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Saving Private Wang Zhizhi Reprint

Anyone want me to publish the article Wang Zhizhi, but since he came back ,I haven him. See an a ,also only the upper half ( that I did not write ) ,placed here ,right when the document folder storage. It is called a &quot ;&quot ;,I especially want to know is this who wrote ,it is a wonder mm

tattle and prate fled the soldiers around the world ,from downtown Dallas to the basketball court to the headquarters in Manhattan glass building to Beijing August and secret military base. Every voice calls are greater than the previous ,more than one before ..Wang Zhizhi ,the people 2 meters 10 basketball ambassador ,missing .
loyal soldier in the United States as a deserter .
according to a year ago, the Chinese government and the regulations of the Dallas Mavericks ,Wang Tuan replica should be in the Mavericks finished the season in mid May 2002 immediately fly back China .But now the Mavericks final game of May 13th ( a Wang Zhizhi played only 6 minutes lost to Sacramento playoff ) has been for the past three weeks ,and the Chinese Center can take wings to itself .He missed a team meeting ,also did not comply with Chinese officials asked him to immediately Back into Beijing national team training command. Both sides of the ocean influential figures are beginning to worry .
Mavericks hold about and give oneself airs boss Mark .Cuban said he was a few weeks in trying to find Wang Zhizhi ,so as not to break the team and the Chinese rare good relations. Wang Zhizhi lives in Turtle Creek in a Residence a house of 2 storeys ,surrounded by the Residence there also lived a teammate of Wang Zhizhi Dirk .Weiss base and Steve .Nash .Cuban sent people door-to-door knocking at the door ,but there is no answer ,and from the outside looking in, the house is absolutely empty .No one saw Wang Zhizhi laugh a little dimple the expensive goods ,like the beautiful girlfriend. Wang Zhizhi stopped in front of the house of the Mercedes-Benz SL500 cars are not the least trace was found. .&quot ;we do not know where he is ,do not know how to find him. &quot ;Cuban said ,&quot ;we never imagined that Wang Zhizhi would not go to do about his story, we had not thought the consequences of this .&quot ;confused and angry calf team staff every few hours on his mobile phone to call ,no answer ,only one in a message before the strange sound ,English :
&quot ;his name Is the king .&quot ;
suddenly ,his name in Beijing became synonymous with treachery .China leaders ,Wang Zhizhi is open rebellion :they spent ten years of painstaking efforts turned him into a star ,but now ,when they gave him no privilege ( NBA ) ,he dare open rebellion. Wang Zhizhi is not reformed Chinese officials begin unwilling to let him aboard one of the main reasons ,also confirmed that many people worried. Officials started a convergence to discuss Wang Zhizhi problem ,published a few ready to accept either course statement ,also increased the interest of the media .&quot ;Wang Zhizhi did not return to national team training ,&quot ;CBA spokesman Xu Minfeng in the middle of June was forced to admit that .&quot ;a month ago he should come back ,but he did not .We don .&quot ;
make a bad situation worse is that Wang Zhizhi is a people Army soldier .Just 14 months ago ,when the military leadership and team leaders together to hold his farewell press conference, all the people believe the army more than 10 years of strict ideas have shaped him into not to move or retreat patriot. Now his loss Trace and then without leave as serious ,can be in a military court trial .More serious consequences is mutiny .&quot ;Wang Zhizhi was a member of the army ,which is life-long. &quot ;one in Beijing and the Chinese military sources close ,&quot ;he cannot have private passport. No boss disclosed allows he cannot stay in a foreign country. He overseas ,only one way out is to mutiny. &quot ;
