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The Taiwan Taiwan Skype hjzztw ,alvin64.lin :free phone + 886-4-7240760 (04-7240760)hjzztw@yahoo.com.tw UnitedStates Skype :the United States mail free vc1201 phone + 1-626-2351227 e-mail vc1201@yahoo.
comChina China free Skype :chuangkun2008 + 86-512-57116548(chuangkun2008@yahoo.cn ) telephone email 3MCuno Philips Philips Cuno Philips has love HP Everpure international brand Panasonic Panasonic Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Dongli Dongli Toray ANN Mary Amway Amway Sakura Sakura Sakura ran de Brita like impression printing Zojirushi tiger tiger tiger Electrolux Electrolux Electrolux Hitachi Hitachi Hitachi sharp sharp sharp Toshiba Toshiba Toshiba Sanyo Sanyo Sanyo Ben Ben Chanson QINYUAN Midea or Litree patio beauty Angel Angel paragon Paragon Lamo to Qlife vitop wood spring day the United States Culligan and PRAISE Paez Kaifu long pure water machine pure water machine Taiwan Wang Qingshui Kang Le Voight de one day Stephen pure water machine pure water machine nine as Hans Hill SYR Honeywell Honeywell en special Enmet green Beck Genojet world Baokang Sbok Yue mouth EcoWater filter Kang Culligan Shui Li Cillit boss Wa water TerBoss Erie Judo Erie Jun love Nicks Ionics Modun Morton run cable RainSoft Bentai Canature Smith A.
O Pentair nores North tripod Ann Voight de Dingan WTD Shu Er Ser Coase korStar Dalton Doulton Cuno 3MCunopentir PentairWater Antu ,Antunes Aquasana Aquasana appropriate charge CH nimbus Nimbus Pu infants Eaupur liters of water guard plate Hexagon Litree six Kos korStar filter can be Kang Culligan FILOPUR Filopur special Utop Dingan Ou Weishi Always Ding Ya Erpu 3MAquapure Maureen GE Merlin Kang Le Kemflo alkaline ion water pipeline direct drinking machine hot boiling water device electric / magnetic cleaner shower filter soda water machine pipeline adder unit / commercial hotel water treatment models for industrial water treatment equipment water treatment equipment / supplies / filter UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier for drinking water 3MFiltrete home promotion international standards in the water areas of expertise, 3Mwith CUNO hundred years purifying high technical specifications ,in the international already for major industries to provide water purification services include electronic industry in the production of miniature components for the high water ,the pharmaceutical industry in the production of vaccines and drug injection ,maintain the stability of microbial Filtration equipment ,alcohol production and final purification procedure ,multinational beverage business ,large chain coffee shop water purification equipment.
These from the industrial ,medical and catering to different industrial water filter net demand ,are dependent on 3M purifying100 patentcore technology. 3MFiltrete ,has been the pursuit of high-quality field of air filter net the brand of excellence ,has a home air purifier ,and bedding ,medical masks air filter net technology and products.
Now 3M Filtrete in the international industry professional water purification technology under the blessing, will expand the products and services ,from the air filter extends into the water filtering ,become home of all-around expert Filtrete home water purification filter ?T column ,will be the world class strictly filter net standard ,for every household drinking water quality control .
More than 360water purification productscertified by NSF NSF ( National Sanitation Foundation ) the United States National Sanitation Foundation ,,,water quality and food safety testing of the independent third party certification body .
NSF set testing standards ,many are the United States National Bureau of standards ( ANSI ) into the national standard ;not only in the United States have the authority ,in the world also has been affirmed and respected in the United States in Connecticut .
3M water purification products factory ,not only through the NSF certification of high standards workshop ,with strict quality control ,to ensure that all the products manufactured quality. 3M currentlyhas more than 360water purificationproducts through the NSF certification ,compared to other manufacturers only a single or a few water purification products through certification ,obvious 3M producedwater purification products absolutely with the highest standards of quality .
Why home in need of better water purifier ?Transparent ,but not necessarily pure water in the human body as well as regulation ,detoxification and other major function, is also physically critical solvent ,no longer good nutrition should rely on water to work.
So every day we need to supplement the 2000 ~3000c.c.Water ,but it appears that pure water ,really safe ?Like water ,you drink at ease ?General household water mainly through catchment ,water water ( as shown below ) .
Although the final home of water flow to the naked eye can not see you ,but many pollution but within these three phases is cumulative .Catchment stage :the water concentration and transported to the water treatment plant for possible sources of water nearby :Agricultural ,fishing ,industrial waste water and fertilizer ,garbage pollution may Pollutants :MTBE ,bacteria ,virus water stage :water collected after the purification of water for public use ,possible sources :purification reservoir using excess chlorine pollution possible contaminants :chlorine ,spore vesicle ,bacterial ,virus water stage :the purified water from water plant with pipeline distribution to users ,become a household water possible sources :old pipelines ,Water Tower flaking erosion caused by lead ,rust pollution possible contaminants :lead ,bacteria ,virus ,a total of three halogen armour these problems are just a lot of water pollution of the tip of the iceberg ,although sometimes by media, let the society seriously afresh, but usually the water pollution has not thoroughly improved, so many pollutants with daily drinking water into the body.
Invisible pollution on the human body injury ,chronic poisoning as household water may be some pollutants household water may be some pollutants on the human body, the possible effects of MTBE ( third methyl butyl ether ) unleaded gasoline additives for gasoline ,may overflow underground tank or pipe leakage pollution carcinogenic ,nausea ,stimulation of nose and throat and nervous system injury chloride as water purification ,in the Water treatment plant to add in water drinking cause unpleasant taste and smell of a total of three halogenated methane drinking cause unpleasant taste and smell of old pipelines ,carcinogenic lead Water Tower flaking erosion kidney and nervous system damage spore vesicle reservoir bottom long breeding microorganisms have a fever and gastrointestinal diseases such as bacterial ,virus throughout the various diseases of boiled water safety ?Many families to boil the way to maintain the quality of drinking water ,think after the boil ,should be able to achieve sterilization.
But empirical discovery ,boiling water 15 to 20 minuteswhile killing intestinal bacteria and viruses, but not to reduce the water too much chlorine. But only after boiled procedures ,sediment ,water sediment heavy metal residues and still ,in the course of time ,on the human body have adverse effects.
Drink bottled water safety ?Many people seek peace of mind ,often in bottled water instead of drinking water ,however some bottled water appears to be safe ,but still many problems. First is the source of water ,according to the Department of health information available ,Taiwan around the upstream water pollution problems ,no one source of untreated can drink ,so it is still very dependent on artificial sterilization of bottled water mostly .
Using ozone sterilization ,although the ozone sterilization just after a certain period of time ,can let the ozone into oxygen reduction ,but the safety of reduction time value if the lack of strict control ,ozone in volatilization incomplete cases ,long down, will hurt the body of the central nervous and respiratory tract .
Furthermore ,bottled water although there are treated ,can only the number of bacteria disinfection to the legal standard, the water will still have residual bacteria. With storage shelves to experienced packing ,temperature control ,the store storage conditions and storage time and variable, the number of bacteria have may grow exponentially.
Bottled water derived environmental problems is worrying, show according to the data ,producing 1 liters ofbottled water ,in the process of addition resulted in 16 liters of waterresource waste ,but also will create large amounts of carbon dioxide ,accelerated global warming crisis .
And bottled water PET material in soil needs four hundred and fifty years to decompose ,became almost a millennium fossils in soil .So ,not only water is bottled water question ,[original] some year some month bright green, red,buy bottled water will be on the earth ecological causes serious effect.
Maybe ,you feel the water pollution issue is very far ,did not seem to personal relationships ,but the whole family should not use this &quot ;perhaps &quot ;chance Gas .When pure water is no longer behoove ,water purifier is not a luxury ,but for myself and my family health supplies.
