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Skylight window film to accompany you to live in hot summer

In fact, many owners do not understand why, home furnishing to spend thousands of pieces of glass window film, a lot of people think not worth it. Whether building film or car, or glass film role, in fact all follow the same pattern.
And the so-called home furnishing window film, is one of the segmentation application only, but also not so as if it were raining flowers! But,Urge men wear skirts, to the Bo integrity, glass film observation room or to say home furnishing window film role.
As long as we have a look at the beginning of each paragraph, presumably to browse it. First unidirectional perspective. The so-called one-way perspective, before the observation room is mentioned " outside to see not inside ".
I believe that many owners are very need glass have this function,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, because it can have a more intimate space. But note that,Jeremy Scott Adidas, in the choice of film when must consider the indoor lighting factors. Moreover is UV blocking ultraviolet sterilization.
Can be used, but as the pageant can barrier excessive ultraviolet light. And home furnishing window film is a good choice, the first film not containing volatile chemical substances, can be followed by effective UV sunscreen.
As the summer sun westAccording to heat,Wind in the summer, which can make your home to raise the temperature of 1 ~ 2 degrees, but also for some home furnishing and decoration can not be recovered again is caused by injury.
Heat insulation and energy saving. Of course, home furnishing window film heat insulation effect is definitely yes. However, don't think affixed to the film after it without air-conditioning. Just put up film can reduce air conditioning load only,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, when the hot air is to open, but can be less degree of electricity by 1 electrical degrees.
Now 0.6 yuan of computation,Adidas Jeremy Scott, such as paste on the 15 side of the membrane, according to statistics, 1 day can save 3, 4 degrees, which is 2 blocks air conditioner is not much, need every day, to the south to calculate, 1 years 5 months spent a year in the heat, save more than 300.
10 years is 3000, is your home furnishing live in only 10 years, according to our general membrane, a party of around 170, is now considered she also does summer big discount,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, buy 2 party was sent to 1 party, the 15 party if the price by 1700, only 5 years after the cost can be recycled.
And as the beauty of the membranous period was 5 years, 5 years, shifting, the world has so favorable.,, anyway, is a boon for consumers. Some people say, this brand to haveNever heard of, is it right? Fake film? As the pageant is the world's largest film manufacturer PCFilms, 50 years of production experience,The feeling of sweating, nice, all products produced in the United States, each commodity is the one and only serial number, in the official website to check, eliminate fake and shoddy products.
As the pageant in China although only less than 1 year, but from overseas Hong Kong and Macao has a huge market. A product, in the market to stand firm, the most important is the quality, we weight to the quality, best service, affordable for consumers, the absolute value for money.

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A simple love story

Last night met a friend ,give me a story, let me see ,a simple love story ,the hero is it right? I don this friend ,or is he from other places to find me ,but I feel it is his story ,the story although ordinary but I think the friend or a sad .
.. Remember the day / the God arranged our meeting / I know I have seen spring / remember the day that / take to you day and night hope / I really don know when to meet again / remember the day that / waiting in heart point flame / I see your turnover / remember the day that / you were like a smoke / filled with I will drive away / day / I lost you / like a child lost their beloved toys / the day / in my heart / has been branded a seal that can never be erased / life in the intentional and I do / give you a memorable moments / don let it continue to be / the day you left me / no longer appears night encounter during the winter of 2002 ,moonlit night ,quiet ,warm ,gentle ,intoxicating.
Boy wearing just ironed type 87 winter clothing,wearing a two-star .Lieutenant badges ,by military .In front of the last one to see a long years no see old schoolmate .After supper, boys and students in the boundless moonlight street walk ,talk ,to cherish the memory of that once innocent but persistent high school HH years no passion finally could not resist the severe winter cold .
They decided to find a place to sit, warm ,chose her .The boy and the girl high school, but the classes ,but know this person ,but do not know .But ,the girl with his classmates did very well ,but are very close.
Soon the girl home ,a soon he had one kind of inexplicable feeling .The girl wearing a red feather waistcoat ,with a refreshing shoulder-length hair, in the light is very pure ,beautiful ,it is the boy like.
Introduced later, sitting in bed talking up the conversation, the boy knew .A girl in Hubei University, and his age ,and winter came back .Do not know in the military school and girls too little exposure ,or due to meet for the first time, very strange reason ,always talkative boy appears slightly stiff.
Students suggested to use poker playing fortune telling game ,He also was not involved, only in the side of smile ,look, from time to time to take the words HH after all ,are peers ,got acquainted very soon ,active atmosphere .
The boy accidentally saw a girl room walls were covered with a word, the last is inscribed Zhiping .He suddenly thought himself in the County People Chairman is called Yan Zhiping ,and writes a good hand ,asked the girl :&quot ;wrote this pair of words of the county people is it right? Yan Zhiping ?&quot ;girl surprised :&quot ;yes !He is my uncle !You know him ?&quot ;the boy is a bit excited to laugh :&quot ;so, we are relatives !&quot ;girls have got lost .
The boy is laughing to say: &quot ;you call him uncle ,I called him uncle ,of course we are relatives !But ,according to rank you have to call me uncle ?&quot ;next to get confused students heckling ,&quot ;alas !You really have fate !Call uncle !&quot ;girl apparently did not expect so, somewhat at a loss, his face turned red, but the naughty students or HH so he ,three people chatting ,crying ,smile ,very fast at 2 o.
