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?Old headman, run into a leaf as a result 11.Connect down them to Fen river the direction break through siege, know the dress of Fu iron where, the battle begins inside someone's quality, run into leaf's 11 ? as a result ?finally,?????610, the roving bandits lived in self-abandonment, thoughted of where be there, result still ten in be eight times come back from 11 dozenses by the leaf at least, leave twice or divide too thoroughly, the soldier has no leaf 11 them to also kill not to come out.
This really enraged people too much!
What to enrage people more BE, so unlucky urge of of breaking through siege and fighting them a dozen is six months.
Six months!
The roving bandits thinks that they were subjected to unfair treatment.Clearly they have been enough strong, does the God still need to send one stronger devil to torment them?They still not enough strong?The war that this kind of makes people collapse they insisted for six months still not enough strong?They why died so many people, but that leaf 11 only have a but haven't been consumed dead by them, on the contrary add an officer into the Jue?
This is unfair!
Yes, not only is a roving bandits, in the officer soldier also have a lot of will get to think unfair.Though they also admit a leaf 11 fierce in the battlefield, they also admit at pass by six wars of months in a series of and glorious military merit obtained's hasing 80% is all leaf's 11 achievements,they still feel that the emperor rises his officer is too quick.
The even Kou victory is within sight,????? ObyO ?????????, the emperor doesn't hesitate Gao Guan Hou Lu's rich reward,adidas jeremy scott wings, as long as ensure once the creation lose, is plusing the wave of pushing of Zhao Shi to help Lan, just six months, leaf 11 from from cloud Hui general of three articles, turn a great commander soldier after positive bosom of three articles,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, promote for the champion great commander from two articles a soldier all the way, etc. arrests the rebel chief whole Jian roving bandits to then want to seal Hou.If the achievement that lays aside him doesn't talk, the speed like this absolutely makes people dizzy and giddy.Don't say 11 thus of Be from, even if four sonses of seven surnames didn't also don't to become for a 35 years.This also no wonder that the generals wanted heart to living to envy.
The in this world always has some persons be so,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Her kid can't lose, want ?only that ever and they together row or than their low person, they will unbalance, will envy, will is hostile to.No matter that person how strong,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, have how gleam merit.
Certainly, although it is said strong arrive top,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 ", the whole envy will convert into the adoration and the awe, only 11 strong next go, none of everythings is problem, but that is to need to be horary.Now, 11 return can eye in the vision of the generals matchless complications under go before continuing.The gossip Fei language of various each kind spreads in the army camp midstream, are wellabsolutely honest in leaf's 11 own subordinates so much, this is just unlikely to let original hard of the combat become more difficult.But what Zhao Se cans make, just promise that those complicated visions don't become actual to act just with own strength.
The war carries on declaring China for 29 years of the beginning of October, regardless the roving bandits is how stubborn, face to come from a leaf 11 that kind of in a row continuously and almost at the despairing stroke, finally and gradually break up with as for collapse.At this time the ring of encirclement of officer's soldier already from 200 in narrow 80 insides.And,?????????????????, the roving bandits is about to break a food right away.Fear claw son like devil similar gripped the neck of roving bandits, the uneasy emotion flowed in the whole encampment.All leaders are clear, this time, they are really at the end of one's rope.Fail, just the matter sooner or later, differ of Be just the last shot of officer's soldier.
The leaders of those roving banditses all the beginning in mind blame and scold to mix for a sky, dragon, BE

