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, The girl who just have been having no centripetal Zhan of opportunity vindicates just, as for rattan Yue also however is the true or false that verifies rumours in the school, where meeting really."
Sun Yi from recognize his magic power not bad, Be saying and again and again turning on electricity to Qian Lin.Qian Lin looking at the Yan that walks toward the distance small, see Sun Yi Lian's facial expression again, on the face of smile slightly in the breathed extension.Sun Yi, that son of yours carefully thinks who also don't know, not is just thinking doesn't oneself want to break you again to make track for small Yue?This matter didn't get company quantity, the small Yue could not be subjected to again to hurt for the second time.
"Rise to open!Toward you, I will have no appetite."
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What Qian Lin stretched once connects the restaurant teacher carries of meal, milli- Don't mention it of sat down in Sun Yi's opposite, an inhospitality arrived heartless words son to also immediately throw to go out at the same time.
"Qian Lin ??don't so to I,????? ????? ???? ?????!The sky knows that I have already missed you more!"Sun Yi was breathed to add half in the heart bottom of sentence, think that you from now on disappear more.
"Rise to open!Don't make me say the third."
Qian Lin lowered the head into own mouth to send the one mouthful the rice and leisurely and carefreely chewed ground swallow bottom, peeped out at the same time on the face from think satisfied smiling face.When Sun Yi feels the words that Qian Lin seems to approve him, lightly flung out a words that makes him fall a ground mind again.
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Speak of this skill, he is to have no viewpoint to Qian Lin, just be always mercilessly trampled in the sole of foot by Qian Lin to devastate just.Qian Lin not only doesn't accept his feeling by himself/herself and return an everywhere to aim at him and break his good matter, if isn't that he has found in the opportunity of fortuity, Qian Lin's way of doing is liking him, so would aim at him in everywhere, is the in front that lends him a Dan also and doesn't dare directly to appear in this way at Qian Lin.
Sun Yi's station started to walk two seats that at the right moment was placed in the body side of Qian Lin Zuo to stop down and fiercely stretch hand to pull Qian Lin.
Qian Lin because Sun Yi of this pulls Zheng however, she thinks that he will be like to usually and generally and silently go away.Have never thought he incredibly still has the courage to pull a her hand, this boy's recent thief Dan is enough fatty!
In Qian Lin Yan of smile idea's extension in some little bit, understand Qian Lin's persons to all know, this is her hair the omen before the young tiger, it is Qian Lin to can see in Sun Yi's eyes to still think at give he delight of encouragement.
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Qian Lin's right hand grip, at do to finally throw a fist of Xu power preparation.Just at this time, Qian Lin after death appears one person, direct devote major efforts Qian Lin of on pulling, keep pulling money Lin is a Lie Ju.Can that hand that is pulled by Sun Yi but consequently separate to open.
Ya Pei of!Today is Monday!No wonder that meeting someone will settle on this day for black.Originally not great in the public feeling the meeting is more unlucky which!
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Qian Lin Lian's smiling face Jiang at there, in the eyes what to peep out is to can not remember clearly of congealed.She so looking at that to stretch hand to draw in her to keep in mind medium Lin Zi Qi.Sigh low in the heart, these boy one is more fatty than a Dan.However, return be really don't see, thin and feeble of small strange incredibly can have so big strength.
"Qian Lin be not what persons can glue a paste, roll!"
Lin Zi Qi stretches tight a small face, gushing in the eyes is despise and disdain to.Although he enters cherry China on the first day, can the so-called grass campus queen, Ms. childes in school in cherry China, the social intercourse socially prominent lady is all dog's dung in his eyes, like the similar dog's dung of old man wood.
"You where leap out, I the heel Qian Lin Liang people's private affairs, what eye do you stare?"
Listen to Sun Yi's words, Lin Zi

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