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The year 2009 new drugs and biological products

The report on the 2009 51 listingof new drugs and vaccines made thorough review, introduces some new mechanisms of action and development trend ,and in 2010 will be listed ondrug and vaccine was made forecast .
This report annually published in the Thomson Reuter journal drug news and prospects ,and the absorption of Prous Science Integrity views and information .Prous Science Integrity complete drug development path Prous Science Integrity has integrated more than 315000 chemicaland biological activity of molecular biological activity data ,there are tens of thousands of intermediates and 135000 patentdrug data .
These daily updated data ,provides a complete ,comprehensive information ,help to promote innovation ,support in the early stages of development to make quick ,strategic decision .By pharmaceutical scientists and experts in the design ,assembly ,refining and support system to provide unique knowledge to boost your R & D activities.
For more information, please refer to :go.thomsonreuters.com / integrity drugs and biological products in 2009 2009a total of 51have a role in the treatment ofchemical molecular entity biological products and market.
In this twenty-second edition of the annual drug and biological preparation Products show the past year of new chemical and biological products of history and prospects of research on these drugs .
The information for the current drug development to provide reference ,especially introduced and existing drugs with different action mechanisms in the new generation of compounds and the use of innovative drug R & D method after the emerge of new therapeutic molecules.
According to our records ,Embarrassment of Chinese core,in 2009 a total of 51listed thenew chemical and biological products ,is the past 10 years the largest number of first time . 2009 12 othernew products approved, but in the end was not listed .
Continue the trend in recent years ,a total of 24 "improved &quot ;new drug ( the new dosage forms of drugs already on the market ,new indications and new complexes ) approved, will account for the annual review of drug 32%.
Over the past year, immune modulators and immune system related to drug research and development is one of the most active fields ( Table 1) ,a total of 17 newproducts ,most of which are aimed at the 2009 H1N1 fluvaccine .
The United States once again become the most active new drugs listed on the single market ,in 2009 a total of 24 new products,50% of the total.EU with 18 followed by( Figure 1 ).The information in the report originates and business exchanges and Thomson Reuters Prous Science Integrity database product according to the treatment field and the mechanism of action of classification .
According to the treatment area classification of drugs and biologics Abstract This article presents an annual annual listing of the new drugs and biological products . 2009, 51new medicines and vaccinesto appear on the market first .
&quot ;improved &quot ;drug ( already listed drug new formulations, new indications and new complexes ) accounted for all the new product of more than 30%. In addition to providing an annual listing of drug and biological products overview ,this article further interpretation of a class of drugs ,so that readers can get a better understanding of their mechanisms of action ;also on these the drug development process is analyzed ;and more comprehensive provides the drug repositioning and prolong the drug life cycle strategies.
We also selective for the foreseeable future will start the listed drugs and biological products are briefly introduced in the paper. Narcotic drugs in 2009 June Ortho-McNeil-Janssentapentadol hydrochloride ( novel analgesics NucyntaTM ) appear on the market, and this is Gruenenthal cooperation in research and development of new oral analgesics ,first in the United States listed .
Is a kind of double power Effect of complexes ,both opoid receptor antagonist ,and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor ,approved by the FDA for over 18 years in adult patients with severe acute pain treatment .
According to various acute pain patients was phase three clinical trials, compared to the placebo group ,medication group subjects pain have been greatly remission. The United States drug regulatory agencies listed tapentadol is II kind of controlled drugs.
In 2009 Augustapproved by the FDA King Embeda ( morphine sulfate / cyproterone methyl hydroxy two morphine ondansetron hydrochloride sustained release oral capsule preparation ) ,the medicine in the following month listed .
Embeda is a long-term II opioid analgesics for moderate to severe pain ,provide long-lasting analgesic therapy . Embeda capsule contains a prolonged release of morphine pellets ,each pellet containing a cyclopropane carbonyl hydroxyl two morphine ondansetron core .
The overall taking this special design preparation ,morphine will relieve the pain, cyproterone methyl hydroxy two morphine ondansetron does not produce can be observed clinical effect. However ,if the capsule is crushed or chewed after ingestion ,cyproterone methyl hydroxy two strong hydromorphone and morphine together will be released and absorbed ,reverse opioid individual and the analgesic effect ,thereby preventing drug Addiction .
FDA based on 12 clinical trial datato the drug approval, including reflect the efficacy and safety of three phase of experimental data .NeurogesX Qutenza is a vanilloid VR1 receptor antagonist capsaicin transdermal preparation ,the drug in the United States and the European Union last year to obtain different indications for approval.
The product is approved in May Europe ,used in non diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathic pain treatment ,can be used alone or in combination with other analgesic drugs in the United States .
The drug is approved for use in neuropathic joint zoster neuralgia pain management .The effect of Qutenza on the occurrence of pain skin area to determine the neural .This transdermal formulations can provide up to 12 weeks of pain relief efficacy.
The medicine will be held on 2010 in Europe ,sold by Astellas company in the United States .The medicine has the rare disease therapeutic drug identity. Although in several countries have been based on capsaicin pain relief products ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,but this is the first long-term transdermal formulations .
The middle of November ,Eisai company in the United States announced that fospropofol two sodium hydrogen phosphate ( Lusedra ) success ,this is a kind of intravenous analgesia hypnotics ,for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures in adult patients with anesthesia monitoring .
The product is a unique water soluble preparation ,through static After intravenous injection ,in vivo by alkaline phosphatase activity into active components. In the approval document ,On the metaphysical puzzle,FDA requires that the drug must be approved by the professional training of personnel ,for adult patients with general anesthesia ,the anesthesia and during the recovery patients must be monitored .
Lusedra belongs to the whole class IV tube pharmaceutical .Novalar pharmaceutical company drug is listed last year OraVerseTM ,this is a a-adrenoceptor antagonist and a vasodilator phentolamine methyl sulfonyl new agents ,in the United States for dental anesthesia after recovery.
The United States each year about 3 hundred million ofdental local anesthesia case .Although widely used, but dental anesthesia is easy to cause the useless in anesthesia and loss of function .
OraVerse is the first the use of containing a vasoconstrictor dental local anesthetic to soft tissue anesthesia and concomitant loss of function has the reverse effect of the drug ,can accelerate the recovery of normal sensory and functional .
Psychological treatment Bupropion has proved to be an effective antidepressant drugs ,can quickly relieve symptoms of depression ,and a low recurrence rate. The drug is dopamine reuptake inhibitors ,1989 has beenlisted .
Last year, exactly 20 years after the launch of Aplenzin ,Biovail and Sanofi-Aventis ( bupropion hydrogen Bromate) ,this is a day only once-daily bupropion salt . Aplenzin for adults over 18 years of severe depressive disorder treatment .
Lilly Symbyax olanzapine and fluoxetine hydrogen chloride fixed dose compounds ,last year in the United States approved a new indication for the treatment of drug resistance have listed :the depression ( on two separate adequate antidepressant treatment invalid serious depressive disorder ) treatment .
Symbyax2004 yearlisted for depression and bipolar disorder treatment. This product will be atypical antipsychotic drugs ( olanzapine ) and selective serotonin and then draw inhibitor (fluoxetine ) combined with the application of the treatment of schizophrenia .
Last year was greatly improved ,the first time has four drugs simultaneously approved or listed .This atypical antipsychotic drugs asenapine maleate ( Saphris Schering-Plough and Merck ;,2007 love color coating choose regression theme - whim blog,now merged ) is a kind of two-way serotonin ,since 5 -serotonin 2 receptor antagonist,dopamine D1 / D2 receptor antagonist ,in the United States won two categories related to indications of approval .
For adult schizophrenia and acute treatment, as well as manic or mixed bipolar disorder treatment . Asenapine in Europe is also undergoing review ,develop commodity The name Sycrest. Vanda in 2009 May to obtainpharmaceutical issued by FDA iloperidone ( Fanapt ) of the listing approval ,this is another atypical 5HT 2 anddopamine D-2 receptor antagonists.
