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What?Don't be getting beater around the bush!I now but the person whom you become intimate with most !"
He the Fu body kissed to kiss her forehead and wanted to hug tight she, can she but red the face want to push away him, Pu the long long eyelash also keep blinking, Jue wear cherry red and small mouth, the crystal bright Mou son still stares him.
"How?Get angry?"He fondles her meek show hair.
"A chemisette intuition tells me and how can hasn't given up hope to you!"She is cold D ground don't come to 1.
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Yu Xuan tiny Cu eyebrow,????????????????? ., have some to don't understand that the ground sees toward her.
"Do not see similar look in the eyes of monster see me with that kind of, what I say is just fact!"Her the mouth of Pie Pie, the in the mind is a bit very stuffy.
"You-" he originally wants to continue to say of, can hang the moment of Mou, discover she of rim of eye already some Be getting reder, the facial expression falls low very much, "Xin Yi!"He has to lightly call a way.
?????????,adidas jeremy scott wings &quot??????????????????????????????????
She didn't utter a word and lay down, small face also obstinately the Pie arrive a part, body the whole ground turns over in the past and stayed an icy cold to him emaciation of figure.
He helplessly shakes and stretches hand tightly Lan to live her slender waist limb, the generous chest also tightly gets her soft body, carefully held close her, the chin of very thin arrived in her overhead and obviously felt her body stiff for a while, he sighed tone and gathered together her ear and in whisper said:
"The Xin Yi don't let the other people's words and actions influence our current happiness, good?"
The hot air that he exhales continuously sprays by the side of the cheek, she a burst of heart palpitates, immediately fly up on the face several put on red and dizzy, order, in whisper return to way"good!"
"Very late, sleep!"Carefully give her sorting good quilt, he turned off a light.
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The night more and more calmed down, quiet the froufrou that can hear repeatedly and late the breeze once kissing a curtain.
He the Yang noodles lie down and turned over a few bodies, but how could not sleep as well!

A night of several days empress, the wood's Hao receives a telephone of accident.
Early in the morning on the second day,adidas jeremy scott wings, he flurriedly hurtles to the office of Yu Xuan, the air is exhausted but again nervous.
"How were you today?"Have never seen him thus distress appearance, the Yu Xuan loses a voice to say with smile.
"I say with you, I have to be returning to!Return to Italy to go to, take purple smoke to go together,Adidas Jeremy Scott!"The wood's Hao tidies up own thing, the voice sounds strain but again dignified.
"Return to Italy?And my younger sister?"Is he getting more stuffy, how can and suddenly thought of to return to?
"The aunt comes to telegram urgently and says that the grandpa is critically ill, I had better arrive to within three days,??????????!"
The Yu Xuan lowered the head to deliberate in a short while, then picked up a telephone, the side stired number side to say:
"That you are own first busy of, I make Xin Yi and purple smoke say, the ticket also lets people for you book like!"
When purple smoke heard this news, also Meng.
Her Zheng wears huge of eyes, have some to in an absent sort of way looking at Xin Yi.
"Xin elder sister Yi!I-"
"How?It's frightened to isn't some?"Her corner of mouth is tiny to hang up, ripple to settle on the beautiful face thin smile slightly.
"H'm!Since the childhood, I still have never left a house and leave an elder brother!This is the first time, leave home go to so far, an unfamiliar country, unfamiliar environment-"

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