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I think the title is better. In fact should be vented. But to speak out... Facade... This is should not be forced... I admire a friend. He never says anything. Face.. said so not say that he will not face.,Adidas Wings
. but he doesn't waste.. not. Device table.... not hide... Not hypocrisy.... I remember it was a long time ago.. once. What class. Class... Forget.. from the platform. The teacher down the place... I very common symbolic took this book.
.... He is not to regard it as right said... " you take the book to do.. should never give her face.. no need to "... Although so say a bit sorry that teacher.. however. Sorry. She should also be.
No need.. sorry she.... wow... Serious subject... I want to. Give vent to vent their discontent... But ran this topic.. sin.. demon drag Buddha.. fan fan.... now living is really boring.. boring... My life is a 2 hexadecimal.
.. Every day. In.. computer and sleep.. don't stop... Conversion... Computer is 0... Sleep is 1... 0-1-10-11-100-101-110-111-1000-1001-1010-1011-1100-1101-1110-1111.... son.Sons of endless sun.. be... All day.
Now... No one said.. no to say... Don't know my language ability degradation not... But I remember the vacation... Each with a different &quot " harvest;.... for example. There is a vacation.... all day so.
. results after the beginning of the term. The calf muscle atrophy. All.. walk acid.. standing difficulty.... (without the exaggerated rhetoric)... But after the beginning of the term have the military training.
. really not easy recovery.... (but I prefer not to military training..)..... In conclusion... Boring... Life is boring.. nothing... I don't understand. What's so good.. live.... do ah repeated.... how boring??? I would accept this fucking boring.
... all day long. Road riding. A broken car. One public class. Those stupid kids... What's the trouble?.... In order to bring home the bacon bring himself to sell.... there are some silly child... This all day.
Go running.. to give their children a good school for... To test their children a good University.... (Bug). See... It is true that... But you can not put your baby crazy ah???..... The evil gate. The other children are now in University.
.. Then there is a P.... all day... Central sit 1300000000 Chairman.... everything else who does??.... but stupid kids.... (also subject.) haha.... sorry.. huh?.. Um..... What point and forget.... then do not say.
Look... This person. You criticize me. I. Don't Education... Don't hit me.. don't tease me. Don't praise me. More... Anyway. You can give you. On the society view... But not published in my opinion...
. because... People are not the same... Social outlook of the world outlook outlook on life is not the same... Maybe you think I'm insane... Thought have a problem... But.... maybe you stand in my position.

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Ascetic monk

How like the Buddha said the pious? Burning finger... Just went to Haicheng Dabei temple,Hero laugh ` incidentally write my mind ~,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, is said to be China only pure can wash the soul place. Hidden in the mountains,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, the 17 monks,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,A farewell., strictly observe rules,Willpower training for _ Hudec training principle to enhance individual willpower 2 ,Adidas Jeremy Scott, burning means to express their determination to influence the world.

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2010 Hunan satellite TV, Baidu entertainment boiling point -- An

It is said that this year entertainment boiling point Andy Lau will visit the site ,I begged Li pinlelaoming to help me to get the ticket .The last ticket to get ,he and old Guo failed to go into, well ,old Li A Lee ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/ 7.16&quot,you must be desperate to get tickets when touched by God ,so God gave you great happiness ,you know ~ four thirty start out from home ,finally in 7 crowdedto loose 5 gym ,to the door of the red carpet has gone .
But I heard that Andy Lau didn go ,hey hey ,my mood immediately cool ~ last boiling point moment. Forget the camera ,so this morning put the camera on the car ,went through the security check immediately to the stadium took a ~ the security office and is going through security people ~ hall exterior wall color ~ 7:30 points,we found an audience to the venue after not too many venues within the top of the big screen ,specifically to wait until the next web Baidu to the middle of it took a beginning ~ He Jiong sings a song with actions on this position has enough mother ~ ~ is interviewing Nana sitting in the audience happy family ,Zhang Jie sat next to .
.. ... The ~ from the big screen on a ,like the two together ,hope can live happily together .Come on ~ opening ~ started preheating the first move is one of the best new Artiste Award ,Yu Kewei and Wei Chen winning .
That one is for all the time I think Yu Kewei was the most beautiful is the legs ,really beautiful . Of course ,Air Force One Shoes Example,singing is also very good ~ Zhang Jie ,also winning the ~ last boiling seems best mainland Newcomer Award ~ Yu Kewei and H2 boringmusical .
.. ... The following is the most awesome Network Star Award ,moral brother Sun Donglin fully deserve !China should be more people like that ,More Details!Do not know his deeds to ferry me ~ best group award .
Taiwan is Fei Lunhai ,the mainland is actually happy family ... ... All right ,Hunan satellite TV is really good fun ... ... Have to say ,Zhang Xiaoxian ,I like a female .The guests on the list to see she is really let me some unexpected ~ really ,officiating guests saw her ,was an instant thunder feeling ,this kind of entertainment ,she was stupid .
.. ... Happy family fun I spelled old order shouted: Andy Lau ~ ~ Xiao Xian Andy Lau awarded the Hong Kong and Taiwan artist Lee Da Hae awarded Andy Lau the boiling point award Andy Lau not only modest ,also very gentlemanly fans as Andy Lau prepared the gift inside fans photos ,each two pieces, a Zhang is just like Andy Lau photo ,another one is now the pictures .
What impressed me most is the two, a fan of one of the pictures just powder Andy Lau when the picture was drawn by himself ,because at that time the poor at home ,no money to take pictures.
The fans represent too much like Andy Lau Andy Lau unconditional support ,really touched me a lot, another fan of a photo is 16 or 18 yearswhen the photos ,pictures are now hold 7 year old daughterphoto .
