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Known classic lines

Looking for a wife must choose the version of identity,Nike Air Force 1 Premium, how have American business school graduate can find the most beautiful most figure infants school's campus Belle, in height at least 1 meters 70, what piano, dancing, Cara OK, the average person can be a plenum have peculiar temper, dynamic do not move as training three grandson like you to find such training a runner you at 5: 00 up to prepare breakfast, night had to come back early to cook a meal on the station building and apron, special honour that she walked through the door, don't bother going okay to say may I help you dear an authentic London tunes a face-saving Beier something fine and went out to play live, presidential suite,Suddenly want to don't fly, a time to live HOTEL tens of thousands of dollars for the wife that some, twenty-four hours a day to spend money is a word of MM expensive light perfume must spend 18 thousand, now that you don't you despised neighbor not bubble film star is Biao star,More Details, if you find a Japanese girl, you feel shy greeted with others you say such a wife, one day you have to fight the how much money I think what is two thousand dollarsTwo thousand dollars?! is that after ten years of marriage the $four thousand you don't too expensive, do not discount you need to study a Bachelor of reason, will one day pay two thousand dollars for the wife who doesn't care to pay two thousand what is bitchy you know? Is to find a wife when they find most difficult to raise not looking for the best pet flirt with hot chicks edition must choose the most beautiful girl, unique temperament that bubble bubble, most proud of the most reserved girl love letters directly to her words, at least better than capital Duobajiu times what ah ah Nescafe, dove, Montagut ah, can send the send to her past morning delivery hot milk,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,One poem, night in fresh orange juice, the bag also is hiding a rose with water droplets, a spirit that every block with her, despite her nobody had to say,Youth three questions,www.deadidasporschedesign.com, see you on the short,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, Si Jun day long fluent Paris rogue cavity are touching her birthday open a candlelight dinner, drinks with take-away, optical tip had to 180 block to make completely intoxicated, twenty-four hours with her is a word of MM love blink eyes must see hundreds of people not come back by the girl is with honey, if you take the sameLearn to feel shy you are greeted with others you say such a flirt with hot chicks law a year to the bubble number.
I thought I would get six or seven. Six or seven?! is that a number of at least twelve don't you too much, didn't crash your study our quality degree real love does not care about the January change what is called love.

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Hip Hop, R &amp

Zhang Han ,graduated from the Central Academy of Drama undergraduate acting class. He has filmed several commercials, participated in the three film three dramas and six MV shot ,and has a single individual .
In 2009 to participate in the filming of Hunan satellite TV homemade idol drama meteor shower and 2010 look at meteoric shower ,at the same time as the dramas of fame ,become inland idol play a brother .
In addition to deep aesthetic idol drama accidentally fell in love with you ,is now available as a Hunan TV show in the opening 2011 ,in broadcast nationwide .Zhang Han Zhang Han 360 degrees withoutdead angle of handsome John John Zhang Han speak dolphin glasses handsome ~ personal file name: Zhang Han sex: male nickname :John brother ,Zhang Xiaohan ,the new boss ,eyebrow ,John pot ,fruit ,two brother ,John fabric onion John ,a reality ,John little ,John John and other zodiac :rat Nationality : Chinese Modern Residence: Beijing language :Chinese ,English ,Korean ,cheerful ,humorous character :calm ,sunny ,careful collection :hat ,glasses ,guitar hobby: fitness ,driving ,music fans Name: Hamburg Zhang Han fans slogan: a charming ,John moving my heart .
Open Bailey Button ugg boots ,charm ,Hanyao star .Fans .Colours :Green lucky color :Green family: parents love sports: basketball ,volleyball ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,tennis ,billiards ,golf ,riding like colors :black ,white ,blue ,green like fruit :grape ,lemon love drink :Orange pulsation ,cola ,lemon tea ,lemon tea like food :five flavor of the dried beef ,fried eggplant like magazine :the movie ,Esquire ,world screen love movies :Mei Lanfang ,blood diamond ,Agam like actors: Tony Leung ,Sean Connery ,Al Pacino Love Singer :Nicholas Tse ,Lee Hom love songs :Hip Hop ,R &amp ;B ,Rap ,JAZZ ,pop music like countries: China ,Italy ,Canada likes season :summer ,winter hated food :squid hate thing :be deceived by others.