Until the girl .Here, they realized that disturb the rest of others ,this was enough to leave. Leave time, facing the head of moonlight, look for the girl with the blink of an eye ,the boy suddenly had a strange feeling :they like what would happen to HH winter holidays passed quickly ,boys and girls respectively busy with his own affairs ,no contact.
Half a year later ,the boy was assigned to Gobi on a remote team served as platoon leader ,all day and warriors fought with ;girls stay in Hubei studying in Xiaogan ,day shuttle classrooms and libraries .
&quot ;seems to happen to &quot ;and no indication of the occurrence of HH anonymous SMS in the spring of 2004 ,the boy in the army as a combat duty ,failed to return from the phone book .
He created a girl home phone ,gave the girl called the worship a year ,simply to talk to girls ,the boy left his mobile phone number and then hang up during that time ,boys .I felt very upset.
Boy about a girlfriend ,people is very good ,also very cute ,is the only junior high school culture degree .The boy resolutely opposed to him ,his mother and the mother-child relationship .
The boy a lot of pressure, but also Faintly worry ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,worry about education degree difference will lead to the lack of a common language between two people .But ,with the communication increasingly long time ,this fear has gradually become a reality, they can talk things really are becoming less and less .
The boy thought to give up ,but he knew that the girl have great faith in him ,is also very rely on ,regard him as their all ,shall break it is too cruel ,the boys how Henbuxiaxin. In boy upset, often by a girl sent the SMS.
Girl, considerate, intelligent .Although ,the boy didn who she is ,also do not know how does she know her telephone ,but talking to her boy can feel a hitherto unknown in a relaxed and enjoyable, there is always a chat of fresh topic .
One day, the girl told the boy ,she just know your life ,know now parents are their own parents ,but she could not accept the brutal truth .She wants to meet her biological parents ,but is afraid of adoptive parents sad ,my heart is very contradictory, also very painful .
It let the boy thought of his own mother .The boy grandmother and grandfather did not own ,but my mother And grandma ,Grandpa deep feelings, this little boy was deep. So ,the boy try various devices to comfort the girl ,she taught her how to handle the birth parents and adoptive parents ,also made a lot of funny text messages to make her happy .
Gradually, a boy and a girl become a friend can talk about anything .The boy always has one kind of feeling ,he and the girl must know ,he asked many times ,girl is refused to say .Then ,the boy repeated questioning, the girl finally narrowed the scope ,said she was in Baoji, a boy or girl can ;narrow range ,say that she is the best boy ,girl from his mind over again, a lock of a person, this person is the winter ,how has also refused to call his uncle &quot ;&quot ;girl.
When the boy say girl name, girl was trembling ,more it is anger .The boy had a very delicate feeling ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,this moment ,he thought of the two word mm&quot &quot ;fate ;.Finally one day ,Frank girl send a message telling the boy ,&quot ;I love you !&quot ;the boy was not surprised ,as if everything is so come very naturally ,water arrives canal .
although ,boys and girls just 2 years earlier inthe night to see the side, however ,the mobile phone short message they already are intimate lovers .The boy knew ,this girl is a great boon to his other half ,that can go hand in hand to the end of life of people.
But the boy did not immediately promised girl .Because he knows ,you can sit on the fence &quot ;&quot ;,he must make a choice ,it is responsible to others ,is also responsible for myself .
The boy secretly told myself ,&quot ;this is determined when the &quot ;later ,the boy asked the girl :.&quot ;you never asked me if I have break up with her ?&quot ;girl said frankly :&quot ;I have no right to ask you to do so ,Workplace emerge Lai class race,but I believe that you will make the right choice !I was so confident! &quot ;&quot ;the boy asked :since when do you like me ?&quot ;the girl said with a smile :&quot ;you think about when we chat together ?Since then !&quot ;Xiaogan in April 27, 2004, Xi train to Xiaogan HH facing the window sat a boy ,who Xiachangfu ironing board shoulder abnormalities ,Lieutenant A shiny ,anxious eyes occasionally through the window ,along the train forward direction, revealing not disguise the hope and vision HH firmly in the boy mobile phone ,every moment will joyfully vibration a mm that is railroad the love message .
Every time ,the boy will show childlike smile HH car to Luoyang when, on a casual wear for servicemen .Of course ,this is a boy and his chat when I know .He asked the boy: &quot ;uniform out more convenient !Why not wear clothes ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot habit !;in fact ,there is a more important reason :the girl said that she liked him to wear the uniform appearance.
The boy looks very excited .Because ,he didn ,a road in ask the conductor ,how long to Xiaogan HH train finally arrived !Boy carrying luggage ,early in the doorway. The train has just opened the door ,he jumped out of the car ,went straight to the station running.
In the crowded crowd, the boy recognized that refused to name his uncle &quot ;&quot ;girls .Boys and girls hugged together !This embrace they look too Long ,long after the HH bags ,girl took the boy ,despite the morning walk in the campus road.
Although ,the boy sat up all night train ,also not sleep a wink ,but he .No ,face always filled with happiness .Maybe two people are still used to this sweet atmosphere ,somewhat shy ,words are not many ,but everything is so understanding, just like a pair of love long already lover HH in the floating drizzle ,full of romantic in the morning ,they traveled campus corner, each path are shed their laughter HH they are on the campus ,the most intimate tacit understanding ,the most warm ,the most a sweet pair .