Words can moved ,because the thought of 6 grade.Powder Andy Lau still powder Andy Lau I ,I also unconditional love and support him, to me the day I will continue. I have a child ,I will tell him ( her ) :Andy Lau is my idol ,he is an absolute value of the powder ,his the name is not only a call .
, he also represents a practical man ,hard working spirit! Let him ( her ) and I Andy Lau powder ,powder and beat him ( she ) the old man !Left Taiwan taxi drivers ,60 years old,is a fan of Andy Lau over the years has been in .
Powder Andy Lau ,and to Andy Lau careful and diligent working attitude to their own requirements ,so age is not retired ,says he wants to be with Andy Lau than, look who work long hours to the elderly ,great! Oh ,the old name is also Andy Lau ha ha ~ ~ on the right side of his face was crying Pink name to forget ,and now he husband is Andy Lau Post Bar know ,the two of them fly Andy Lau.
So into Andy Lau ,I was excited to bawler .Andy Lau and two pairs of powder during the photo shows a Andy Lau employed 30 years short ,introduced 30 years hebeat the film ,a record and so on experiences ,and fans for what he said .
When I watch the short film ,cry thinly in crash-bang ,Andy Lau also dropped the hero tears .Wipe the tears of Andy Lau last, the presence of the Chinese fans shouted to Andy Lau shouted :I love you ten thousand years ,I and I desperately the shouting hoarse ,Nike Air Force 1 Low,Andy Lau ,I am sure you have heard of my The sound ~ ~ Andy Lau singing love you ten thousand years I believe this is Andy Lau intentions for every fans singing voice.
After the show is over ,I found the ground was littered with the audience threw down the hair bag ,Nike Air Force 1 Premium Evelyn just looked at hi,I took my bag in addition also picked up a few Baidu entertainment boiling point the small card and the fluorescence stick ,back to PI ,the activities held by more and more small ,last year ,Cheap Air Force One,this year the notebook and the lottery ,how this shit ~ Oh ,yes, I also picked up 45 dollars,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,not to the police uncle, home to Meizhou consumption .
Well ,I and Wu said that must change the camera ,do not change the camera will change the lens, otherwise too sorry Andy Lau .Fortunately, the fifth day of the new year ( it was broadcast live in Hunan ?We see only program recording ) ,I still have a chance in the television to bring Andy Lau to see .

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The college entrance examination idiom idiom essential informati

A :regard with equanimity of adversity, difficulties or setbacks can take it calmly ,as usual .Close justice and &quot &quot ;keep cool ;it was lifted ..,experienced many setbacks ,his company was formally established, he also can regard with equanimity .
Walk in a carriage :&quot ;walk slowly ,as the car &quot ;( 2001)A was stormy ,the road full of mud ,the car has been unable to walk ,the rescue team had to walk in a carriage ,travel more than an hour drive to the dam.
Different context .B :there was nothing precious. Mean &quot ;in addition ,by &quot ;,refers to the material ,talent. ( 04 in Zhejiang province) B. He said modestly :&quot ;I am not good at singing ,also don sports ;in addition to painting, as there was nothing precious.
.&quot ;make groundless accusations :metaphor work without any basis. ( 04national 4 Qinghai) B. The literary man known as &quot &quot ,poet ;farmer ;he good at the fields and the stove hearth make groundless accusations ,from the common people things found in the joy of labor ,life interest and beauty of human nature .
Not to be taken as an example :not worth as follow guidelines or example. &quot &quot ;training ;,criterion ;error :lessons learned. ( 06over 2)A. Such a small mistake for the whole project requirements is not hurt the important essentials ,not to be taken as an example .
Presumptuous request :unreasonable request .At the request of the language. The is a self-modest statement .This presumptuous request .You let me very embarrassed ,after two days I will answer you.
Spread like wildfire :can run but has no legs ,describe the spread rapidly ,this should be &quot ;&quot ,take wings to itself ;metaphor things suddenly disappeared. .convenience box ,cover plate ,metal trash is stolen ,a grass flowers ,spread like wildfire ,these occur in the city of uncivilized phenomenon ,infuriating .
Ask :do not refer to their lower status than knowledge the people ask for less than their own shame .Mm he is a computer expert ,Nike Air Force 1 Mid,and two foreign languages ,the novice computer to open to him for advice ,ask.
&quot ;not popular &quot ;&quot ;not convince them, did not meet the expectations of &quot ;.Fu :convincing. Derogatory .Deliver the goods :not to live up to everyone expectations ,commendatory .
( 97 years) B. This election ,he is one of the most promising ,but due to his recent the doings are not popular, not the correct results .&quot ;no time is allowed for explanation. &quot :no one can explain ;, do not allow to distinguish .
( 2006volumes Anhui) B. Development of science and technology brings the convenience is no time is allowed for explanation. ,thousands of miles away, greetings ,as long as a message the moment will be able to complete the .
&quot &quot ;agree without prior without previous consultation ;is said without prior consultation, each other or actions of the same ( 04volumes Fujian) B. Bright village committee in the off-season ,actively carry out fruit sales ,tourism and industry development effectively combine ,which experts agree without prior without previous consultation .
right &quot ;accidentaly across &quot ;no agreed but accidentally met ,the subject should be people ,using object error ( 2006volumes Shandong) D. Apparently ,build &quot government credit ;&quot ;and &quot &quot ;private economy ;this two big heat ,in the public attention accidentaly across .
&quot just about the same ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot metaphor just about the same ;each other ,be roughly the same .Many derogatory connotations .Feelings ,style mismatch (95 years ) B. Shaanxi paper-cut straightforward guileless ,concise exaggerated ,with the Jiangnan area and meticulous neat style compared to ,is really just about the same ,each has its own merits.
Unappropriate .:refers to crops .Half the unfamiliar, also can be compared to other things or ideas have not reached the mature stage .Mm he got so angry he was half Green and yellow lips were trembling ,for a long time ,and said nothing.
