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Acacia milk cake Rong dysmenorrhea grasping

After work, has found her home from school. A pitiful lying in bed.
Daughter dysmenorrhea, then once every month Tianhundian pain, till I can not wait for her.
daughter saw me come back, like the family met with wildly long-awaited start to tell the school grievances.
geography class, she was severely criticized by the teacher holding hot water bottle.
the teacher's words were too damaged, the child how holding a hot water bottle? If the child is not afraid of cold, hot water bottle she is willing to hold it? a girl, a large crowd to Mengpi, she stand it?
alas,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット! have to stand by, people are a teacher it!
Look at geography teachers say it, you like a mere copycat, in the classroom also hold a hot water bottle, you pay attention too enjoy!
What is this nonsense thing?
daughter said she heard a teacher,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 1948 iPad Magazine, an anxious , water bag fell to the ground.
teacher said, play what you play it! you have any great ah! students scream, Xi Xiaosheng one after another. Some students see, however, swore softly.
daughter is not fuel-efficient lights, she said, was either pain dizzy, had no strength to speak,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン, the teacher must make Xiabulaitai. ah what the teacher is also a teacher do? do not talk about a little humanity .
daughter saw me, tearfully appeal the grievance.
can I say? can only patiently advised her that the teacher is the elders,Adidas Jeremy Scott, saying do not mind. mother also worked as a teacher, and to speak very casual, she took you as a child thing. mother said every time you say all right? you do not forgive her mother or still?
night,Jeremy Scott Adidas dampness,アディダスウイングス, her daughter does not eat, lying on the bed, lie Non grasping eat cake not.
What's the difficulty? grasping it wants to go buy a bakery and I got dressed, her daughter said, Mom, buy cup milk Acacia Rong!
good. turned around, forget, asked,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, Mei Xuan, called what?
fragrant silk tea?
what? daughter turned two small fox eyes turned.
my memory is bad, busy making against her beautiful smile. devil head uncomfortable, I have graciously ah!
Rong Hong silk milk, in front of our school days, a company called King of the hot shop there.
know! know,adidas jeremy scott wings! I spoke side of the down the stairs.
hastily grasping his daughter bought a cake, went to King hot days.
entered the room, the waiter came up and asked me what they want, but forgot.
looked up and saw the wall hanging from the service menu card, too, that her daughter is called Acacia milk Rong.

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