in the news before his disappearance ,Wang Zhizhi in China is still a hero .He in the Mavericks competition in China have attracted tens or hundreds of millions of viewers. Willy .Brown specifies a &quot ;Wang Zhizhi &quot ,memorial day ;and the African countries of Liberia and even let his portrait on a number of commemorative stamps on go down to posterity .Wang Zhizhi in the Mavericks good performance also shows that he is not just a NBA opened the Chinese market tool ,but a great potential for the real Wang Zhizhi NBA player. Averaged 5.6 points ,but are generally in the score disparity in garbage time &quot ;&quot ;substitute. But when Wang Zhizhi in the grizzly victory with 18 points ( at the time of his career highest score ) ,have a lot of Ming The star player of Dallas coach Don .Neilson touted him up, even said that the &quot ;Wang Zhizhi inferior to any one of the players in our team .&quot ;
but when the end of the season when the Chinese soldiers are increasingly worried about his future .In June he and Dallas 2 year contract expire the Chinese military was not disclosed ,but said he would be allowed to continue his NBA career. In fact ,people generals are not happy to see is :is their star man sitting in the Dallas bench,Adidas Jeremy Scott use it as a seed, their eight one first team lost the CBA finals ( lost to Yao Ming the Shanghai sharks ) .The Mavericks manager office have given extended his contract guarantee. &quot ;once the calf does not intend to renew me, &quot ;Wang Zhizhi said ,&quot ;it may not continue to play the opportunity of NBA .&quot ;delayed so long time dream of seeing is ahead of the end of the ,he put some of the blame for the Chinese bureaucracy .&quot ;if I in 1999 was selected to come, now certainly don ,&quot ;he said .&quot ;but the reality is that I wasted two years. &quot ;no time to Delay .
China continued constraint is only exacerbated by Wang Zhizhi in early 2001 in Dallas ( he appeared in only 9 games for 51 minutes to adapt to NBA ) Wang Zhizhi longs to be like other people like in the NBA Summer League to exercise myself. Somebody told him ,a summer league more than ten Chinese field the game. Nevertheless, he still honestly returned to China in the East Asian Games ,then 3 months of monotonous training for the Universiade .In the games, many other coaches are dissatisfied ,one never went to university classroom 24 NBA players can participate in the Universiade ( in particular, Wang Zhizhi led the Chinese team to beat the United States team after the historic ) ?But foreigners don ,in China honor above all ,a little bit of rules can block the internationally to enhance the prestige ?
in 2001 October ,when other NBA players in the NBA training camp for the season at the beginning of the time, Wang Zhizhi was in China ,due diligence work ,waiting for in November on behalf of Liberation Army attend the National Games .In the history of the NBA ,????? ObyO ?????????,have never had a foreign government to control it In the NBA player race ,not to mention this is a communist army. The Mavericks and NBA ,in order to better relations and China ,agreed to this episode. But Wang Zhizhi on this delay is not very satisfactory. From ocean the other shore in online tracking of Dallas Wang Zhizhi impossible not to worry about their own level the domestic low level competition for delay. Eight one the last seconds to beat Yao Ming in the Shanghai team won the national championship ,but Wang Zhizhi could think of was to catch the next plane .Late after two months, Wang Zhizhi to the nineteenth League game was first put on the Mavericks team coach Neilson did not give him .Too much opportunity to shine ,but Wang Zhizhi understood: if every time he is only to make it, he could not get much playing time .
make Wang Zhizhi more uneasy is touted Yao Ming more and more. In the spring of 2002 ,his old rival has been called the world newcomer ,under a NBA draft undoubtedly show .For Wang Zhizhi, the first to join the NBA Chinese ,living in a university in the United States have never played the ball or occupation of 21 years young shadow is a very uncomfortable Things ,especially when he used to break the youth .In addition ,Wang Zhizhi worried that CBA ( also called &quot ;Yao Ming &quot provided requires each overseas Chinese players to the government to pay 50% of their salary. Wang Zhizhi annual salary is $420000 ,the NBA is a small, but the Chinese government don a penny. If he comes back to China and signed a new treaty ,so he thinks he is it right? Had to give half of wages to the CBA. Wang Zhizhi felt the Chinese debt has been delayed for two years after training camp and missed all paid off .He still owe China what ?