&quot &quot ;a contemptuous disregard ;meaning is not worth a look ,metaphor is attached, used to refer to students of the worker attitude is correct. ( 04of the fourvolumes) D. A survey ,now many middle-school students in the school saw the teacher can warm greetings ,and see the boiler ,clean the toilets and canteen food worker ,but a contemptuous disregard .
right &quot &quot ;sea ;the modest words ,that his thoughts disorder ,did not know what was said. This refers to the speech disorder or empty misunderstand .For the &quot listener without understanding ;&quot ;.
D. Sir class load one ,often mixed with some foreign language vocabulary ,the language does not pass a test students ,almost unintelligible. &quot ;all &quot ;is unable to get rid of or end.
The &quot &quot ;busy ;&quot ;playing &quot ;C brothers .Both the original close relationship, so busy ,but since my brother got married, somehow ,the two brothers began falling out .
Accomplish the whole task at one stroke ,compared to a close combat ,solve the problem once .( Guangdong volume 2005)C. We don this a few tons The huge monster frightened, as long as we make concerted efforts ,accomplish the whole task at one stroke ,we can make the machine in the car .
&quot &quot ;development ;that drove in diesel vehicles ,clothing worn to open up the mountains. Describe business hard ,misunderstood words ;( 2006volumes Shandong) C. In recent years, avian influenza in the country have occurred, the harm is great, the governments at all levels must actively development ,prevention, so as not to people losses.
&quot ;one loves what is his own. &quot ;cannot be used for gifts for others .A. I gave my pen ,one loves what is his own. I ,have been preserved .Not take it seriously :do not put it in heart.
Said of the people ,the things hold contempt .Not to regard it as right :don is right. That does not agree or negative .( 04volumes Hunan) B. Individual police think that working drink wine is a minor matter ,will not take it seriously ,the results for violating the Ministry issued the ban on &quot ;five &quot ;and be investigated.
right &quot &quot ;indecent ;there are two basic meaning ,one is not upright, two is like ,here the second meaning is correct. Neither fish nor fowl :to describe people when a person dressed inappropriately.
( Spring 2001) A ,was also A good article ,let you change will change to go ,but to be indecent . right &quot &quot ;spare no effort ;it is said to exhaust all force, do not retain ,to express the &quot ;&quot ;as the advent of new products and hard work can be .
( Spring 2001) B. For this new product ,but he spare no effort ,sweat finally for the joy of success . right &quot ;&quot is used to describe the color variegated ;complex ,used to describe a coin is correct.
( Spring 2001) C. Here ,let us work together to enjoy the beautiful ,exquisite ancient porcelain jade rich Arisawa and Kosen variegated . right &quot ;all &quot ;refers to the prior did not discuss ,Nike Air Force 1 Premium,promise each other remarks or actions are completely consistent.
Should be changed to &quot agree without prior without previous consultation ;&quot ;.C. The Scout Wu Tan his view ,Captain and the Pharaoh listen Xiangshiyixiao ,Xiao Wu .Views and they coincidentally.
&quot ;&quot is indispensable ;essential meaning ( Tianjin volume 04)C. In the modern society, TV and computer the darling of the era ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,it is almost indispensable. right :a happy couple Husband and wife intimacy ,follow like a shadow .
Mm happy couple two champion mm remember my city science high winner Lv Jingshu ,Wang Xiaobo &quot ;&quot is incredible ;describe things impossible or hard to understand. &quot ;&quot ,B on ;understanding .
In species life chain ,the extinction of any one species will bring to the world unbelievable consequences of a false alarm .&quot ;&quot ;analogy be suspicious raise false alarms .D. Liu Hua was very excited ,and argued that: &quot ;you said this is a false alarm ,out of thin air ,totally inconsistent with the facts.
&quot ;be pestered beyond endurance :derogatory term ,refers to can not stand the cumbersome .Often misused for &quot &quot ( 2006;not to mind taking the trouble ;.Zhejiang roll ) A. Her sister Ma for person enthusiasm ,work be conscientious and do one ,always be pestered beyond endurance for area residents to do every thing to go into details .
&quot ;&quot ;is not too detailed ,the more detailed the better .In the sentence in secretary work asked is appropriate. ( 04volumes Hunan) D. The Secretariat of the Central Committee. The Secretary of the Party school to visit are here to learn the discipline inspection and supervision system of students go into details ,to ask them in the grass-roots work.
right have neither learning nor skill :the " without knowledge ,to &quot ;. &quot ;&quot ;learning ;learning ,error :cannot use &quot .&quot ;&quot ;all day long ;the whole month of &quot &quot ;modification ;not to regard it as right &quot ;&quot ;don is right ,that does not agree or deny &quot ;often misused to not take it seriously .
&quot ;&quot ;mm does not take it to heart .Said of the people ,the things hold contempt .Mm some do not obey the traffic rules, for running the red light is always not to regard it as right ,as long as not to hit ,always fine.
( 2005volumes Jiangxi) C. trouble ,he always not to regard it as right ,feel that these problems be of no great importance ,don get excited over a little thing .&quot there is no denying the fact that ;&quot ;&quot ;not allowed in &quot ;mean.
Here should allow all doubt &quot ;&quot ;,is not allowed to have any doubts. Said demonstration closely ,no doubt ( 2005volume of Jiangxi.) B.&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;power ;power trading &quot ;and current corruption pathologies ,Make patients get the best analgesic effect,in the world of literature and art is not everything ,but the area suffered from &quot &quot ;infection ;but there is no denying the fact that fact.
Be touching :&quot ;not to read &quot ;,describes the &quot &quot ;sad ;often misused to describe .Articles are well written. C &quot just passable ;&quot ;&quot ;basically can make people With barely meet ,hearts &quot ;its meaning is largely positive.
