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The roll of composition, source of misguided scholars

Let the question becomes a kind of inspired let criticism becomes a power
welcome to grand song commentary launched holy child of cultural criticism
education examination is not boring guessing game
mm from 2008 composition of the university entrance exam questions reflect the education thinking error
editorial: holy child of editorial planning :Grand song Review
editor :once a year the university entrance exam ended today ,the majority of students can finally play happily ,frayed nerves can finally have a relaxed, in any case we like you feel happy and relaxed. The annual college entrance examination will affect hundreds of millions of people ,college entrance examination is still decided the fate of millions of students a col, although the famous road to success more ,but the college entrance examination is still important. In China the country with a large population ,we still need college entrance examination that is relatively easy to operate personnel selection form ,but the college entrance examination is still avoid a paper ,a wending lifelong malpractice, try to reform and perfect ,specifically ,how to test the students Chinese exam quality and ability is a key, wherein the composition is perfect. Around today national examination paper composition problem ,grand song commentary invited scholars from holy child of Australian culture Different cultures view west from test angle contrast reflection. It is worth mentioning that ,the examination paper 2 essay topic should on the network easily search by more detailed stories ,however given the examinee tip material is very small, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the questions ,the questions were significantly worse than the earthquake relief questions more embodiment of social value ,the subject to less than 17 ,18 year old child who clearly needs &quot ;large brains &quot ;,because even the author also can be difficult to know where to place live pen, troubles that Evans agile holy child of Sir ,let him make a &quot .&quot ,;and ;the invitation to find more &quot ;&quot secret ;the original title ,is actually a network in the story, the author induced more feeling .Let doubt becomes one kind of inspiration, let criticism became a force ,innovative development of critical thinking ,critical ratio compared to the former reputation ,perhaps more is all we need .Welcome everybody discussion debate ,all explore education scientific way. Authorized commentary blog grand song the world exclusive articles ,reprinted email :shengtong88@gmail.com
holy child of culture criticism scholar living in Australia Sub graph ,illustrations of Australia harbour
Dragon Boat Festival at noon, received the grand song invitation ,I hope to Chinese college entrance examination in 2008 composition examination questions for analysis ,or even possible to write an &quot .&quot ;;,and the analysis of the conception of composition .
as example the possibility I think is absolutely impossible ,reason there are two ,the writer has nothing to do with the examination ,the composition of college entrance examination and writing also .So ,I will only put their work on the composition analysis of a problem on the angle .
we first have a look this thesis examination questions :
is a kind man at the beach found a little turtle from sand point to climbing ,then over an eagle to catch turtles ,visitors to escort to the sea turtles ,the eagle away. When a group of turtles from sand point way out to sea ,climb ,so this little turtle is a scout .Such well-meaning people left, immediately to a group eagle .According to the commentary ,with the theme .
exclaimed: Russia ( I ) at the end of (the ) God!
see this topic ,I can not help to Wulin rumored absolute protagonist Tong Xiangyu accent exclaimed ,&quot ;Russian ( I ) at the end of (the ) God &quot ;!Br > I exclaimed &quot ;&quot ;full of fun ,but I have little to no funny Mood ,decades have passed, Chinese college entrance examination ,how can you not know &quot ;&quot ;?Your education how do not know progress progress ?Those questions ,you can take the tax money is so guided Chinese education development direction ?Sorry this is me for this year ,China college entrance essay topic evaluation.
sentence :my name is funny, I call you play!
believe ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0,given the above conclusions ,have tens of thousands of people lined up for portable tile beats me. But I leave far, they can only &quot attempt an ineffective solution ;&quot ;scold me .
but ,it is also useless. Beat dead I ,this fact also clearly where !But I must now affectation shouted one: Brick left !Get it off one to give me an excuse &quot ;&quot ;,let me out in this essay the judgment:
out of the subject teacher is in fact to the whole of China college entrance examination students say that comic began to shake with " package &quot ;mm my name is funny, I call you play!
