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The person of the household of Xuan Yuan will think that Long Xuan Xuan is a rebel, by so doing and regardless is to who all not good, the pressure of blood Qi will be larger. "I occupy and see a grandpa, where is the grandpa ?"Long Yuan Yuan sees Wu Mo and Long Xuan Xuan being worried to seeing not to talk her to arrive. Long Xuan Xuan tooks a look Long Yuan Yuan but doesn't also talk, Long Yuan Yuan became nervous more"elder sister, you talk ah, grandpa where I occupy to seek a grandpa, the grandpa really forgave me."Long Yuan Yuan thinks is his/her own elder sister afraid that person in the clan punishes her but worries. By this time running to come over a servant but untying for 3 people is embarrassed"spoilt daughter of a rich family,??????????, two young ladies, the big master of Mr. Wu is in his den and say is occupy to seek.""Father!?"Asking of the surprise of Long Yuan Yuan way. "Yes, the big master is in his den."The servant bends the body to politely say. "Know, descend go to."Long Xuan Xuan said a voice, that servant had already told a voice to back to leave. Wu Mo but see in the eyesight, the system of this household of Xuan Yuan's returning is really careful, the layer divides very obviously. "Leave, the father definitely has words to say."Long Xuan Xuan says the right side taking the lead into garden pond walks to, is exactly a Xuan Yuan Ba to at the beginning take the direction that Wu Mo talks there. The door of scarlet color opens, the Wu Mo San people go in and then see Xuan Yuan the Ba stand before window and looking at a window outside"father."Long Xuan Xuan and Long Yuan Yuans salute a way at the same time. "You still know to come back!"The voice that the Xuan Yuan Ba cuts up rough spread to come over. Long Yuan Yuan of"father, I~" is frightened of just wanted to explain"kneel down!""Xuan uncle Yuan."Wu Mo can not looking at his/her own wife so, especially he or she in the old father-in-law's eyes would not

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我会去欠福塔二十个银币。其实,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット 我不想伤你,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0,我是来大厅火龙蛋的消息的!” 场面一下子怪异起来,原本是极为严肃的场面顿时变得毫无生气,只见熊战气馁道:“呵呵,消息倒是传的真快啊,竟然那么多人打听火龙蛋的消息,而且,竟然还有人大胆的登门拜访打听,佩服!” 【暴风雨前的宁静,收刮点票票和收藏,准备好迎接暴风雨的准备!下周时刻准备爆发!票票都砸过来吧!给点收藏最好!】
I will owe blessing tower 20 silver coins.In fact, I am the news that comes to hall fire Long Dan,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス 哈哈哈哈!" The condition is weird, originally is an extremely serious condition to immediately become to have no animation a while, sees a bear war low-spirited way:"Ha ha, the news pours is spread really quickly, unexpectedly and so many people ask about fire Long Dan, and, unexpectedly also ascending of someone's brave door visit pry and admire!" 【Storm front of quite, accept to pare off to tally a ticket and collect, ready to greet storm of preparation!next week every moment prepare to break out!ticket the ticket all hit to come over!give order to collect had better!】
第四十章 渔翁之始(上)
Chapter 40 fisherman starts(up)
【求下收藏!】 杨天羽讪笑道:“那,能告诉我关于火龙蛋的消息吗?” 熊战和坐下其他人对望一眼,然后他左手边那位副团长苦笑道:“你是这些天来第几个来问的了我都记不清了,呵呵!也不瞒你了,自从得到火龙蛋那天起,我心就一直安定不下来,还是后来才知道因为火龙蛋可能会给我们带来多大的噩耗!前些天,炎月帝国大皇子曾前来,已经将火龙蛋强行买走了!” 杨天羽皱眉道:“强行买走?” 熊战接话道:“没错,是强行买走的,因为我战天佣兵团多次招惹贵族,引来皇室的不满,而且我战天佣兵团虽然强,但是还是自认没那个实力跟皇室军队相抗,所以,占了下风,被大皇子一百万金币买走了,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン!” 杨天羽淡笑道:“那,你们心里不好受了!” 那精瘦男子名叫诺路,初级斗皇,苦笑道:“是不好受的,不过毕竟不用引来太大的麻烦,心也安了。” 杨天羽淡然道:“这样吧,我们做个交易如何?” 熊战疑惑道:“什么交易?” 杨天羽微笑道:“我去取回火龙蛋,不过归我所有,那一百万金币我也不要,但是你要全力帮我打探一切因火龙蛋引起的一切异常!” 熊战直眼盯着杨天羽,アディダスウイングス,其他人也是安静的听着,作为一名经验独到的佣兵,都知道杨天羽还有话说。只见杨天羽淡笑道:“而你们所得到的好处,就是拥有一个强硬的后台,怎么样?” 熊战身上气势有些波动,冷声道:“后台?哼,强硬,能强硬的过皇室吗?”这句话,带有强烈的讽刺味道。 不过杨天羽不在乎,只见手中火光一闪,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0,随后一道红色的物体飞向熊战,这点速度,以熊战的实力自然接得到。只见他只是淡淡的左手放眼前一挡,接是接住了,不过,马上就感觉不对了。那物品熊战一接触,顿时感觉到周围魔斗气都强烈波动起来,同时,还有一股浓重火热而霸道的威压出现,场中数十人一下子惊得站立起来。 熊战疑惑的看向手中的物品,待看清楚,也是惊讶的站起来,一脸不可思议的看着杨天羽。杨天羽看着熊战那惊愕的表情,不就是一龙鳞吗?龙族没成长一段时期都会来个大变身,全身龙鳞脱换。杨天羽微笑道:“只要你将一点能量注入其中,捏碎它自会有巨龙