The first intimate contact girls boys in not far from the school to the hotel to find a room ,let him have a good rest. His afternoon classes ,although some do not abandon, but class is still going .
After she has gone ,the boy was alone in the room, a little sleep at all. Apparently ,he also intoxicated in just met when the excitement and happiness HH girl and boy go to dinner after class .
In front of the school in a small restaurant ,they waited for a long time, only Find a small package .This is the first time they have dinner together, although only a very simple home dishes ,but they still do not want anyone to disturb the warm atmosphere .
When ordering, the girl asked the boy what to eat ?The boy took the menu ,point a &quot ;&quot ,a banana ;&quot ;&quot three soup ;boy .Remember the girl said that she liked it ,the two dish HH after dinner, boys and girls holding hands with all the way back to the hotel ,laughing and talking ,just like home from work together as a couple .
That night, the boys and girls chatted many ,each other seems to be endless words .The blink of an eye, the girl missed the dormitory of the time .The room with two beds. At first ,the boy and the girl all sleep in a ,sleep in one .
Boys and girls are the first and a heterosexual boys living together in a room ,heart beat ,he has a strong desire ,want to hold the girl sleep together ,can also feel shy .One time ,ambiguous breath filled the room, almost suffocating .
Clever girl boy from the flashing eyes to read his mind ,the courage ,red in the face and voice said to the boy :&quot ;can I hold you ?&quot ;boy .To a fit of dizziness ,grinning &quot &quot ;well ;a sound .
Girl shyly wrapped up to the boy bed. The bed is too small ,the boy was afraid of girls fell ,insisted that the girl sleeping in his bed ,sleeping on the side. They wrapped their quilt face to face lying down, you can almost feel the breath .
A smile, they regard each other into his arms ,hot lips firmly together HH &quot ;five one &quot ;holiday two days ,is the five one long .Girls and boys agreed to go home, they want to their respective families open their relationship .
Because ,for both boys and girls have been identified in each other to find the other half, is that can accompany him forever people. Before leaving, the girl took the boy to the school gate supermarket ,to the boy grandfather grandma carefully selected a few boxes of local &quot ;the &quot in Xiaogan ,says ;compare to the older people to eat ,ready to take back to Grandpa and grandma taste .
Girl filial boy knew ,but he was very moved HH pass by Zhengzhou, girl with boy back from nearly a year visit the school to teach military school ,and read inkstone The old comrade-in-arms .
There, they received a warm welcome. Old school ,old comrade-in-arms between fraternal deep feelings ,let the boys and girls are moved. However ,most of them feel glad is old comrade-in-arms shows between the lines of praise and bless .
Boys and girls all want from their respective family members can also to get the same good wishes .Xi Sky xixilili under a light rain ,West passenger station was a slight chill .See her petite body in shivering ,boys distressed unceasingly, lets the girls in the waiting room waiting for him ,he alone to queue up for tickets.
But the girl insisted with him together, fail to beat the boy ,from bow box took his army uniform for girls with body HH was west of the passenger station ticket hall is expanding ,has not yet completed ,plus five one when the holiday rush ,a ticket in the open air exhaust in a queue .
Boys and girls braved raging above rain ,cling to each other ,with the crowd slowly moving forward in the &quot line HH ;&quot ;,they are not the only a couple ,but in the hearts of boy and girl ,they are undoubtedly the most warm ,the most happy pair Love .
As long as they can always be so cuddle ,feel each other ,even through the big wind and rain again calculate what ?Got on the bus ,a boy and a girl put the salute ,selected two next to his seat and sat down.
Maybe it just too tired after a long journey ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,not for a while ,the girl on the boy and fell asleep. Look for the girl with sweet look ,boys love to kiss a girl long hair ,put arms around girl gently tighten some HH were the first to arrive is a girl .
Because of cold weather relationship, came in ,the boy and the girl are curled ,like some pathetic. Still in that they met for the first time in the room, the boy has changed slightly thin jeans and shirt ,put on a girl like uniforms ,looked a lot of spirit ;the girl also changed with the boys met wore red down jacket ,still so pure ,and moving.
The girl at home, there are plans to use five one long on Taibai Mountain Tourism of two relatives .Mother obviously know that her daughter will bring the boys back home ,get busy in the kitchen up ,sensible daughter also rushed in to help.
Two relatives Is a curious boy ,and in the yard to chat up HH lunch is the boys like &quot ;sub-surface &quot ;.Remember the girl asked the boy what do you like to eat ?Grew up in rural Shaanxi boy said that he most likes to eat is the hometown of the sub-surface &quot ;&quot ;girl .
He said, she want to worship the best master technology ,as a boy to do a lifetime! &quot ;must be specifically asked specifically for boy girl mother prepared !&quot ;the boy thought .
At the bowl delicious noodles ,boy heart filled with the sounds of HH meal moved back to the house, the boy opened the laptop computer ,suddenly remembered just bought the camera had not been tried.
The girl the boy gave her Beret out is worn on the head, and came over to the boy photo, they both know so long had not taken a photo. They laughed ,a breath taking dozens of sheets, they fit very well ,every picture so happy ,so sweet, so sweet ,but the camera pixel is too low ,can be washed out when the wedding .
The girl came in and took things, girl happy like a child, took mother and boy just shoot photo .Mother laughing mouth ,kept on muttering :&quot ;hum ,Hu toss! &quot ;but from the smile on her face you can see, she is the daughter happy.