You buy a water purifier can really do well water &quot ;&quot ;function ?Water from wood line ,the shopping channel ,to the international manufacturers have introduced water purifiers ,some price to attract consumers to buy ,while others emphasize the special features ,dozens of water purifier brand and product ,let a person look giddily Lao is random .
But the return home of pure drinking water demand, water purifiers of the core value ,in the filter .The lack of professional filter technology ,water purification ability will inevitably greatly reduced assembly water purifiers of the threshold is not high ,the market even common to cheap manufacturing plant, and with inferior filter assembled into water purifier .
However ,to make good the filter has high technical threshold ,the filter material ,filter efficiency of the state to the factory QC ,is a university asked. Also has all kinds of water purification function water purifier ,in fact many market trap .
To spend money to buy water purifier ,but not to buy most of the cultured &quot &quot ;water purification ;function ?!recently there are many advertised energy water ,electrolysis of water water purifiers ,to claim the anti-aging ,curative effect to attract consumers ,but The first step of the water purifier filter technology was not ready ,but water is a problem to the electrolysis of water .
For example ,if a start no water filter net ,even after the electrolysis step ,may still be drinking to &quot ;concentrated heavy water &quot ,consumers will eventually get to drink ;the side effects may be far higher than those additional value .
To spend money to buy water purifier ,but not to buy most of the cultured &quot &quot ;water purification ;function ?!recently there are many advertised energy water ,electrolysis of water water purifiers ,to claim the anti-aging ,curative effect to attract consumers ,but the first step of water purifier filter technology was not ready ,but water is a problem in the electrolysis of water .
For example ,if a start no water filter net ,even after the electrolysis step ,may still be drinking to &quot ;concentrated heavy water &quot ,consumers will eventually get to drink ;the side effects may be far higher than those of additional value.
Good water purifier ,the good from the filter .As the perfect engine to drive the highest performance sports car ,the water purifier ,water purifier filter is the heart, also only high quality filter can achieve water purification efficiency and benefit .
Efficacy :to create a good filter ,selecting raw material is made It is a key to activated carbon ,for example, by the hole ,particle size and distribution ,will decide the contaminant removal ability of active carbon .
The smallest aperture was about 1 nm ( 1nm) the following ,with the strongest adsorption effect. The quality of the filter will be activated carbon arrangement density after actuarial ,to make every drop of water in the flow through the filter ,can fully and activated carbon contact ,to achieve complete filtering results.
But the bad carbon filter ,selection of activated carbon particles are larger ,causing the filter pore loose ,causing the water to flow through too quickly ,will make some water without enough time with activated carbon contact ,even can not come into contact with activated carbon ,so that the filtering effect sells at a discount greatly .
In addition ,the filter core production process in addition to the highly technical ,The eight is the most successful female star face,more need to undergo strict layers of quality control ,and through repeated water quality testing certification.
Every link ,will affect the water purifier last filtering effect. Therefore ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,only choose the reliable professional manufacturers produced filter ,we can indeed improve performance and filter efficiency .
Benefits :filter in use after a period of time ,must be replaced, in order to maintain the quality of drinking water. But a good filter ,not only adsorption ability, but also have larger total filter water purification Quantity ,in order to reduce filter replacement frequency ,the best economic benefit .
To activated carbon as an example, high-quality activated carbon inner surface area per gram of 400~ 1200 squaremeters ,is a grain size of soybean active carbon ,superficial area? N high of 360 Ping.
But there are some inferior filter heart ,the activated carbon technology ,adsorption capacity may divide up to 2 ~ 3 times.So some demands low-cost water purifier ,although cheap ,however to finally because of replacing the filter frequency doubling ,but is expensive .
3Mfilter won the international manufacturers trust certainly worthy of your trust 3MFiltrete produced water purifier ,are derived from the application of 3M in the international industry ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,medical industry ,catering industry a hundred years professional filter ,nature has a high standard of filter technology .
In the United States of America Connecticut 3M professionalfactory ,not only through the NSF certification of professional factory ,with strict quality control system to ensure that all the factory the filter core filter net effectiveness .
3Mfilter 10adhere tomaintain the highest quality and most professional drinking water activated carbon filter is the United States 3M factoryproduction professional manufacturing technology ,ensure that every filter quality best quality FDA by the United States Food and Drug Administration certification materials ,so that With the peace of mind at ease by the NSF the United States National Sanitation Foundation for effective removal of contaminants from water with the most durable filter net total water ,filter and long service life without regular replacement of the filter core structure of pure pine tight layered filter is not easy to be blocked ,most health can filter harmful substances, and keep the balance of the human body needed minerals most economic multiple filtering function ,a touch more space saving and convenient maintenance without the burden of inhibiting scale produce after boiling ,and no white precipitate most environmental filtering process does not produce waste water to reduce the waste of water resources the most intimate SQC patent design ,replacing the filter ultra easy filter net + germicidal ultraviolet UVA1000 UVA1000ultravioletsterilizing water purifier sterilizing water purifier is 3M Filtrete home water purification in the star products ,with the United States original activated carbon filter ,coupled with ultraviolet sterilization technology, with first filter net ,and sterilization .
high specifications purification efficiency ,for water purification purify again ,not only conforms to the drinking standard ,also let home water became contaminated insulators. Design from the award-winning Italian DGI design team ,playing ?Y life appliance of practical aesthetics, from appearance to use up all the ingenuity that deep .
Drink &gt ;&gt ;filter net without boiling ,at any time to enjoy the pure water filtering net without boiling ,at any time to enjoy the pure water &gt ;&gt ;water status of advanced e management for your check every drop of water quality high efficiency filter &gt ;&gt ;the NSF42 international certification,layer upon layer of filtering harmful material ,and retention of minerals needed by human body long effect filter &gt ;&gt ;total filter water purification capacity, long service life of filter does not need to be changed frequently ,can feel at ease to use a high energy sterilization effect of the &gt ;&gt ;advanced ultraviolet sterilization technology ,can kill bacteria and viruses in drinking water 99.
9%,consistent with the standard health drink inhibition scale to produce &gt ;&gt ;exclusive antiscaling crystal ,can inhibit the scum and let the boiling water does not produce white precipitate efficient active carbon filtering core ,home water perfect control through NSF42 certification,quality guaranteed high performance three filter ,pollutants each sparing unique three water filtering function ,effective adsorption and removal of pollutants in the water ,in addition to stratified filtration is more exclusive antiscaling crystal ,can inhibit the scum ,water clean.
Long effect filter ,safe to drink a whole year total filter water purification capacity up to 7571 litersa year ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,can maintain high quality drinking water .Retention of minerals beneficial to human body needs calcium ,magnesium ,sodium plasma was not associated with activated carbon carbon bond adsorption filtering net ,so after the water retains a variety of beneficial mineral .
High energy ultraviolet sterilizing effect, water purification and upgrading of many international advanced city water treatment ,can use ultraviolet sterilization technology ,UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier more of its use in home waters .
Ultraviolet sterilizing principle is to filter the water exposure on 254nm wavelength oflight by UVC UVC ,high energy ,destroy the tiny bacteria and virus DNA structure ,making it impossible to reproduce, thus can effectively reduce the total number of colonies and in the water .
UVA1000 ultraviolet light disinfectionsterilization of high energy up to 35000mWs / cm2 ,is close to the NSF55 standard Class A 40000mWs/ cm2 sterilization strength,can eliminate the water may be pathogenic bacteria ,virus ,Cryptosporidium and Giardia ,compared to other brands only reached NSF55 standard Class B 16000mWs/ cm2 sterilization strength,can only be reduced common breeds harmful microorganisms ,obvious UVA1000 UV germicidal lampshave higher levels of water purification effect.
In addition ,because UVC only sun in a lightwave component ,therefore In the disinfection and will not produce any disinfection by-products, nor any residual chemical substances ,compared to some other use of ozone sterilization function of water purification ,drinking can be fully assured.