【Beg next collect!】 Yang Tian Yu Shan say with smile:"That, can tell me the news concerning fire Long Dan?" Bear war and sit down others to hope one eye, then his left hand side that vice- chief wry smile way:"You are these days of come which to ask of I could not remembered clearly, ha ha!Didn't deceive you as well, ever since that time get fire Long Dan from that day, my heart has been stabilizing not to come down, or just know afterwards because of fire Long Dan may bring us much shocking news!Is a little bit ex- sky of, burning month empire big emperor's son once came and had already bought the fire Long Dan Qiang's line to walk!" Yang Tian Yu knits the brows a way:"Is strong line of to buy to walk?" The bear war connects a words way:"That's right and is strong line of buy to walk, because I fight for a sky, the mercenary soldier regiment provokes nobility for many times and leads to the imperial house's disaffection, and I although the war mercenary soldier regiment in the sky is strong, still from recognize to have no that real strenght heel imperial house's troops mutually an anti-,adidas jeremy scott wings 这却是玄门开山始祖创立的两门心诀, so, had a leeway, drive big emperor's son 1,000,000 gold coins bought to walk!" Yang Tian Yu is thin to say with smile:"That, your in the mind isn't pleasurable!" The that Jing thin man nameds promise road, entry-level Dou emperor, wry smile way:"Is not pleasurable, however after all need not lead to come to too big trouble, heart also Anne." The cool way of Yang Tian Yu:"So, we do how is a bargain?" The bear war puzzles a way:"What trade?" The smile way of Yang Tian Yu:"I take back fire Long Dan, however returning me is all,Jeremy Scott Adidas, those 1,000,000 gold coins I also don't , but you want to find out for me with all strength to be the whole because of the whole abnormalities that Long Dan of fire arouses!" The bear war keeps an eye to stare at Yang Tian Yu, the others are to quietly listen to, as a mercenary soldier with original experience, all know that Yang Tian Yu still has words to say.Sees Yang Tian Yu thin to say with smile:"But you gain of advantage, be own a tough backstage, how?" Bear war body there is some motions in the last vehemence, cold track:"Backstage?Hum, tough, the ability is tough of lead an imperial house?"This sentence takes the irony flavor of having the mightiness. However Yang Tian Yu isn't concerned, sees light of fire in hand one Shan, the object in a red flies toward bear war later on, this speed, connect to get naturally by the real strenght that the bear fights.Sees he Be just light left hand before scanning widely on blocking, it is to answer to connect, however, right away feel not to.That product bear fights a to get in touch with, immediately feel that the surrounding evil Dou annoys all strong wave to move to, at the same time, also have a thick heavy very hot but violent in action of the Wei press out now, several people in field are surprised to stand a while. Bear war doubt of see toward the product in the hand, need to be seen clear, is also a surprised uprising, a face unimaginablely looking at Yang Tian Yu.Does Yang Tian Yu looking at bear war that stunned facial expression, isn't one dragon scale?Long Zu didn't grow up a periods will come to greatly change body, whole body Long Lin takes off to change.The smile way of Yang Tian Yu:"As long as you infuse into some energy knead among them ground it from will have an Ultrasaurus

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