itself a joke , the flashy getting a little tired . Finally,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, Beijing 's old hutongs ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0,アディダスウイングス, I saw many beautiful door mounds , one did not shoot because I believe that culture is the core itself.
, 1

finished mm Thank you

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