the Mavericks lost to Sacramento to end the season a week before ,Wang Zhizhi and Mavericks assistant coach Donny Neilson about the meeting, to discuss his future .( as it happens ,the same day Houston rocket team announced their decision in June to allow Yao Ming to become the NBA draft pick .) J.R. and Wang Zhizhi still kept in the 2001 an act with confusion days built friendly relationship. Was the Mavericks coach joy on the face of the soldiers from China sent out, his hands to welcome him as a member of the family, let him in his own house .A room to sleep at night ,still climb up to the refrigerator for leftover chocolate cake .But in the course of time ,they part company each going his own way .Now has increased to J.R. Mavericks Basketball Management Deputy General Manager ,his face serious also appeared to replace the previous open .Wang Zhizhi also stability and girlfriend (now unmarried Song Yang ) settled ,most of his free time with his girlfriend in the rich Chinese friends ,there is a 29 years old basketball fans - a Chinese-American in talks and J.R. sitting next to him as translation .
Chen Weiming never thought he would become Wang Zhizhi advisor .A year first ,the Columbia University graduates are NBA entertainment department when a video data administrator ,never thought of lawyer occupation .When his superiors wanted him to go to Dallas to shoot a Wang Zhizhi film .They soon became good friends ,midnight cards when talking about their childhood in Beijing and Brooklyn .Later in the year, Chen Weiming regularly to Dallas ,each time not helped him run errands is to help him and Mavericks Official relationship for a NBA staff .Doing so may will bring some conflict ,so egged on by Mr Wang Zhizhi in 2002 May ,Chen Weiming resigned from the work to Dallas became his full-time staff .&quot ;I just on a Chinese can hit NBA to feel extremely proud, so I want to see his success ,says Chen Weiming &quot ;&quot ;he needs .A person to help him .&quot ;
normal word,Jeremy Scott Adidas, an occupation sports broker will help the player talks to his whereabouts ,but Wang Zhizhi is now cannot be expected to bring him here two .Always believe that Wang Zhizhi is Yao Ming River brick NBA agent Bill Duffy ,at the beginning of 2002 and the main agent Xia Song Wang Zhizhi broke up ,the reason is economic disputes. Now Wang Zhizhi Xia Song fry .In their March meeting for the last time ,Wang Zhizhi put forward in the United States to play NBA Summer League possibilities. Xia Song immediately jumped out to oppose ,said China would not agree .Maybe Xia Song is just a pertinent suggestions ,but Wang Zhizhi suspects the young man ( at the time of operation is also close to the Chinese national team work ) just don spoil China relations .The talks into The two old friends last dialogue .Then ever, Wang Zhizhi no longer take Xia Song their relationship will make a clean break with .A NBA official evaluation ,fire the &quot ;Wang Zhizhi completely cut off and the last line of China .&quot ;
Wang Zhizhi is now a &quot ;limit free &quot ;.Basketball ,meaning the Mavericks even in Wang Zhizhi contract expired and he signed before 30 June ,as long as they are willing to give and the other team promised as much money ,people or their political .Wang Zhizhi is &quot ;restricted free &quot ;,????????????????? 8,meaning as long as China want him back he would have to go back .Now the people officers have lost patience. Neilson there is no guarantee that the Mavericks will extend his contract :Although Wang Zhizhi offensive ability quite good ,his defense was feeble. ,but his English progress slowly intensified his inherent unsociable.
Wang Zhizhi cannot make he told Neilson that he had decided not to return to China. He wants to have a look to the team he is it right? Really responsible for ,want to get Neilson ,to demonstrate his summer ready to thin body training Strong ,to defensive practice ,and the highest level of the competitors to exercise their own technology. If he is any other player ,his this initiative will be the United States of America coach appreciated - but Wang Zhizhi is a Chinese soldier ,a full NBA only one must abide by the rules and constraints such as the player .
&quot ;I want to join the Mavericks summer league team ,Wang Zhizhi &quot ;come to the point .&quot ;you can guarantee the team I have a space for one person ?&quot ;
Neilson on this matter was a little surprised.
