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?Smiled to order to nod, saw also have a function to the cream going together with for madam of Meng.She is in fact a bit displeased, unless Lin Jia is also regarded as the house of big clan, her not to the extent of so is exhausted, oneself at least can open a small store in the outside, the business is definitely not bad, in spite of ancient times modern, money earning most easily would is chemisette, the woman is a terrible number in the consumption on money for the sake of the face and the shape, and rich man, for Bo beauty a smile is very willing to give up, extravagant also probably.
2 people whisper Gu in my Di,Jeremy Scott Adidas, Lin Yu Han and other people talked, lifted to see and contained to smile to walk to come over:"Seven younger sisters, you just went where, harm me have been worrying."
Since allied sentence, Lin Yu Han was like to become individual,????? ObyO ?????????, beginning of awkward and shy have no the Cuo slowly disappeared, whole personal much self-confident, shining a kind of another light adopts.Lin Xiao Shuang thinks that in fact she in the beginning should so,?????????????????, this appearance is just like the young lady whom the big noble family clan comes out, obedient seem to be too coarse spirit.Lin Jia this although it is said fell to hurt, the whole household was still very high in prestige in the official wood.
"Five elder sisters need not worry, I ain't small, will look after oneself, and still have Ms. Meng at, I and she is already a long time mutually familiar, she can't let artificial difficult I,????? ????? ???? ?????, pour and invite elder sister's understanding, I attend to I to talk,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 want not to think to here ?, but forgot two instructing of auntses."
Lin Yu Han blushed, the air not and naturally said:"Being unimportant is unimportant, seven younger sister the tube have fun like be, I also handed over a few new friends, they call I, I talked in the past,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Little fatty, you chatted."
Simultaneously turn round to once the Fu waited person to walk to, Lin Yu Han simultaneously bite tight lips, started to float one silk on the noodles unwilling.However being a battle is lucky, knew Meng three young ladies first, then from think Gao Ren Yi etc., does she think who she is?However a country come of wench, theory just, theory looks,??????????????, theory manner of speaking rite, she cans not wins against himself/herself, if Meng speech Xin what to know first is her Lin Yu Han,Jeremy Scott Adidas human body of, can't be humiliated by this time, either.
Make Lin Xiao Shuang take her to attend this party to Qin Shi's proposal yes, is happy in the heart of Lin Yu Han, but as well feel to humiliate at the same time, she is an elder sister, the young lady whom the capital city grows up,make a younger sister whom country grows up get her attendant party.So see the ill that Lin Xiao Shuang be subjected to coldness, hear those young ladies at the backs saying her, Lin Yu Han feels very solution spirit.
This in this world contains a kind of person and be like that to feed not familiar cold stare son wolf, you treat it well, it feels to is as it should be, is what you owe it, you treat it not good, then it is your wrong.
Lin Xiao Shuang stares at Lin Yu Han's figure, wish indeed as expected Kui not to is Qin Shi's daughter, if she is like surface that sort gentleness, she is anti- to pour to want Be getting more shocked.Just but can not make her throw ugly, because is all daughter Lin Jia, Lin Yu Han throw ugly, similar will bring trouble her.That stupid wench thinks that the somebody else has already accepted her, but don't want if Lin Xiao Shuang brings shame, she is an elder sister, similar will be sneered at by person.
The Ya wreaths started putting table, the fine silverware, china put in the table, savory meal also carry last table, all since played in one, the Meng talks Xin straight-tempered make people dismantle a screen, asked the elder brother's guest to also ascend table, the mutually familiar men and women mix but sit and pour ratio in times before for noisy several cents.
"Xiao frost, you sit 1 with me."The Meng speech Xin pulls Lin Xiao Shuang's hand and sit to Meng the madam is that table of.
"Xiao frost came, good

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