The most important one :parents and relatives ,all those who care about me .Wish: to become a good actor ,a good interpretation of each role. Love where: Italy childhood dream :to become a singer :University one is graduated from Central Academy of Drama ( Performing Arts Degree: bachelor graduation time ) :2007JuneLearning experience: Singapore music forest performing arts school vocal music College Primary School :Qigihar City :Yongan primary school junior middle school of Qigihar city third middle school :Qigihar experimental middle school physical condition : there is a slight acrophobia in the circle of friends :Zhu Zixiao ,Zheng Shuang ,Wei Chen ,Yu Haoming ,Xiao Han ,Lu Hu ,Jiang Kaitong ,Mark ,Pace Wu ,Yang Mi ,Jin Sha ,Pan Zhilin ,Tan Lina ,Liyan Tong ,Tang Yan ,Tang Xiao ,Tian Jiada ,He Jiong ,Sheenah ,Wu Xin ,Li Xiang ,Jo Jo ,wake ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,Jiang Yingrong and other awards and honors in 2009 2009SohuTV Quarterly review 09thirdseason is the most popular actor in 2009 Beijing&quot ;China 50 most beautiful people in&quot ;one of the 2009 CRIinternational online entertainment &quot ;2009of the homethe Redskins &quot ;champion 2009 tencent.
comstar ceremony annual potential of the new Performing Arts 2009 secondMengniu yoghourt music chart Awards Best Newcomer in 2009 straddling theSina network Festival most potential actors in 2010 2010Baidu entertainment boiling point( the most popular TV drama meteor shower Sohu ) 2010AutumnDrama Awards Best Male Newcomer Award 2010Sohuautumn Drama Awards the best screen .
Companion Award ( with Zheng Shuang) in 2010 the BQ2010 red listawards the annual television drama ( with the view of meteor shower) in 2011 2011Baidu entertainment boiling pointof the most popular Chinese youth idol drama ( with the view of meteor shower ) appeared in the works of plane shot Nick ice tea Forester car Kang Long casual shoes lining 2009 Winterendorsements 2010Erieice plant ( and Zheng Shuang dolphin glasses ( 2010)and Zheng Shuang ( 2011)the Erie ice factory second and Zheng Shuang speak) drama works name role name home three master Ivanov Lvov cobweb modern form of Drama -- ( 2005Korea Koreanmovie time ) the Title role name role properties director 2008MC Dance Gate ha ha Fu rampage Huayangosaurus 2008 gueststarring Wang Xiaobing Wang Siyu 2009 happy Adventures 2 Zhao Ming ( Korean students ) No.
two male Li Tingzhe 2010 the night before a John boy and a Ding Xiaoyang 2010 no limit Wu limit of male one Fu Huayang TV time work role name role properties director 2008gale the song Zhang Shizhi Huang Jianzhong 2009 meteor shower The rain Murong Yunhai actor Shen Yi 2010 look at meteoric shower Murong Yunhai actor Shen Yi 2010 accidentally in love with you Qin Lang actor Mai Dajie MV year singer song 2007 Hu Lingdidn .
2008 Xu LiJin Mu water fire and earth 2009 Zhang Han &Yu Haoming &amp ;Zhu Zixiao &amp ;Wei Chen let me sing a song for you 2009 Zhang Han &Yu Haoming &amp ;Zhu Zixiao &amp ;Wei Chen Star Story 2009picked up a 2009 Xu FeiZhang Han I want to fly 2009days of entertainmentstars happy departure 2010 Xu Feileft wing 2010 Zhang Han &Jiang Yingrong accidentally in love with you 2010 Li Weiincomplete 2010days of entertainmentstars wishing for u 2010days of entertainmentstars awesome youth short film 2011SohuNew Movement :Twilight Edward ( a cosplay.
) ( partners :Zheng Shuang Bella ) starred in the 2009 2009.07.16Hunan TVprogram Chinese Bridge 2009.08.07 HunanTV 2009 happy female voiceof the seven into the six 2009.08.10 Hunan entertainmentmeteor shower 2009.
