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Weihai Rushan Silver Beach California sunshine Seaview investmen

Rushan, Weihai, Shandong Province, people by the China Real Estate Ltd, Rushan is developed, Rushan Silver Beach Resort is located in the center, Jinhu north, the coastal sea and not by the Weihai China Construction Engineering Group is the construction with total area of ​​52,200 square meters, The total construction area of ​​60,000 square meters, greening rate of 45%, the volume was 0.69, building density of 25%. floor space full compliance with state standards.
Weihai Rushan Seaview net www.rsfc.gov.cn) surrounding cultural landscape rich in the southeast area had gathered to tour the East have been the emperor of the three concept kiosks; area south of a state investment of more than 20 billion Rushan blessing, such as the East China Sea Culture Park; area north of the famous multi-Fukuyama, it is a famous Buddhist shrine.
15 # 16 # Building, a layer of a street outlets, community centers within the club. price (average price): Multi 3100 yuan / ㎡, size range: 38 ㎡ -117 ㎡.
Weihai Rushan , can be away from the noise, energy saving, environmental protection, health, interior decoration is used, is decorated by the Chinese company is the design and construction. property by the Property Management Co., Ltd. is China services, systems across the wall with a 24 hours electronic patrol, visual corridor uses security door intercom, the fundamental guarantee for the security.
Weihai Rushan , Silver Beach entrenched central hinterland area, embrace thousands of coastal scenery, weather, geography, and. a large number of countries large and key projects have been started in Rushan, Rushan will promote economic development, Silver Beach will become the investment of some large enterprises heat map, and more appreciation potential.
sales Weihai Silver Beach Reception Center hotline 4006-000-667
(Rushan Silver Beach Ocean View, click Network and . gov.cn)
sea view room, or a good Weihai Rushan Silver Beach! buy Silver Beach Ocean View, please contact Rushan tourism real estate Marketing Association (Marketing Rushan Silver Beach Ocean View Reception Center) Contact (free advice Tel :4006 -000-667). Rushan Silver Beach Ocean View Room Network: www.rsfc.gov.cn (Silver Beach authoritative property information, all in Rushan Silver Beach Seaview network); Silver Beach Ocean View Room Video: 0631.300311 .com / fc
[a] to the Rushan City Tourism Association, the purchase of real estate marketing sales customer commitment:
1, to help rental (long-term lease short lease) to see current price may be.
2, to assist with account transfer (purchase more than 50 square meters),アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, to apply for business licenses and other matters.
3, scheduled to air tickets or train tickets to assist and help book the hotel.
4, free showings for them to stay car (you to Yantai, Qingdao, Weihai any airport, train stations, ports, as long as you make a phone call one day in advance, we sent a car that is free shuttle).
5, without any third party, who deal directly through the Association of buyers, reimbursement travel expenses.
[two] Rushan City Tourism Association of Real Estate Marketing Profile: Rushan City Tourism Real Estate Marketing Association is approved by the municipal government, the Municipal Tourism Bureau set up a non-profit community organizations,アディダスジェレミースコットウイングス2.0, non-agency, full member of the Association to help boutique real estate for sale nationwide. It is understood throughout the country, business sector inspection found that some sea view room in the local marketing agency is to pull people Qukan Fang bent, there lie groups, hype, etc.,一品闺秀306, disturb the just the rise of the housing market and this problem has attracted the attention of the Rushan City To improve this situation, the municipal government departments led by the Rushan, jointly co-founded several real estate developers, real estate marketing, Rushan City Tourism Association, is the formal Rushan real estate sales platform and only after review of the construction of good quality, excellent property management and high reputation into the boutique real estate to the association; business model, to take Rushan remote collaborative approach with service remote home buyers; In addition, the Association is also committed to building a remote buyers one-stop service system to provide intelligence about Rushan City, home ownership counseling, group study, commissioned by the decoration,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, Property Management, leasing and transfer of one-stop convenience. On this basis, outsiders to the Rushan Silver Beach home will become more convenient and worry. similar to the pattern on the remote home market is expected to play a regulatory role.
Rushan Silver Beach Tourist Real Estate Marketing Association plenipotentiary member of real estate development companies for the domestic outside the special sales, and to thank the new and old customers, portrait and dedication, tens of thousands of set up. Where the purchase of 11-12 months who Weihai Rushan Silver Beach Ocean View, 3000-5000 yuan discount per household. Rushan City Tourism Real Estate Marketing Association Silver Beach developer member 18 while the linkage, a rare opportunity and step up efforts Registration! Registration Hotline: 4006-000-667 Contact: Manager Gao Li, president.
[three] Rushan Tourism Marketing Association recommended real estate property features:
1, association and recommended 18 fine selection of sea real estate, construction quality, superior property management, reputation is good.
2,70 in large certificates of title, standard of existing homes, Forward House.
3, decoration, gifts appliances, donated a full set of furniture, bag arrival.
4,Guangzhou site design , to improve the user to improve website conversion rate of 25 utilities visco, family diversity (One Bedroom, Bedroom, etc.), Cored, after most transparent.
5, an area of ​​30-300 square meters (multi-layer, high-rise,Jeremy Scott Adidas In fix any to sigh, villa) to meet You purchase a variety of options.
6, purchased on the first floor, garden gifts; purchased the top floor, loft gifts.
7, after-sales charter. buying investment-type property apartment, signed a charter contract direct purchase, 10-30 years earned a house.
[four] Rushan tourism association of real estate marketing services aim:
heart services, with love to create Weihai responsible
Silver Beach Seaview first marketing brand
1, prevent you buy a house in dispute
2, to avoid you to buy a house developers 承诺不兑现
3, to avoid being a model house that you buy the house cheating
4, to avoid your life, do not buy convenient house
Rushan tourism association of real estate marketing philosophy:
integrity, hard, professional, responsible
you invest and to do so, four identical:
1, the same quality of house purchase , the lowest price;
2, the same purchase price of the house, the best quality;
3, the same position to buy a house,adidas jeremy scott wings, the highest value;
4, the same investment to buy a house, the appreciation of the fastest.
[five] Rushan City Tourism Association of real estate marketing co-operation in good faith purpose of intentionally committed across the country are invited to Silver Beach Ocean View Distributors businesses to join (free to join), Rushan tourism real estate Marketing Association is willing to sincerely cooperate with you win-win situation! welcome to travel with us around the country, groups Weihai Rushan Center
Address: Radio and Television Building, Rushan City, Shandong Province, 16 layers (Tourism Bureau) Zip: 264500
Weihai Silver Beach Ocean View Room Exhibition Hall: Silver Gold Avenue, Rushan City,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス, east end (Community 底商 16-1)
national sales hotline (free) :4006-000-667
Silver Beach showings for them to stay free phone: 13061146058, 13371192087, 18906305559, 0631-6711111,6199999
purchase Tip: You can travel to Weihai Rushan, Rushan call tourism real estate Marketing Association call for them to stay, we take you to the Rushan travel boutique real estate Real Estate Marketing Association Exhibition Hall field trips, do not believe that unscrupulous person.
Rushan Silver Beach Seaview Housing Network: www.rsfc.gov.cn (Silver Beach authoritative property information, all in Rushan Silver Beach Ocean View Network)
Silver Beach Ocean View Room Video: 0631.300311.com/fc
Rushan tourism real estate Marketing Association Email: rslyfc@126.com

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