Iloperidone for adult acute treatment of schizophrenia .Approval based on two placebo-controlled phase three clinical trials ,tests the drug on schizophrenia patients were 4 to6 weeks of treatment;phase compared to placebo and controlled drug (ziprasidone and risperidone ) ,the test drug showed good control schizophrenia effect.
At the end of the company announced and Novartis sales agreement ,Novartis will be responsible for the drug in the United States and Canada sales and marketing operation ;the drug plans in 2010 listed in the United States in January.
According to the estimation of the United States of America antipsychotic drug market is around $14000000000. Lilly ZypadheraTM ( olanzapine pamoate ) is the existing antipsychotic drug olanzapine ( Zyprexa ) long-acting injection type ,first to last listed ,for oral administration of olanzapine in the treatment of acute schizophrenia followed by maintenance therapy.
Global mental Biology Association Guide shows in spirit division long-term treatment in dependence of low is the greatest problem. When patients show the simple treatment Methods the favor when should consider the use of such formulations .
Pamoate salt preparation can make olanzapine sustained release for 4 weeks . Zypadhera March in Norway listed first ,and in several other European countries listed ,including Germany ,Ireland ,Finland ,Holland and Denmark ,and New Zealand ( trade name Zyprexa Relprew ) to the drug .
The middle of December received FDA approval ;trade name for Zyprexa Relprew. Paliperidone palmitate ( Invega Sustenna TM ) is an atypical antipsychotic drugs Paliperidone suspension injection type ,obtained last year American FDA approved and is listed on the Janssen .
For adult schizophrenia in the acute and maintenance treatment . Invega Sustenna is the first approved by the United States once a month ,long-acting atypical antipsychotic agents. Attention deficit disorder is the common emotional disorders ,about 5.
3% of the children are the victims ,the different manifestations .According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States of America statistics ,there are about 4400000 4to 17 years old childrenwere diagnosed as attention deficit disorder .
Last year the United States of America attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescent patients seen a new therapeutic agents :Shire IntunivTM ( guanfacine hydrochloride Guanfaci ) .
NE is a selective a-2A-adrenoceptor antagonists ,as antihypertensive drugs have been listed for decades. In the prefrontal cortex after a-2A-adrenoceptor synapses to be stimulated can improve working memory ,attentional modulation of force and action of inhibition ,reduced manic susceptibility and improve impulse control force .
Unlike prior attention disorders therapeutic drugs as a stimulus form of play ,guanfacine does not belong to the controlled drugs ,has no known underlying substance abuse or dependence. As a long-acting formulations ,Intuniy only needs to be taken once daily .
Nervous system drugs Eslicarbazepine acetate ( Zebinix ) is the Bial-Portela research and development of new antiepileptic drugs ,last year for the first time in the EU approved and listed in Germany and Austria by Eisai company ,responsible for marketing .
Eslicarbazepine is a novel sodium channel blockers ,the specificity of the effects on ion channels ,prevent its return to active state so as to reduce the repeated activation frequency .Indications for the treatment of the most common partial epilepsy .
Existing antiepileptic drug zonisamide is a sodium channel blockers and T type calcium channel blockers in Japan last year ,approval of new Indications: for the treatment of senile dementia complex levodopa.
This is occasionally observed with epilepsy in elderly patients with dementia by this in the treatment of senile dementia symptoms after the development of the indications. Based on this finding ,since 2001 the company began to research zonisamide in the treatment of senile dementia .
In the stage of clinical trials found efficacy include improvement in exercise function and activities of daily living ability ,especially for those of dopaminergic medications are ineffective in senile dementia .
The dopamine D2 /D3 receptor antagonist rotigotine ( Neupro ) as a treatment for senile dementia listing has a few years, last year in Britain and Germany to appear on the market ,new indications for the treatment of restless legs syndrome ( RLS ) .
The European clinical trials is fixed stoichiometry ,randomized ,double-blind, placebo controlled study on the efficacy and safety of Europe and the United States ,from nearly 1000 in severe congenitalRLS patients treated with rotigotine 6months validitywas evaluated .
Rotigotine ( 0.5-3mg/ 24h ) to evaluate the efficacy of using international hyperactivity leg syndrome severity assessment system ( IRLS ) .In addition ,severity of illness changes from global clinical impression ( CGI ) detection monitoring system evaluation.
In the two period of 6 monthsStudy of rotigotine had statistical significance and clinical observation of significant continued improvement. The European Commission in 2008 approved thesupplementary application .
In June, Cephalon launched the Nuvigi ( armodafini ) ,which is a modafinil persistent effect single isomers in the United States ;the medicine for improving sleepiness associated with sleep apnea patients symptoms and when working with narcolepsy symptoms .
Cephalon in the United States also received armodafinil approval ,for the treatment of sleepiness and jet lag .Norepinephrine serotonin reuptake inhibitor / milnacipran hydrochloride ( SavellaTM ) years ago to antidepressants as listed in the United States last year ,is approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia .
Milnacipran was for many years the third listing for treatment of the disease of drug ,by Cypress Bioscience from Pierre Fabre developed to obtain the drug patent ,and Forest with the collaborative marketing .
The drug phase three clinical trials in the United States of America Rheumatology college in October annual meeting ,compared to the placebo group ,milnacipran can relieve pain ,improve physical function and evaluation of patients with fibromyalgia .
Is a kind of chronic widespread pain accompanying somatic function decreased ,the United States of America About 6000000 of patients with autism and lonely .Affective disorder ( ASDs ) are a group of complex neurodevelopmental disorders ,there are three main characteristics :social function defects ,impaired function ,restriction and repeated exchange / interest behavior patterns of autistic children .
The most common character is irritable ,and attack others behavior and self-injury behavior ,irritability ,mood changes rapidly. Irritable character problem is ASD patients and their family tragedy .
Last November,Jeremy Scott Adidas, atypical antipsychotic drug aripiprazole ( Abilify ;Bristol-Myers Squibb / Otsuka ) is approved in the United States for the treatment of 6-17 years oldchildren with autism irritable bowel symptoms.
This is the one in 5,the serotonin 2A receptor inhibitors / 5 serotonin 1A receptorpartial inhibitor / dopamine D2 receptor partial inhibitors has been listed since 2002 for the treatment of various psychiatricdisorders ,including schizophrenia ,depression and bipolar disorder.
Another atypical antipsychotic drugs, risperidone2006 wonFDA approval for appropriate indications. Such drugs in the United States market :according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in 2009 December a reportin the United States ,one in 110 children has 1 peopleAutism .
Respiratory medicine intranasal corticosteroids in the treatment of allergic rhinitis has gradually become the first line drugs, especially in patients with severe symptoms and chronic rhinitis patients.
Intranasal corticosteroids applied to cause nasal congestion of allergic inflammation in the later stages. Preventive medication can also block the allergens in early stage. In general ,inhaled corticosteroids may be effective in relieving sneezing ,itching ,rhinorrhea and nasal congestion symptoms ,clinical analysis shows this kind of drug control of rhinitis than antihistamine drugs more effective.
Last year, the Nippon Shinyaku company in Japan was inhaled corticosteroid drugs dexamethasone cipecilate ( Erizas ) of the listing approval .This is the first in Japan for the treatment of allergic rhinitis by daily dose of inhaled corticosteroids .
November 30th long-term b2-adrenoceptor receptor antagonist ( indacaterol maleate Onbrez Breezhaler ;Novartis ) in the European Union approved the listing ,daily once for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) in adult patients with maintenance of airway dilation .
Indacaterol is the first and only one in clinical trials showed that 24 hoursof airway dilation effect and rapid ( 5 minutesafter inhalation inhalation ) Expanding the airway effects of drugs .
In addition ,it is also the first time in 7 years in Europe for approved drugs for COPD ,Europe has 82000000 patients.The drugs listed in Germany in November .Aztreonam lysinate ( Cayston ) is Gilead company developed aztreonam suction specific preparation .
In Europe in 2009 approvedfor the treatment of Pseudomonas lead cystic fibrosis patients with pulmonary infection. The United States FDA Drugs Advisory Committee also recommended approval of the drug ,and is scheduled for February 13, 2010 .