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?F of attitude, even if know that oneself is a female of, should can't drag along to go out to chop down, either, much less now is that the high a sky emperor is far, the surroundings also has no so many scouts.And looking at the attitude of Luo vegetable and that sorcery teacher, most likely is to have already been begged to oneself, if just alone talk with sorcery teacher, estimate to have already gone straight to topic, but the Luo vegetable is after all a queen, the political game estimates to have fun go game to still be familiar with than oneself, at this time carry a shelf certainly is to want to try to find solution more benefitses, but oneself refuses stubborn to want to give her this opportunity.
Since know that they have already been begged to their they, Qin is as well then also no longer worried, lower the head to see a stone set, they basically have never given to prepare a tea, her the mouth of Pie Pie, in the mind very for can not carry a tea put on an act but sorry.
That sorcery teacher sees Qin as well of the vision fall in the stone on the stage, think what excrescent,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, quickly also lower the head to see, that stone set is what he vegetable day used to see,???????????????????2.0, where see then hesitate what things and lift up head to see as well, Qin touches the chin way:"This stone set woulds be to offer sacrifices to use, don't know if have what ??" his words haven't finished saying, sleeves then and downwards on sinking, the subconscious ground twists a head to see a Luo vegetable, and then again the full face not and naturally lower the head to no longer talk.
Qin as well wonders this sorcery teacher be really don't become what weather, is like also a bookworm general, she sees an ability set words not, then hang up smiling face to face a Luo vegetable to ask:"Respect of queen his highness, I miss your Zhao I to come,????? ????? ???? ?????, affirmation can't be sit here is so simple to see chat, don't know that the our country has a words you had to once listen to,??????????, call come straight to the point, we still turn heavy like for Chien, don'ting so much sound out for."
Luo vegetable the facial expression nothing important of face change, the voice straight and evenly says:"Six his highnesses were used tricks to once cheat a saint insect and had already delayed to prepare an antidote, you wanted only a way at present,Why to want to call to commit incest, would be to looked for person thorough desert interior region and look for saint lake to take water."
Qin as well on listenning to saint lake, picture thoughted of to just see at the door right away, did they round a so big turn son and unexpectedly want to look for person to take water in the inland lake in the desert?Turn to read a to want and have some to release however, desert's putting in the moderns is all districts of the very difficult conquest of mankind, don't even say the ancient times that is very to fall behind in this science and technology and knowledge.She from entered later brain of house and then have been flying soon operation, think that the fragment that is a series of this puts together to answer, she is just wanting to take Luo at this time the vegetable is really deceitful, not and first say own clan people needs lake water to help and on the contrary and first lift the late ? of Wei makes the affair of Zha ??thought of here,Adidas Jeremy Scott, she suddenly feels brain one is bright,?????737, like two tunnels to finally join together success, the cause and effect makes her mostly establish.
In the mind after hasing bottom, Qin as well of the smiling face is then more brilliant, she by hand points light Kou to wear a stone set and carelessly says:"Queen his majesty if have interest, does the I tell that how is a story for you?"
The Luo vegetable doesn't understand to sell in her bottle gourd of what medicine, wrinkly knit the brows not to know to should oppose,???????865, but Qin as well saw her don't open mouth and then and without telling anyone kept on speaking:"Formerly there is a tribe, their clan the people don't know from when start infecting by a kind of strange disease, , seem to be like the city people of bunch bamboo.All common people are tormented by the strange disease, the whole tribe doesn't think production, finally the God takes pity on and appear 1 inside the tribe can predict a future saint, he says that this isn't the strange disease, but 1 kind curse, and cans dissolve.In the wide barren land among them, have a

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Although let the Yun son find out Chu's four that directions actually is what situation, Chen Lan is the most inquisitive or how after two uncle, Chen Jiu, go to jail actually.What then it is easy to is gate tightly guarded, find out a house this so big Hou mansion under the matter,adidas jeremy scott wings, find out matter in dynasty, then isn't so simple.As a result, hear Zhu Shi in the Liao joss-stick hospital already Xie nap, she then cancels to sign go to of idea, sit at Kang up read.
But, she since puts worry,冠盖满京华1425, surplus of bookcase the book that hasn't seen also see not to go in.Deliberated and deliberate, Chen Lan is straight-tempered to continue the red Luo and the Qin Fang to call to come in, one person instructed a matter and came to they want to walk after promising of time, she suddenly thought of one Chi again, and then said:"While going out you instruct a Su's wood and pepper and tell them you to ascend which go to.Also conveniently make them stay by the side just in the outside, my need not person here."
Although Chen Lan does a completely arrangement, and then lends not to want to bother, a person reads in the house, can finally is an in the mind seven ascend the eight times has no quasi-,Jeremy Scott Adidas, and then sat to in a short while feel the suspicion is stifling,淡扫娥眉888, straight-tempered throw on that house.
The capital city of January coldly freezes, but already Yin quite a few sky of, she just steps a door and just discovers to snowing and can not help pleasantly surprised, stand under the Yan the Yang at first go toward a sky to see.Threes are second class at this time of the big wenches all handled affairs, a few bond maids were done not know to hide as well where play go to, the yard inside is just peaceful and serene,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, Chen wear don't eliminate to in a short while cover with to dance in the wind of snowflake,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス ", quiet the Mi make people cant not bear to move a step.Just in a short while, suddenly from warm house of in come out of she feels the hands aring icy cold, hurriedly and lightly rubbing to begin.
"Young lady drinks the cup tea hand in Noan-noan."
Hear this voice, Chen Lan can not help returning overdo, see is a wench that shape picks Gao, touch 23 scenes around, she livings not to calculate very good-looking, the nose wing flank even still has a no small black birthmark and wears green Juan small Ao, month white cotton compare A, the bottom of the Ou lotus color skirt peeped out a pair of embroider plum flower of fine embroider shoe.Conjectured a short moment, she depended on sparse remember before get sick like while deciding to go to Zhu Shi to send greeting in yard there, once was some impressions to this wench, then once connected tea.
"How to is it you that send tea?"
"The elder sister of Qin Fang handled affairs, wood elder sister of Su and pepperystomach-ache elder sister drive Liao joss-stick the hospital bearer call pass by, the others don't know top as well which, I see a young lady to stand to see snow here, necessarily cold must very, from made the decision piece to be poured tea."
Chen Lan looking at her and imperceptibly thought of boudoir in a dream is also pour tea to pour out chance and opportunity of that is small and red, thoughted of the treasure jade no luck, elder sister Feng but Jian again cheapness, immediately tiny tiny a smile.As for Su's wood and pepper are called Liao joss-stick hospital, but no man say with her a , this is the idea to anticipate a medium matter, she face up naturally didn't peep out what clues.Ask name, know this wench to originally be called red Xiao, because and the name of red Luo is some weigh, before just just listen to the words of Qin Fang change into Luo Xiao, she shook to shake head.
"Which avoid as taboo so more, under the house the person weighs of still little?Said again,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン, from red Xiao to Luo Xiao, whole is a silks and satins, tell others the other people listenned to necessary and say vulgar.In my eyes, today exactly the heavy snow sky meet you, rather you then change to call winter snow?"
That wench is one Leng first, immediately and flurried once thanked,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, read several times and feel easy to read, face