UVA1000 ultraviolet light disinfectionsterilization energy equal to or greater than 35000mWs / cm2 ,to eliminate possible pathogenic bacteria ,virus ,Cryptosporidium and Giardia may exist .
Water virus and bacteria required for sterilization of the energy Cholera ( cholera ) 6500mWs/ cm2 Dysentery( dysentery ) 4200mWs/ cm2 E.coli( E. coli) 6600mWs/ cm2 Salmonella( Salmonella ) 10000mWs/ cm2 Poliovirus( polio disease ) 7000mWs/ cm2 HepatitisA ( hepatitis A ) 8000mWs/ cm2 "intelligent chip science and technology to ensure the quality of drinking water &quot ;intelligent LED lamp display ,indeed the filter net state in different colour light signal close to remind ,so you will not have to not filtered water .
Intelligent filter life display and replacement of individual display panel will remind LCD carbon filter and ultraviolet germicidal lamp box life consuming situation ,and timely remind changing time ,always ensure that every drop of pure water without danger.
LCD panel will individual display carbon filter and ultraviolet germicidal lamp box life consuming situation , and timely remind changing time ,always ensure that every drop of pure water without danger.
Intelligent starting device ,effective control of ultraviolet disinfection lamp box contains the wisdom of actuating device ,when the water flow through, that automatic priming germicidal lamp ,not only can save power (standby power consumption 2W only),adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,it can extend the ultraviolet germicidal lamp life.
In addition ,when the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp intensity is lower than the system set value ,will also be automatically detect and prompt replacement ,ensure that every drop of water to achieve pure .
Intimate design from the inside out ,home life better net line of Italian design have great originality ,reflect the elegant simplicity of practical aesthetics UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier by Italy Milan DGI ( Design Group Italia ) design team who ,from the purifier of the utility of core values to all appearance ,after many consumer testing and improvement, in addition to the pursuit of quality and flawless top pure ,more fulfilled life aesthetics in product design of every detail ,let more functional water purifier products ,also can show fashion taste .
The outer cover close symmetrical design ,installation is not restricted the overall shape of symmetrical ,thus can be matched with different sink range of installation and use, not subject In the source direction.
Quick replacement design ,replacing the filter super handy and convenient and considerate design, as long as gently turn ,can complete the active carbon filter and ultraviolet germicidal lamp box replacement procedures.
Lightweight intimate design ,as long as gently turn ,can complete the active carbon filter and ultraviolet germicidal lamp box home replacement procedures. Install, time-saving effort easy disassembly and assembly cabinet on product design ,no need of a special person to the house construction can be easily installed .
Use type change ,application of 100 percentnot only can be installed in the cabinet surface ,also provided under cabinet type and type of accessories ,can let you according to kitchen style ,to do the most appropriate collocation .
Filter independent replacement ,high economic benefit is distinct from similar water purifier to the filter and UV lamp box together ,once the use of expired will be replaced at the same time .
UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizingwater purifier to the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp box and the active carbon filtering core device separately, according to use condition of individual replacement ,avoiding waste and saving the cost of supplies .
The outer cover close symmetrical design ,installation is not restricted the overall shape of symmetrical ,thus can be matched with different sink azimuth installation ?Er Wei A not subject to the direction of high density of water .
Activated carbon, a touch more all-around high quality activated carbon filter efficiency greater adsorption ,pollutant so far: many harmful pollutants ,all contain carbon molecules ,the use of activated carbon and carbon molecules are combined with chemical bonding ,when water filtration heart, pollutants will hold active carbon filter heart adsorption ,high purifying selection .
And abundant quantity and more small activated carbon molecules as filter materials ,can filter out a lot of impurities and contaminants. Loose tight multi-level filter ,filter pollutants not Bobble ,more durable :3MFiltrete high density activated carbon pine within tight patent structure design ,to let the water through the larger hole ,capture the large molecular impurities, and then the water through the small hole to catch smaller pollutants ,is different from the common active carbon layer and the outer layer of the activated carbon particles ( diameter ) the same size ,is easy to cause the size of the molecule impurity at the same time ?If a B layer, reduce the filter life.
Adsorption capacity high : the residual chlorine in water ,odor ,heavy metal ,spore vesicle harmful microorganisms ,VOCs ,a total of three halogenated methane ,MTBE and other pollutants effectively .
Only stay healthy ,Yu Dan's view of marriage is very reliable woman want to have a look,leaving no pollution :magnesium ,potassium and plasma ,not active Carbon bonding ,therefore can retain useful on the human body of minerals. Long-term filter ,prolong life :satisfy the general family of 6 ~ 12monthsdrinking water .
NSF42 ,NSF53 dual international accreditation ,drinking more be at ease NSF42 certification for drinking tastes ,odors and clear audit the overall acceptability ,in addition the filter material safety ,product structure ,and product information accuracy also detail specification .
NSF53 certificationof harmful pollutants filtering performance ,developed a more stringent standards . 3M Filtrete pole net easily won the series NSF dual certification, is the representative of the pure water quality requirements have been reached ?@ world class standards high.
Two design patents ,filter quick replacement in addition to ease drinking security ,and intimate use design SQC ( Sanitary Quick Change ) design patents ,10 seconds to3steps,easy replacement of filter .
Built-in Bypass Value patents ,more from the human needs, providing free off the water can replacement filter convenience functions .Q&amp ;A Q1: 3MFiltrete water purifier with so many products ,how to choose ?A1: 3MFiltrete home water purification series according to different regions of the water quality status ,family population and the use habit ,at present Introduction of full Wisdom Series and extremely clean convenient products.
You can be the basis of home water status ,residential pipelines are old and family population choose suitable models and filter water purification capacity ,to the most economic and effective filtering effect.
Generally speaking ,filter can filter water purification capacity in the 2000 literH under ?Models ,suitable for use in small household half ;filter can filter water purification capacity in the 7000 literabove models ,is suitable for families and small family use a year.
Q2: UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier filter heart how long need to be replaced once a replacement is convenient ??A2: all the filter has a certain life and need to be replaced periodically to ensure that the quality of filtered water .
UVA1000 ultravioletsterilizing water purifier built-in intelligence chip technology ,can monitor the carbon filter and ultraviolet sterilization lamp box life ,ensure that the filtration and sterilization effect.
When the activated carbon filter core filter net amount already amounted to 7571 litresor use periods of up to one year, the system will flashing red light to remind the replacement ;when the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp casing strength is lower than the design value or use system during a year ,system will be flashing red light to remind the replacement .
Separating filter design ,so that you can use for a single filter life individual more For ,in order to save costs .And 3M exclusivepatented design ,as long as gently turns to be able to quickly replace the filter ,convenient maintenance and easy .
Q3: 3MFiltrete pole net convenient products filter often need to be replaced once a replacement is convenient ??A3: 3MFiltrete pole net convenient series filter average service life for half a year to a year, the filter can filter water purification capacity in 2000 litersof models, suggest that at least half a replacement ;filter can filter water purification capacity in the 7000 literabove models ,suggest at least change once a year .
But 3M Filtrete pole net convenient series of exclusive SQC ( Sanitary Quick Change ) patent design of simple ,as long as 3?B measure ,can be in 10 seconds to replace the filter ,convenient maintenance and easy .
Q4: filter has been recommended replacement time ,but the quantity of water did not reduce ,need to replace the filter ?A4: recommendations or to change .Because when water containing large amount of solid impurities ,filter may not recommended replacement time will be blocked ,water flow is reduced ,but if your water contains only a small amount of impurities ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the filter may years are not blocked.
However ,the filter life is based on a removable solid impurities and can absorb chemical substances to do Judgment ,therefore more than the recommended replacement time and couldn guarantee the filter can remove contaminants and adsorption .