in other words ,this subject is teasing the examinee to play .Br > you don ,I will analysis to you MM
I am sure the tortoise and The eagle is not Aesop in the story. The reason is that &quot ;&quot and &quot ;tourists ;scout &quot ;this two words instead of the ancient Greek slave can say to .
with the two words ,I judge it is the question of the teachers hold in &quot ;&quot ;the office of &quot &quot ;editing ;out .But it Chinese these every day just to sit in the office a &quot &quot ;educators ;not to the point that can be made out of &quot ;&quot ;story.
let us recall the &quot &quot ;story ;full text: a kind-hearted man at the beach found a little turtle from sand point to climbing ,then over an eagle to catch turtles ,visitors to escort to the sea turtles ,the eagle away. When a group of turtles from sand point way out to sea ,climb ,so this little turtle is a scout .Such well-meaning people away,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン, soon came a flock of hawks .
&quot ;&quot story ;the beginning of the &quot ;a good intention person &quot ;and &quot ;there was a good man who did similar to &quot ;&quot ;&quot story ?;also began from here. But ,I told this story has the following six questions ,if that is the story ,then :
1 ,since little turtle is &quot ;&quot ,the scouts ;Why the group of small turtles are no longer arranged a private &quot &quot ;outlook ;?
2 ,since small turtles have arranged the &quot ;scout &quot ;,then first flying eagle behoove is the group of Eagle scouts in the &quot ;&quot ;,so why the storyteller do not give the clear &quot ;named &quot ;?
3 ,if not the first eagle eagle group inside &quot ;scout &quot ;,so why then is not the same as the flying eagle group the &quot &quot ;tourists ;as part of their prey ?
4 ,the escort small the &quot ;&quot and &quot ;man ;visitor &quot ;is it right? One ?If they are the same person ,why will give two appellation ?Why not have begun to use &quot ;a good tourist &quot ;that name ?If they are not a person ,then the &quot kind &quot ;;here what I did ?
5 ,the &quot &quot ;man ;heart &quot ;&quot ;where? How to say he or she is a kind-hearted person ?Why he or she should put his or her kind to little turtle and not leave the eagles Eagles ?And why in this kind of Little Turtle Human kindness before so unequal treatment ?
6 ,since the well-wisher can escort the little tortoise ,why he or she did not discover the next group of small turtles collective action ?
obviously ,the &quot ;&quot made a story ;is not complete ,a bit is not logical .As text tells a story of animals and people ,it is clearly not qualified .Therefore ,the essay question people shouldn make the &quot ;&quot story ;to move out to the students, because you are not students the story of &quot &quot ;complete ;the writing exam. So, we should from another point of view ,it is likely that this is not a story ,but a real event .
if this text expression is a real event ,then the composition problem of China &quot &quot &quot ;educator ;must be very wronged ;&quot ;,they must think the objective events have been they say very clearly .It may even scolded me: you idiot ,this is not a story ,it was true, is true.
God ,if this is an objective real events ,with such Text records the event, then the person character level is impossible ,the event of all aspects of the problems .Even led us to ask the following question :
to write this text exactly is it right? That well-wisher ?
answer two ,,or not .If the answer is not ,then the person is also the one of the parties .Therefore ,problem comes: If yes ,this man will not to go after the things as well .If you want to say is this man then listen to others said later things ,so to write this text must be on this link state, otherwise not complete .
but if the description is not the person of good intention, then why did he may be standing there watching and not to continue the well-wisher kindness cause ?Portrayer there is no good .But no good ,why would someone about such a thing ?HH finished ,the story is completely the thrown into the gutter to .
so ,more serious problems occurred ,so the title of the educator and why to select such a even facts The sequence of events is unclear description of people wrote the text to the students when the essay prompt text ?
answer still has two: first ,the title of the person is deliberately not to say to understand, let the students guess ;second ,the title of the person does not believe that this text did not put it clear .
but ,neither of the two questions questions which one to choose ,he ( she ) is a mistake!
behind a &quot &quot ;error ;the reason ,I will not say, because we really don believe them to be such a level or so irresponsible. So ,for our problem is that the teacher asked the students to discuss questions &quot &quot ;puzzle ;the wrong reasons .
and this is why I send this section header called &quot ;my name is funny, I teasing you &quot ;reason ,is not it, examination of essay questions examining the link is to get students to &quot ;guessing &quot ;,that funny .?so ,I didn give you exaggerate,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット!