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They carry out into a job procedure, then tidy up a section, settle wages and assign task!"The Fu dragon in the sky touched touch head, in fact this matter by himself/herself also be not good at long, still get and top company quantity company quantity.
?????,Jeremy Scott Adidas????
" Say so!Is dry!"
Fu oneself dragon in the sky doesn't remember that he or she drank as well how much wine, anyway the head has been being placed in very dizzy status..
???..?????????????,Jeremy Scott Adidas????????????..???????
"Elder brother Fu..I, I make a telephone call for the classmate of bedroom and tell them me to don't return to in the evening.."The Li attains a small track.
"E..Like, go to."
The Li attains to take out a telephone, stands to start and left seat.
Black head three Hey Heys smile:"I say dragon in a sky!You really have many love affairs,????? ????? ???? ?????!This just how many days of effort, how changed a wench again?"
Be not!Be not!This be not!
Haven't come yet and explanation, Liu Wu compete first talked:"To!While connecting elder brother Fu and elder brother's wife,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, we did in the view university that direction in the sky and the student a , don't know for the sake of what matter!"
"?Is there this etc. matter?What circumstance?"
Fu wry smile dragon in the sky:"I, I am careless.."
"It is said that the other party is a heel Liao tooth to mix."
"Liao tooth?Isn't the Liao tooth that the man helps?"Black head three wrinkly knit the brows.
"Still not clear, however the view university in the sky that is a piece of, seem only this Liao tooth."
"Wu..How to have got him.."Black head three silent a short while:"Now that is a sky, the business of dragon, this matter how do we also want a tube!We tomorrow go to a man and help together, meeting meeting Liao tooth, it is what circumstance to see!"
"What person is this Liao tooth actually?"The Fu Long Kan Hei's head in the sky three facial expressions are seriously some, cannot help but asking.
"This person,??383, it is said that that the past was a police, because the relationship with mafia is complicated, seem to return is their protection umbrellas to wear, be dismissed afterwards, this person's black and white is two to all really eat open, always don't put the brothers on the other way eye in, in fine, isn't that one is good to make contact with of person."
Niang of, is a police again!
"Is afraid he bird hair!We the green city help now..E, our river mountain now soldier strong Ma Zhuang, afraid he hammer son!"Spend four Dus Du mouth.
"What to say BE.." Three ground to a stop a short moment:"However there be not east the suburb is after all the somebody else's site, the river lake rules still needs to guard of,?????314, go first a meeting meeting, really don't go..Say again!"
??,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0????????
"Good!I tomorrow also go!"
"Still have me."Liu Wu light way.
The Fu dragon in the sky crumpled to crumple a nose, the Li attained of the problem certainly must solve, but, there is also the more important, the view university in the sky can have oneself Ns much very interested person, leaf's eyebrow now, seat Juan, also have Jiang Biao's daughter the orchid heart.
If oneself doesn't can sign Wei in the view university in the sky, these oneselfs care of person, it is very likely be all placed in threat moment by moment under!
This isn't oneself to see!
"Good!We tomorrow go together!"
"This matter said so!Come to come!Drink first!Don't think tomorrow's business!The tube drinks today!You trust!The bludger can have no severals to in early morning get up!The afternoon isn't late either!"
Is all right!Calculate you say of reasonable!
"Elder brother Fu..Drink some beverage.."The Li attains

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:"Come, again come to compare once, I don't believe evil, I will lose each time."
Just as strong of he probably doesn't need obvious commiseration of other people as well.
I lightly smile and fearlessly stretch out a hand:"Come right away, who afraid who ah"
Rise and fall in a few hands, the Yang son excitedly shouts loudly, the hand also learns my dance to move:", I won, I won, old sky of finally station at I."
???????????????????,adidas jeremy scott wings??????????????????????????????????????????????,??????????503???????????????
I looking at to don't already jump like sparrows quietly of he, in fact, his intelligence, probably also not necessarily so have much mature,Adidas Jeremy Scott, after all also return just youth about 20 years old just, but make him have to be influenced gradually by that thought since the childhood, speak of, oneself compares with him happy much.
Make him win this time, my little bit didn't also lose of felling, oneself anyway but won he at connecting three times:"Ask and ask.I listen respectfully."
The Yang son lets go of to dance of hands, rise that with Lian smile match Long not of mouth, tiny think to pay a short moment:"Say you with noon those people's relation?"
"At noon those people?"My head dried melon seeds is tiny tiny on turning, oneself really give

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