Boys and girls home one night .The very next day woke up early ,to help her mother clean the yard .Washing, boy whispered girl :&quot ;my performance can also be ?&quot ;the girl smiled and nodded with satisfaction HH girl comes back from the unit .
After breakfast, he took the boy and girl called real ,sincere words and earnest wishes to explain :&quot ;we two are old relatives I do not object to your ,contacts, after all blood relationship has so far .
But there is one point, I hope you can promise me ,no matter how is after you ,Tragic inevitability behind the thinking (1),do not hurt each other !&quot ;boys and girls earnest nodded .Then ,the girl said his daughter always be spoiled ,more wayward ,wish the boy to understand ,and so on .
Boys and girls are listening attentively, one one agreed to have cudgeled one father. Boys and girls can hear it ,father and mother of their two things are not very satisfactory ,although the boy and the girl does not exist between blood relations, may two House eventually has a relative relationship, according to rank higher than about boys than girls generation ,this point ,in the home is still taboo .
But anyway ,they are not opposed to boys and girls between. Although not expected so smoothly ,but at least the girl it is through the afternoon .The boy decided to bring the girl ,home to meet his parents.
Girl carrying from Hubei back to Xiaogan ,the &quot ;&quot ;in the street again to the boy grandfather grandma bought a lot of fruit bags ,ask a lot .On the way, the boys said :&quot ;according to rank you should take care of my mother call aunt milk ,you can think clearly ,is called aunt ,or call aunt milk ,first called the wrong ,then can get changed ?&quot ;the girl said with a smile :&quot ;that I still call aunt !&quot ;the bad boys said with a smile :&quot ;or ,simply called mom ?&quot ;the girl turned all red ,wide-eyed ,pouting ,holding powder fist ,a flat like HH to boys home, the boy was sitting around talking to people .
After getting off a sweet girl ,called &quot ;grandpa &quot ;,helped the elderly rose from the yard .Grandpa is not very good ,Some ears back, eyes can ,can see, the old man heart happy! All the boys to see in the eyes ,sweet in the heart of HH into the room ,the girl always stay in the boy ,grandmother around ,to accompany them to talk ,chat ,like a good little granddaughter .
While helping them peeled fruit ,then out came from Hubei back to the &quot &quot ;Xiaogan ;to old people eat ,two elderly face was wreathed in smiles ,since Grandpa was later ,the boy never seen he and grandma so happy.
That several days ,is to catch the busy season .Afternoon ,family all the fields to plant chili ,on the remaining boys girls and grandpa and grandma at home. Grandma to let the boy go to the fields of water ,the girl will go.
Grandmother distressed future granddaughter-in-law ,afraid she let the sun out of the sun. But the girl insisted to go have a look .It ,boy girl to motorcycle the girl out of the car, it is .
To pour water ,it is to help a lost pepper seedling, busy awfully ,made several uncle ,aunt to help a lot of praise the boy how HH after dinner, the boy took the girl is not on ,quietly asked Grandma :&quot ;you think this girl Girl ?&quot ;she said happily :&quot ;well-behaved and sensible, no shelves ,so good baby girl where to find ah ?&quot ;boy asked by grandpa :&quot ;let her give you when Sunxi Hao is not good ?&quot ;a deaf grandpa didn ,boy grilled on Grandpa ear and said in a loud voice again, Grandpa happy nodded his head ,mouth says :&quot ;well !Good ,good ,good !&quot ;the boy was also pleased with the mother ,only slightly.
After all ,the girl is my mother old relatives, they sent a generation, mother is worried about the boy and the girl were married ,the original generation gave up, relatives and friends meet bad call .
But mother wasn ,indeed, the future daughter-in-law impeccable HH seven days holiday and go, girl in Xi uncle has for her scheduled return train ticket the girl ,boy has been sent to Xi train station .
The platform ,the boy and the girl be reluctant to part of hold together ,the girl on the boy ,her tears flowed freely HH in the conductor urged ,that one step back three to get on the bus .
At the window ,the boy and the girl palm relative ,for a long time Refusing to leave .The train is launched ,the boy tried to swallow the pain of parting ,the girl in the window ,seriously hit two sign language mm&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;may you be safe throughout the journey !I love you !&quot ;girls have choke with sobs ,also learn the boy hit the sentence sign language mm&quot &quot ;I love you !;the train starts slowly ,boy with train ahead ,he wanted to see more dear man look !Train relentlessly start acceleration ,the boy increasingly fast pace ,with the train running, running and shouting mm&quot ;I love you !&quot ;sword of high power &quot ; now became distressed boys and girls, as well as both sides of the family .
Though ,feel this is not important ,but the girls think he have a reason ,&quot ;must find a way ,let both sides family are satisfied! &quot ;however, what are you going to do ? and do not mean to change now ,boy !Think of a person mm my grandmother .
She is 80 years old ,is the oldest in this big family ,the rank highest ,words most component of the &quot &quot ;ancestor ;,as long as her nod, equivalent to get &quot ;sword of high power &quot ;,other people must not What advice .
Come to think of it ,the boy excited almost shouted. He know ,grandma always hurts him, in the matter of baby grandson happy life issues, &quot &quot ;ancestor ;must come to him .The boy unable to hold oneself back to grandma .
A door, too late ,with my uncle. My aunt say hello ,ran into my room. Since the boy military academy graduate to attend after work ,she has not seen him this baby grandson !Meet, she took the boy by the hand and kept asking questions.
