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They carry out into a job procedure, then tidy up a section, settle wages and assign task!"The Fu dragon in the sky touched touch head, in fact this matter by himself/herself also be not good at long, still get and top company quantity company quantity.
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" Say so!Is dry!"
Fu oneself dragon in the sky doesn't remember that he or she drank as well how much wine, anyway the head has been being placed in very dizzy status..
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"Elder brother Fu..I, I make a telephone call for the classmate of bedroom and tell them me to don't return to in the evening.."The Li attains a small track.
"E..Like, go to."
The Li attains to take out a telephone, stands to start and left seat.
Black head three Hey Heys smile:"I say dragon in a sky!You really have many love affairs,????? ????? ???? ?????!This just how many days of effort, how changed a wench again?"
Be not!Be not!This be not!
Haven't come yet and explanation, Liu Wu compete first talked:"To!While connecting elder brother Fu and elder brother's wife,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, we did in the view university that direction in the sky and the student a , don't know for the sake of what matter!"
"?Is there this etc. matter?What circumstance?"
Fu wry smile dragon in the sky:"I, I am careless.."
"It is said that the other party is a heel Liao tooth to mix."
"Liao tooth?Isn't the Liao tooth that the man helps?"Black head three wrinkly knit the brows.
"Still not clear, however the view university in the sky that is a piece of, seem only this Liao tooth."
"Wu..How to have got him.."Black head three silent a short while:"Now that is a sky, the business of dragon, this matter how do we also want a tube!We tomorrow go to a man and help together, meeting meeting Liao tooth, it is what circumstance to see!"
"What person is this Liao tooth actually?"The Fu Long Kan Hei's head in the sky three facial expressions are seriously some, cannot help but asking.
"This person,??383, it is said that that the past was a police, because the relationship with mafia is complicated, seem to return is their protection umbrellas to wear, be dismissed afterwards, this person's black and white is two to all really eat open, always don't put the brothers on the other way eye in, in fine, isn't that one is good to make contact with of person."
Niang of, is a police again!
"Is afraid he bird hair!We the green city help now..E, our river mountain now soldier strong Ma Zhuang, afraid he hammer son!"Spend four Dus Du mouth.
"What to say BE.." Three ground to a stop a short moment:"However there be not east the suburb is after all the somebody else's site, the river lake rules still needs to guard of,?????314, go first a meeting meeting, really don't go..Say again!"
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"Good!I tomorrow also go!"
"Still have me."Liu Wu light way.
The Fu dragon in the sky crumpled to crumple a nose, the Li attained of the problem certainly must solve, but, there is also the more important, the view university in the sky can have oneself Ns much very interested person, leaf's eyebrow now, seat Juan, also have Jiang Biao's daughter the orchid heart.
If oneself doesn't can sign Wei in the view university in the sky, these oneselfs care of person, it is very likely be all placed in threat moment by moment under!
This isn't oneself to see!
"Good!We tomorrow go together!"
"This matter said so!Come to come!Drink first!Don't think tomorrow's business!The tube drinks today!You trust!The bludger can have no severals to in early morning get up!The afternoon isn't late either!"
Is all right!Calculate you say of reasonable!
"Elder brother Fu..Drink some beverage.."The Li attains

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