By Altera Nebulizer ( PARI pharmaceutical research and development of the product is a dedicated agency ) research and development of the complex is a broad spectrum of grand negative bacteria activity of single ring beta lactamase antibiotic .
Gilead announced it will debut in 2010 in Europe .Cardiovascular drugs in recent years ,more and more new antihypertensive compound listed ,are in a simplified way ,improve the compliance of taking it .
Last year, Novartis acquired the drug approval :a FDA Exforge HTC ,is a calcium channel blocker amlodipine ,angiotensin receptor blockers ( ARB ) valsartan and diuretics hydrochlorothiazide Ke Niaosai complexes ,one tablet daily .
Exforge HTC is the first in a single tablet A composite of several different drug antihypertensive drugs .Last April by FDA approved ,early June listed .Subsequently approved in Europe ,the trade name Exforge HCT ,Dafiro HCT and Imprida HCT.
In September, American FDA approved the first global Valturna ( aliskiren fumarate / valsartan ) ,which is developed by Novartis second treatment of artery high pressure composite drug .
Valturna ARB valsartan and direct renin inhibitor aliskiren compound in a tablet ,is one of the first acts on the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system two target drug .The drug is used for a single aliskiren or ARB treatment does not control ,need more combined drug therapy of severe hypertension .
Novartis10 beginning in Augustmarketing of the drug. Boehringer Ingelheim Twynsta ( telmisartan / amlodipine besylate ) was third in the treatment of hypertension combined with drugs ,in the autumn of 2009 the United Statesapproved and listed .
Clinical studies show that Twynsta depressurizing range up to 40 / 29mmHg,there is a risk of cardiovascular disease in hypertensive patients 24 hours response rate of up to 98% ,including diabetes ,aging and obesity patients .
Twynsta has been approved in Europe and Japan ,in other regions of the world have submitted applications .Three classes of antiarrhythmic agents dronedarone hydrogen chloride ( Multaq ;sanofiaventis ) last year for the first time in the United States approved and listed ,for reducing paroxysmal or persistent atrial flutter ( AFL ) ,atrial fibrillation ( AF ) for cardiovascular events in patients at risk of hospitalization .
Clinical trials was randomized ,double-blind ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,multinational study of ATHENA, dronedarone treatment evaluation atrial fibrillation patients in hospitalization or death risk ,compared with the placebo group found that risk can be reduced by 24% .
Go to the end of the drug in Canada and Europe were approved. 2009May,American FDA approved combination therapy for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension ( PAH ;WHO class) drug phosphodiesterase PDE5 tadalafil( Adcirca ) .
The drug is applicable to the treatment of many types of pulmonary arterial hypertension ,including congenital and familial PAH ,as well as with scleroderma and congenital heart disease. The drug business marketing approval by Lily company ,Lily in 2003 the successful marketing ofthe tadalafil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction indications.
Last August the drugs with new indications in the United States and market access to rare disease therapeutic drug identity. The end of the new indications in Japan and the EU were approved.
Another one for the treatment of PAH NEW Medicine by combined treatment of last year the company launched in the United States :TyvasoTM ( treprostinil inhalants ) .Prior prostaglandin analogues are injection ( subcutaneous or intravenous ) form.
This efficacy by lasted 12 weeks ,randomized ,double-blind ,placebo-controlled clinical trials prove that the TRIUMPH-1 ,in the test received 4 days of Twaso inhalation in the treatment of patients in 6 minutes ofaction distance than the placebo control group by more than 20 meters.
As Twaso approved, combined treatment company also promised to suspend the drugs listed marketing pace, in order to further improve the suction system .Through the availability of collection and analysis of pharmacokinetic data analysis to determine the modified dose .
The company reported that the study progress ,improved suction system will be more friendly. Renal urinary system drugs Gelnique is a novel muscarinic antagonists of oxybutynin chloride gel preparation by Waston company ,R & D ,2009 inthe United States approved the listing .
For the treatment of bladder radical disease causing urinary incontinence and frequent micturition ,urinary urgency . Gelnique for both sexes are effective ,but listed only in female patients.
This was in response to the disease, the first and only the gel formulation .Clean ,dry aromatic gel daily used once, applied to the thigh ,abdomen ,arm or shoulder to provide continuous anticholinergic drug oxybutynin 24 hours oftreatment.
This transdermal formulation has several advantages ,especially to avoid first pass metabolism effect ,which is the result of oxybutynin of the most common mouth dry ,constipation as a side effect from 2009May,approved by the FDA .
Otsuka ( Samsca ) ,is an oral selective vasopressin V2 receptor antagonist ,for the treatment of severe hypervolemic and euvolemic hyponatremia ,including heart failure ,atherosclerosis and inappropriate antidiuretic hormone syndrome ( SIADH ) .
FDA approved a months get EU approval of clinical trials ,based on the SALT-1 and SALT-2results show thatdaily oral one tolvaptan can enhance SIADH patients with serum sodium concentration .
Otsuka company in June will be the medicine to the American market .In 2009 February,Janssen-Cilag dapoxetine hydrochloride ( PriligyTM ) in Finland and Sweden to get listed licensed for the treatment of 18-64old malepremature ejaculation .
In Europe there are seven were approved :Sweden ,Austria ,Finland ,Germany ,Spain ,Italy and Portugal .The program .In 2008 December,Finland and Sweden became the worldwide first approved the drug listing of countries .
In the ejaculation process serotonin is thought to play a major role . Dapoxetine is a unique ,short-acting ,selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ,can be taken . Dapoxetine efficacy and safety by Johnson & Johnson placebo controlled phase three clinical tests ,including 6000of premature ejaculationin male patients and its companion participation ,this was in response to the disease as one of the biggest test of the hematological system drugs .
P2Y12 (P2T ) antagonist prasugrel ( Efient ) first last year in February the EU approved by Lily3 for the month ,launched in the UK in April ,the German market. In Europe are indications for percutaneous coronary intervention therapy for prevention of acute coronary syndrome ( PCI ) ( ACS ) in patients with thrombosis .
Prasugrel block platelet surface receptors ,and thus inhibits platelet aggregation and agglomeration. In a large-scale phase three clinical trials of the drug significantly reduced ACS in patients with cardiovascular event risk .
The drug by Daiichi of Sankyo company and Ube company cooperation research and development ,by Daiichi Sankyo company and Lily company cooperation marketing .At the end of the medicine in the The United States approved the listing of goods ,named EffientTM ,for PCI after treatment in patients with ACS or composite cardiovascular symptoms in patients with thrombosis in two grade prevention ;reduce death ,stroke and myocardial dissolved ,due to severe angina rehospitalization rate.
In 2009 Novemberplasma plasminogen activator inhibitor tranexamic acids ( Lysteda TM ;Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals ) access to the United States of America FDA approval ,for the treatment of menorrhagia ,overdose .
Lysteda is tranexamic acid oral activated formulations ;injection ( Cyklokapron ) in early 1986 on the market.The medicine is the first treatment of the disease of non-hormonal drugs ,the United States of America reproductive period of a woman of about 10% suffer from the disease.
Cause excessive bleeding causes and abnormal blood clot .As a resistance to plasminogen material ,Lysteda reduces its activity ,thereby contributing to the normal menstrual bleeding process of natural end.
A placebo-controlled phase three clinical trial results showed that the drug reduced monthly menstrual blood loss .In 2009 February BiotestAG coagulation factor IX ( Haemonine ) in Germany for listing .
B von Willebrand disease in the acute and prophylactic treatment .At the end of 2008, the medicine in the European Union obtained approval ;Germany was the first country in AMAG pharmaceutical listed .
Ferumoxytol ( Feraheme ) is a kind of new iron replacement therapy ,in the United States for the first time last year was approved . Ferumoxytol is an intravenous injection, used in the treatment of chronic kidney disease ( CKD ) and iron deficiency anemia in adult patients.
In all of the safety and efficacy of a phase three clinical trial evaluation, for the CKD and iron deficiency anemia patients with oral iron therapy ,comparative ,took the drug for 35 daysbefore the greatly improved .