&quot ;Da Zhi ,you know the end of the season you should immediately go back to China ,&quot ;he said .&quot ;this is our agreement with CBA .&quot ;
Wang Zhizhi is not pleased .Indeed, the Mavericks took him from the Chinese get out as soon as China needs the guarantee to send people back. Xia Song and eight one with CBA had a similar contract. In the Wang Zhizhi season second intermediate ,Xia Song made the military agreed not to Wang Zhizhi from NBA back ,in the CBA finals and Yao Ming of the Shanghai Sharks game .But Wang Zhizhi still on it is not satisfied ,because although it is his career and his life ,he never signed any of them a Association Discussion ,not to mention agree to these conditions.
&quot ;I know ,coach ,&quot ;Wang Zhizhi said .&quot ;but I can help the Mavericks ,also can help the Chinese team .Don want to see me ?&quot ;
Neilson must be in sympathy with Wang Zhizhi .If the Mavericks did not renew his contract ,and he is not in the summer league to the other teams the opportunity to express themselves ,the young man NBA career will end. But this is Dan Hu TA not so disappoint him and Beijing to set up the trust ,the trust will give us more benefits. Br > &quot ;if you really want to participate in the summer league ,&quot ;&quot ;J.R. suggested ,you need CBA writing support .&quot ;
&quot ;no problem ,says Wang Zhizhi &quot ;.&quot ;I will give the letter to you .Give me 5 days .&quot ;
Wang Zhizhi may be too optimistic .Beijing bureaucrats are generally very slow ,especially when the proposal and have established the conflict time. How could Wang Zhizhi in a short period of time so that they modify the provisions ?
apparently ,Wang Zhizhi count on two things .First of all ,he is over the past six years in China requirements for Bing ,so he believes there will be treated the same way as he .The second is his fiancee father The retired generals is a former Air Force officer also serves as the main military sales ,has a great power of the national defense science and Technology Committee. In 2001 he helped Wang Zhizhi had to leave China green lights. According to Beijing, a Chinese basketball officials disclosed that ,now he used in his and the people Political Bureau Director of the relationship ,in order to obtain CBA chairman Lan Cheng to let him stay in the United States of America letter of consent.
we are not very clear these relationships is it right? The letter Lan Cheng soft down .But in and J.R. dinner after a few days later ,Wang Zhizhi and called him can be seen in the basketball association leader seems to suggest that he would negotiate .First letter to Lan Cheng explaining to Wang Zhizhi home in preparation for the August World Championships is Wang Zhizhi patriotic duty, but also all other foreign players responsibility.
&quot ;when the country needs, must return home .&quot ;letter Lan said .
such a senior Chinese leader orders ,ordinary people are performed automatically .But Wang Zhizhi psychology in revolt .He tried to explain the NBA summer League to Enough to make him a better player ,this is also China ,and that he still has six weeks to prepare for the world championships and the national team .He wouldn missing .
letter Lan Cheng advised him to return home to discuss this matter .According to the letters of Lan Cheng as a good friend said ,when the soldiers or not determined the time, Lan Cheng gave a reply to a phrase with a double meaning .&quot ;you will not get my letter of support ,&quot ;he said .&quot ;but if you stay in the United States ,the media will not have the good news .&quot ;
then secretly agreed ?Or covert warning ?Anyway ,Wang Zhizhi was the idea ,so he would rather believe that Lan Cheng quietly agreed he participated in mid July the end of the NBA summer league. Maybe it his wishful thinking ,even though the letter Lan Cheng not publicly supported his plan ,he still felt that perhaps the basketball association leadership would agree with him to stay ,as long as he don others. No matter how, Wang Zhizhi knows now he went his own way ,no team or country of any public support .He decided not to go back to see the comparison of mechanical creed Neilson. So ,adidas ObyO JS WINGS,the people soldiers quietly packed her bags ,Sitting on his Mercedes-Benz cars, to the west of it .
much trouble summer + + + + + + + +
Chinese people of 2 veterans in the Losangeles international airport arrives at the room quickly walked. These two are the national team manager Kuang Lubin and eight one team coach A Dijiang ,they have a secret mission: find the Wang Zhizhi regiment deputy ,to take him home. Cross the ocean ,their aircraft in San Fran Francisco airport late, arrived in Losangeles they worry about the late effects to find the lost soldiers .In this 2002 17 July night ,the China Center of Long Beach Pyramid gym is on behalf of the Jinzhou warriors were the last NBA summer league games .From the airport to the stadium drive of about 20 minutes ,of course it is in a sunny day - now the weather situation ,are not clear .