The boy moved the chair ,sitting next to Zuo Yisheng ,grandmother ,&quot ;&quot ;a sound &quot ;&quot ,grandma ;make elderly family flower HH grandma although age ,nor too flexible legs ,but her mind is awake ,talking logic is also clear.
She asked the boy: &quot ;what ,remember my &quot ;boy ?Not beating around the Bush ,say without mincing words to say :&quot ;grandson of grandma ,it would like to hear your opinion ?&quot ;grandmother listens music ,&quot ;today it is the sun were to rise in the west ,what happened? Still have to listen to me this woman opinion ?&quot boy and girl ;her things relate in detail with Grandma told again, she listened and smiled ,&quot ;Oh !My grandchildren grow up, want to marry daughter-in-law !&quot ;boy urgently, shaking his grandma arm and said :&quot ;but my mom they disagree! &quot ;grandma patted the boy on the head and said :&quot ;not okay !Is too short ?What my grandson ?As long as willing to OK! You go back and tell your mom ,as I say ,what young people than my old woman also confused ,this marriage I look into ,double in-laws ,good thing ah !A happy boy ,&quot ;almost jump up ,he is my grandma this sentence .
Ahead of &quot &quot ;return ;the boy at home both short and long. The short 40days of home leavetoo quickly, it will return to force ;long there is no girl day ,boys and HH boys decide to advance return &quot ;&quot ;,but not back to the unit ,but the City back to the girl .
Now ,boy have three homes: one at home ,one in the army ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings &quot,another is mm girl in Xiaogan city. The boy didn the girl ,he wanted to give the girl a accident surprise HH riding the same train ,went to the same city, in The same hotel ,the boy in front of everything is so familiar ,so cordial HH boy lying on the hotel bed ,dialed the phone girl HH &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Hello !Hello !Why so early ?&quot ;&quot ;what? So early like you can ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;hey !Sleepyhead !Haven ?&quot ;&quot ;where ah !I get up early !Now in running !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;is ?Not good ?&quot ;&quot ;good! Get up early to exercise the body, good habits !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;ha !Right ,I let the comrades brought you a gift in the past, received ?&quot ;&quot ;is ?No ?&quot ;&quot ;he went back to Xiaogan on leave ,arrive this morning !&quot ;&quot ;not ?What gift? &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;you guess ?Yes HH Oops! I guess it! You tell me! &quot ;&quot ;this gift you would like !&quot ;&quot ;what ?You tell me !&quot ;&quot ;are you most want to see !&quot ;&quot ;um hh&quot ;&quot ;I let the comrades in arms to get me to give you love ,?&quot ;&quot ;are you kidding !Where there is a large living !&quot ;&quot ;I say is true ! &quot ;&quot ;not ?You in Xiaogan now ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Oh !Oh !Where are you? When ?&quot ;&quot ;I at last lived in the hotel ,just to the morning !&quot ;&quot ;I was ?Running from here to there not far! I coming !&quot ;boy hangs up the phone ,look into the mirror ,find themselves look pale, may take the train too tired !Boy can let the girl saw him like this, otherwise she will love !Or take a shower !The boy came out of the bathroom ,and so on the outside of the girl threw herself over and embraced him.
They were a bit of a surprise !The girl didn the boy here ,boys also never thought she would come so soon !Boy this time to stay for about 10 days ,and hotel costs are too high !Two days later ,the boys with the girls talked about ,in the school next to the local family rented a room to live down ,the girl also put their own lives and learning supplies moved over, a double bed ,a set of simple furniture ,TV set, form the boys and girls and frugal and very warm nest &quot &quot ;girl ;while in class ,The boy is in a &quot ;&quot ;in cleaning ,then read a book ,listen to song .
The girl after the class ,they will go out shopping ,walk ,eat, live peacefully ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,but flavorfully !No school, boys and girls holding hands to ten miles from downtown to the river walk on the grass .
&quot ;a three port &quot ;the buffalo ,the riverside line road &quot ;&quot ;duck ,in their eyes are the most beautiful scenery !Huadengchushang at night ,a boy and a girl snuggling up to school beside the street to eat barbecue ,fried vegetables fried lobster .
,beer ,though more common but ,in their mouth is the world sweet the most fragrant delicious !Hundred warehousing ,boys and girls like to live life of husband and wife, buy a large bottle of &quot ;Xia Jin &quot ;milk ,canned beer ,Qingdao &quot ;&quot ;&quot moved back ;&quot ;slowly.
A woman on the street, in order to help the girl choose a favorite jeans skirt ,boys with girls all over all of the stores ,a family ,a try! Look at the girl in the mirror before be exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful appearance, feel life is the most happy thing nothing better than This !Cute girl sometimes act in pettish ,confused boy cry ;naughty boy sometimes will also spread out ,make girls choke with sobs .
However ,for boys and girls, they are only happy life some savoury condiments ,crying ,fighting ,make ,they still will hand out in pairs ,in each other are still close .&quot ;&quot ;,in the eyes of others is still happy &quot ;born to &quot ;&quot ;&quot .
;to team during the summer of 2004 ,the girl decides to have a look where he forces .The message is transmitted, the company served as a platoon commander the boy excited night can sleep, the soldiers heard &quot ;sister-in-law &quot ;to also have the Spring Festival ,happy as long as ,busy helping clean the room ,ready supplies HH girl to force the previous night ,the boy had a sleepless night ,have a look here ,there to wipe ,lest the not ready well ,let the girl wronged HH camp from the train station and 20 minutes,40 minutes ahead of scheduleof boys .