&quot ;&quot ;,slightly ;error :not .Many misunderstandings is not satisfactory. ( 04volumes Hubei) B ,they just passable quality of service ,not only to the community residents living inconvenience, but also loss functions departments in the public image .
( 04Vol two) D. Although the Chinese team group match first battle win victory ,but in the game the team in the tactical consciousness ,attack method and physical performance, also can say is just passable .
right &quot ;&quot ,brilliant purples and reds ;describe a variety of flowers of bright delicacy .A .Xia Quqiu comes ,chrysanthemum in full bloom ,brilliant purples and reds .&quot &quot ;chrysanthemum ;one.
Be caught off guard :burst :suddenly ,by surprise .It comes suddenly ,no time to prepare .( 2006volumes Chongqing) B ,afternoon ,I was alone in the flower path through ,aback is a butterfly in the cheek, a a kiss ,temporarily, mind over many poetic reverie.
right ( &quot &quot ;deliberately plan ;heart energy ,effort ) .The derogatory term .Often misinterpreted as &quot rack one ;&quot ;( 98)B in order to save the dying plants ,new plant leadership Actively carry out market research ,pay close attention to product quality and development ,it can be said that deliberately plan .
With profound respect and humility :scared ,jittery .Do ,aspiring youth will not be frightened by the difficulty ,in the face of difficulties to hesitate ,not action .Here the application of &quot be overcautious ;&quot ;( 2005volumes Hubei.
) D ,have ambition youth in the face of difficulties must be very calm ,try to be overcome ,but not with profound respect and humility ,daunted by difficulties accepting its enemies .The enemy approached the walls.
When forced to accept the humiliation of a covenant .Was forced to sign the Treaty of humiliation .C. Through civil exchanges between the two countries ,gradually increasing the understanding ,finally signed a peace agreement ,hope the ability of future generations to maintain friendly good neighborly relations .
Deafening sound of musical instrument or voice sonorous sonorous adjective .A. Early in the morning ,the Iraqi capital of Baghdad was a deafening explosion, with thick smoke, flames reflected day .
Edge ball :metaphors do in terms of the border line of the edge and not in violation of the provisions of it. ( 2005volumes Zhejiang) B. Some of our rules also is not very perfect ,some &quot ;intelligent &quot ;then playing the edge ball ,to seek expedience .
right &quot ;&quot ,a long life of abundance and respectability ;for children wish Fuk .A. When the old professor eighty birthday during, the juniors group sent a plaque ,writing above &quot wish you a long life of abundance and respectability ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot .
All-powerful ;metaphor decadent forces easily defeated .( 05volumes Shandong) B young city ,more needs of youth and vitality, more rich and varied imagination and the creativity of all-powerful ,need not Satan beyond courage.
Look askance at :dissatisfaction and fear at ,described fear and resentment, easy solution for the &quot or &quot ;&quot ;respect ;despised at &quot ;.B. In the school sports meeting, he fought tenaciously ,who won three gold medals ,the a result ,it is not to look askance at .
The sentence clearly inappropriate ,should be changed into &quot sit up and take notice ;&quot ;&quot ;the past .Only a short while ago :not long after the &quot ;often misused .&quot ;&quot &quot ;once ;I do not know when the &quot ;&quot .
&quot ;heavy traffic ;said the bus was like water, horses are like a swimming dragon, common people of cars from the incessant or describes the flourishing scene. ( 2001)C. During the meeting, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units in the venue was placed flowers bonsai sales booth .
Rest kiosk ,heavy traffic ,the product demands exceeds supply .&quot ;Chen sesame millet bad refers to &quot ;The past ( 04volumes Chongqing) A to vote more recent days ,the true mingled with the false ,true and false ,usually lossy image of Schwarzenegger Chen sesame rotten millet were turned out right .
D &quot marriageable age ;&quot ;especially 13woman,often misused to refer to all the young people .( 04 Fujian)C. In recent years ,some students indulge in marriageable age in Internet cafes ,and abandoned their studies, wasted youth ,really regret unceasingly .
Mm the old man only son at the marriageable age ,but due to theft and assault and was sentenced to 4 years in prison .One &quot ;&quot ;REFER plots ,bad was found ,the derogatory .C.
Wang two years to fund poor university students should keep secret ,but one Soon ,his achievement was a journalist reported an eventful year .&quot ;&quot ;refers to the accident ,incident ,cause a society turbulent situation.
D. Last year, the successful bid ,the accession to the WTO ,the men line ,on the the Chinese people is really an eventful year .Friendly fire ,generally used in performance between acquaintance was troubled by contradiction ,there is a misunderstanding .
( 2005volumes Liaoning) B. I and years of losing contact with the small Liu accidentaly across in the street ,open It feels familiar ,but can not be identified .&quot ;it was friendly fire ,one family does not recognize one family !&quot ;when the name of each other ,he said with a smile .
A pressing matter of the moment :the need to do something .Experts pointed out in particular ,Mandarin is our current a pressing matter of the moment of the event. &quot scene of debauchery ;&quot ;often derog ,but there is a less commonly purported &quot ;lively and extraordinary ,the people rejoice &quot ;( 92)C.
When night fell ,the restaurant scene of debauchery ,very lively. In this with the meaning, the .&quot ;short of short stature and &quot ;smart tough II the drama is not long and powerful ( Guangdong volume 04.
) A .Zhang this year 65 years old ,dapper ,quick thinking ,his work is not a bit worse than the young people . :metaphor correctly added knowledge or skills from the shallower to the deeper ,step by step, reached the advanced level.
Easy to use for &quot enter the &quot ;mm ;when the thief out ,ready to steal it again the Wang Yun family on the spot by criminal is caught. Help :help ( do ,said request or for use) is used only for each other or others ,not for themselves often misused .