Wang Zhizhi did not rejoin has for 2 months ,but not direct contact with him ,which made in Beijing leaders are very embarrassed. Now they find the two men are from red mountain camp knew this genius .Kuang Lubin is higher ,the character more sensitive ,is a 1 meters 96 ago Team of eight one players .In the youth team he was the coach Wang Zhizhi ;at the age of 46, he is the Chinese national team leader and to maintain the discipline of main responsible persons .A Dijiang is 10 years younger than he is short of several centimeters, just from the eight one team and national football team ,is now eight one main coach .He is from the Xinjiang region of Western China -- his bald head ,face a long beard and light brown eyes that he is a Muslim Uighur minority. The star point guard ever to give Wang Zhizhi a myriad of useful work ,that some people think the latter became a star with his great contributions in the presence of .He also played an important role :as Wang Zhizhi roommate ,his sense of honor and character are the young men learn by example.
now the two person in Losangeles traffic waiting to catch them before a chance. Until then ,Chinese basketball leaders thought they had enough patience Wang Zhizhi .The latter to resist command behavior makes them very angry ,but in addition to the national team coach Yao Ming Wang Fei in a draft day temporary a little criticism ,did not denounce Wang Zhizhi eight one and CBA .Who can stop him to participate in the NBA summer league .But the last 2 months of the season and at the end of the night was over ,although Wang Zhizhi appreciated ,he averaged 14.4 rebounds ,6.8 - to him home .No reason now ,and he himself has publicly stated his going back to Beijing and the basketball association leaders clarify the differences ,many people believed him .&quot ;I strive for in late July Summer League immediately after the back, and the national team up .&quot ;in July 1st, he told the &lt ;&lt ;Titan &gt ;&gt ;a Chinese journalist .&quot ;I must find a chance when facing the basket tube center director Wang guidance letter and explain ,apologize to them ,because I was the cause of a misunderstanding ,I should take the initiative to communicate .&quot ;( Note: full text see http : / / sports.sina.com.cn / K / 2002-07-01 / 01281829.shtml )
but in the middle of the 3 months, some of the things that Wang Zhizhi changed her mind. When the two soldiers arrived at long beach ,the warriors game had ended ,Wang Zhizhi has sat his Mercedes car to leave .But Wang Zhizhi to speak but speak with equivocate .The second generation of overseas Chinese accent ,Chen Weiming told the two soldiers can not find Wang Zhizhi ,his mobile phone shutdown .Kuang Lubin didn ,ask for Wang Zhizhi new phone number ,but the American Chinese not answer. Wang Zhizhi confessed that he don phone number to tell anyone ,Chen Weiming never give it give 2 to bring him back to the country officials .
two of the arrivals ,the setback is surprised .Beijing .They flew over thousands of kilometers to the young man ,is watching them on Wang Zhizhi has an undeniable jurisdictional power. But now they were unable to find ,not to mention persuaded him to return .That day of the week ,sitting in a hotel in Losangeles ,Kuang Lubin decided to ask Chen Weiming to hold talks with him ,I made him ashamed. Chen Weiming is 29 years old ,with ivy school degree and comb the whole Qi Qi hair ,but in Kuang Lubin the lack of urgent affairs to understand. &quot ;I don believe that Chen Weiming tells us that Wang Zhizhi really wants. &quot ;Kuang Lubin recalls .&quot ;I had to say to Wang Zhizhi and &quot ;this requirement was not achieved .A week later ,Kuang Lubin in the absence and escape the warriors say a word ,he flew back to Beijing .