Ferumoxytol by semi synthetic carbohydrate encapsulated superparamagnetic ferrite particle composition ,than ordinary oral iron preparations with high biological activity ,deputy reaction is little .
Gastrointestinal drugs proton pump inhibitor ( PPI ) dexlansoprazole ( KapidexTM ;Takeda ) last year in the United States approved the listing ,for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux cause heartburn ,prompting esophagitis ulcer healing and maintenance of normal state.
Although there is a variety of PPI drugs exist ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,but the drug because of its unique highlight different sustained-release preparation ,the preparation can be divided into two independent release of drug .
Kapidex capsule contains two types of enteric coated particles can lead to a two release medicine :the first peak occurring after taking 1-2 hours,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,second occurred in the hours after taking 4-5.
It only needs to be taken once daily ,the food of the Pru effect .Calopride is Movetis company developed selective high affinity of 5 serotonin receptor antagonist ,in 2009 Octoberapproved in the United States for the treatment of female chronic constipation .
Turn to doctors of patients with constipation in women account for 80-85%.Movetisprogram in Germany ,Britain ,France and Belgium ,Holland ,Luxemburg and other European countries by their own marketing .
If necessary, Movetis will seek partners in other European regions in order to maximize the drug sales. Is expected the first quarter of 2010 in Germanyhas been the first listed .Endocrine drugs with the 2009 July,the European Commission approval ,human glucagon like peptide 1 (GLP-1 )receptor antagonist and imitation secreted peptide liraglutide ( Victoza ;Novo Nordisk ) first appeared in the UK the.

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The college entrance examination 38 days countdown nine kinds of

The 1 alignmentinto the title ,straight life such as wine ,or aromatic ,or thick, because honestly ,it becomes mellow ;life is a song ,or high ,or low, because the credit ,it becomes sweet ;life painting, or beautiful ,or simple and elegant ,because the integrity ,it beautiful.
( because of the integrity of the brewing life ) parallelism ,can increase the momentum ,GetWord ,make the rich rhythm and rhyme beauty .Used to shape object ,Adidas Wings,can view scene ;used for narrative ,can fully and delightfully ;used to argue, can be of great momentum ;to debate ,to topple the mountains and overturn the seas ;used to lyrical ,can freely .
2San entirestaggered ,dexterous enters a problem if can hold a handful of moonlight ,I choose the most gentle ;if the mining to the hills ,I choose the most beautiful ;if you can pick the stars ,I choose the most bright .
You might say ,my choice is not the best,Chinese regional combat power rankings,Jeremy Scott Adidas, but my choice ,I believe that .( I choose ,I like ) the whole powder sentence combination ,can make the structure is flexible and changeable, add the sense of rhythm and rhyme beauty ,give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling .
Beginning with &quot ;the &quot ;m&quot ;&quot ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,&quot ;soft ;red &quot ;m&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;star bright ;&quot ;m&quot ;&quot formed bright ;arrange ,bright color first ,there is &quot &quot ;color ;the duo Well, both the phonological beauty .
3 citationsinto the title ,I read   classic   books in the growing perception of Yu Dan,elegant heavy Qing Dynasty Zhang Chao out of the dream shadow in say :&quot ;Ju in Yuan Ming as a confidant ,plum and Jing as a confidant ,bamboo to Judah ( y I U ) as a confidant .
&quot ;when facing the blue sea ;I can :the sea ;to whom as a confidant ( facing the sea ?) the previous reference sentence ,the citation writing ,clever issue .4detailed description,image into the title I have water eyes that look at life ,life has a dark limpid ,distant.
The sun through the Fenglin down ,I follow beam to look ,but seems to have seen the stretch as far as eye can see the fog ,snow white ,soft water plants .In a remote I see my mother ,saw that mother chooses that moment .
( let eyelash set to love ,set to happiness ) in the descriptive language often easy to become stiff and dull ,but if they can be skillfully grasp characteristics ,draw the attention of flexible ,to innovate, to break the depiction of the stereotype and narrative ,let a description of the image of elegant is distracted by a quality suggestive of poetry or painting .
5 aphorisms,enlightenment into the title life is accidental, death is inevitable and .Die ,except for the few sound Cheers ,few pain cry ,and no other .So ,between life and death ( mm life ?What is life ) epigrammatic opening impressiveness .
&quot ;life is accidental, death is inevitable between life and death ,life is concise ,plain ,&quot ;.Profound ,incisive 6dialogue.An opening ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,a generation of monks master Hong Yi Nirvana before from the disciple said: &quot ;look at me teeth ,?&quot ;&quot ;they lost .
&quot ;&quot ;the tongue ,still ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;also .So, the tough thing is always better than something hard strong &quot ;( mm .Tough my pursuit of the character ) a deep Zen dialogues ,introduced the &quot &quot ;tenacity ;connotation ,introduced this idea.
Choice is difficult ,not to mention is the choice of the soul .Gao Jianli for Jing Ke ,he chose to die ;Ma Benzhai in order to revolution ,she chose to sacrifice ;Zhu Yingtai to true love ,she chose the butterfly.
In this friendship ,family and love of the choice between ,they are done in mm ( between life and death ) article begins with celebrity deeds concise elaborate :Gao Jianli friendship to choose death ,his head - defend &quot ;for I die &quo The T ;the true saying ,become eternal Sunkist ;Ma Benzhai chose dedication ,with their own feelings, mm broad love to sacrifice human interests, as a son for future generations to set a personality monument ;Zhu Yingtai chose the butterfly ,with his soul into Liang Shanbo ,as Valentine enduring as the universe model .
8symmetricalopening ,neat and bright eyes in the butterfly ,flower angel ,because the flowers gave her the nectar of life ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,spent in the eyes ,the bee is a friend ,because the bee gave her life.
( history of society like watching ) start the article with a group of symmetric sentences ,give ,bee ,butterfly flower nature ,through the vivid personification ,form and content of perfect unity.
Reflect examinee excellent language skills. 9 poetrybegins, highlight the details of &quot ;cut ceaseless ,manage to return chaos ,is the sorrow of parting, don is a taste in the heart ,this is the Li Houzhu &quot ;perception ;&quot ;no ecstasy ,the west wind, she became thinner and thinner ,&quot ;this is Li Qingzhao feelings ;&quot ;very quietly I take my leave ,as quietly as I came here ,I gently waved ,the clouds in the western sky &quot ;,this is Xu Zhimo dismay ;&quot ;people with grief at separation and joy in Union ,You and me together to learn English Writing,the moon waxes and wanes ,this Things ancient hard-wide &quot ;,this is Su Dongpo the magnanimous of HH ( beautiful .
) this article source :college entrance examination _ high network original link :college entrance examination 38 days countdown:nine ways to help you seize the beginning of composition of

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I love love

( 1)I and child living for three years, breaking up N .Once expected before the one hundred breakup scene ,was never thought to break up peacefully ,so when she laughed with slowly tone ,&quot ;yes ,we are all adults ,to walk ,I &quot ;it wasn ,his fist pinch tightly ,get ready for the challenge .
Here she is, each agreed to break up, said of the bold, but no one can simply be desperate cry .,quarrel, no one would really breaking up. Then ,boy gets up to leave. No crying ,no tangled .
I foot waiting for half an hour ,until out of the restaurant door ,left right guard against her from the which corner out ,but she was waiting at the door to my surprise attack .The whole afternoon in the office ,all mobile phone tune into the silent ,waiting for her aerial bombardments ,hysterics ,but ,actually not once ring ,and I suspect that office is it right? Shield .
A week later ,she is still so calm ,QQ ,MSN ,telephone ,mail ,a little change in conditions not .A month later ,her former can bear the pain ,I can enjoy the single break up minimum time ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,then still calm .
I pinched myself ,Dream, and she really over ?I can finally night wanted to play a few a few little ,finally can act recklessly and care for nobody flirt with hot chicks ,finally can concentrate on the work ,finally goes the whole point of call report .
I can finally stay in office until 11, online and many MM be garrulous ,also put yellow on the hard disk .I can finally and she forbid me love ,one-night stands buddies go clubbing dance club.