Q5: has used filter the how to handle ?Whether can be directly discarded ?A5: 3Mthe cherish earth intentions ,initiative recovery filter mechanism ,will filter based on material processing properly and after the classification, incinerated ,avoid two pollution.
Therefore ,if the home has used filter to the distribution point filter recovery delivery office ,to the 3Mcartridge recycling. Q6: 3MFilteret water purifier has the function of inhibiting scale ,filtered water ,after boiling whether there will be a white precipitate generated ?A6: 3MFiltrete water purifier for exclusive filter filtration technology unique anti-scaling crystal ,can not only suppress the scale ,and the filtered water after boiling not white precipitate is produced, can be assured use.
Q7: using electrolysis of water generator by filtering out why can become concentrated alkaline ionized water heavy water ?A7: electrolysis of water generator ,emphasis is placed on the machine electrolytic capacity ,i.
e. to membrane as a medium in water with DC voltage ,and separation of alkaline water and acid water. The water calcium ,potassium ,magnesium ,sodium and other minerals Aggregation to the cathode ,hydrogen ions increases and becomes alkaline water ;sulfuric acid ,sulfur is cited to the anode ,add hydrogen ions and acidic water .
Therefore ,if the water contains a large amount of lead ,mercury and other heavy metals harmful to human beings are not filter net ,through the electrolysis of water generator ,it will gather in the cathode in a concentrated heavy water .
Therefore ,even high electrolysis of water generator ,filter selection is still key ,only allowing the filter net of water into the electrolysis of water generator ,you can really clean drinking to the health of water .
Q8: 3MFiltrete water purifier for high density activated carbon filter ,being able to on the human good ingredients also filter out ?A8: 3MFiltrete high density activated carbon filter using carbon molecular combination principle ,only can adsorb the harmful substances ,beneficial to human plasma magnesium ,potassium ,and activated carbon carbon molecular chemical bond ,thus can maintain the mineral substances beneficial to the human body ,can be safe to drink.
Q9: 3MFiltrete water purifier whether discharge waste water waste problem ?A9: 3MFiltrete water purification series of filter design ,let the inflow is the filter net of water ,so no RO reverse osmosis machine or by electrolysis of water generator has the discharge waste water Environmental waste problem.
Q10: commercially available water purifiers are using activated carbon filtration ,how to compare and distinguish between good and bad ?A10: Although many water purifier emphasized that activated carbon filter ,however because of active carbon source ,manufacturing technology ,amount ,particle size and adsorption area is different, therefore causing the adsorption efficiency and filtering ability to drop.
Such as activated carbon particles ,the more small amount ,can provide a larger adsorption area and achieve better filtering performance. However ,activated carbon filter is difficult to distinguish from the eye .
Therefore ?A selection has a professional manufacturing filter technology manufacturers and well-known brands ,in order to have the best quality assurance .Q11: UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier need to plug in the use of large power consumption ,excuse me ?When not in use will power plug socket out ?A11: UVA1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier wisdom chip design ,can effectively control the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp starting mechanism ,when the water flows through will start an ultraviolet germicidal lamp ,thus the power consumption is low.
In the normal operation of the power consumption for 20W,standby power consumption of only 2W,equivalent to the point of a 2WNightlight ,a year electricity is about 50 yuan.On the other hand ,UVA 1000 ultraviolet sterilizing water purifier wisdom chip technology should have power to calculate and record the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp box and active carbon filter life ,therefore suggested that do not take power from the outlet ,avoiding the wisdom chip can not be accurately recording and monitoring the filter life ,affect the filtering quality .
Q12: 3MFiltrete water purifier and other brand differences in? A12: 3MFiltrete water purifier with international recognition and more than 100 years of filter technology ,the 10advantage is generallywater purifier brands can not be compared.
The most pro - active carbon filtering core is the United States 3M factoryproduction professional manufacturing technology ,ensure that every filter quality most quality .- FDA by the United States Food and Drug Administration certification material using a mind at peace.
The most pure - filter structure within the tight pine ,stratified filtration ,is not easy to be blocked .The most intimate - SQC patent design ,replacing the filter super easy .The most durable - filter net total water ,filter .

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It's so hard to say

The floating clouds fall into loneliness Miss rain like a storm blew the pain you my eyes don't cry for a man to come into my arms may forget forever and forever love to find a reason I love to love you ,Adidas Porsche Design
heart never moved me to really forget myself for you caught in a dangerous situation to take me to your heart to that end of the world I always guard you carefully listen to your breath I love to love
you heart and do not move I have really decided who is also unable to let me go with my true feelings for you a beckoning me forever cherish your intentions to wait to hear from you the wind go dark clouds

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China management!

China management wrong !Pig swine flu is actually nothing ,man is sick, management mistake !Popular management theory error, is repeated stimulation of people seeking to do do greatly strong .
Greed once stimulated ,they resort to every conceivable means .Mahatma Gandhi 100 years ago tofind the crux of the problem .He said ,&quot ;earth resources can meet the needs of each individual ,but can not satisfy people &quot ;.
In today swine flu is rampant global time ,revisiting the prophet warned ,could not help but modern shame .Great disaster, we need to rethink our management of the United States of America financial crisis exposed !The United States of America blindly aggrandizement elite digital management of malocclusion .
Chinese business circles from the United States where the transplanted from a set of digital management system is also wrong .Wang Yukun / 2008,should be made in China International Education Group and the Japanese middle even MIC Lean Production Research Institute ,I with a 20entrepreneurs andexecutives visit study tour to Nagoya ,Japan Gifu Toyota visit and study the company Toyota mode of production .
On the plane ,I still think ,Chinese private entrepreneurs are pious ,manufacturing in China winter coming in moments of crisis ,but also Back to Japan to study .There know ,Korean business community than we pay more attention to learn from Toyota .
And we also trained 5 otherclass of 100 Koreanlearning team .We see in the lounge ,a world-class company Samsung Electronics sent to Gifu trained personnel have over 20000 traineesfrom .
Executives to the class and group leaders and staff at the scene .Therefore ,South Korean President Lu Wuxuan gave Toyota Toyota Way Gifu MIC Institute issued a national award. The Koreans than Chinese hard.
Evening in the hotel lobby ,everyone started teaching plan and practice of paper in the homework seriously. But the Chinese are accustomed to gather in the together, talk with eloquence .
Talk with eloquence and learning .And 20 entrepreneursand executives spend 7 daysis very meaningful. Half a day to Japanese teacher ,a half-day visit .Visited a factory 8. Class ,entrepreneur people be in the best of spirits ,repeated controlled field ,analysis their enterprise true problem of exchange and collision, every day .
Continue into the night .One is a Japanese teacher and to visit the factory ,may also have a blurred vision does not understand. I and 20withenterprise real problem entrepreneurs and executives.
Collision agitate, leading many to look things in general ,has a unique meaning .My trip to Japan is the greatest feeling ,Chinese management fault .To Toyota as the representative of a large number of Japanese companies ,in the grasp of the future first-class enterprise reality .
They all pay attention to the leading time ,pay attention to education ,pay attention to the scene to solve the problem .From the United States and China business management where transplant in a lot of things ,may need to rethink .
No capital ,Toyota had to maximize the use of artificial lever 1929ToyotaKiichiro first visit to mainland Europe and the United States ,he spent four months time ,visited England ,America especially American car production enterprises ,established in Europe and the United States automobile production status .
He was on the road running vehicle deeply shocked .In return the boat, he was standing at the fore face .At that moment, he realized that the car will change in the future society. He determined to make Japanese own cars.
Toyota Kiichiro ideas textile magnate mm father got Fengtianzuoji support ,established Institute of automobile .By Toyota Toyota Kiichiro was founded in 1933 1937established in August&quot ;Toyota industrial strains In the &quot ;.