Because it was too dark ,drivers of satisfy the need is not very familiar ,it took a big circle ,to the train station, had vanished woman The child disappeared. The boy was anxious, a back found the girl from the station washroom came out ,the boy rushed around girls ,a lot of complaining about his late HH in force in those days ,ran to the kitchen to girl nothing & ,and soldiers together choose vegetables ,steamed bread ,dough packets steamed stuffed bun .
Toy soldiers are very loving girl ,a sister-in-law &quot ;&quot ;calling, kept in front of a boy said :&quot ;we even to team toy kitchen ,sister-in-law is the first ,platoon leader for such a good daughter-in-law ,it is good luck ah !&quot ;there are usually several good soldiers privately told the boys about :&quot ;sister-in-law have sister? Give me the girlfriend? &quot ;every time ,ghost warrior will give the best dish called them &quot ;sister-in-law &quot ;eat ,often to the boy and girl &quot &quot ;special treatment ;,plus a few delicate dishes.
The boy was just beginning to think is the company commander and instructor specially assigned ,it turned out to be related the soldiers for their own private &quot &quot ;sister-in-law ;specially prepared .
The boy and girl are you kidding said :&quot ;alas !The platoon sergeant and together they fought for so long ,did not enjoy such a high pay! You do not have a few days ,these guys will give you special treatment ,it seems that my wife is really loved !&quot ;during that time ,Gobi is the hottest.
Sergeant and the boys are fellow-townsman ,separated by one or two days send a watermelon come ,is said to help &quot ;sister-in-law &quot ;quench your thirst ,the girl is called the boy brought him several monitor call over to eat together.
I heard a Sichuan native warrior clothes in training when torn ,she let the boy take over stitch to help mended .End back from the army ,the soldier red eyes and the boy said :&quot ;platoon leader ,you must treat sister-in-law !You get married ,don inform me ,even if it is flying, I will come to your wedding !&quot &quot ;eight one &quot ;army day ,troops ;organization team officers and soldiers families begin &quot ;a good soldier ,good friends ,good family &quot ;an interesting game ,boys and girls won the double rope skipping competition second ,award of the two box of &quot ;Xia Jin &quot ;milk .
The girl to accepting the medal, he asked who she was families ,listen the girl back A political commissar ,was wondering ,&quot ;this kid, when married would not give me the report a sound !&quot ;okay, boys with girls in the camp of walking, sometimes to the company of vegetable plots in a turn .
The soldiers at &quot ;sister-in-law &quot ;come ,enthusiastic pick a large holding fresh cucumbers ,tomatoes into the girl ,said that Gobi dry climate, wind is big ,let &quot ;sister-in-law &quot ;eat more vegetables ,fruit keeping beauty !Time is ripe grape season.
The camp is not far have a local family vineyards ,boy take the girl to his fellow garden grapes ,of course ,is to pay HH troops grass-roots unit company work is very busy ,training is also very bitter .
Boy take soldiers out of training ,rarely with girl talk ,have a good chat. Girls also knew the boy work hard ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,but she came all the way to run ,just want to stay with the boy to be ,for a long time, will feel wronged ,but careless boy often ignore the feelings of the girls ,sometimes speaking not to pay too much attention to ,result often occur with this or that kind of misunderstanding ,a few small .

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This winter is not too cold, the WOW cold joke

Many cold jokes ,some is put all sorts of things together the ,most original ,author iD: wjl1990 1F,a heartbreaking dead in the bar to a glass of whiskey and an empty cup ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,has been drinking bar closing 2ofF ,a heartbreaking dead in the bar to a lot of Erguotou ,drink to have no money until 3bar ownerin order to prevent the guest pets ,at the gate stands a ban on animal sign ,the boss started from yesterday to now be war trampling 4todaywe feel good about it ,China should launch a Muckraking Movement,eat ,Tauren ordered steak ,Delaney points a octopus 5 developmenttoday the boss a new taste of whisky, everyone wants to have a good drink ,but the boss said each limited a cup, then a small German drunk 6,five alliances in order to celebrate what came to drink last man drank paralysis to lie on the table to drink paralysis Delaney lying on the table had paralysis of dwarf lying on the table .
MM drink paralysis on his desk dwarf drink paralysis on the ground 7fivetribal people to celebrate what run wine last Troll drank palsy lay on the table the orcs drank palsy lay on the table the undead have paralysis to lie on the table of the blood elves have paralyzed on his desk in cattle Man drinking paralysis to lie on the ground 8undeadGG to undead MM said: &quot ;we get married !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;no,[ZZ] young people, come into the system to! Then they continue together happy life 9avery tidal dwarf in their clothes on and wrote I need hug ,a 9C GM of myopia see ,he is off 10National Day holidayis dying ,he still has a lot of homework ,so he headed a exclamation mark to Ironforge ,finally the very next day school he successfully made work 11aworking hard for several years the collar does not own can do what he wants to do Manager ,Boss ,and so he went to his head stuck on the two question mark ,eventually the Manager have got one to become a Boss 12 a few days agoat Sanlu ,then in order to refute a rumor .
Cenarius held a press conference to tell the world two points: 1 to eat their owncouncil no milk company 2 I am notdeer 13 every time the teachernamed are :Erie Danny ... .is : the Danny .