08.14will meetHunan TV zero wing 2009.08.15 cloudHunan TV happy camp meteor shower 2009.08.16Zhejiang TVlove to sing will win meteor shower 2009.08.16Anhui TVSunday I biggest meteor shower 2009.
08.16Hunan satellite TV,the story behind the meteor shower 2009.08.17 TravelTV beautiful bride meteor shower 2009.08.22southeast TVcross-strait home relief party 2009.08.22Hunan satellite TV,Hunan TV 2009.
08.23world womanbehind the story of the meteor shower 2009.08.28make progress every dayof Hunan satellite TV meteor shower 2009.09.02BTVthe best live 2009.09.06Hunan entertainmentstar finals 2009.
09.06Jilin TVsuper fun eight 2009.09.20Liaoning TVI lead 2009.09.24Phoenix.Lu Yu about the meteor shower 2009.09.25PhoenixLu Yu about the meteor shower 2009.09.25 TravelTV dream 2009 2009.09.
27Liaoning satellite TV,who the hell is 2009.09.28Hunan TVOde to Xiangjiang Anhui sports channel 2009.10.01MTV 2009.10.03Wei HubeiTianLai Village As the music assembly number 2009.10.11a hundred responses to a hundreds of Hunan satellite TV meteor shower 2009.
10.24Liaoning TVtour of China 2009.12.31Hunan TVHappy Chinese New Year Concert 2010Hunan TV2010.01.01golden mango vermicelli Festival 2010.01.10tencent.com2009star2010.01.17ceremonyYunnan TV Mengniu yoghourt music chart 2010.
01.17of Jiangsu satellite TV Tencent stars .2010.01.212009sina.com.cnSina network grand ceremony 2010.01.23Hunan TVhappy camp of Hunan satellite TV entertainment without 2010.01.282010.01.31 fiveWukesong Basketball Hall Baidu entertainment boiling point 2010.
02.07on TV in Hunan Hunan satellite TV Spring Festival Gala 2010.02.182010.02.27Baidu entertainment boiling point Hunan TV happy camp ( telephone connection ) 2010.03.22look at meteoric showerwill meet 2010.
05.11look at meteoric showercomplete ceremony 2010.05.14 Hunan TVentertainment no limit ( meteor shower 2 .) 2010.05.31Hunan TVand future about 2010.06.08happy Adventures 2 conference 2010.
06.10Hunan satellite TVentertainment without 2010.06.1The 5 Hunan TVHuasheng television long live youth sonic-boom night 2010.07.02Hunan TVFengshang king Wei Chen 2010.07.21make every attempt conference ( guest ) 2010.
08.01 in themovie is not the world .the starting ceremony 2010.08.05Hunan TVaccidentally in love with you conference 2010.08.06Hunan TVhappy male voice (guest star ) 2010.08.07horizonentertainment direct seeding look at meteoric shower 2010.
08.07 Hunanentertainment channel entertainment daring vanguard ( media ) 2010.08.14Hunan TVhappy camp ( meteor shower 2 crew) IME 2010.08.27Qigihar Tenth ChinaGreen Food Expo opening ceremony guest Sohu 2010.
11.09Beijing inautumn TV Internet celebrations 2010.12.13Hunan TVentertainment without 2010.12.29no limit conference shutdown 2010.12.31Hunan TVHappy Chinese New Year Concert 2011 2011.01.02Hunan TVGolden Mango Festival fans ( Zheng Shuang ,Jo Jo ) 2011.
01.15Baiduentertainment boiling point ( &amp ;2011.01.22meteor shower) Hunan TV happy camp ( a love you cast ) presided over the program Awesome Sunday broadcast time co-host guest ,Zhu Zixiao ,Harlem Yu 2011.
1.9Wei Chen( guest host ) ,IME (location hosting) Zheng Shuang ,Jiang Kaitong ,Jiang Mengjie Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao 2011.1.23,Li Xiang ( guest host ) ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,Harlem Yu ( guest host ) ,IME (location hosting) Yang Yang ,Qu Ying 2011.
1.30 Wei Chen,Zhu Zixiao ,Li Xiang ,Harlem Yu ,IME (location hosting) Landy Wen ,Liu Yan ,Pan Chen Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao 2011.2.6,awakening ( guest host ) ,IME (location hosting) Lu Hu ,Wang Yuexin ,Li Wei ,Tan Jiexi ,Huang Ying ,Jiang Yingrong ,Zeng Yike ,Tan Lina Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao 2011.