&quot ;&quot :guessing ;college entrance examination is not the
is not an exaggeration to say that ,when I finish reading this composition of the university entrance exam questions ,ジェレミースコットアディダス I am not convinced,I really made a big head. I had read 5 times to understand that this is a &quot ;Material type &quot ;optional Title argumentative writing topic .
then ,I think, &quot ;this is a brain teasers .&quot ;problem. So ,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット,if I is the candidate words ,how can I get to the topic ?How can I get to the analysis results ,I this material ?Around for 15 minutes about not well how to face the material to do meticulous ,comprehensive ,full HH finish this composition .
and I cannot but imitate Wei Fan in sketches of the classic line up :&quot ;heaven ,earth ,but hh&quot ;the latter half sentence was changed to &quot ;a fairy sister for me out of ideas ,&quot ;!
finally, only let Mr. Wei Fan sat on the stage crying :&quot ;heaven ,earth ,which is a wicked Sir out such a thesis topic ?This is the college entrance examination ?This is not returned to the imperial examination ?&quot ;
past feudal society expedition is this ?A let you do not touch the marginal issues ,to allow you to write &quot &quot ;meaning ;today this problem .With the expedition of the question what is the difference ?So ,what is to test students ?Or to test students guessing &quo &quot ;T ;skill ?
if you want the &quot ;guessing &quot ;said to test students on the subject of &quot &quot ;judgment ;words ,then you might as well give them directly to the brain teasers game question ?
so ,someone said of our Chinese the composition of the university entrance exam ask ,who is the old society ,the examinee is their their daughter-in-law ,lady to do, just don tell you ,she will hold in their hands in let daughter-in-law guess ,daughter-in-law if not guess, that is over. That lady to death can not run .Not ?In my college entrance examination ,our high school graduating class teacher ,each became a &quot ;daughter-in-law of small &quot ;substitutes, their day and night to teach us the true wife how to make a guess lady holding something clever daughter-in-law !
so ,I :
although education has made great progress, but we have to admit that this 2008 Chinese college entrance essay topics are objectively reflects China still exist problem ,this problem in twenty-first Century with China or should be avoided ,because education is the responsibility of the real ,we need to take responsibility Reflections on several key issues to MM
our education is to take our children to where to go ?
our education to our society in the future master culture into a kind of what kind of person?
our educators have social responsibility ?
our education who really understand the true meaning of education where?
our educators have the vision of education placed far into the world ?

anger is misleading :Needless to say ,such education not only in the destruction ,but also in misleading!
Destroy students for thinking
destroy their social values
now I come to analysis these two conclusions :first is the thought origin .
first ,this essay gives a very boring .It can give students a clear question direction :what am I to let you express what ?
composition exam ,the key is the test of the students ,it includes two parts ,one is the language of the organization ability ;another is to analysis and problem solving ability. Especially the latter ,analysis the purpose is to solve .
objective the social reality ,we always need to put forward the question of sharp people Before .But this talent need more social practice opportunities to found. Therefore ,the problem of just out of high school students is very difficult. But the entrance exam is just a popular selection of prospective talent ,with the current China ,is a &quot ;` &quot ;then ,the auditions .The threshold is too high. Otherwise you will consider a lot of potential talent .
therefore ,we should focus on the examination on how to analyze specific issues and how to solve the question ability. Analysis refers to an already raised issues specific analysis ,solve the specific problem is the most realistic solutions .
