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The person of the household of Xuan Yuan will think that Long Xuan Xuan is a rebel, by so doing and regardless is to who all not good, the pressure of blood Qi will be larger. "I occupy and see a grandpa, where is the grandpa ?"Long Yuan Yuan sees Wu Mo and Long Xuan Xuan being worried to seeing not to talk her to arrive. Long Xuan Xuan tooks a look Long Yuan Yuan but doesn't also talk, Long Yuan Yuan became nervous more"elder sister, you talk ah, grandpa where I occupy to seek a grandpa, the grandpa really forgave me."Long Yuan Yuan thinks is his/her own elder sister afraid that person in the clan punishes her but worries. By this time running to come over a servant but untying for 3 people is embarrassed"spoilt daughter of a rich family,??????????, two young ladies, the big master of Mr. Wu is in his den and say is occupy to seek.""Father!?"Asking of the surprise of Long Yuan Yuan way. "Yes, the big master is in his den."The servant bends the body to politely say. "Know, descend go to."Long Xuan Xuan said a voice, that servant had already told a voice to back to leave. Wu Mo but see in the eyesight, the system of this household of Xuan Yuan's returning is really careful, the layer divides very obviously. "Leave, the father definitely has words to say."Long Xuan Xuan says the right side taking the lead into garden pond walks to, is exactly a Xuan Yuan Ba to at the beginning take the direction that Wu Mo talks there. The door of scarlet color opens, the Wu Mo San people go in and then see Xuan Yuan the Ba stand before window and looking at a window outside"father."Long Xuan Xuan and Long Yuan Yuans salute a way at the same time. "You still know to come back!"The voice that the Xuan Yuan Ba cuts up rough spread to come over. Long Yuan Yuan of"father, I~" is frightened of just wanted to explain"kneel down!""Xuan uncle Yuan."Wu Mo can not looking at his/her own wife so, especially he or she in the old father-in-law's eyes would not

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