Starting from zero stumbled .The start also extremely difficult . In 1949 ,the company has reached the end of hills and rivers . An absence of orders ,bank funds pull tight ,company management crisis, banks forced to cut 3000 people,or making loans .
President Toyota Kiichiro had to lay off 1600 employees .Then ,he take the initiative to assume responsibility, resigned as director ,to thank the other employees. As president of Toyota two with executives to American expedition for 12 weeks.
They expected to American factories manufacturing process and methodological advances are amazing ,but it is not true. They were surprised to find the methods of mass production ,from 1930 to 1950,the fundamental not much changed .
This system itself has many shortcomings :many production equipment to create a large number of inventory ,only later to be transported to another department. Then requires more equipment to process the inventory, and then was shipped to the warehouse .
After a while and then sent to the next process of mass production ,each step .Interruption ,resulting in a large number of materials into waiting transportation inventory .Equipment does not stop production ,employees work non-stop ,finally is to make a lot of work in process inventory .
Toyota .Division is not cost burden of such waste. So the Toyota two authorized Taiichi Ohno to the United States for reference, complete transformation of Toyota production line .Taiichi Ohno have succeeded in carrying out an assignment ,lead engineer ,staff and managers ,to begin a few years hands-on &quot ;&quot ;trip ,developed into a world famous &quot ;&quot Toyota mode of production ;Taiichi Ohno .
Can be said to be the father of the Toyota production mode ,but he took all the success all boils down to the Toyota two senators thought. Toyota Kiichiro was proposed by &quot ;produce only the necessary " ,Toyota Kiichiro father Fengtianzuoji ,textile machine by the thought of &quot ;a the problem stops production of &quot ;Toyota .
And ideas, but also with the farmers naive intuition :no money hoard goods ,does not produce waste products. This is a common sense in two ,Taiichi Ohno puissant carry out ,at the end of the 1970 evolution into a world of Toyota mode of production the two pillars of TPS :&quot ;on time production of &quot ;and &quot &quot TPS ;automation ;from 1950 time begin toexplore ,to 1980 time world renowned created .
In this system ,Taiichi Ohno met unimaginable resistance. And with his own unique strong management ,and excellent Made Man Road, will resist all one one dissolves ,thereby successfully established the TPS later after Toyota inside and outside researchers widespread refining and hammer ,with a simple definition :Toyota production mode TPS = JIT + automation + made Toyota production system to rewrite the global industry history ,it drives almost all the industrial transformation ,the Toyota manufacturing and supply chain management concepts and methods, has contributed to the global manufacturing industry and service industry management reform .
The Toyota mode of production is far from China to Japan from China is very close, Toyota is far from China .In Europe and the United States and Japan company for resource prices and more tired condition Toyota Toyota ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,but because the way TPS contrarian-up .
Chinese enterprises and Japanese companies face the same harsh environment .Arguably ,a breakthrough in predicament of the Toyota production system for Chinese enterprises should follow the example of Toyota company .
Every year to visit the heavy traffic ,but so far China enterprise Toyota successful case rarely .Why ?Someone says ,the Toyota way is designed for the Japanese design .The Yamato ,in his heart of hearts there is a very strong group concept ,even though There are good people and made a very good performance, he would not have benefits ,but will be most willing to sharing with others .
The Toyota way is the human mind ,Japanese ,the whole idea of embodiment .Toyota production system perfect for heartbeat ,once the translation of cultural background, inevitably the climate does not suit one.
However ,Toyota .China ,the United States ,Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota Brazil ,India and so on global manufacturers ,different countries and different human mind ,the Toyota production methods can can run in both directions unblockedly .
Actually, in the back of the analysis we can see ,the Toyota production methods and is not difficult to learn ,but Toyota mode of production of the truth, and not to all the people benefit.
The Toyota production system are those enterprises infringing the ruler interest .Some people say ,Toyota way too microcosmic ,China now the opportunity to many, many companies is a strategic one stage ,&quot &quot ;lean production ;also not ranked team .
While Toyota is because the global implementation of the Toyota production system ,seized a strategic opportunity ,so that in the hybrid and a series of advanced automotive technology and process, continued to lead ,Toyota series of products is a superb collection of beautiful things .
Originally, a in the enterprise strategy and key field no breakpoint perfect structure ,the Toyota company out of the ordinary .Someone says ,the Toyota production mode is only suitable for the brand establishment ,orders not anxious ,sales channels of the company ,because they can the static under heart to come the train .
And Chinese medium and small businesses still exists problems not to eat ,to engage in the sale of how to live ?In fact ,Toyota production system is starting &quot ;no money ,want to manufacture automobile &quot ;hard phase ,&quot ;if the company money ,who do not know the introduction of first-class production line was more effective than &quot ;real money !The company ,may not be in operation deep site &quot ;&quot ;product strategy and manufacturing ,sales .
Technical field ,no breakpoint Toyota production system, it is to strengthen the marketing tools. Some people say ,the Toyota production methods ,requirements of the pipeline operation requirement is too high ,the general company up to that standard .
While Toyota Kanban visual management ,stick out a mile ,Connaught large workshop without a computer ,as long as the plate with his fingers the number to the 1-10 person ,you can import TPS.
Because the Kanban management make everything simple and direct .Peer an entrepreneur sigh ,these years he can but A person around the world ,is because the visual sign be crystal clear .
Someone says ,the Toyota production methods on the staff action research is very fine ,so that in considering how to save 0.1ssuch things ,workers nervous busy .But in the production line, employees in a horseshoe shape space ,rhythmic movements in several processing swap ,like tai chi, not nervous at all.
On the contrary, TPS effort is employees can have free will work done more efficiently. The practice is now the worst ,has been the staff constantly seeking to improve the actuator. 2000June,Toyota and Xiali binary funded the establishment of Toyota &quot &quot ;Tianjin ;Japan Toyota ,experts to study concluded that Toyota Production System in China ,the portability is small.
Because the sales information and production information without docking ;and a small ,high frequency of purchase on the contrary,Adidas Porsche Design, many quantity ,low frequency and a large number of intermediate purchase inventory is very common ;more serious closed &quot ;system transaction &quot ;and &quot ;bargain buying &quot ,plus &quot ;&quot ;delay in payment ;transverse ,makes the TPS landing a bleak future .
2002 ,Tianjin Changchun FAW Toyota and reorganization of the joint venture ,set up a &quot ;Tianjin Steam Toyota ,Toyota led by &quot ;operation ,import TPS possible. Then take the key measure has two ,one is to start from zero ,the recruitment of new staff to the proportion of 95%, a piece of white paper can draw the most beautiful picture ;two is from the Japanese sent Deluxe expert group :from the early days of the in 50 ,to the peak of the 260,one to one centralized infusion .
It seems ,Toyota production system or landing core made man .Used of zero-sum game Chinese ,no points from scratch will and team cooperation new thinking ,even can master the Toyota production system of the original ,more have no way the floor .
A greater barrier is ,the introduction of Toyota production system ,in the enterprise is to establish the standard of right and wrong ,will empower employees to think independently and the pursuit of the best right ,this first assault is the incumbent .
Maybe this is the Toyota Production System in China can not shop out no reason. This is the Chinese management problems !Not to live that Toyota is by virtue of a minor plant and equipment ,to produce the world first-class car .
The large workshop ,a single computer to see, is full of native &quot &quot ;billboards ;.As Taiichi Ohno said, &quot ;To wrench finger count from 1 to 10people,you can import TPS&quot ;.
The Toyota production system, is the management of a simple regression ,regression to the scene of the creativity .Started, no one does not know the meaning of entrepreneur .They are the first-line technicians ,development or sales personnel ,then their opponents in .
There is a passion and pursuit. But ,when the company has the scale ,the introduction of luxury occupation management team ,all allow data processing computer command, they in the operation and management also appeared lost .