For his help to others .Mm you have any difficulty, just say ,we must help . D. You can rest assured ,your difficulties is our difficulty ,this thing we must help. Namely :like a tripod three foot separation ,analogy three opposition situation often misused for relations between the two parties .
Or object . Mm numerous peaks ,peak Jun bone ,namely ,hold up the sky .Check evidence of both parties at court :in the court of law to be questioned. This solution for the &quot argument ,distinguish between truth and falsehood ;&quot ;intolerance :favoritism and their own opinions .
The same people ,against different opinions. &quot ;&quot ,favoring the party ;used to refer to all .The academic and political or social group among the struggle. B. Wang always outspoken ,intolerance ,to have the disadvantage of comrades always pierce to the heart of the matter out .
Then :refers to the encounter should be done ,active to do ,don back down. ( 2005 countrywide VolumeIII) C. American black film stars Fawkes and Freeman in the seventy-seventh Oscar awards competition in the clear ,respectively won the award for best actor and best supporting actor award .
Here the application of &quot to deliver the goods ;&quot ;words like .&quot ;&quot or &quot rack one ;Rack one ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot ;try to rack one ;Lv of exhaust of &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;exhausted ;,meaning &quot ;exhausted energy ,tried to &quot ;A .
(99 years ) . Fifty years, China has made a number of achievements in scientific research which attract worldwide attention ,with several generations of technology workers rack one ,oblivious of oneself job is inseparable.
right E &quot ;and &quot &quot ;mean ;ear sight ,imperceptibly influenced by what one sees and hears &quot ;:the former emphasizes to see ,to hear ,to highlight their authenticity.
The latter emphasizes often see hear and imperceptibly by deep impact (92 ).B. Although no stars personally taught guidance ,but he spent years in play garden work, uncles ,various drama approach are familiar with .
In this use the correct . A. Her father is a conductor of an orchestra ,mother is a singer ,what one sees and hears on weekdays ,every contact ,so she is fond of music .Should be &quot ;and &quot ;:pour exhortations into sb.
.Not only to tell him ,and took hold of his ears to exhort .Describe severe and sincerely taught. Commendatory term .Not for peers .He is my most sincere friend ,often pour exhortations into sb.
to me ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,so that I can work Make fewer mistakes .Education should pay attention to the ways and methods ,not always pour exhortations into sb. ,pendulum bureaucracy :hear familiar .For having heard it many times ,and can repeat them in detail .
( 2006volumes Beijing) C. Some of the fans ,the mediocre performance not abusive ,but will you for having heard it many times song impromptu for new words ,chorus singing ,euphemistically surface discontent .
F &quot correctly ;very rare &quot &quot ;metaphor ;rare and precious talented person or thing ( 92)&quot ;D &quot ;the county county long said :a person you became a national model worker, no matter how that is also very rare !This is the use of &quot ;.
As changeable as clouds and rain :metaphor play fast and loose or played ,not imposing .C. Xin Qiji word mostly to the passionate as changeable as clouds and rain ,and the momentum to lyrical style bold ,vigorous ,in the Southern Song Dynasty CI occupies an important position.
&quot come in a throng ;&quot ;mean have come. ( 04nationalvolume ) A. Warm the spring breeze brings the season of vitality ,school clubs recruit new activity once again become a beautiful scenery line ,both male and female students come in a throng ,sign up eagerly .
right &quot .&quot ;A filthy stepped on the political stage ,derogatory .D. Forty-ninth NBA East-West All-Star game will be in Beijing tomorrow morning 7 whenheld in San Francisco City, at the appointed time familiar to fans of O ,Duncan and be on stage.
The jittery panic fear :state of extreme nervousness. Used with &quot ;&quot ;application. To misuse as described in fierce fighting .Laugh at :with a smile to treat it. Describe disdained to notice .
Often misused as a modest attitude .Mm he treats others modest attitude ,no matter who ,all laugh at .Fuzhilizao :refers to the stereotype of printed books .Mm others to vote for me to papaya ,we also want to Fuzhilizao .
Unnecessary and overelaborate formalities :excessively tedious ceremony or ritual .An otherwise tedious redundant matters. &quot ;&quot ;D.&quot ;concise ,ritual .The &quot ;is adapt to the fast-paced operation requirements of the times ,so when writing should delete unnecessary and overelaborate formalities ,the pursuit of &quot sentence can not be cut ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot word is not reduced ;high standard .
&quot recover one ;&quot ;go to the exterior ,restoration of its original sentence .In modification of people can be .( Spring 2003) A. Nowadays, pastoral scenery travel ,music and other farm rural tourism is very popular, to meet the people close to nature ,return to innocence to Really hope .
right fantastic &quot ;&quot ;refers to the speech act beyond the normal, is not generally can imagine, can be expressed in fast speed. &quot ;&quot ,flattened ;ordinary people ;error :outsiders ( 04nationalvolume .
) C. Burapha University city in a short span of four years to 210000000 yuanits own funds to acquire 1370000000 yuan ofprofit of a huge sum ,this amazing wealth growth rate was fantastic . as an equal right :refers to the meeting ,both sides of the sub-station in the chamber ,relative salute.
Now on an equal footing analogy ,each peer relationship. &quot ;&quot ;A ,equivalence .The collection of Egyptian ,Greek ,Rome antiquities collection of paintings by countless ,only the Louvre in Paris and as an equal .
Have the punishment exceed the crime punishment and crimes :not quite ,that heavy punishment .&quot ;when &quot ;,.C. A working less than half a year ,on the use of the terms misappropriation of squandering public funds amounted to 9500000 yuan giganticmoth, only to be sentenced to life imprisonment ,to have the punishment exceed the crime ,even outrage.
