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Sew to explore successful in career come of ten greatly fix Luo's king, stretch out in the pickpocket of end come but don't take any thing.Not to, the one more sees, that white cloud curls up of the place should what things and continuously send forth breathing, if that kind of has if the breathing for having no is unexpectedly the dish of the Buddha Zu Long Yu lock the Fu Be evil to fall to.In"Hey Hey, I guess still really quite goodly, " eyes but reveal half despair,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, generally and generously of air."Wanting to say can play with our two people in this kind of case of in addition to his Gautama returns have no it two." The Qie Luo's anti- hand takes while fixing Luo Zhang, just although feel ten greatly fix Luo's king to don't as usual have a little, but after all love blood is its man's natural character, so just and suddenly and suddenly and violently walk not to listen to conductor also and belong to as usual, but this unexpectedly appeared the token of promise of Buddhism in the tenth hand, is this it oneself's lefts hand that beats his/her owns right face?Fix Luo Zhang the green light soar under the Qie Luo's control, the horizon of dark suddenly spreads a burst of and peaceful Buddhism Fan language.Nine fall hurriedly Wu to live ear, what voice so the Xu is vexed, if allow oneself to listen to the momentary half of top engrave he or she to estimate war but Wu were not. The Qie Luo's dark wears a face and toward the horizon the Fu everybody gold within evil the Lama just shouted a way, "Gautama, how dared to do you do me too much honor?The Buddhism mercy is also a bosom, will do this kind of serious crime of affair?At present I if the stipulation doesn't live these ten greatly fix Luo's king, perhaps the whole slice of human lives will collapse to fall, you like this the way of doing intend to place your ordinary mortal field 100001000 followers in where?"Some kind of chilly words let nine fall to hear all can not help feeling the heart bottom of this person seem improbity not. Nine fall to also want to make fun of Qie Luo, say that that big monk all anyway can't appear.The result hasn't waited nine to fall to talk, an orange golden light appears at ten greatly fix Luo's top of head king, ten greatly fix a momentary of Luo's king's brutal spirit for the cleaned out of dissipation, see the in that manner seem is also convert to my Buddha... Nine fell to pull to pull Qie Luo dress Cape, way"originally your Huan keeps of pet O.K. this, difficult don't become it is fixing Luo whole days in the boundaries to all chant Buddhist scripture to cantillate a Buddha?Is super to living into a degree those be harmed dead ghost by him?" Qie Luo has never realized nine to fall to continue a dynasty Gautama shout a way,adidas jeremy scott wings, " no wonder that Buddha Zu today have Shi have no perhaps, unexpectedly can already completely can manipulate ten to greatly fix Luo's king.Anyway this beast I stay useless, rather stay to do for master to chant Buddhist scripture to cantillate a Buddha, knock the small monk of wooden fish."Then turn round to nine fall an apologetic way, " today you I of the war temporary forget about it and wait until which no man bother of time go again is not late either." Nine fell early in the morning and then produced just some little delicate good would to Luo of Qie,Jeremy Scott Adidas Ha ha ha ha, he also knew that the matter of today can not die a natural death, rather and like this also good, hence ordered to nod but again to Gautama's way, " I still think that the Buddha Zu is the consumedly good person whom the moral culture cultivates mental poise, at present seem also however is the vulgar person who pursues fame and wealth just." Gautama is just corner of mouth wearing a smile, listen to two what people sang in duet clearly wear is to cry up, in fact hint at knife sword, wait until 2 people to no longer make language this just way, " fame and wealth in I am like floating cloud.Family's everything is emptiness, where isn't marriage?Is conducting if big dream, beard for Lao does it livings?Only world emotional involvements don't, hence arrive today, two benefactors slightly Anne isn't irritable, this thing settles a not- peaceful thing, appropriate opportune moment I from be destroy, fix Luo's boundary to also calculate transmigration of soul of, if let this thing halt over a long period of time to save how is good?" Nine fall heel Qie Luo annoy not to beat a ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, this person beat along while Taichi, a little important informations didn't say and saw come is want to beat a careless eye with us

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