Can I still get ready for her to come back to ,do not know when to end soon, to carpe diem .I play crazy for a week ,every day to 4 points,the next and the whole slept for 2 days.To work on Monday, will be on business ,go to Hainan.
Hainan fresh fruit large ,I take a papaya ,she is most like to eat the fruit, with 2 ofher eat, just remember ,we have split up .No longer remembers to give her something nice ..I finally liberated .
Ship Shanghai wind slowly, think of a time in the ship sent her a message &quot ;I think baby &quot at sea ;,seems to have been separated for a long time ,there is more than one months .
Turned and saw a skirt fluttering girl ,then against the knife ,the long time no more strange flirt with hot chicks With MM techniques etc. I am looking for a new girl friend ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,she wants to go back to mm was not a good sword remains always sharp.
,this is called a static girl became my new girlfriend .His new girlfriend and ex-girlfriend Tong is quiet when the teacher ,than she is virtuous than she was sensible ,static work and child as free, static will never like children all right on shopping, my card is maxed out ,also say repeatedly repeatedly said &quot ;money Quanhua on edge &quot ;.
Static never like a fairy like call me call me, one day can play 10 :&quot ;I saw a piece of clothes ,what color do you like ?&quot ;&quot ;I just saw someone is a pair ,I will miss you &quot ;&quot ;when shall we go to Guilin ?&quot ;&quot ;Oh ,you were in a meeting.
Oh ,well ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,I don ,I know, don ,you seriously open ah ,I think you hh&quot ;and so on ,not of any practical significance ,can go home saying the day class .Static basic don every day ,fixed at 9 in the evening to play ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,like an alarm clock time .
Silence is a live person .I and static although seems less romantic passion ,can be I know ,because children love too strong because, like the smell of the CD green Poisonous perfume ,and then heard the elegant KENZO don taste the same.
Five minutes ,hanging the static call at, about five past nine. Children usually not at 9 at nightlet me go ,&quot ;the 10 point you tocall .&quot ;sometimes deliberately forget ,worse mm she will at 1 in the morning call said :&quot ;I have been waiting for you ,you did not play ?He faded so adorable chin cup curtain yarn with a song ??minutes ended and the static one day call ,I can empty heart .
On the forum before diving .After breaking up ,children always love in my regular on the site to keep some only I can understand my love . 3 months,no nothing. In fact, the last time, she has done nothing wrong ,just the character difference ,before numerous and noisy, so we have such an old couple as aesthetic fatigue .
She began, I on inexplicable irritability ,can not stand, a second stand it ,I have to break up with her .That want to ,will do so .Every time before the quarrels every few days to calm down ,again she cry ,I fall again ,love her feelings ,not the child .
Not. In children before I have really loved a schoolmate at college ,that is First love .In children before I had a few years of absurd night life .Understanding child ,I used to love her ,was also very hate hate her .
I love mummy look ;love her nose wrinkled many wrinkles like; love her shy belly walk ;she loves to walk at night or to the unfamiliar environment ,very be afraid of my hand ;love she buries her head in my belly ,ask :&quot ;do you love me? &quot ;love ;she sleeps forbade me to turn over, say it towards her here less than five minutes ;love she can drink 2 yuanof soda ,in order to see I have to spend 30 yuan to take a taxi HH I hate she often called me hate ;she wouldn and this from the contacts ;hate her quarrel with me on the mouth does not admit defeat; hate her as long as I have and her QQ chat ;hate her for my opinion is always Yin from Yang violate ,even is breaking up ,never throw off her HH I dumped sticky hates children ,encountered a suitable static .
I don is inhumane. Because ,children first ,is for me ;Tong first abortion ,is in our N broke up in the second ,without informing me, then quietly in a private clinic to buy the medicine stream ,reckless behavior ,which she later and I together 2 years ,no arms .
children like drink a little wine ,drunk on love arguing with me to lose a child ,she was drunk and buried my face in my arms and said: &quot ;I want your child like crazy hh&quot ;&quot ;can you blame me ?You didn .
&quot ;&quot ;can be when we broke up ,you ignore me ah !&quot ;&quot ;can tell me ,I will not ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;really ?Child raised face ,perplexed me. &quot ;never mind ,after those few days each month I try desperately to make food for you.
&quot ;I laugh said. Then ,also do not know such a serious matter. I never do insurance measures ,but later ,every month how recuperate and build up energy bursts, children always are not pregnant .
Even then she had before and after, will have dizzy spells the hair low fever .I find that two people have free time ,with good she was hospitalized gynecologic have a look ,can wait until the break up.
Tong said ,she broke up with me ,never find someone else .Because she is not pregnant, can only get divorced or widowed with children, otherwise it will harm others had no children ,but she does not want to do a stepmother .
Come to think of it ,I can live heart pulling out. But was really bother her bother no, forget it. I The very next day to call a friend Granville ,ask the child Wei often and child contact ,was my friend ,but later and she also from more closely .
his almost no girlfriend ,was full of friends and I play .This is also I hate her .Wei has there are several months without contact with me, I got a phone call mutter and mumble .&quot ;Tong ,have been married .
Last week to do wedding. She didn ?&quot ;I was gasping for breath :&quot ;what do you say ?!&quot ;&quot ;children got married last week. &quot ( ;2)I have to calm down ,she is being attacked ,to punish me? So wronged ?Ask :&quot ;she was married to a man? Divorced or dead wife ?&quot ;I always remember Tong said.
&quot ;no, not married ,is a returning doctoral students ,has put 40 table.Like feeling good .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;bitch !I gnash the teeth in anger say: &quot ;just broke up 3 monthsget married.
That what life does not marry !&quot ;&quot ;you broke up 3 months? not to say that you have had ?Today wedding also said they last fall on the understanding hh&quot ;I have After do not listen to it, put the phone down on the table .
No wonder this so happy parted, originally had never find the spare tire .Also say what never married ,in three months of marriage. Well, funny, I was worried about her ,she would have rushed to arms go .
I thought she loved me feeling down, the original silly is my child .I was such a person ,2years agoshould cruelly dumped her .&quot ;last fall on the understanding of the original &quot ;last fall ,she sleeps in my hand when the heart would fly away .
I seldom drink, except with a client ,that night I drink dozens of times .This is also a betrayal. When you think of each other how to love you more than you love her ,after breaking up and think constantly of does not fit you, but can not put down is yourself, others already down .
Is actually being play .I give her no salary was reading when I bought more than 500 watches,to the security company ;she used a summer vacation to the suburbs to substitute money to me to buy an engagement ring for cousin ,to play a pair of earrings ;her picture ,her underwear ,she read the book ,I away HH I like to marry off static ,static some accidents, but Agreed.
We broke up fourth months ,I and static married .The world is full of surprises. Looks over the child traditional static ,not a virgin .Just as I had expected style OPEN child is actually a virgin as unexpected .
I comfort myself do not care. I is because even the child that person as a Virgin so behoove that static is a virgin .In fact, now over 20 years old woman had few virgin maidens .Not sensible ,self-willed no good temper.
Once is not still do not know how to comfort ,break out &quot ;how can you be impotence ?&quot ;always remember children stare big eyes say: &quot ;you are only 29 years old ,how impotence ?&quot ;short of breath .
I ,do bad things like hesitating in speaking explanation what physiological sexual impotence ,what psychological barriers. Tell her this will only make me more obstacles ,told her that she should take the initiative to help me ease the psychological pressure .
&quot ;sorry ,I used no experience ,do not know these .&quot ;see the virgin excuses. The very next day lust and upper body ,ready to turn horse ,came to her sweet voice :&quot ;you don ,if impotent also nothing .
&quot ;I hesitated, soft lie ,Oxford shoes. All-match personality Style Xpress building,sit Up ,yelling at her :&quot ;the person you down ?I told you I wouldn impotence! &quot :&quot ;Tong tears ;you don help you relieve ?I comfort you ?&quot ;she also wronged ,I go later ? he think that is my yellow website too much ,change password ,no more .