Fagongjinneng :refers to brag about their achievements and to describe the arrogant arrogant .High ,.&quot ;&quot ,G of ;show off . &quot fail on the verge of success ;vertical :will ,close.
Things will be successful when But failed to contain many regretful .&quot ;fail on the verge of success ,and hang upon this single action .( 2006 countrywide volume1)D. Director said emotionally :&quot ;in order to reverse the current adverse situation ,we will adopt a new countermeasures ,hope everybody joint efforts ,fail on the verge of success ,hang upon this single action !&quot ;greatly :Figurative moral noble ,is impossible .
( 2005volumes Zhejiang) A.&quot ;there is a road to the ground to track &quot ;,in a time of knowledge explosion, we must strive to climb the mountain ,but not greatly .&quot ;&quot means mountain ;bosom friend or confidant ,metaphor sublime music.
C. After rain the sky looks blue. We stood on the cliff edge ,appreciate a mountain stream ,heart can not say there is a pleasure. &quot ;&quot is only make only superficial changes ;change the form ,do not change the content .
A. Due to the pejorative family work hard and perseveringly ,just a few years ,my hometown can make only superficial changes ,Shuilv ,bovine fertilizer grain much .&quot &quot ;indeed ;it emphasizes that ,it is as expected ,but the sentence before and after the ideographic instead, improper use .
C. It is told that the qigong master to send disease elimination work ,today will give him ,indeed ,he is not so capable of. &quot ;lustrous and dazzling &quot ;mean &qu Ot ;luster color singular ,complicated phenomenon of odd shape ,singular ,describe ,every kind of &quot ;,neutral ,should not be mistaken as derogatory .
( 2002)A. Face lustrous and dazzling modern idea, they can from the real life experiences, learn from western art essence ,actively explore new artistic language used to modify &quot ;modern ideas .
&quot ;is right . liable to lay oneself open to suspicion :describe easily arouse suspicion of this place .For describe the pastoral life .Extraordinary as if done by the spirits :describe the person making superb skills ,often misused to describe the natural landscape.
Similar to &quot ;art beats nature. &quot ;officialese .:a fixed set of routine to document .No meaningful name tag. Mm applications ,such as &quot &quot ;contract ;&quot ;&quot &quot ;summary report ;&quot ;and other officialese ,generally do not use a literary language.
&quot ;&quot is said to heart ;heart something ( as a care or unpleasant ) around ,can ( 04Tianjinvolume) A. I always could not in accordance with the requirements of the script editor ,a few years I have been to heart ,deeply negative his exhortations.
right H &quot ;act evilly in collusion with &quot ;metaphor interest To collude together. Bad C. Li Ming and Zhang Wei was a good friend, no matter what you do ,they always act evilly in collusion with ,an immense number of books together .
&quot ;&quot ;describe books very much, is used to describe the study hard apparently inappropriate use .( 2000)A. The ancients are hard to learn a model ,painstaking in one .By the light of a candle ,Titan ,the Dragon Rock ,in the history of an immense number of books .
&quot ;&quot &quot is a masterpiece ;meaning ;voluminous works &quot ;( Spring 2002) B. Kangxi Dynasty is the one with the historical facts as the basis of a masterpiece ,it include Kangxi in all of the major historical events .
right &quot mirage ;&quot ;metaphor false things .( 04 countrywidevolume three ) B. The Palestinian people were assassinated incident ,make Middle East peace prospect once again become a mirage .
:Metaphor correctly mark only in designated areas. ( 2005volumes Jiangsu) C. In consideration of their own interests ,some in prison, the implementation of local protectionism ,divided and control of coal resources.
Carefully conceal mentioning :intended for the events of significance ,taboo and not made .After refers to things to hide so tight .So &quo &quot ;T ;hide ( 2005volumes,Jiangsu .) D.
Director of the making of this TV play main role candidates carefully conceal mentioning ,reporters have not received any information ,greatly disappoint one . right &quot ;&quot :melt away ;disappear ,disappear .
Vanish, like ice ablation. Describe doubts ,misunderstanding ,barriers and other completely eliminated. ( Spring 2003) B. Because Pacific stream, spring came early last year ,the Spring Festival just passed ,Beihai park would melt away ,let love skating people greatly disappoint one .
Take the words too literally .Tens of thousands :like Ganges RIver in the sand ,can not be calculated ,describe the large number ( 2005volume of Jiangxi.) D. Sunny summer night ,lying in the vast grasslands looking at the sky thousands like stars ,satisfied extremely .
right &quot &quot ;returns ;mean &quot ;back to the pursuer to surprise attack &quot ;( Chongqing 04 ).C not long ago, Wang Gang and fight back ,CCTV host a show, but also quickly attracted many audiences .
&quot ;&quot &quot gain profit in risk ;metaphor ;give others power, their fall and be nowhere &quot ;.( 04Guangxi,Shaanxi ,Inner Mongolia) A. During the war in Iraq ,some journalists directly to the front cover ,the Risk-taking is tantamount to gain profit in risk .
( 98)C at the beginning of this year on seafood milk market to depreciate eagerly balefire, sales price even lower than the cost ,for consumers but just can gain profit in risk from the internal troubles start inside the house.
Go .:.Mm didn ,because the building engineering quality ,resulting in severe accident ,is really troubles start inside the house. Click into place .&quot ;&quot ;refers to the sense suddenly understand .
C. His warm personality ,generous ,click into place ,so that everyone likes. &quot exchange solemn vows and pledges ;&quot ;refers to when a woman loves a vow or covenant .D. They both were sworn brothers once exchange solemn vows and pledges ,never betray ,can arrive the war in the critical moment, became enemies .
&quot write and draw freely as one wishes ;&quot ;describe writing ,painting ,writing poetry when using the words not binding ,very fluently and naturally .B. He is a lean middle-aged people ,speaking both write and draw freely as one wishes ,give a person a kind of very powerful impression .