2.13,He Jiong ( guest host ) ,IME (location hosting) Wu Xin ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Picture regale of rich and powerful family, Cavendish International Shopping Center _ Asia twelve bl,Yang Mi Wei Chen ,Li Fei ,Zhu Zixiao ,IME (location hosting) Chen Xiang ,Li Yifeng ,Li Chen a few days ago, as the show host of Zhang Han ,Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao incarnation of &quot ;awesome kid &quot ;shooting promotional according to this day exposure for the first time ,ugg gissella boots.
It is reported ,in every episode ,Look! The devil beast history on the strongest female game player, one of three will!,they also will be &quot ;awesome kid &quot ;participate in each link of the recorded program .&quot ;awesome kid &quot ;the name is Good as Zhang Han ,Wei Chen and Zhu Zixiao give us the consistent impression ,UGG Adirondack Boot II ,youthful vitality and positive ,in full compliance with the ?Awesome definition.
Recently,Nike Air Force One, &quot ;awesome kid &quot ;also for the new show filmed a series of publicity photos, in which a series of them dressed in light suit with white trousers ,handsome fashion ,and another set of plaid shirt casual dress is the highlight of their youth individuality ,a final set of location series of pink frock clear and strong ,as &quot ;awesome kid &quot ;this name as the infinite vitality .
In the shooting scene ,awesome kid &quot ;&quot ;Zhang Han ,Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao have become very excited ,three people smile ,look pretty awesome .They also posing for photographers ,or two feet or hands ,sidekick, or running state ,each publicity photos are displayed their vitality health awesome image ,Lady Gaga headphones.
,awesome Sunday in 2011 Januaryin Hunan satellite TV broadcast the first shock ,Zheng Shuang Jiang Kaitong ,Jiang Mengjie guest ,three beautiful girls ,together with Zhang Han ,Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao is the incarnation of &quot ;awesome kid &quot ;for your wonderful performance The youth and the vigor ,see &quot &quot awesome ;brother ;Harlem Yu and &quot ;awesome guest &quot ;and &quot ;awesome people &quot ;the awesome interactive show ,a weekly day lock lock Hunan satellite TV ,awesome Sunday .
Music song name remarks picked up 2009yeara meteor shower ,look at the meteoric shower episode ( Zhang Han ) in 2009 2009Star Story solo Star Story meteor shower ,with the view of meteor shower theme song ( H4 Chorus)2009let me sing a song for you meteor shower the title song ( H4 Chorus)in 2010 don fall in love with you don fall in love with you ( Jiang Yingrong Zhang Han ,the eponymous theme song chorus ) 2011awesome Sunday variety show awesome Sunday ( Zhang Han ,Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao ) growth experiences to refuse a girl bully beat &quot &quot ;;junior to the memory of Zhang Han, almost all late at night ,the little tigers ,headphones Huang An Jacky Cheung songs .
He always woke up ,found in the recorder tape still creaking, juvenile dream ,he always wanted to have a table Play stage. On the junior high school ,Zhang Han is up to 1.78 meters .He carried a bag walking in the campus,Daddy look essay contest, there are always girls stopped ,secretly to discuss the handsome boy, Classic Short Uggs outside ,most of Zhang Han time in the school football, he is in the captain of the football team shirt ,handsome ,as long as there will always be a group of girls from him ,screaming .
However ,coy Zhang Han ,eyes bright to touch the girl ,he will only focus on the foot of the football ,and tops off wipe the sweat on his forehead. Zhang Han never actively and strange girls ,and occasionally a naughty girl he made to flush with shame ,every class picture ,Zhang Han always stands at the edge of the most, his face with a quiet smile.
Although shy ,but he is still the most popular campus girl student .Once, a girl said publicly to associate with Zhang Han ,he rejected her ,looking for a group of punks ,beat him up.
Poor Zhang Han ... .for short film train station waiting a week at Central Academy of Drama, Zhang Han spent his memory of the happy time. In fact ,high school at Zhang Han and is not art ,but entered art school after graduation ,therefore ,open Before they enter the school when Zhang Han is not too smooth .