this is a training of students of normal thinking direction.
a man thinking method ,on a person creativity is very essential .What is the correct way of thinking ?Estimates of this problem many Chinese educators are not considered ,or even considered did not consider it out.
so ,now I want to tell you :
a correct way of thinking is ,through the practice of finding problems ,and then practice in the course of further found to solve this problem Method .That is stressed ,the thinking and the reality of the world must be very close together .Especially in adolescents thinking in the process of establishing the practice ,the role is very huge .
this is why Mao Zedong had a truth saying &quot &quot ;practice ;the main reason.
why I say this topic can damage children correct thinking method ?
composition examination questions ,students or maintenance of the correct thinking students out angle ,we must give the real world with a logic correspond to the problem .Not to curry favour by claptrap ,not accidental ,not smart ,but can not &quot ;guessing &quot ;and &quot &quot ;turn ;education in China .Have called this name to cultivate students creative thinking in the &quot ;&quot ;&quot .&quot ;creative thinking ;this view is correct ,but the &quot &quot ;creation ;not where &quot wonders heritage ;&quot ;&quot ;fantasy alien &quot ;,without strictly according to objective world logic .
college entrance examination for every Chinese family is important to incapable of further increase degree ( which is itself a terrible problem ,but I Are here to go to ) ,the high degree of attention, so that each people ( students ,parents ,teachers ,education ) of each examination with neuroticism as a sensitive ,sensitive to this can only lead to students ,parents ,teachers and educators desperately attached to the subject setting ,to guess women how to make these little wife .It a vicious spiral process ,making more droller ,these small daughter-in-law Vietnam fears ,their thinking over the problem more ambiguous attitude change .
at the same time, China education is by &quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot ;solid ;basic power type education ,for these children often begins from kindergarten to college entrance examination examination questions for &quot ;&quot ;mm standard examination-oriented education there is no way ah ,don go to teach the students, the students will not pass the examination university ?Could not be admitted to a university ,they will not get a diploma ?Get diploma was unable to find suitable work ?No suitable work in their future life will be very difficult to continue. The problems of life are under threat, what is more important than it .?so ,a cycle of death, and back The college entrance examination .
so in the past, move in circles ,the students really thinking with college entrance examination to go .They don have to consider what the real world ,the social reality ,not to consider how to solve the social problems ,and completely put their thinking on the college entrance examination ..
so ,college entrance examination thinking principle also cannot decide not to China the whole education system of systems thinking .
because I said so ,composition of the university entrance exam questions undermined the student correct thinking method ,is also wrong it not ?Not a bit wrong .
,why I say this topic will destroy the children values ?
according to the analysis of a problem ,we now the analysis of the second level .
the students thinking in the current college entrance examination system has been bound up. This fact is not more than an end terrible phenomenon ,the reason is ,if our college entrance examination questions are full of socially responsible for children for the future and responsible attitude ,so ,The output revolution, Mao Zedong Communist world, Ren Zhengfei COPY internationalization from you I,if they use the correct examination questions for candidates in the correct direction to guide ,then ,China education status Can immediately produce substaintial sex better ( at least is a surface phenomenon .) .Because of you, what kind of problems will cause what kind of education thought and the students mode.
this used to be a very good ,or is the last chance, however ,our topic and how to deal with this problem ?They entirely out of the needs of society, from the world needs ,from one of the nation basic development direction, but only where behind closed doors.
imagine ,if the composition of the university entrance exam ,each all is a road or several and social development is closely related to the problem ,so quickly ,the orientation of education will turn to the most essential social observation ,students and their education will always pay attention to social issues and lead the child training them in this form of thinking. They are therefore very simple &quot ;&quot ;to understand the our education is the essence of social demand for talents cultivation in the right direction, so the student correct social values are very easy to obtain :
the correct social value is social contribution
contribution value Concept is the social development of the unlimited power of
but ,sadly,Jeremy Scott Adidas if you are gone, the examination paper 2 he will never let the needs of the society into their &quot &quot ;vision ;,they have no social responsibility to sit the college entrance examination question. These questions ,in addition to the students over there. Pondering some and social needs of different knowledge, there are other what ?