In fact, children do not know ,is my fear ,afraid can ,I this begins downhill men can increasingly mature woman. Child is experiencing I did .I was experiencing child after aging .
Children from virgin to the cougar ,the curious, she wouldn touch yellow ,but his interest is full, told me today to learn a new posture ,tomorrow to touch me in my back &quot ;no desire ?Strange ,online that it can stimulate the sex !---- &gt ;desire, you over try again ,I kiss your ear .
&quot ;the brake scenery once she was flirting with me ,let me excited ,think she needs me to enter, but took the child ruler :&quot ;they said that Chinese men on average have 15CM ,me measure you .
&quot ;I was he wanted to draw his a slap in the face ,hate themselves should not break Tong Tong brain debut .There is full of be out of order ,full of hope women may not have extreme ideas .
Students read the news said the now popular wife ,she was afraid I take her away and others change ,she did not say if the wife to break up with me, but that ,&quot ;if you take me and someone else ,I would die for you .
&quot ;child afraid I derailment ,she said if I cheat and I broke up, but says: &quot ;if you cheat ,I also derailed ,you don sleep with someone it, then don derailed. &quot ;child is afraid of breaking up with me ,she said do not want to break up with me ,instead say: &quot ;to break up ,you have a son to me.
&quot ;she is so extreme. I will not static ,and static bust-up ,static must only use deep voice faint said :&quot ;broke up, what should I do ?&quot ;child is crying big growl :&quot ;well, breaking up ,I wish ,but you still owe me a child !&quot ;child in tears ,but come at me .
So I can not find the child as wife .Tong Sannian and I ,the first year was proposed ,but never two years after marriage .I and static understanding of only three months ,I married a static .
I was hard on Tong said ,you marry, who married you who is unfortunate ,willful stick people Sensible, or a lay any eggs in the Lord. I in static body under the pillow, &quot ;to have a baby ,so easy to conceive.
&quot ;static opened his mouth but said nothing. I want to hug his wife passed, infuriating her! I want in front of her, called &quot ;big &quot ;,then see his son Pidianpidian running back ,dad called &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot .
Big ;is I and she gave us off children nickname .( 4)women ,not men think about it. I think enough about children ,has been proven ,wrong .In QQ asked me, want to see the child and her husband I wanna knock &quot ;lazy to read &quot ;a few words ,but eventually hit a &quot ;&quot ;word .
Wei sent me pictures of her children ,a happy hand in the squat turtle &quot ;&quot ;on the other hand ,in the abdominal bulge .Child pregnant !We broke up 5 months,her abdomen had raised like a ball !She and I together two years are not pregnant ,what infertility ,chronic uterine cavity inflammation ,which doesn have good ?She must be lie to me .
In addition to wear condoms ,there are called female oral contraceptives contraception .She had and I do not want to Okay ,so even if a pregnant with my child ,and premeditated quietly oral contraceptives ,framed for the abortion ,increased my guilt.
Tong sinister !This is I .I must complete the vicious woman forget .I have been a large flavor company sales manager ,saved two year commission mm probably ten, ask we are static ,buy a house or to open the company ?Company .
Static said. If children ,she will push me to buy a house. Can visit clothing stores more attracted to her is to see the model room. She was hired when, tell me the class fee of a month there will be more than 5000 .
&quot ;you can buy a lot of beautiful clothes .&quot ;&quot ;no, I must save money ,buy a house .&quot ;even we play CS too. We make bandit ,she never bought AK AWP ,not to buy ,buy only MP5.
A few games down ,at a glance ,found that she had 7000 multivariate money.&quot ;what are you doing ,put so much money ,buy me a sniper rifle ?&quot ;&quot ;no, I want to buy a house there .
&quot ;then the exposed her trademark Mimi smiling .She laughed ,invisible to the eye, narrowed .They dry out ,I was also looking for Granville flavor agents. And other friends borrowed money .
I and power relations are very subtle .Not with child when breaking up ,a few months before I Granville and contact time, originally is the big man ,not in a city ,an occasional greeting on the line .
A inadvertently to Tong said often Granville and chat QQ at that moment feels very accident .Each too close to the child the men would make me nervous .I think almost everyday and I live with children with no walking near man ,except me.
Never thought she and my friends often chat .They have nothing to talk about ?I and Granville every time something about mm. We jointly invested two lottery mm he and Tong which has the topic ?I was curious ,a man, a girl ,but can ask ,have to be tolerant way.
Then in front of Granville is less natural .I don and child is the relationship between friends ,good friends ,or friend ;and children after the breakup, Granville is standing in children there is still me.
I said never in front of him, said I ,never to evaluate our feelings before ,never to say who is right or wrong, never mention .But Granville will be cold d to take out a little child news.
&quot ;you want to borrow ?&quot ;&quot ;can you lend me a few ,when However, the more the merrier. &quot ;&quot ;I had just bought a house ,do not how much money to raise ,raise ,should ten thousand or twenty thousand is not a problem .
&quot ;&quot ;good, thank you .You try to help me to borrow .When the first batch of orders to go out ,you can also &quot .&quot ;;never mind .Was born a son . 7 kg 8two.&quot ;Wei every time is such ,say something suddenly out of children news ,when I almost forgot the time children .
&quot ;that ,help me to congratulate her ,static should soon .&quot ;&quot ;static also pregnant ?&quot Yanyan ;I say: &quot ;no, not recently busy .The company on track we are ready to .
Well, unlike some people, eager to shotgun .&quot ;that night without a little interest. I rude to static drag into the room ,grilled off her clothes. She looked at me or limp ,look confused .
&quot ;all right ,wait to be hard .In order to make people ,we need to work hard. &quot ;static and silence, to lower the head active touch me. And children together ,life very coordinated ,in addition to several &quot ;psychological obstacles of &quot ;outer .
We have a lot of time can also reach the top mm this is the sex the most perfect ending and children .Previously ,and child ,I actually like into type ,so the labor saving ,the stimulus .
But only and child ,I like as a missionary. Because children like this posture .&quot ;you don from the back ?It should be the most deep. &quot ;&quot ;love ,can be from behind will not hold you ,to see you face .
&quot ;child afraid of I don ,once again &quot ;I promise ahead of 9 paired witha well behind ?&quot ;but then I also love the from the front for the clergy. Because I found time to 20 minutesfrom behind ,from the front, to hold the child, while kissing ,not 5 minuteswill erupt.
Who doesn rapid outbreak ?Every time after sigh ,or sex with love is sex ,most comfortable .Because the child is I love a woman and child ,the posture and the most intimate, also can kiss her ,so every time let experienced I can only 5 minutes .
30minutes,I was not in the static body burst .Static said nothing .If children ,more than 5 minutes willshout tired .&quot ;you don exercise ,are you tired? &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;is right there.
You must strengthen the exercise ,later hyperactivity .&quot ;I laugh from the child .In my heart to her definition :willful ,sticky ,lazy .Heard that lie beneath the leisurely Han Jisheng ,5 minutes totired .
&quot ;forget it ,we do not hurry to have children .&quot ;static finally talking .I lift up my head ,only to find that in front of the static ,not the child .And I have a child breaking up for a month and reconciliation ,we seem to have lots to talk to each other ,to account for this month .
Children always ask :&quot ;you want me ?When is how to think what ?Thought why not play phone ?&quot ;I smiled and replied ,oh ,we sometimes hear to hear the song when they think of you ,but I was a big man, how can I call you ? this woman in the end ,you now what, doing? You hold turtle son our son ,think big ?( 5)Granville friend ,actually I borrowed one hundred thousand yuan .
Because financing is sufficient, coupled with previous cloth under the customer network and so many years of experience in sales ,business development very quickly .I am busy. On a business trip in Zhongshan, with the customer got drunk ,go back to the hotel ,let the cold wind to blow up the wine .
Last year, is in Shanghai, still the company of others do It is also accompany clients ,drunk ,I walk alone in the Bund, look around busy stream of people ,look at my windbreaker was cold and bleak wind ,could not call her.