A Dijiang better luck .In the long beach didn it after a few days ,Wang Zhizhi agreed with his former boss in a Korean restaurant meeting. Wang Zhizhi may not believe Kuang Lubin ,but how many years of living together, eat together together ,playing so that he and his former point guard reached a very close relationship . 6 years ago ,in the Nike a local hero &quot ;&quot ;advertising ,together they stand in the picture. But not now ,Wang Zhizhi has systemic shock and panic .A Dijiang may be a friend ,but this time he was the leader of Beijing sent an emissary .When the eight one coach asked them two alone when they meet, Da Zhi stressed the need to bring his staff - and his fiancee Song Yang and Chen Weiming -- and when Wang Zhizhi kept looking at their idea.
this a group of people sitting on a mission to eat beef and pickles ,A Dijiang thought that he can look like a few years ago they were on the court as dispel Wang Zhizhi He said he understands Wang Zhizhi lag beauty not to decide ,not to the state ,but for their own In the future of NBA .But Wang Zhizhi forget his NBA dream is realized, the country is the concern and care, no country he is nothing. In any case ,A Dijiang said ,in both sides made irreversible action before this problem is saved ,as long as they can and eight one and CBA communication on what is good .
&quot ;return to Beijing after no one will take you, &quot ;A Dijiang assures him .&quot ;I can absolutely assure you, trust me .&quot ;
thanks to Wang Zhizhi A Dijiang support. But he no longer believes he returned to not be punished severely in him .In mind, the new coach of the eight one though the heart is good ,but no power can guarantee that he will not be punished. &quot ;A Dijiang is not eight one or CBA decision maker ,??????????????,&quot ;&quot ;Chen Weiming said .Wang Zhizhi thought he was a good friend ,a teacher ,but he doesn believe in Jiang Neng China to protect him. &quot ;
for Wang Zhizhi, in South Korea barbecue shop in the talks was not returned to the introduction ,and it is his hearing .And his parents, the quiet warrior never engage in conversation or between the master ,each with a tight Urgent situation ,his strategies are never retire .In the past 6 weeks, Wang Zhizhi hiding in the Chinese Web site to see how others argue about his predicament .Some people support his courage - if the young Chinese have to do their own choice, why did he not ?-- but there are hundreds of Posts condemned he gave up the motherland ,to a few American banknote .Now Wang Zhizhi can no longer hide ,his first order of business is to A Dijiang knows his motive is worth affirmation.
&quot ;you know ,I didn money .&quot ;Wang Zhizhi said .
A Dijiang nodded ,but he may does not seem to believe. Because Wang Zhizhi immediately interposed to prove it.
&quot ;he didn need the money .&quot ;&quot ;Song Yang said .My money is .&quot ;
A Dijiang is the outspoken assertion was frightened jump, but he would have heard of basketball in China groups spread about Song Yang and her family story. Song Yang a few years older than Wang Zhizhi ,but when they were 2 years ago started dating, her wealth ,she is good at communicating experience ,even her looks ,she looks a bit like &lt ;&lt ;&gt &gt crouching. Tiger, hidden.dragon ;Star in Zhang Ziyi -- are fascinated by the unseen world warriors .They together have a period of time after the start ,Tomorrow, go to work. I don't believe it. - bag M's blog - the focus of Blog,Da Zhi and her rich friends and businessmen together - some people think that led directly to his arrogance and lonely. Wang Zhizhi in China is a very rich athlete ,annual income plus on the advertisement cost almost $75000 ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0,but compared with the Song Yang is simply pale into insignificance by comparison .Song Yang retired general of the air force ,has been the managing military trading ,now the family started their own business .It is said that Song Yang brother to master a fortune in Chinese Securities and real estate market they save a lot of ,Song Yang has been in the United States of America operates some of them. According to a friend of Wang Zhizhi memories ,Song Yang used to boast when said when she gave Wang Zhizhi a BMW ,Wang Zhizhi can .