In acting class ,because did not open ,he has been the cause of many jokes ,sometimes even wondered if I could for the show ,Bose on ear headphones ,but this art is strongly attracted to Zhang Han ,he is determined to conquer psychological defense.
Thereafter ,Zhang Han night life listen to music turns from movies ,had time ,he would return from the video store from a pile of a pile of dishes ,the cat in the bedroom ,for performing skills.
After a period of time ,the teacher arranged a job ,make a short film .The next week ,Zhang Han cruised in every day the Beijing train station ,he finally found a &quot ;&quot :&quot ;man ;he dressed in rags ,to see who will be silly to laugh ,his mouth still jump out of Hello ,Very good like English .
Zhang Han found him on the train station next to a guard kiosk girl special attentions ,early in the morning hovers around the pavilion, saw the girl mopping the floor ,he grabbed the mop to help Zhang Han .
&quot ;according to the two characters ,created a beautiful love short film ,the game won the award ,which made Zhang Han a firm determination. The doctor mom style consultant because efforts ,Zhang Han from beginning with two Commercials ,movies ,because often attend some activities ,Zhang Han began to pay attention to their dress .
In 2008, Zhang Han was named the &quot ;the most taste in clothes man &quot ;,surprisingly ,his &quot modeling ;consultant &quot ;was his doctor mom .Zhang Han has been fashionable ,son to grow up her dress ,their own interests, to dress up tall and handsome son.
Once free ,mother and son would go to the mall ,often appear in the scene is :mother neatly to pick out a lot of clothes and accessories, and a Zhang Han to travel to the locker room ,until all two thumbs up ,to carry heavy shopping bags home.
However ,in addition to filming and attend public activities need to dress up ,Zhang Han secretly try to wear a simple and comfortable, he also suggested that the incoming :&quot ;not the pursuit of brand-name ,dressed in clean and tidy is OK.
&quot ;on sweet gentle girl calls Zhang Han with northeast man rough and large men feelings .Ask Zhang Han love ,and like the type of girl ,thought he would find an excuse to refuse ,but he frankly disclose to clever gentle girl have special feeling :&quot ;she has a supple long Hair ,very quiet ,such girl makes me want to protect the impulse.
&quot ;a smile with Murong Yunhai corner meteor shower audition day, Zhang Han in the gym running ,he wore a suit sportswear ,mbt sport ,the crew make fun of office director said: you are looking for &quot ;soldiers sortie of ?&quot ;Zhang Han could not help laughing ,said :&quot ;is a friend recommended me to try the opportunity ,.
&quot ;Zhang Han did not think of is ,the smile that he took the role of Murong Yunhai. The first program 2011 Hunan TVawesome ( Sunday .:Harlem Yu ,Wei Chen ,Zhu Zixiao ) extended reading
:11,space: 22 ,:33,:blog micro-blog open category: star ,actor ,singer Topics related articles: 70 2006-01give oneself over to blind emotionsoffprint D complex intrigues Yao Yao show special

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From yesterday to today informed today, since the day and week r

From yesterday to today: the bulletin today, since the day and week repeated many times to communicate. The public all basic content has set, now mainly concentrated - informed today from yesterday to today: after a day of week,www.deadidasporschedesign.com, since repeated many times to communicate.
Publicity of all content basically has set now,Entertainment boiling point Taobao most effective loses weight the medicine, the problem mainly copper Peas - Yike 2004-08-12 18: 34: 03 published in the real estate network - Discussion on City Housing theory - Vientiane new forum today from yesterday to today: the bulletin,Two liquid system model 1M NY23-DZ3324 boiling point tester, since the day and week total repeated many times to communicate.
The public all basic content has set,Adidas Jeremy Scott, now mainly concentrated in on the AB apartment layout change date postponed in publicity in clear representations of the problem, always had repeatedly promised on the AB deferred decisions in this publicity will be stated.
Always said: publicity the party tomorrow afternoon in the sales offices to the public,Nike Air Force 1 Low, on the AB apartment layout problem,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, stay and Engineering Department agreed,Implementation of prescription management method, what to bring a doctor's prescription to understan,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, will be in the public have a clear presentation.

