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?Old headman, run into a leaf as a result 11.Connect down them to Fen river the direction break through siege, know the dress of Fu iron where, the battle begins inside someone's quality, run into leaf's 11 ? as a result ?finally,?????610, the roving bandits lived in self-abandonment, thoughted of where be there, result still ten in be eight times come back from 11 dozenses by the leaf at least, leave twice or divide too thoroughly, the soldier has no leaf 11 them to also kill not to come out.
This really enraged people too much!
What to enrage people more BE, so unlucky urge of of breaking through siege and fighting them a dozen is six months.
Six months!
The roving bandits thinks that they were subjected to unfair treatment.Clearly they have been enough strong, does the God still need to send one stronger devil to torment them?They still not enough strong?The war that this kind of makes people collapse they insisted for six months still not enough strong?They why died so many people, but that leaf 11 only have a but haven't been consumed dead by them, on the contrary add an officer into the Jue?
This is unfair!
Yes, not only is a roving bandits, in the officer soldier also have a lot of will get to think unfair.Though they also admit a leaf 11 fierce in the battlefield, they also admit at pass by six wars of months in a series of and glorious military merit obtained's hasing 80% is all leaf's 11 achievements,they still feel that the emperor rises his officer is too quick.
The even Kou victory is within sight,????? ObyO ?????????, the emperor doesn't hesitate Gao Guan Hou Lu's rich reward,adidas jeremy scott wings, as long as ensure once the creation lose, is plusing the wave of pushing of Zhao Shi to help Lan, just six months, leaf 11 from from cloud Hui general of three articles, turn a great commander soldier after positive bosom of three articles,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, promote for the champion great commander from two articles a soldier all the way, etc. arrests the rebel chief whole Jian roving bandits to then want to seal Hou.If the achievement that lays aside him doesn't talk, the speed like this absolutely makes people dizzy and giddy.Don't say 11 thus of Be from, even if four sonses of seven surnames didn't also don't to become for a 35 years.This also no wonder that the generals wanted heart to living to envy.
The in this world always has some persons be so,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Her kid can't lose, want ?only that ever and they together row or than their low person, they will unbalance, will envy, will is hostile to.No matter that person how strong,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, have how gleam merit.
Certainly, although it is said strong arrive top,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 ", the whole envy will convert into the adoration and the awe, only 11 strong next go, none of everythings is problem, but that is to need to be horary.Now, 11 return can eye in the vision of the generals matchless complications under go before continuing.The gossip Fei language of various each kind spreads in the army camp midstream, are wellabsolutely honest in leaf's 11 own subordinates so much, this is just unlikely to let original hard of the combat become more difficult.But what Zhao Se cans make, just promise that those complicated visions don't become actual to act just with own strength.
The war carries on declaring China for 29 years of the beginning of October, regardless the roving bandits is how stubborn, face to come from a leaf 11 that kind of in a row continuously and almost at the despairing stroke, finally and gradually break up with as for collapse.At this time the ring of encirclement of officer's soldier already from 200 in narrow 80 insides.And,?????????????????, the roving bandits is about to break a food right away.Fear claw son like devil similar gripped the neck of roving bandits, the uneasy emotion flowed in the whole encampment.All leaders are clear, this time, they are really at the end of one's rope.Fail, just the matter sooner or later, differ of Be just the last shot of officer's soldier.
The leaders of those roving banditses all the beginning in mind blame and scold to mix for a sky, dragon, BE

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