Song Yang now be insatiable :Da Zhi &quot ;if not, he can don .&quot ;
the whole table has no one to speak ,is this sudden interrupt - half boast, half threat - away .No one believes Wang Zhizhi will not play .After all, this is when he started only A thing ,but in no pressure, this is what he likes most .Sitting on the table of people understand Song Yang :not that Wang Zhizhi doesn need a basketball ,but Wang Zhizhi does not need China .Now he is in the NBA ,and together with Song Yang economic life ,he can completely independent, do not need to worry about the bound states .
awkward scene, Wang Zhizhi explained that he only desire is to other NBA players have :can the freedom to express themselves. Before his 2 NBA season because of domestic tasks and reduced ;now China and he hit the October Asian Games be equal to ,and deprive him of participating in the NBA pre-season training camp opportunities. Although Wang Zhizhi wants to participate in the August World Championships ,he does not think he should attend to his NBA career useless or even harmful competition. In his view of the Asian Games is one of them .
but the conflict of time is just an excuse for Wang Zhizhi truly .Worry is that China will not allow him to play in the NBA .In his missing May, eight one have put this things up ,now Wang Zhizhi can the generals will do him. A Dijiang hopes to dispel His concerns :don ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;he said .Someone told me that your home and then can play NBA. You only to return ,leading to a face ,things will get better. &quot ;
if he old wizard was telling the truth ,even if CBA and eight one welcome their gifted son ,returned to China is likely to end his NBA career. His summer league - including 56% on the hit rate and 50% three point shooting - increased at the NBA coach position in the heart .But he still does not have assured source, not the season NBA contract NBA restricted free this week began to appear on the market ,Wang Zhizhi agent ( Art brokers group Geoff Xiwazi ) also hope to put him in the NBA market around .
more and more dark days ,Wang Zhizhi decided to ask his old ally one he thought for a long time the question: if not go back ,can how ?
eight one coaches face down .If Wang Zhizhi with eight one and CBA leadership .Then ,this dispute is not gonna hit him in the future of China ,will strike him in the NBA future. Truth is part of simple economy. Whether Wang Zhizhi will Many large characters, Chinese market will be greater. Wang Zhizhi for NBA values not only is the three points and hit rate can be measured on the field ,he was dealing with China door .Otherwise why Mavericks so earnestly chasing him after three years?
reason more part is political .Unless Wang Zhizhi returned as soon as possible ,is likely to be expelled from the national team of China ,the military trials will be more severe. Wang Zhizhi in the Chinese boss very angry ,they put forward and NBA negotiations that no team would dare to sign Wang Zhizhi idea. Wang Zhizhi is the Chinese government can hinder he NBA dream offer scared .He knew NBA president is had no right to exclude all the team any signing players .But as the Mavericks will obediently obeys a Chinese instructions ,a little to complain. If all American team so ?
just as Wang Zhizhi was thinking of his future time, coach the mobile phone rang. He answered ,then handed it to Wang Zhizhi.
&quot ;your mother. &quot ;
Wang Zhizhi stay .He has two months not and his mother talked .A journalist friend told him ,Ren Huanzhen was all about her Son accused hit ,to stay at home all day crying. Most make her sad ,but his silence .Wang Zhizhi said he wanted to make his parents know him well ,but he was afraid and they call, he worried that a call will be he can his political struggle.
the mother was here outside of the mobile phone .At that moment, Wang Zhizhi is dying to hear his mother voice ,eager to tell her own everything can make her proud. But he can his suspicions .Why she would call at this time ,why would he disappeared and Chinese officials for the first time meeting called ?Wang Zhizhi is clearly an appointment with A Dijiang at this time to phone. Isn his mother is a use of a tool ,to persuade him to return ?When he heard his mother ,he could keep his position ?
Wang Zhizhi cruel .
&quot ;no, no, I don .&quot ;he said quietly ,from mobile phone front turned around .&quot ;sorry ,I can talk to her. &quot ;

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People laugh and people cry

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everything is new. The workers is not complete. The machine has not been properly.
we went to visit the purpose is to understand the production process.
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don't know if I will stay here?

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