They begin to suspect that at first before the practice significance ,is suspicious of the original value .The legislation for the peer group chairman Zhou Zhijiang ,is such a scene from the boss started .
When the company sales income over 4000000000 yuan ,with various size enterprises ,standardize the management of the voice to the growing ,he doesn evil ,or still lead the executives at least a month to the workshop as an ordinary worker that values a shift from front-line veteran out .
He was Toyota employees ,pay attention to the wisdom to explore deeply shocked .He repeatedly asked the Japanese high wood lecture teacher ,the general Japanese employees and executives of the income gap How many ?He is told ,frontline staff and chief foreman ,the income gap of about 2 times, and the board of directors ,general manager of the factory gap of up to more than 3 times,with the highest level of employee of a gleam of company board of directors ,President and other senior vice president ,the income gap in about 7 times.
Zhou Zhijiang could not help but response, we income gap is tens to hundred times !The teacher said ,&quot ;this is you move from the USA with practice ,do not create value executives get high salary.
It the United States of America ,this is also China problems !&quot ;yes, this is China management problems .Chinese business circles with emphasis on power and interest in &quot ;&quot ;management of the United States to be closer .
The United States of America Management bones is the elite culture ,management is Sophia ,employee is such a fool .Executives to take employee of a gleam of hundreds of times ,thousands of times the pay ,and employees also accept readily layoffs ,undertake to executive decision the risk of errors.
Perhaps American management emphasizes personal heroism ,often can turn bad into good ,back safe and sound in both ,the most suitable for China power of people .There are huge American Legion &quot ,&quot ;turtle ;gradually governs the Chinese company high Layer ,embodies the power and interest in &quot ;&quot ;American management ,it is easy to become China powerful people heart Bible .
The United States wages ,it is favored by the people ,so that the company has not have accomplished something ,even severe loss ,company executives salary can be millions ,tens of millions of yuan.
The company a good operating condition ,it may not .A listed company chairman ,come down one year ,bonuses to a high of 100000000 yuan ,an often in different company the United States of America &quot ;&quot ,can actually get turtles ;known as the $1000000000 annual salary.
General staff salary is 20000 yuan, is the staff salary 50000 times !Not enterprise head ,is China management sorrow to the extreme ,even the company Fortune in nothing ethereal vase !Japan high wood teacher, shock us in the presence of every Chinese .
After returning home ,I asked a Japanese friend to find some information ,the Japanese Toyota company slightly first annual sequence :including on-site staff 2-3 yearsalary of 4000000 yen,working 9-10 year7000000 yen,foreman ,chief of yearly salary of 16000000 yen, company departmental minister salary of 25000000 yen, the board factory Manager for 30000000 yen ,group vice president and each function branch director the annual salary of 50000000 yen.
President ,CEO salary and corporate performance,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, changes in the larger ,specific data is not known .And it is said that Toshiba ,CEO yen.That is not mechanically ,comparison between Chinese and Japanese employees and executives salary gap .
Japan year 1950-1980 growthin 30 years,Japanese employee income growth rate is very rapid ,never to the American 10%at a draught and American racing together bridle to bridle ,and Chinese economy is in 1978-2008 30 yearsgrowth, worker salary growth is extremely slow ,still lack the United States workers income 10%.
Perhaps ,from whole national consciousness and policy ,did not bring the workers wage growth ,as a country competitive power is the key to growth. In this context ,says &quot ;Chinese workers too low &quot ;,may be more realistic .
China faces a big transformation ,to the rapid growth of the financial income of the government into workers wage growth ,in this process ,Leave the little drops of life,the workers and executives of the income gap ,naturally fall .
Toyota employees and executives annual salary gap l field staff :4000000 M700million yen;l foreman ,Manager :About 16000000 yen ;l ministers :About 25000000 yen ;director of L factory :30000000 yen;l vice president director :About 50000000 yen ;the president of L ,CEO: 80000000 yenthe answer forever at the site in Japan, pay attention to field strength is not a Toyota ,Sony ,Panasonic ,Seibu .
Kyocera a first-class company ,is the field force believers. Kyocera Inamori founder said ,&quot ;&quot ,&quot field there are gods ;;the answer forever at the site of &quot ;site of the gods ,.
The Inamori operating in the 42 years of his career, a hand founded two of the world top 500 enterprises .In twentieth Century, we are familiar with a lot of the whiz kids described in the back safe and sound in both the American management by stars ,they use digital tools ,winning in the strategic conformity ,let us infinite yearning.
But the United States sub-loan crisis and the Enron scandal and a series of giant company ,will be included in the strict data in the huge trap at the booth in the before us, but also makes us shiver all over though not cold .
Actually, those data ,is already a &quot ;second-hand &quot ;.They are after a certain number of people draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages refined full of illusion information management based on this .
Some &quot ;second-hand &quot ;,and boastful science ,even the United States management of fatal defects. This is a full &quot ;second-hand &quot ;we are in the world .But inextricably bogged down in ,we used to let &quot ;second-hand &quot ;slavery ,but seldom heard from live voice Toyota !Production founder Taiichi Ohno, revealed he was the scene of Thomas .
He grasped a simple truth : the wisdom of the waste is the biggest waste ,can not only use two hands ,we must use their brain. Now ,now ,now .The ability ,is also the site workers overall production efficiency.
To manufacturing industry, with the creativity of people to cultivate the depth and accuracy is the key of success or failure .Site staff ( technical ,sales and manufacturing capabilities ,can continue ) to break through the limit ,release potential, company will lose the truth! General management easy to spot as a bunch of numbers ,and TPS is grasped the scene the scene as a living ,full of spiritual knowledge build-up .
Management is not the focus of control of visual digital world ,but to those stored in the flesh and blood of potential ,Drama, big truck,recessive to create energy out ,and make up Field capacity and the strategic transfer between no breakpoint .
That year, Toyota Production System in Taiichi Ohno effect, air plant ,blossom fruit .But with Taiichi Ohno passes, new emerging as well as Toyota ,TPS practice theory ,enhance their ability to persuade ,not is a global business focus ,and Toyota globalization management necessary things .
Toyota ,R. Tian Xin and a number of practical experience of well-known professors ,the Toyota way to do theoretical attempt ,in order to better promote the Toyota production mode .In Hetian teacher led by MPM research institute focused on Toyota experts ( several are coached by Taiichi Ohno ) ,technical experts ,accounting experts and other departments and experts ,Henan provincial Party committee secretary Xu Guangchun through the river net friends to greet new y,electrical equipment and other large auto parts manufacturers of experts ,and Hitotsubashi University ,Nagoya University ,Magoya City University, Japan ,University of Tokyo and other schools associated professor ,the team continued to vary according to the Toyota company analysis ,mastery, and eventually find TPS authentic.
These results focused on the river Tian Xin Toyota ( Chinese Management Railway Press 2008.3)and will be published in Japanese just-in-time .Manufacturing operating system design is the starting point of thinking management what .
At the beginning of twentieth Century, management refers to the organization toward a direction to guide behavior. After World War II, management was defined as &quot ;power and status &quot ;,managers of each person behavior responsibility .
At the beginning of twenty-first Century, to return to human nature ,hold the spot in people ,become the organization design of important starting point. This TPS is also the starting point and foothold .
TPS special valued &quot &quot ;tacit knowledge ;and knowledge workers as the representative of the organization integration .In manufacturing management ,more important is how to be produced from the first-line Chung issued to intelligence into the business process, how will the tacit knowledge of the bottom-up ,with top-down strategy to establish relations ,it is the organizational integration and system design of the key.
River Tian Xin a hierarchical model for understanding economic information ,in order to live ability as the shaft of the base TPS helpful. Management information hierarchical model hierarchical phase information type information characteristic information objects form the old management a new management third Data structure is a currency dimension numerical control accounting information of second layer imaging data quantity latitude production information numerical control determination of first layer real image data genchi genbutsu scene information phrase without the control source: R.
