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?F of attitude, even if know that oneself is a female of, should can't drag along to go out to chop down, either, much less now is that the high a sky emperor is far, the surroundings also has no so many scouts.And looking at the attitude of Luo vegetable and that sorcery teacher, most likely is to have already been begged to oneself, if just alone talk with sorcery teacher, estimate to have already gone straight to topic, but the Luo vegetable is after all a queen, the political game estimates to have fun go game to still be familiar with than oneself, at this time carry a shelf certainly is to want to try to find solution more benefitses, but oneself refuses stubborn to want to give her this opportunity.
Since know that they have already been begged to their they, Qin is as well then also no longer worried, lower the head to see a stone set, they basically have never given to prepare a tea, her the mouth of Pie Pie, in the mind very for can not carry a tea put on an act but sorry.
That sorcery teacher sees Qin as well of the vision fall in the stone on the stage, think what excrescent,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, quickly also lower the head to see, that stone set is what he vegetable day used to see,???????????????????2.0, where see then hesitate what things and lift up head to see as well, Qin touches the chin way:"This stone set woulds be to offer sacrifices to use, don't know if have what ??" his words haven't finished saying, sleeves then and downwards on sinking, the subconscious ground twists a head to see a Luo vegetable, and then again the full face not and naturally lower the head to no longer talk.
Qin as well wonders this sorcery teacher be really don't become what weather, is like also a bookworm general, she sees an ability set words not, then hang up smiling face to face a Luo vegetable to ask:"Respect of queen his highness, I miss your Zhao I to come,????? ????? ???? ?????, affirmation can't be sit here is so simple to see chat, don't know that the our country has a words you had to once listen to,??????????, call come straight to the point, we still turn heavy like for Chien, don'ting so much sound out for."
Luo vegetable the facial expression nothing important of face change, the voice straight and evenly says:"Six his highnesses were used tricks to once cheat a saint insect and had already delayed to prepare an antidote, you wanted only a way at present,Why to want to call to commit incest, would be to looked for person thorough desert interior region and look for saint lake to take water."
Qin as well on listenning to saint lake, picture thoughted of to just see at the door right away, did they round a so big turn son and unexpectedly want to look for person to take water in the inland lake in the desert?Turn to read a to want and have some to release however, desert's putting in the moderns is all districts of the very difficult conquest of mankind, don't even say the ancient times that is very to fall behind in this science and technology and knowledge.She from entered later brain of house and then have been flying soon operation, think that the fragment that is a series of this puts together to answer, she is just wanting to take Luo at this time the vegetable is really deceitful, not and first say own clan people needs lake water to help and on the contrary and first lift the late ? of Wei makes the affair of Zha ??thought of here,Adidas Jeremy Scott, she suddenly feels brain one is bright,?????737, like two tunnels to finally join together success, the cause and effect makes her mostly establish.
In the mind after hasing bottom, Qin as well of the smiling face is then more brilliant, she by hand points light Kou to wear a stone set and carelessly says:"Queen his majesty if have interest, does the I tell that how is a story for you?"
The Luo vegetable doesn't understand to sell in her bottle gourd of what medicine, wrinkly knit the brows not to know to should oppose,???????865, but Qin as well saw her don't open mouth and then and without telling anyone kept on speaking:"Formerly there is a tribe, their clan the people don't know from when start infecting by a kind of strange disease, , seem to be like the city people of bunch bamboo.All common people are tormented by the strange disease, the whole tribe doesn't think production, finally the God takes pity on and appear 1 inside the tribe can predict a future saint, he says that this isn't the strange disease, but 1 kind curse, and cans dissolve.In the wide barren land among them, have a

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