.. ..Or :the Danny ... .Illidan patience .:depend! Look! It angry wind ,miscellaneous old read counter ..14Salabsenteeism to the Internet named teacher :&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Sal !!&quot ;teacher wonder :I know you ,you don sal ,You &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;?Saurfang pigmentation :nickname 15 ablack dragon to the interview, very nervous ,the interviewer asked if he too nervous, take a deep breath and 16 men always have a warlock 17 legends,Delaney first came to earth, earth elephants shocked ,so they call it the thunder as the 18 primary schoolteacher let the kids with tangram ,results did not take ,so in addition to the naaru other children were punished 19 kJof had failed to break through the sun well portal explanation: hurry and clip 20 eggsa troll sent a card, he said the first floor &quot ;KuangDing! !!&quot ;because the result was 6+2.
Later investigated the troll ,he said ,this is your naked framed !Bully us KuangDing tribal people die !21 one day,the naaru very boring ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,so it begins to spell their own 22Qsaid :Yes ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,my son is very strong ,but I also have my own strength !23old dogsays then: an old dog also has several teeth !24Rexhalong ray, so his father kossar gave him the name 25 If you thinkthe first discovery of Thunder Bluff was called his bluff,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, I don 26twoAldo to eat KFC ,they ordered new Aldo grilled wings 27.
"who is thin ?&quot ;so we are pointing to section 28tworecovery of the D flag ?Wash face 29 powerful enemies,they do their best warriors :Tommy !We can fear! Because we are still standing behind fellow red ah !The Warlock :the demon arthritis !!hear my call! Burning !Thief :I don want to say anything ,I just know this razor cut the enemy !Hunter :go !My friend !In the lion king ,tilt your anger ,let us work together to overcome any difficulty! Knight :in the name of light !:To Mother Earth Little Germany :the intelligent part of the universe The priest :come on !My friends !I will try my best to improve our common efforts! !Mage: BIU ~ 30 he puthis clothes trousers shoes hats all tied up in the body is 31 whatdistinguish between BE and NE ?BE ah 32headis a N a B 33 how todistinguish the Tauren and dwarf? ??You are so silly !Longhorn is the Minotaur .
34the naaru arecomposed of sodium salt ,brine 35 initially9Cdwarf translation into Sun Wukong to 36compared to theha !Angle resolved ,I also found a more easily distinguish the Tauren and dwarf Method! .
.. .Tail !37 Jainawill create water ,Sal a cudgel 38 tradeinformation writes: Today storm the stronghold ,everybody ready !So everybody ready time, the storm stopped 39DQ b where B forget to add punctuation ,After ~ ~ injury,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,received reply :Mulgore you ?So some armour looked as beside the Mogao ,answer :no .
40adruid in the emerald dream, woke up ,looked at his watch ,say: depend ,at twelve thirty in the morning ,I have to go to bed so he slept 41TheDruid sleep together hold after a stretch ,a watch, say: depend ,quick eight point ,the work !He fall asleep again 42ahatred but scratched her shoulder, and said: I have hemorrhoids 43ARoyal Apothecary in teaching speech :in order to keep a certain activity ,we always put your shoulder meat mounted on hate knee .
.. .44an orcin the dark city river to take a shower ,nobody found him 45 Royalterrorist bodyguard says :depend! You how can the orcs in the dark city river to take a shower ?He replied :I am goblin 46whythe Laden pizza Glass strong .
Because .Laden There are 47 gram,Glass only one of the 47 KellTexas are wedding festivities ... The bride moans: &quot ;Kay ... Uh ... ..&quot ;then a Tauren rushed in .48.A night a small German crying to Ma legal question: why tribal Druid than OOo our strong? Ma brother puzzled :why ?Little Germany envy and say : why do we not cattle morphology ?49press conference,a reporter asked :I heard Ruud playing the WOW ,what is his occupation ?Answer :Ruud is the spokesman of the Druid.
50a coalition ofWhite :today for the first time into the thorns Valley ,amazing ,I saw a riding a rhino cow 51fireasked :don ?Water element answer: quit ,thank you 52 a long time ago,I saw a Cerberus hands luminous ,then heard a warlock said :who dares call me ?53a priestwas dead ,he point the points of his own ,so he weak raised 54 Yao Ming anda gnome play basketball together &quot ;Yao Ming was a standard textbook shot ,wow !Dwarf into !!&quot ;55 Yao Ming anda gnome in playing basketball basketball game they go back to basketball corpse run 56 A: are you?The forsaken :we are forsaken .
.. A: Oh ,nice to meet you .A second later .A: are you ?... .57water elementQ: do not drink ?Answer :the element of fire ring, thanks to the 58 elements of water and fireto go to dinner ,fire elements to be boiling water boiled 59shamancan move three kinds of elements: fire ,earth ,dog element 60 finished61 fire,water ,air ,earth ,four kinds of elements in the race.

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Hockey Canada full # # # # # # # # dynamic

Hockey: Canadian all * * * " He shoots, he scores,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings or certain to succeed! &quot The audience stands to cheer; on their team, the Vancouver Canucks. Fans in bright red jerseys and painted faces jump in excitement. People in Vancouver love ice hockey.
And they are pretty good at it, too. " once batting, will score! " the audience to stand up for their team, the Vancouver Canucks fans cheered. Wearing the red jerseys, painted faces, excited and jump up.