Tian Xin Toyota management mode ,China Railway Publishing House published in March 2008.To form the basis for the first layer ,is the operating process further ,the front line, marketing ,technology ,production line .
This layer is information in mechanical failure ,interruption of work ,customer complaints ,new excitement phenomena such as the phrase patterns appear. The second layer is the quantity latitude production information ,which is data form .
The third layer is monetary latitude financial information. &quot ;as long as the data ,field information on a head knock it .&quot ;an arbitrary &quot ;non data ,site information &quot ;instantaneous optimal correspondence ,depending on the hit the workers own instant action taken.
This field capacity ,with a sudden ,spontaneous ,since decision ,self-discipline and many other characteristics ,depending on whether or not the brightest and dynamic organization .If the ability is strong enough ,the problem is yet to come To produce second level information and third levels of monetary information ,has been resolved.
TPS lies in its focus on process ,all may cause hidden trouble all eliminated. A program has been to ensure product to be flawless products, they have no quality inspection personnel ,no processing of huge data in the ERP system.
While the ERP has been popular in China for several years ,but the real reason is seldom successful .&quot ;second-hand &quot ;the authenticity of data has become a big problem .But implied judgement, &quot ;data to analyze the reality of &quot ;,when the data itself is lagging behind and full of illusion according to them ,the scene to control &quot ;tacit knowledge field ,&quot ;a bit wrong .
The truth seems simple, but to not be personally on the scene of the people, or to attempt an ineffective solution .One sunny morning, we went to visit a parts factory .The factory director ,apparently by the site staff transformation of the factory ,he on a lathe and every site personnel ,there is a strange kind.
He said ,the staff is willing to receive instruction from executives ,so all the consequences from the Executive Responsible for the act .But once the decision right to him ,actually gives him great responsibility ,he must in every detail and consequences.
See our silly expression ,he used a homicide case ,to explain to us .For instance ,a killer to kill a person .If a person will kill one scene filmed, so later in the process of detection ,there is a scene evidence ,is easy to catch the murderer.
The photographs of the scene is the second latitude information. If the scene was not photographed ,the only set up a special case team ,gathering various experts ,restore the site ,and the analysis of homicide and killed all the possible clue .
This requires the field information further refined into third latitude information. Obviously, the latitude information collecting and processing cost is high ,and this difficulty is increased many times.
And these two dimensions of information ,it is afterwards. The scene was the moment reaction to setbacks ,avoidance or by hand or object to the knife off. There is in the first place.
This is the first level of the data ,the scene information .Therefore ,the Toyota production methods will be the pursuit of the best answer power and reflection power ,justice without instead Gu to the front-line staff .
Field spirits settled in spot ability .Whether past or present ,site are based on &quot ;non data ,site information &quot ;and &quot &quot ;tacit knowledge ;as the protagonist in the domain .
TPS is to seize the characteristics of field ,field workers ,by team independent design ,self adaptive rule ,self-discipline and autonomy ,so as to create the one and only life organization .
Taiichi Ono said ,&quot ;TPS is a conscious revolution &quot ;.I know ,this &quot ;the consciousness revolution &quot ,first &quot ;leather ;second-hand &quot ;life! When people focus on real scene ,the real alignment problem ,unnecessary conflict is less ,the efficiency of the company also has a revolutionary improvement.
I hope this field &quot ;the consciousness revolution &quot ;capable of manufacturing industry in China is faster and more fierce .Empower employees to think independently and the pursuit of the best right river Tian Xin in his economic information in the hierarchical model ,found a close secret :when the first level perfect the system design and implementation ,second layer and third layer management necessity will disappear .
This is the ultimate goal of TPS ,that is to say ,the management will no longer have the tube Managers and managers of the distinction ,everyone is managers .Look weird, Toyota is extremely elegant and valuable .
In the first layer of the operation is converted into a state index of the moment ,the first layer information associated with the most often by second level data staff abandoned or lost .
And converted in third levels of monetary information ,more volume information is missing .The Toyota mode of production has &quot ;a conspicuous problem then it destroyed &quot ;,many problems in the absence of further into can control the data previously ,was solved .
The functions of management into the line. When this process is perfect in reality walkthrough ,there is no general sense of &quot ;&quot and &quot ;management ;management &quot ;difference.
Twentieth Century China management &quot ;two ginseng change three combined with &quot ,&quot ;participative management ;&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;decentralization ;humanization management of budding, but these in the final analysis is &quot &quot ;management ;as the main body ,to be managers to build motivation or engaging in &quot ,&quot and &quot ;management ;management ;&quot ;the two people as the premise .
Everyone is watching managers .It was incredible ,the Toyota production methods under the TPS a reality. Usually ,supervisors and supervisees is strictly defined .Management is a process of the designers and the supervision and evaluation ,and management is the need to strictly implement design manual, abide by the procedures and processes required duties .
In other words ,managers have be richly endowed by nature and the pursuit of the power of thinking power ,and managers are faithfully executed management instruction ,to ensure that the processes and process accurately.
TPS subvert this understanding .It give the right of thinking and the pursuit of the best answer to the right ,to the front-line staff . TPS this characteristic ,made me think of contemporary prestigious jurist Ronald .
Dworkin ( Ronald Dworkin ) .Dworkin has two iconic slogan ,one is that everyone has the right of independent thought ,the two is that everyone has the pursuit of the best answer to the liability .
As princes are God ,management also regard oneself head and shoulders above others ,their thinking and decision making ,allows the company to excellence or destruction. But TPS think right to give front-line staff ,they have been treated as an equal, independent thinking Right .
Every employee is not in accordance with the law ,but to ask myself ,why not ask the janitor .Everyone independent thinking ,there is no Toyota production system .Each person enjoys the right of independent thought ,everyone will have to pursue the best answer right and responsibility .
It is the two sides of a coin after certain time .The best answer is not only a kind of rights of employees ,but also a special responsibility. As Emerson has said ,&quot ;human only responsibility is to be true to yourself ,and his introspection not isolating him ,but will bring it into a true great field of &quot ;&quot ;truth .
Great field of &quot ;modern enterprise ,is true .And enterprise operation against the truth,Adidas Wings, from the top spot by from the &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;budget ;reward &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;index ;such as induction of operating practices ,as well as a return power field ,give the right of thinking and the pursuit of the best answer right back to the field staff .
Is it ,&quot ;Emperor ,rather a kind of ?&quot ;Toyota breakthrough limit type improvement on raw power ,is &quot ;two heads are better than one ,&quot ;&quot ;all for the team , &quot ;&quot ;new skills and experience lateral extension &quot ;and collective mental models.
The collective culture is China ,but now has been alienated from the income gap ,can reflect this. Enterprise management, moved here from Europe and the United States ,&quot &quot ;functionalism ,&quot ;money ;the stimulation of &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;wage ;and individualistic framework has been occupied dominant position.
As long as it does not change the mental models ,to achieve a breakthrough the limit should be improved ,it is very difficult to spot .Employees in the TPS and TPS have completely different status and requirements .
In the Toyota way, employees are stupid ,everybody don why ,everyone abide by the immutable and frozen operation manual ,complete the assigned tasks. TPS does not require on-site staff stereotype to perform its task, but in the process of working ,joined a lot of Socratic problem.
For example ,this work is how to carry out ?How to judge which way is correct? How to determine the working results of defects ?If a problem will be how to deal with ?Each problem, field staff are required to maintain at least five questions ,one time A thorough ,so until all the problems .
Through the Socratic Questioning ,guide the workers themselves to solve the problem. The site employees like scientists duplication hypothesis mm experimental mm verification cycle. This is Toyota DNA.
In Toyota ,field staff became clever employee ,became the field intelligent scientist. The staff together ,became a scientist collaborative group ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,Toyota became full the community of scientists .