2008 the composition of the university entrance exam problem is a good example ?
face this thesis topic ,the students how to think ?
it is about environmental problems ?
it is about teamwork questions ?
it is a matter of human compassion problem ?
it is a matter of life and spirit of sacrifice ?
it is about a dangerous impossible to guard against problem ?
it is the law of the jungle life problem ?Br > HH
I believe ,if I go on like this a way, this essay will be outraged :Yeah ,I out of the question well, that which is not directly related with the society ?This is how good topics ,a short text can be want you to think so much .I many cattle !
Yes, this person ( or group of people ) to buy cattle cattle home !!
but ,I just want to ask you ,your essay is about that one ?
I presented only the composition inscribes the possibilities of direction ,while the no one is sure .Or ,these problems are not established ,because they given the text without any essence logical relations, the so-called relationship cannot afford any logical scrutiny !
by comparison ,according to the I don understand ,in Australia, no matter is the college entrance examination is the student language examination essay questions ,are closely related to real life .Now what ,they directly out of this problem ,not a teacher will worry about you guessed the composition problem ,but I guess the composition problem well, so meaningful.
they just want to see you in this everyone knows the problem, how to make the outstanding answer .Yes ,to them, answer is the most important, their education student ultimate goal is to let you become a social problem to solve and answer the talent .
when you can answers to these social problems Time ,you will able to present social problems .
the logic of education on the construction of adolescent correct thinking method has played a positive and effective role .At the same time ,also let every student is naturally establishes a moment to social problems as the center of the direction of thinking.
the world needs depth width breadth
Demystified : Oh my God ,we are all playing !
but ,much to my surprise,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, I suddenly found that the composition of the university entrance exam inscribes really &quot source material ;&quot ;,please see the following text :
I and seven travel companion and a biologist wizard ,South Pacific in the Galapagos Islands .The island has many Pacific green turtle used to incubate turtle nests ,we go there to travel a purpose is to look at the field ,what is to leave the nest to the sea .
Pacific green turtle weight in about 150 kilograms ,the less it the general in May four from nests and fall over each other ,climb to the sea. Just from the nest to the sea by a long beach ,a little attention will be eagle and other birds of prey food.
when we on the island, close already At dusk ,we soon found a big turtle nests .Suddenly ,a young turtles to head out the nest ,but for a while ,appeared in the reconnaissance outside safety. As the obstacle ,a Eagle appears ,it using a pointed-nose peck the head ,trying to pull it to the beach .
my friends and I nervously looks at the front of a scene ,one of them asked anxiously Wizard :&quot ;you have to think of a way ?Wizard but calmly replied: &quot ;it was in the nature of the road, go ,that is. &quot ;
wizard .,called a &quot companions ;not from ruin &quot ;call. Wizard reluctantly picked up the little turtle ,put it into the sea ,the Eagle seeing up the food to go down ,only to fly to .
however ,what happens next will make you extremely shocked. Wizard takes the soon, hordes of the export file out from the nest .Soon the reality makes us know: we had done a foolish thing a fool to the third degree .
the first out of the original Turtles ,is &quot ;scout &quot ;,once the danger, it will return the turtle the nest. Now do guide is to the sea ,to nest in the To error messages ,thought it was safe, then fall over each other to go .
evening Island ,sun still shines brightly. From the nest to the sea a long beach ,Wuzhewudang ,hundreds of thousands of the flock out, quickly attracted many birds of prey ,they can enjoy a meal ..