Hit off :describe description ,narrative vivid often mistakenly used as a substitute for &quot .Be full of sound and colour ;&quot ;.A. Beijing television director is very level ,several economic programs do hit off .
This sentence should read &quot J ;be full of sound and colour .A drop in the bucket :refers to the many cows on a great number of root hairs ,metaphor in very few ,not worth mentioning .
Different context ( 04 KyrgyzstanKurokawa cloud ) B. Airport near the large number of wireless transmitting station seriously affect the flight safety ,although some have moved down the mountain ,but the realization of airport clearance is but a drop in the bucket .
&quot ;wild and intractable &quot ;refers to the character or violent stubborn arrogance disobedience ,in the modified &quot ;Mustang &quot ;be .( 04volumes Hubei) D. Wooden boat in the storm and violent shaking ,but the man stood firm ,like a consummate horseman, riding in a wild and intractable Mustang ,let the wild journey ,but he keep cool .
right &quot ;&quot that come one after another ;one by one come ,here in different context .D. Five one period, leading to the China Dinosaur Park District Avenue flow reviews ,come one after another ,form a beautiful holiday tourism landscape plan for others .
What is before you :use chopsticks to point to the current situation. Said later generation planning .Mm no funds ,no raw materials ,we only plan for others ,through. &quot ;no &quot ;today means and the past Can be compared.
Describe the tremendous changes .And this should be worse than before with the &quot ;&quot ;.B. Contemporary poetry, the sickly ,reminiscent of Tang poetry achievement ,Eat more carrots are good for vitiligo vitiligo which Jining family hospital is cured is best,people can not help but have no feeling.
&quot ;the decline of &quot ;things going, picture day .B. In recent years ,some sections of the the Yellow River times to appear to flow phenomenon ,the decline in the face of this situation ,Slimming products rank the product effect reducing weight is ranked,people begin to think calmly environmental problem.
&quot cease abruptly ;&quot ;the sound suddenly stopped .B. At that moment ,the dog suddenly cease abruptly ,no longer with the car chase .K &quot &quot ;loosen one ;used in support of others ,for others to exclude the difficulty and anxiety ,contextual mistake .
04GuangdongB .This jewelry style is novel ,fashion ,once launched, many ladies loosen one panic buying .Speak with fervour and assurance :describe talk be in the right and self-confident ,take it leisurely and unoppressively .
Most people use words describe chat ,belongs to misuse .D ,A. Recently, the media have reported that the company will be incorporated into the Hualong company ,the sheer tattle and prate .
Used here have attack ,accused the media of mean ,obviously not uneven, some good and some bad .The good and the bad are :metaphor .Focus on quality .Not for level ,results and so on. In order to mention .
High work efficiency ,must put an end to speak with fervour and assurance ,talk downright nonsense work style .Try hard to :&quot ;mind ,study assiduously, in the knowledge skills and other aspects of the others are less than the position &quot ;painstaking effort .
::.Solitary go one ,others are not up to the situation. Often misused as persuasive .Mm Fu Lei letter is a full of fatherly love for the children ,author really try hard to ,make painstaking efforts .
Weakness lends wings to rumours. : a cave to the inlet. Usually some news and rumors spread is not entirely without reason .It is compared to the message and the legend of unfounded. Mm from nearly one period of the situation analysis, our enterprise institutional reform to want to have big move legend, not weakness lends wings to rumours.
&quot .Now correctly ;oral teaching that inspires true understanding within &quot ;refers to oral communication between teacher and student ,inwardly comprehend .A read poetry ,should be oral teaching that inspires true understanding within while reading ,think of its meaning and truth.
L &quot ;&quot :good writings make people copy them. Praise good work ;be all the rage the go .( 2006Anhui roll) A. The present learning method after the book was published, the primary and middle school students and parents are welcome ,a good writings make people copy them.
you right .&quot ;&quot ;that boy and girl Child of innocence ,playing together,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, not too guess .C. Wang Jun and Li Gang are the men players ,they are both natives are students, naive, the match very well.
In a continuous line :describe pedestrian ,car ,boat ,horse and incessant, continuous ( 1from the2 object.If dynamic) mm below the consideration of Party and government ,in a continuous line to relief supplies arrived in the disaster areas ,the victims finally with cheers and laughter .
&quot keep on repeating at great length ;&quot ;use too much description ,describe the words long .C. On China ten outstanding young reports keep on repeating at great length ,readers are on a &quot ;ordinary heroes &quot ;extra care .
Have proved effective every time :many tests are good. :error .This solution for the &quot ;no successful &quot ;.Mm over the past 10 years ,various language teaching methods such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged ,there was a huge success ,while others have proved effective every time ,not just as one wishes .
( 2005volumes Jiangsu) A. He recently the condition was not good, after several times of exam is not ideal ,have proved effective every time ,feeling terrible .&quot exquisitely carved ;&quot ;originally has two meanings ,one is described which delicate delicate lit, structure ,a metaphor smart flexible ( Jiangsu 04 ;Volume) B.

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The Three Kingdoms in the world who is the hero a

Chinese cultural origins a long ,in the up and down five thousand years of history ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,there are many memorable people and things .In the 5000 years,Chinese culture has three golden era of rapid development.
The first is the spring and Autumn period ;the second is the period of the Three Kingdoms ;the third is the first in late Qing period .The Three Kingdoms ,mentioned ,have to mention three characters :Liu Bei ,Cao Cao ,Sun Quan .
Liu Bei :selling straw sandals ( born ,161year m223),the word Xuande ,the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhu county (now Hebei Zhuozhou) people ,the three generation of poor peasants ,called the Zhongshan governor Liu Sheng offspring ,it is &quot ;the root is Miao Hong &quot ;,because with the Khan Xian Di pulled off a relationship ,continued over genealogical than Khan Xian Di long Beifen, so also known as &quot ;Liu Huangshu &quot ;,with today words, is the state-owned power representation .