&quot ;my responsibility is heavy ,will take care of you ,take care of the parents ,to make money ,make you comfortable day ,and our children. &quot ;it is less a few times I tell her .
I told the big man don these disgusting West words. Responsibility ,always have ,Reforged Rhapsody in the first nine six chapters north to me _ orange Sonata _ to read...,just the object changes .Now is like a dream ,I don and Tong Huizhen apart ,my side the wife will others .
Although has been on Tong has many unhappy, but always thought would you bald .I so traditional man ,Tong Qiang added to my faith .Because of her ,I chose never seems refuses to let go .
So I was hypnotized, always shouted to break up the heart is not think it can be separated from .I have to admit ,Tong is a very dedicated woman ,at least in our feelings so .Well, dedicated a fart ,she finally married .
I wiped his forehead. To static dialled .Quiet at home. A mobile phone ,static said she back home .I catch the morning car home .Open the door ,static unexpectedly already come back.
I tightly hold static said ,&quot ;my responsibility is heavy ,will take care of you and my parents ,and the future of our children .&quot ;&quot ;I know .Please take a bath and relax.
&quot ;static always so graceful. Static exudes warm ,is the child cannot is likened to .This day is neglected static ,all day long I accompany customers to wine and dine ,hardly at home to eat a meal .
If the child had outburst, take her as children ,with children also tired ,not from the people .Empty ,lonely ,desolate, can be to become her to a bar excuse. I said ,she likes to drink.
This is making me not rest assured. But is not static .Day is very fast, the business had failed several times when, often is the Granville came to the rescue .I haven why there is so much money Granville ,Granville the police a head ,whether money is not easy to ask .
The meal a big company president ,said we listened to. &quot ;now the woman is really not, will do anything for money .I know a advertising company to female total ,to me this to a business ,grinding for several days .
I have to agree to an acquaintance ,so she and Both resorted to rebate ,gifts ,what these see more action ,but I didn You guess she finally came .What the ?&quot ;&quot ;ha ha ,what ,active gestures ,to accompany you to go to it.
&quot ;&quot ;hum ,guessed wrong. He accompanied me go to bed to calculate what ah ,this action is action ?She brought 5 women,each 1meters seven,surface white-lipped red ,Rompers foot connecting design _ rice hut 18 crazy shopping, buy! _ shopping shopping channel,Adidas Wings,eye with peach ,build first-class ,convex ,together in my office ,said :l Chan ,these are all our company PR ,you see what or which of the two one ,pick their own .
Of course ,if you physical amazing ,three is also OK . R then the female total of his first strip ,pointing to the abdomen a noticeable scar said :l i have had children, broken after the people ,you do not mind ,I also go .
R then in addition several Miss also follow the whole strip .&quot ;we listen to stay with slobber .&quot ;you said if she a ,I am sure that can withstand .Female out of business ,but not the background ,basically is to sleep bad ,to me, but also to consider ,this plus 5 abeautiful girl in my office all came off ,I was mortal, could not withstand the .
&quot ;&quot ;that you are all the world The torrents of spring ?Say ,pick a few beauty ?&quot ;&quot ;ha ha ,is of course a royal after two .But on the other hand ,the female also is really powerful role ,hotel ,room ,beauty ,Viagra ,uniforms ,SM ,a Long Quan ready ,two beautiful women gynecological examination of single give me the check ,was still in his ears quietly said: l Chan ,prior to they both had taken contraceptives ,three each mouth ,how do you want to play it.
&quot ;we were amazed ,saying of ancient society ,what people have .&quot ;of course ,her courage operation down ,can finally put the single I to cousin do business robbed in the past.
You know that how much money ?&quot ;Chen Zong Jing I mouth and no closure :&quot ;15000000&quot.;before going to bed ,I hold it sounds interesting to do static jokes and said to her ,static simply snuggle in the dark I ,don .
I hastened to swear their position ,is not a general Xu that kind of person, a small company not so large to others ,and later big business with female total alone business ,unless there is still present.
Static said softly :&quot ;women than men ,it is weak, also are doing business ,make chicken is not enough ,Do the .&quot ;I hold static :&quot ;don ,you don to do business, I take care of my life ,doing little grandmother enjoy it.
&quot ;I and static count now every month profit how many ,have been on the right track ,then we want to earn how many million .Tong Gang and I lived together, one night ,too, with the lights off ,sleep in a bed ,the first time that a marriage.
I hold the child, a little feel shy to tell her ,zero zero pieces of full plus ,I only 80000 yuan deposit,but existing again a year the money should be you can buy a house to pay down payment .
&quot ;Tong said :never mind .I graduated ,a month also has 3 more than 1000,then I go out and point class, there are four thousand or five thousand ,plus your salary is ten thousand ,with 2000rooms,one thousand meals ,one thousand to our parents ,ha ha ,with more than 6000 do ,how you spend ?&quot ;side also said that while breaking my finger to calculate .
At that time ,I feel that childhood is a good girl ,and I just want to together with mortgage loans. Children really do my woman, wants to marry me .I married a wife ,is static .Tong ,as someone else wife ,others to the children I in the night to weak static hold Tight :&quot ;I will make a lot of money for you .
I will take care of you .I will never cheat .&quot ;I will completely forget the child, and you only the good life of a person .&quot ;.&quot ;static said softly .I thought that static will have lost face ,looked at me and said :&quot ;really? &quot ;in the dark, see static expression, just remember the child replied ,look had turned.
Day continues ,I continue to busy, people around me gradually changed, become Tashi ,work hard ,Shunde is more like a farmer .Yeah ,now doing business competition is so big ,undress nobody ,only with the strength ,not hard, what to eat ?Boy often said before I educated, and not willing to continue their studies, I want to make the company, that has been married to Dr.
returnees child know ,I have no higher education ,can also be successful. But ,thanks to several times of distress in Granville lent me money .Here, he has lent me before and after hundreds of thousands .
But do business ,are hoarding to money in .Fortunately ,Granville always say no hurry ,no recall . Chen general company great ,there is a famous beverage brands .Good shade tree ,I almost have no To earn a penny gave him a number of flavors ,and therefore he close cooperation .
I went to Chen Corporation node section ,he mysteriously stopped me ,&quot ;today there is good cheap for you .Wait for my office .&quot ;&quot ;eyes light up .Remember the last time I told you the advertising company female boss ?Today she also came to collect the money ,so they took some beautiful, I leave 1 for you.
&quot ;I quickly rejected. And children together I can never resist temptation ,and static life ,never recommit the same error .&quot ;hey ,you so revolution ?Have a look you heartbeat .
I brought you see the beauty of it. &quot ;&quot ;OK, I see. &quot ;in fact ,I want to see is not beautiful, but to see the cruel &quot ;the &quot ;.What is the woman ,can go .( 6)into the Chen always closed Yanyanshishi office ,see 4 ,5 modelslike woman around.
Each thin tall ,a face of heavy makeup .Finally turned to the middle of the shortest ,plain face ,smile is !!I thought that her face was blurred, but that even if her body has changed ,I can instantly recognizable .
Compared with me in together and plump figure ,now Children at least thin 20 catties. Never thought one of BABY fertilizer, the soft fleshy child could lean into it ,zygomatic bone ,scapula ,elbow ,waist bone ,bone deep everywhere ,everywhere .
A cropped skinny black suit in her also air filling .Child is always in the narration of Chen advertising company female general ,can strip off the dress to stand in front of a man declares its ugly procuress, can be in business with a full set of thoughtful services from woman .
We broke up that moment I had a foreboding that will meet and children ,had not only thought that is based on this occasion ,this identity .As I had as we parted ,to our goodbye similarly miscalculated.
Children also surprised at the reunion ,but instantly restore natural ,hoisted his mouth smile to greet, pretend not to recognize me. Children laughing ,subversion of my memories ,the memories she is innocent smile cute ,not pulled up beside the deep zygomatic bone a ditch ,laughing ice you .
I had said I like girls and children a bit thinner ,but I like to give her children carry bulk ice cream to buy boxes of potato chips ,causing her to lean down .Even after breaking up, the home refrigerator is left with half a dozen she did not eat ice cream ,slowly melting when the child is fat .