People in Vancouver love ice hockey, also very good at this sport. In 1855,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, British soldiers in Nova Scotia decided to try a form of field hockey on the frozen lakes and ponds, using a puck instead of a ball.
Ice hockey was born. The popularity of this new winter sport soon spread throughout Canada and the northeastern United States. An American student at a prep school in New Hampshire helped to establish the gamers official rules in 1885 The same year, Canada had its first Hockey League.
1855, British soldiers in Nova Scotia decided to use a rubber disc withoutIs the ball,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings when I get melons, in the frozen lakes and ponds, in the form of field hockey, a movement. Therefore, ice hockey was born. The new winter sport soon spread throughout Canada and the northeastern USA pop up.
In 1885,Shoes wholesale who fulfill kana shoes,Adidas Porsche Design, a prep school in New Hampshire helped establish the American students the game's official rules. That same year, Canada had its first Hockey Club. Lord Stanley, Canadars English Governor General, loved the new game so much he bought a large silver bowl, announcing that it would be given to the best team in Canada each year.
That bowl,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, now called the Stanley Cup, is still awarded to the team that wins the NHL championship. Canadian British governor Stanley very likes this new movement,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, he bought a large silver bowl,Adidas Wings, announced the annual Canadian would be given to the best team silver bowl.

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Playing basketball the wicked

The 1 answer the phoneevery time you play .When there are so few people make mobile phone on the basketball stand below, this was no ground for blame it ,but every time the atmosphere reached a climax when, always sounded strident mobile phone ringtones ,all with very like clubbing there just waiting for the B answered the phone after the restart ,.
.. A few minutes,Library name shoes official website what sell is authentic what, and the phone rang ... Have puzzled customs ,pick up the phone and laughing and chatting ,we call the SB. If you really busy ,don come out and play !The 2 most hated that play JJYY motionless said other foul bitch ,especially his attack is not suitable when .
A little touch will reel right and left ,pain bare teeth ,you hit him in the arm he had their faces ,touched his shoulder he mouth ,also smugness spit a few saliva determines that there are no bleeding .
.. Acting in place ,the pain of the innocent expression ,posture ,lets you not have the heart to do not have the ball back to him with such a man !If you have to play with words ,suggests &quot &quot ;Swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load ;with the girl as a team mate .
3can catchbasket ,seemingly jumping ability strong .Love others in the crowd when performing dunks ,one by one, but did not succeed ,but he simply buckle do not go in ,Also have to touch the knee injury with video &quot ;&quot ;shape .
.. This base B would love to crowd drill ,Taobao.com shopping online sports shoes sports shoes XTEP sports shoes lining peak sport shoes,which many people where to buckle ,life is the most love is heard another group of cheap B &quot XX to buckle a tiger ;a &quot ;,also equipped with injury responded &quot ;No.
ah ,a knee injury ... &quot ;eyes of fortitude ,expression of the show ,let people see like barrel his knife !This man is usually a real. Do not, will only be installed B. Suggested he a bitchy ,everyone not to him, for guys to play place ,leave him personal ,not able to fly the good buckle ?Go ~ ~ ~ ~ you believe you can fly ~ !!!4 onbackseat driver .
The federal slightly the slightest not in place or error ,he began to beat his breast ,heave great sighs ,frowned, and then spit flying start you on &quot ,teach and guide untiringly ;&quot ;a mourning their unfortunate nuqibuzheng two B face !Look what he himself ,where is not, with &quot ;&quot ;voted three does not moisten ball drop each other one against two defenders ,you complaining about federal why not rebounding! There is, this is usually the one to boss ,two attack without his hands you have good days off ,&quot ;you small The only child too ,Finland SUUNTO multi-function sport Terra female models,&quot ;&quot ;play too unreasonable and so on two B &quot ;then began to jump out.
By the way ,the general age is older than you .5 notdefensive .You do not defend it, also silly B neurotic retaining his teammates to do cover ,no more with a corpse-like look ball from across the front ,you &quot &quot ;persuasion ;his two ,he also mouth truth.
6have body odor!Most afraid of and this kind of play ,especially he is your opponent ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,but also directly against the kind you !You under the basket ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,it is too crowded ,you will feel close to his personal defense temperature .
.. You don break him ,he will lift my arms for you to fight,Adidas Wings, I would wonder ,why have the person of body odor of footstep movement is so fast ,fast to you no matter how to breakthrough ,look up can see his axillary sporadic energy .
.. The only thing you can do, is the ball after processed at once ,either cast or pass quickly ,otherwise the fox brothers and lift my arms tight - !7playingstreetball .I really do appreciate the street ,I am sick just the kind of play is not good but just like a man! Don learn a few tricks, head With a hoop to the stadium began playing ,you do not need to move, you are not to you ,but you look over ,don his ball hit !This play is generally not correct attitude ,while laughing ,while extremely cheap school MJ ,KOBE et al.
Iconic gestures ,and extremely do not reach the designated position. The ball had to squat down on the ground ,what also do not say ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,a 8baseB !Sit ball !I depend! Such a large egg on your buttocks underneath very comfortable is not ?9spit,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000!MD ,motionless jet spit ,or cough up that ,really do not know you did not ?10 dead ina restricted area of the madman ,you can head to foot Lai in the forbidden area for several hours.
I estimate you don dead seconds as an example it. 11 deadbody .Body no ground for blame .But there are limits ,generally playing does not need desperately ,meat and more by their fat butted, you still can fouls ,slightly less than the meat is flying knee elbow .

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