Cao Cao ,( 155-220),adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,a character Meng De ,Geely ,small can ,Pei country Qiao County (now Anhui Province Bozhou city) people .This surname Jaap Cao Song ,because his father passed to Cao Teng called a eunuch when his son ,so ,surname Cao .
This is Xiahou family ,but due to its adopted by a eunuch ,represents the interests ,while the eunuch and the is typical foreign powers ,so ,with today Speaking, he is outside force representatives.
Sun Quan ,:(182-252) ,character Zhong Mou Wujun Fuchun ( now Zhejiang in Fuyang ) ,a descendant of Sun Wu .The birth family ,his father Sun Jian ,his brother Sun Ce was the famous characters ,Have you, I will not be lonely! Once happiness...,they basically control the Jiangdong region ,namely Jiangdong boss ,Su Shi's literati painting view of two problems,therefore ,use the today words, he is the strength of the local representative.
The three men ,all the achievements of a career ,the talent has three choices. Liu Bei ,human qualities and character on the surface of most accord with Chinese traditional political ideas and aesthetic standards.
Plus he was orthodox banner,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, and a start can indeed so ,so ,he got some talent .Cao Cao said ,&quot ;the world heroes ,Accident insurance abortion, I fell in love with husband friend,but they Shijun and and .&quot ;rough life, young Liu Bei ,his father ,since the suppression of peasants and war since, it have suffered repeated defeats ,and &quot ;five owners, four lost his wife ,&quot ;several defeated both panic and flee ,even the life is almost guaranteed .
Until the age of forty-eight Chibi war in Dangyang County defeat remains without a tiny bit of land .To Chibi after the war, occupied Jingzhou ,the east Wu ,West Sichuan ,which had three minutes of the world have one .
He start empty-handed ,young stand Although the annals ,frustrations ,but never laches ,admirable .However ,Liu Bei is not a hero .He is in love ,generous material justice ,but no man loves wood ,generous benevolence and righteousness ;he has the talent ,fair dealing sincere heart ,but no talent ,fair dealing sincere amount ,so ,to say that he was not a true hero.
The life of Liu Bei Liu Han to the world as its mission ,but when he really has the strength in the world when Liu Han ,but made himself Emperor ,this description of his life ,shouting slogans, just one of his tools ,or to do or emperor .
Why not think of ways to Han ,Xian Di came up reset ?Or stand for the new Emperor Han Xian Di father ?He lives in a deceptive ,or that he is a politician .Liu Bei established the Shu people most destitute ,the strength of the most poor, but also the first death .
Among them reason ,one because of its occupy position quite remote, personnel is less ;another is that he can know, but not with people .Some small ,and have a big loss .The battle of red cliff ,Liu Bei clearly borrowed from Sun Quan Jingzhou to settle down ,said later took Yizhou ,then return .
But he took Yizhou to Later, they go back on one ,didn also .In Shou Jingzhou candidates ,Adiads Porsche Design,the most appropriate at that time was Zhao Yun ,but he was the letter but Zhao Yun ,compared with the reserved Guan Yu .
Guan Yu valor is insufficient but wisdom ,the results fell a defeated Mai City end. Liu Bei does not trust Zhao Yun ,but very will use the means to bribe popular feeling, when Zhao Yun was seven in seven Cao ,rescued their only son of a time, he put his children to throw in the ground ,said &quot ;for the Ru Yi boy ,I will be some loss of &quot ;.
Here are obvious diving suspicion, if really fall ,ten fools also hang up ,actually ,he is to buy the heart .To him once benefactor ,Liu Bei is also devoid of gratitude ,Lv Bu ,Cao Cao to worry about Lv Bu ,say intentionally Lv Bu back ,Lv Bu was to kill Cao Cao .
Another time, Liu Bei in flight, eaten nothing for a long time ,came to a house rest ,and please householder to get some food for him to eat ,headed home really nothing to eat ,but householders see Liu Bei instrument out of the ordinary ,his wife to kill ,then do eat meat to Liu Bei ,Liu Bei knew what was coming ,was very moved, and the request of Cao Cao rewarded the speculative owner although ,Cao Cao It is about the householder for people ,but at Liu Bei ,she promised Liu Bei .
In Wu failure against Liu Bei ,soon died, did not forget his loyal men out ,Zhuge Kongming ,if Zhuge Kongming cannot resist the temptation to the words of Liu Bei ,that he may die earlier than Liu Bei.
So ,Liu Bei is not a hero ,not worthy of trust .Cao Cao ,his poems I like very much, although in the romance of the Three Kingdoms in which he is depicted as a petty ruler of the image ,in fact ,Cao Cao than a book describes great.
He dared to break the portal was born talent to choose custom ,three release press make ,carry out store fields system greatly reduces the burden of the farmer. Cao Cao controlled areas ,was the Three Kingdoms inside the biggest ,is also the strength of the most abundant ,talent is the largest, but why didn finally unified national ?Because of Cao Cao is people but can not put down his body ,is always superior to the attitude to others ,so ,some haughty scholar ,is not really help he unified the world, from his poems there can see them.
So ,if you want to dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased individual words ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,Or to Cao Cao here .Sun Quan ,etc. can be called a hero ,his success comes from the efforts of two generations of people ,he is not to rely on and the ability to successfully .
Although in his Zhou Yu ,Lv Meng ,Lu Su ,Lu Xun and others can go to work, he dared to put authority ,but this person with no ambition at all ,meet Jiangdong a domain ,if the general talents but also on the person is interested, but really want to dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased words ,but it is not wise to trust Sun Quan .

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