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Long swim the net and T3 naojiang both sides compete for the aud

May 31st afternoon ,audition game development company of South Korea T3 today toSohu IT sent to the statement ,called &quot ;all &quot ;audition&quot ;&quot ;&quot game dance mission ;rights including copyright and trademark right to belong to the development company T3&quot ;.
This is long swim the net in May 22 claimed that the &quothas ;the strength dance regiment in China and the right to operate the right to use a trademark ,any other similar products from Korea ,not long swim the net permit and feel free to use and audition are associated with the name ,will constitute a tort ,Cheap Air Force One,long swim the net retained the pursuit of legal responsibility.
&quot ;the two statement is the result of Dance Mission 2 in China the main fight for the right trigger .Dance Mission 2 is T3 casual online games ,but the agency eventually handed over to the ninth city .
Thus ,long swim the net mastermind with painstaking effort dance video game market ,will usher in the cities competition. This nature causes Jiuyou Wang dissatisfaction ,and on May 22nd ,namely 9 citiesdeclared Dance Mission 2 agents the right to the very next day ,made the wording serious statement.
The following is South Korea T3 companytoday to Sohu IT sent a statement on May 22nd .You issued a statement, T3 views are as follows:&qu Ot ;audition&quot ;T3 development network dancing game ,8.15 long play.,started in 2004 in South Korea operations, 2004December andyou reach China operation contract ,???????4 weighing is common in our life,in 2005 Maybegan operating in China.
&quot ;audition &quot ;this name is to let Chinese game player more easily understand the &quot ;audition&quot ;in the Chinese localization of a ring when the T3 operation.From China long-tour operators know for Chinese game player for Chinese &quot ;&quot than English audition ;&quot ;audition&quot ;more easily understand the &quot ;audition &quot ;is represented in the &quot ;intense dancing group &quot ;then ,we consider the nature and &quot ;audition&quot ;image to meet ,so I decided to the use of &quot ;audition as &quot ;&quot ;audition&quot ;Chinese name and allows you to operate in China &quot ;audition&quot ;when the game using the Chinese name.
But later we learnt that you as T3 agents in Chinawithout the permission of T3 in its own name inChina to apply for the registration of &quot ;audition&quot and &quot ;dance ;&quot ;for your trademark, as partners ,we felt very surprised .
Noticing you also through his official website claimed that &quot &quot is long ;dance ;Travel brand ,T3 had to express their own opinions. T3 development &quot ;audition&quot ;network dancing game for Chinese game player love.
When referring to &quot &quot ,China ;dance ;game player will realize it refers to T3 development &quot ;audition&quot ;game . T3 in the specialclarification of &quot ;audition is the &quot ;&quot ;audition&quot ;game Chinese name and trademark .
You only is T3&quot ;audition&quot ;game in Chinese carriers ,according to the agreement when the &quot ;audition&quot ;in China 3 yearsafter the expiration of the period of operation ,Think of this time yesterday,Adiads Porsche Design,you can use any &quot ;audition&quot ;relevant content ,all related to &quot ;audition&quot ;&quot ;&quot game dance mission ;rights including copyright and trademark right to belong to the development company T3.
Finally, we would like to thank our Chinese game player ,is the joint efforts of you make &quot ;audition &quot ;a huge success in China ,is your enthusiasm to audition for game player community healthy development .
Thanks to the Chinese game player ,we are working to develop a new dance community game .We believe this game will bring new surprises ,please rub one a long .Tour in May 22nd issued a statement as follows.
In other companies and media in its press release is related to dance mission II relevant content, company spokesman and public relations department authorized by the company issued a formal statement is as follows :1,Division I to the operation of the dance mission from South Korea T3 Entertainmentoriginal company development ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,South Korea YEDANG Group officially authorized network game products ,Division I has in the Chinese mainland and Hongkong area including the operation right and the right to use the trademark ,Chinese all legitimate rights ;2from South Korea,any other similar products without the permission of the Secretary and feel free to use and dance mission have an associated name behavior the products of our company ,will constitute a tort ,and in fact misleading users and investors consequences ,we will retain the licensing Division I perennial legal adviser ( Shanghai Guohao law firm and Shanghai Kam law firm ) according to people and the relevant laws and regulations ,legal liability for infringement of rights ,3;on the large recreational network game called sequel ,from a global perspective is without precedent in the industry .