I still see the pity ,thin but cold .I don remember the scene at the time ,now already is a blank .Just remember to always can look away from the child .Mr. Chen see ,ask I have to advertise the products ,to children and my cooperation.
At that time is certainly my eyes too sharp looking at the child ,let him think I Tong has meaning ,want to fix children accompany me .&quot ;is ,I have advertising to do. Chen Zong you said to find a girl for me ,let her accompany me.
&quot ;Chen always left one, a right-handed ,I and the child ,go into the hotel with 2 suites .Go into my room ,the door locked ,put the child threw herself onto the bed ,her tongue tongue aggression ,hand ripped her shirt .
&quot ;hate ,how can you be so anxious ah ,you couldn to hang my clothes put your stuff away then hh&quot ;Tong pretty smiling mouth to reject me, but also refused to want to welcome half-hearted help me untangle his button.
This is 2 years ago,children birthday ,I just went to Shanghai on business ,and take her to play when is celebrated at the scene .Hotel suite white sheets, small private space to let me could not help wanted children ,she also smiled at me you Taking her to play, in fact, is to meet their own child .
Now ,on the table, without a word ,do not laugh ,do not move, just looking at me. I sat on the bed ,also does not look at children .From the encounter so we looked at each other in silence ,in addition to greet and no more say a word .
There is too much to ask children to the child .Can appear as a business ,in bed with the identity of standing in front of me ,I concern only a .&quot ;you with many customers went to bed ?&quot ;child without any look at me, do not make a sound.
&quot ;what the hell are you doing ?Is not taught in school ?How come out the company ?Not good married Dr. returnees ?Still short take flesh for business ?&quot ;Tong did not speak .
I finally broke ,stand up ,seize the child shakes .&quot ;you say ah !&quot ;but I dare not to shake it, holding her shoulders ,seems to head can also stab into my hand ,she was no gravity ,I am afraid of her shaken loose .
Children raised his head and looked at me ,&quot ;this is my business .You are not in Wubaibayi late apartment and I chat you are not to go to bed now. ,I would go .& Quot ;she picked up the purse ,turned and walked out of the room ,the head also does not answer .
It was all my children to go out ,behind pulled my temper .Now I followed her out ,from the stairwell to back out ,shut the door ,into the bed. I forgot she was so the thin ,gently toss her head ,inertia heavy hit on the bed.

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The power of smile

I need a man * a bit shy ,but were in the street ,Taobao.com online shopping shoes,I love you .* go to the temple to pray with me ,hold my hand gently down together. * keep a promise inviolate .* never late, late for me he is not angry .
* hug for a long time ,very tight -- every time when I rise almost need to slowly pushed him. * sleep later than I a little ,wake up earlier. * when he wake up call my name - not the wrong call .
* I remember the date ,shoes ,password ,are most afraid of things. I like insects, worms seen screaming and shouting that he would not laugh at me. * the morning I went to the garden ,with small branches climb to the road to earthworm to Grassland -- he in the side to help me .
* laughed like a very bad guy -- but it * uncomfortable, I take leave to see a doctor ,come back on the road to buy ice cream as a reward. * never to drink driving ,let me fasten on the safety belt .
* help me to do housework ,every day. As chat .* often helps others ,Adidas Wings,for no reason .* promise me :never .Then never. * whistle while repairing the closestool .* said :I hope you are my daughters .
* egg white yellow to give him to eat .* on rainy days, I had water in the back ,say :you also Can be more fatter .* quarrel will not walk away .* wrong mistake .* read the introduction of depilation and teach me .
* he laughs at my jokes .* shopping when I see the same style of dress in three colors, he says: try them all .When I try on the shoes ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,he took my cartoon-themed socks in his pocket .* is often said ,have me.
* things had to tell me ,touch on lightly .* fingernails clean and tidy ,like I cut his nails. * I do he likes to eat food ,ask tomorrow. * all the kids like him ,often playing downstairs a pants mire back gently unscrew .
* i s not open the soda bottle .* busy book ticket for me ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,let me take parents to go out to play together .* tell me - 24 hours call at any time. Tell me not to save money .* to voluntary blood donation ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,grinning back took a piece &quot ;welfare cookie &quot ;for my taste .
* secretly bought a raincoat for two persons in and put it in the car. I like barefoot ,in his copilot the foot spread a small wool blanket .* leave word with a small head of tiger as the signature .
* occasionally call me * * * lie .When stammer .* argued with sounds like is explained. * teach my slippery drought Ice ,when I run one thousand kilometers .* never chat on the Internet.
* his secretary said to help him to button up, he said thank you ,no .* send me a potted flower ,for I watered. * and play chess with me ,allow me to undo .* he is actually very early on that his parents about I like sports ??* ,took me to a club.
* wear jeans ten years ago still fit. He has a big dog ,his dog like me. * when I yell he also Winnie the Pooh I gave to him ,he wouldn have .* I have no sense of direction ,Casual shoes,his body with a compass ,say - - follow me.
* I eat leftovers. I sleep when he chats with me .* double elbow and knee support body weight ??* her previous girlfriends have difficulties will come looking for him. No difficulty is not.
* have a wound - and a few small rogue fights hold each other knife ,I warned him next time don like this ,he smiled no answer. I take a shower when he took a magazine sit on closestool .
* is higher than me, I can .Let him take. * talk over important things with me ,such as next year investment plan ,the weekend picnic take not to take to roast dinner ,Chinese cabbage or cabbage .
* Standing in the shop restroom waiting for me outside. I had a cold ,The man dress Charm,he cup after a quarrel ,if the other party to call your mobile phone ,must pick up! After a quarrel ,if the other party to call your mobile phone ,must meet !!!There are a pair of lovers.
The girl is very beautiful, very considerate,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, always make fun with the guy .The boy is very smart ,very sensible, the most important point .The sense of humor is very strong. Always in 2 individuals alongto find the way can be funny girl laugh .
Girls like the attitude of the boy .They have been good ,the boys and girls of the feeling ,light ,said the boy as their own relatives .Boys to girls love deeply, cares about her very much .

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Miscellaneous thoughts chaotic emotions

Difficult to get up early, stay at home and bored, decided to go to the nearby mountains. Love early in the morning, the air on the mountain, the cool grass with dew fresh. The mountain flowers, but more is in full bloom full tree,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, the United States is the United States has seldom smell fragrant,Jeremy Scott Adidas, more do not say sincere gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.
Miss the hometown of peach plum tree, and don't say that moving the Qin Xiang, only looked at the far or near round pink red already be in ecstasies over. Gladly and pleasing to the eye, love this view.
And lost Milan, jujube, laurel, although spend fine petite, yet elegant pleasant smell quiet, tranquil and is reminiscent of Wang Wei's "the stream". Although it is not night instead of spring hill, also have the same birdsong.
This hill has many unknown tropical birds. A blue feather pecking red yellow bird singing voice is very crisp, similar to starlings voice,Summer, summer, but is much more beautiful than the myna there is a gray brown brown.
Look clumsy birds chirp, very strange, as if a child refused to take medicine, has been shouting: bitter, bitter ~ ~ thoughts far. At the moment, the sky blue was transparent,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2 Chenghai, blue as if a weight,Adidas Porsche Design, can be light in both hands.
There is no trace of clouds,Like the cloud is on his way to the sunshine. Away, you can see the sea. Grey gray blue extending to the horizon, the next morning the sparkling waves, like a silky satin in the morning breeze gently swaying.
Always curious, why the sea is blue or green, but almost blue contemplation of ash, asked a lot of local people, there are no answer. Or, the expansion of Xinjiang fill built Island, the blue water of the loss of natural shore, forced to ring to artificial reef beach,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, the sea was silent, with love helpless ash to protest against the h was addicted to Pattaya blue blue, then,Adidas Jeremy Scott, the boundless boundless sea.
I heard, there are filling expansion Island build recreational facilities. And H blessing, all the sea is green, turquoise blue,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, like the sunshine bright gem. Never be blue decadent gray pollution. Will be? Will it.

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