Other companies are not easily overtook Toyota ,it is because of the lack of shaping a great scientist collective mechanism .Chinese management wrong !Wrong in only pay attention to the staff according to rules to do right things ,but did not give the employee of a gleam of independent thinking and the pursuit of the best right ,to mining ,to develop the site staff .
Drucker pointed out ,&quot ;twenty-first Century overlord ,is developed to improve the knowledge worker productivity mechanism of national &quot ;.Toyota mode of production is a kind of such knowledge worker creativity development of exquisite design.
The employees have become masters ,they have to create a new civilized lofty aspirations ,&quot ;&quot ;with an eagle to &quot ;overlooking &quot ;product line and product line ,with bugs Eyes to creatively deep &quot ;&quot ;.
When the scene has been greatly release ,Toyota will get rid of the company general inertia and destruction. Can say ,the Toyota production mode, has held in twenty-first Century the company true .
Even so ,Toyota incumbent president Katsuaki Watanabe is still very alert him several years ago .He said ,&quot ;when I think of this development may become the first in the world ,then I am afraid the team solid enterprising cultural decadence ,to keep oneself position bureaucratization increasingly severe &quot ;.

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2010 science fiction movie preview on

2010 science fiction film preview Avatar is a science fiction movie peak ,in a cross between 2009 and 2010. In &quot ;after Avatar &quot ;2010,there will be what science fiction movies ?Do any of them can match Ninth zone ,Moon so excellent works of science fiction ?The film which will change and development ?Here ,let us rush ahead of time ,to experience this science fiction film .
The dawn Daybreakers director: Mike .Sipairuige ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,Peter .Sipairuige Starring: Ethan ,William .Hawke .Dafoe ,Sam .Neal :January 8, 2010 2019,showing a great plague struck in humans ,the most of the planet was turned into a vampire .
The remnants of humanity will become the vampire in blood bank ,provide food for them .However ,along with the human quantity are getting fewer and fewer ,the vampire is also facing food shortages.
A secret vampire research institutions attempt to change this situation ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,but also to human from the genocide of the risk in the rescue. But at the same time ,the remnants of the human is also secretly arranged ,ready to attack the vampires ,to regain their The dominate position.
Ethan .Hawke thought this movie has obvious allegorical in nature ,we can associate to human face energy crisis .The film Sipairuige brothers are a couple was born in Germany ,grew up in Australian twins .
Prior to this ,they just did a grade B horror film hunting live the dead .The budget of only $21000000 ,but for the film to create special effects of vita ,this should not worry. The film should be similar to the 28 daysor and cold dark night of thirty kind of style.
The book The Book of Eli director: Alan .Hughes ,starring Hughes Eyre Bert .:Denzel Washington ,Oldman .Gary .,Mina. R :January 15, 2010 2043release,the American continent is already a film after the age of Apocalypse ruins ,a lonely hero avery ( Denzel Washington .
) with a mysterious book ,hoping to use it to reconstruct the entire society. Gary .Oldman plays a a patchwork of small towns mayor ,Too many feelings, so sad, Shanghai Ruili clothing wholesale - the focus of Blog,Adidas Jeremy Scott,the dictator intention of seizing this to save the future of mankind &quot ;the book of &quot ;.
Video sounds a bit like Kevin Costner .The postman ,and Denzel Washington .This will act as an action hero ,in the film strike violently mm he is playing the role of weight by 55 pounds !Iron Man 2 IronMan 2 director: Jon.
Fei Ru Starring: Robert .Donny ,Gwyneth .Parr Trow ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,Mickey .Rock release :May 7, 2010 Iron Man 2 will still by Jon .Fei Ru Robert .Donny went on to star in iron man .Sam .Rock Will plays the blandishments of arms manufacturer Justin .
Calligraphy ,he will get into the next iron man .Mickey .Rock plays Russian villain whiplash &quot ;&quot ;where a branch ,he was in prison when creating a personal battle garb. &quot ;whiplash &quot ;this outfit can shoot &quot ;destructive ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com Wonderful ana 3,whip-like laser beam &quot ;.
Mickey .Rock said his character has a cockatoo ,while he was making equipment and its speech .Scarlett .Johnson as black widow codename &quot ;&quot ;Russian spy ,she employed in stark becomes his assistant ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,so inevitably shows romantic love spark ,Stark former assistant &quot &quot ;pepper ;( Parr Gwyneth .
Luo ) was at the time already was promoted to CEO ,these three people will fall into a tense love triangle .The first Iron Man at the box office and word of mouth is very good ,this time with a strong cast ,break in in full fury .
Stealing dream space Inception director: Christopher .Nolan starring: Leonardo .Dicaprio ,Ken Watanabe ,Marion .Cotillard ,Alan page ,Joseph .- Leavitt .Gordon released : July 16, 2010 story allegedly as occurs in &quot ;brain in layer upon layer architecture &quot ;,quite hacker empire plus the cell psychedelic feel .
Christopher .Nolan is called the commercial art and film quality with the best director ,never let the fans down. Dicaprio in the film as a company called Cobb CEO ,Ken Watanabe is trying to extort his bad guy .
French actress Marion plays Cobb .Michael .Kaine and sirrion .Murphy will guest star small characters ,Audi ABT Audi AS8 new modifications to upgrade version of A8 {graph},the cast is really super deluxe mm especially for science fiction movies .From
the trailer can be seen in the film ,the world simply does not obey our daily physical constant Law :the water in the cup is inclined plane ,one can look like in the weightless environment

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2010 Hitz fashion have a look!

The summer heat has not receded, a major brand autumn has been quietly listing, in many of the 2010 autumn in you most love? Here for you was featured in several new products, pleasing stripe sweater, sweaters still reduobujian; full of seasonal heavy feeling of fabrics are also in this season of the street blossom charm h what style is what you love? I will come to see me.
Sweaters is autumn must-single items, irregular design effect, make sweaters more features, a belt to a high waist, effectively reflect the proportion of your body,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, paired with a simple white shirt, Brown Knit into sporadic college wind a single product.
Although it is low-key color, it gives people a few years younger feeling. This season H& M design normal play knitting, succinct sweaters made various effects,Grow up., due to a "perfect" hot cloak design has also been applied to knit top designer,Adidas Wings, and knitting optional plastic for the cloak has injected new visual effects, and give up on Panasonic compact classic match,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, within the ride an equally relaxed version of the dress out of another taste.
Always take minimalist UNIQLO in autumn in the use of a large number of mohairMaterial, with a soft texture to create a warm and comfortable feeling,Adidas Porsche Design, light grey cardigan indistinct the silhouetted against the inner stripe sweater, with a slim pencil pants,In summer of 09 Korean version of the new world bats cuff kelp V neck ocean Shirt Green, not too much color, no special tailoring,Changsha, Changsha hospital treatment of hemorrhoids best treatment of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids - Cha, quietly elegant tonal contrast your little woman.
Dark gray sweater inside take a piece of lace vest, though no bright colors but feminine characteristic texture let your moment full of feminine. With low-key black leggings, black background with a subtle pattern let curve is more obvious, refers to the ten microlens Rome shoe also distributed thick sexy taste.
Zara Causal Series 2010 beautiful autumn continuation of the British Academy,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, 70 time pattern sweater, like my mother hand as we weave style, with a short section of the pants cute handsome, and most of the characteristics is that big shawl, dark blue and red with a nostalgic flavor.
This army green sweaters in the design joined the bats to effect very pure, and sweaters in autumn is very common, but have you seen knitted shorts? Zara launched this autumn knitting effect shorts featured, in abnormalGage design brings people more novelty, with brown boots and a noble feeling, revealing and calf, autumn wear warm is not heavy.
This paper recommended products: 2010 Autumn New Korean cardigan sweater new sweater cardigan price: 135 yuan 2010 autumn new counters authentic Korean original knitted long vest price: 100 yuan in autumn

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