We will at the appropriate time to entrust authority on any claim to be continued For the similar product to verify ,if found violations of our existing products legal right behavior ,I will be the Secretary in accordance with the law to safeguard Chinese users ,operators and partners around the legitimate rights and interests.
Audition through our operations team and partners at home and abroad during the 2 years of operation ,from the original one a family of products to the domestic and foreign markets to achieve great success ,is a Division I by strong philharmonic orchestra ( news ,the club ) ,dance group ,nikesforce1.com,super happy person ( news ,award answer ) ,super dancer ( news ,gallery ,club ,has award question) series of products for the success of the operation ,and the introduction of independent research and development of product strategy obtains great achievements as well as many partners of the strong support are inseparable .
Our company as a domestic network game industry is one of the leading enterprises, will continue to advance through the introduction and development of the strategy of combining, and strive for domestic and foreign users and the major partners to provide high-quality interactive entertainment.
Is expected in July this year the upcoming &quot ;ChinaJoy2007&quot ;period, I Division will be publicly released in 6 kinds ofnetwork of new games ,including the introduction and self The main research and development of 5major leisureclass online game in domestic and foreign markets ,and strive to create new miracle .
Long swim the net growth and development is inseparable from the state ,the relevant government departments and the vast majority of operators ,distributors and other business partners of long-term support ,Air Force One Sale,thanks to the vast number of media since long to long swim the net love.
In the industrial chain downstream of the make concerted efforts ,long swim the net will be able to China large recreational network game to create a more brilliant tomorrow. Long swim the net

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Hou Yaowen covered the flag question what people can override fl

What people dead can override flag Song Da, I want to say, do you hear not. Hou Yaowen is a famous cross-talk, is a cultural troupe head. But as far as I know: after death to cover on top of the flag is not much.
I think he has the qualification according to the position. He and I are the same, the division level and above, the small level. If everyone dead, with a flag to cover the top. It's not serious. One flag, while the disciples and followers in the knees.
It is not, like like. If you have the guts to give my opinion on Internet have the guts to say.???? Publisher happy every day (2007-07-09 23: 42 who can override flag after the death of Mr. Hudson died, in the country caused not minor sensation, even a channel CCTV female presenters, is also a happy shouting, the column is to Mr.
Hudson's life as the beginning of the start bit memory. "Said Hou, the cause of crosstalk contribution, single that a host such a brother called, very uncomfortable, you live well, but he is not the people live? Mr.
Hudson's sudden death, is a sighPity, but television is not your home ah,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, see (listen to) the show intermediate commentary, really not feeling well? Although I am not waiting fans, but has also been concerned about Mr.
Hudson last mileage, suddenly discovered that he is still covered the flag, felt strange, in the my memory should be leaders or martyrs and others after the death can cover, did not know that Mr. Ma Ji does it cover? Asked several people,Air Formposite One will cause gelastic, say, is the Party member can cover? No definite answer.
I very strange,Happy relaxed leisure time, teach you to do heart method., doesn't limit level? Check on the Internet, reply as follows, do not know whether accurate. Hou do not cover the flag is not right,Adidas Wings, I just wonder. Members died, whether in the body or the urn cover flag?? Jian we send Ya answer: according to relevant provisions of Party Organization Department, after the death of his own party, the approval of the organization in the remains or ashes box on the cover body covers the flag.
Generally use 3 or 4 party flag, cinerary casket cover general with 5 flags,deadidasporschedesign.com, but not with the flag of cremation or with the urn buried. Cover with the flag can be used repeatedly, can also give families for cinerary casket interior storage cover, 5 U0.
?005 u0016 v? That way,エアジョーダン4 Hu Shi ., if the above said is true. "... admire Mr. Hudson's man, in the reports on the crash at Beijing at that time, I felt that he really good, no poser, actually there is no oppressed people, well there the traffic police to handle, it is commendable.
If changed to &quot,Nike Air Force 1 Mid, &quot estimated earlier; mug; urgent, ha ha, is also hypothesized. Author: zero space > log according to you,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, when I am dead can also have a flag cap???? - I have put my age to true.

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