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Although let the Yun son find out Chu's four that directions actually is what situation, Chen Lan is the most inquisitive or how after two uncle, Chen Jiu, go to jail actually.What then it is easy to is gate tightly guarded, find out a house this so big Hou mansion under the matter,adidas jeremy scott wings, find out matter in dynasty, then isn't so simple.As a result, hear Zhu Shi in the Liao joss-stick hospital already Xie nap, she then cancels to sign go to of idea, sit at Kang up read.
But, she since puts worry,冠盖满京华1425, surplus of bookcase the book that hasn't seen also see not to go in.Deliberated and deliberate, Chen Lan is straight-tempered to continue the red Luo and the Qin Fang to call to come in, one person instructed a matter and came to they want to walk after promising of time, she suddenly thought of one Chi again, and then said:"While going out you instruct a Su's wood and pepper and tell them you to ascend which go to.Also conveniently make them stay by the side just in the outside, my need not person here."
Although Chen Lan does a completely arrangement, and then lends not to want to bother, a person reads in the house, can finally is an in the mind seven ascend the eight times has no quasi-,Jeremy Scott Adidas, and then sat to in a short while feel the suspicion is stifling,淡扫娥眉888, straight-tempered throw on that house.
The capital city of January coldly freezes, but already Yin quite a few sky of, she just steps a door and just discovers to snowing and can not help pleasantly surprised, stand under the Yan the Yang at first go toward a sky to see.Threes are second class at this time of the big wenches all handled affairs, a few bond maids were done not know to hide as well where play go to, the yard inside is just peaceful and serene,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, Chen wear don't eliminate to in a short while cover with to dance in the wind of snowflake,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス ", quiet the Mi make people cant not bear to move a step.Just in a short while, suddenly from warm house of in come out of she feels the hands aring icy cold, hurriedly and lightly rubbing to begin.
"Young lady drinks the cup tea hand in Noan-noan."
Hear this voice, Chen Lan can not help returning overdo, see is a wench that shape picks Gao, touch 23 scenes around, she livings not to calculate very good-looking, the nose wing flank even still has a no small black birthmark and wears green Juan small Ao, month white cotton compare A, the bottom of the Ou lotus color skirt peeped out a pair of embroider plum flower of fine embroider shoe.Conjectured a short moment, she depended on sparse remember before get sick like while deciding to go to Zhu Shi to send greeting in yard there, once was some impressions to this wench, then once connected tea.
"How to is it you that send tea?"
"The elder sister of Qin Fang handled affairs, wood elder sister of Su and pepperystomach-ache elder sister drive Liao joss-stick the hospital bearer call pass by, the others don't know top as well which, I see a young lady to stand to see snow here, necessarily cold must very, from made the decision piece to be poured tea."
Chen Lan looking at her and imperceptibly thought of boudoir in a dream is also pour tea to pour out chance and opportunity of that is small and red, thoughted of the treasure jade no luck, elder sister Feng but Jian again cheapness, immediately tiny tiny a smile.As for Su's wood and pepper are called Liao joss-stick hospital, but no man say with her a , this is the idea to anticipate a medium matter, she face up naturally didn't peep out what clues.Ask name, know this wench to originally be called red Xiao, because and the name of red Luo is some weigh, before just just listen to the words of Qin Fang change into Luo Xiao, she shook to shake head.
"Which avoid as taboo so more, under the house the person weighs of still little?Said again,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン, from red Xiao to Luo Xiao, whole is a silks and satins, tell others the other people listenned to necessary and say vulgar.In my eyes, today exactly the heavy snow sky meet you, rather you then change to call winter snow?"
That wench is one Leng first, immediately and flurried once thanked,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, read several times and feel easy to read, face

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