&quot ;Tian A? &quot ;I hear someone say: &quot ;see what we have done ?&quot ;
then ,dozens of young turtles have become the eagle ,gulls ,a bird in the mouth ,we guide quickly removed his baseball cap ,quickly grabbed the ten only ,put into the cap ,to the sea to rush. We also learn of his looks ,pant for breath to run back and forth, it is his fault a remedy .
when everything is over ,dozens of bird of prey has been well-fed ,sends out the sound of happiness ,make the welkin ring .Two Eagle is still quietly standing still on the beach, hoping to catch the last stray hatchlings do dishes .My friends and I bowed his head ,in the sand slowly forward .Appears in this group all mortals ,and static .Finally ,the wizard sends his lament :&quot ;if not we humans ,these turtles wouldn be dangerous Pests .&quot ;
is the intelligent part of the universe .However ,when people fancy ,everything is likely to go into reverse .
I have nothing to say ,I think we have nothing to say .
original sources ,this is true. I in front of the kind assumptions into foam !
I is very occasionally in Baidu &quot ;&quot ;search. Site:
http : / / zhidao.baidu.com / question / 23073659.html ?Si = 3
title as follows :
&quot ;natural know &quot ;story. ( brief ) anxious solution time: 2007-3-29 18:
then the above this article ,at the &quot &quot ;paste ;office ,a man named Yu Zongwen little friends do the following message :
great! !!!I was looking for other web sites ,are not, in the Baidu search to find it. I say a word :&quot ;good !!!!!!&quot ;
is inscribed :
Shenzhen Tsinghua experimental school in the fourth grade ( 12) class Yu Zongwen
reviewers :unit third - trial level
next, another &quot ;&quot ,keep abreast ;as follows :
Zhu ( holy child by mm pig ?)
reviewers :a83254325 - thank you two
I think ,if Yu Zongwen little friend if can participate in college entrance examination this year So, he ( she ) essay topics will be easily selected.
but ,then again .
such a content rich, clear logic ,the article how to comprehend accurately set my hand just like that a &quot &quot ;material ;the ?
is in front of me is really wronged &quot ;&quot ;their ?
they seem to do not have composition problem out into &quot &quot ;research ;subject ,they are indeed close to life ,they are indeed according to the real life .However ,the result let our anger !
we must ask the question ,what the hell are you doing?
please rest assured ,I never think you are deliberately misinterpreted this story into a ready to accept either course of &quot ;&quot ;,I just think you are simply does not have the qualification of the composition of the university entrance exam inscribes !Such a true event ,compressed into a confusion of logic &quot riddle ;&quot ;.You to Chinese college entrance examination questions into a guessing game .
question :why do they do this work ?
I think ,all the people will make a question ,they why do such work ?
in fact ,this Is a long-standing problem ,also be Chinese traditional culture system in the presence of a very essential but very subtle issues ,namely : the distribution of traditional cultural background .In such a distribution mechanism, education appear such result was not unexpected.
what is called the &quot &quot distribution ;culture ;now we ?Analysis of its core meaning :
first ,Chinese traditional culture core is the embodiment of feudal ideology. This point ,we are always trying to criticize .
such consciousness ,establish a kind of complicated and difficult to deal with the distribution of the &quot ,&quot ;system ;it is the fundamental assumption of feudal subject ,occupy the whole wealth ,and also to find reason ,called &quot ;bearing life in the days of &quot ;subsequently ,the main body .According to various social strata have to distribute power redistribution. The feudal consciousness achievement to maintain its last two points may ,confirm the absolute power of feudal subject ;safeguard the interests of the distribution system stability.
so ,the progress of the whole society development and not seem to do not affect this feudal subjective existence interest ,subject to the feudal power and the individual to social progress ,wealth of society contribute it doesn ,only with the maintenance of feudal ideology and Benefit directly. So ,something for nothing ,from work to work ,without receiving the feudal main distribution form .In other words ,at the expense of the public or the interests of others to increase the individual allocation of power has its inevitability ,at the expense of the public or others ten yuan interest for a personal interest ,in the allocation of mechanism of premise is logical ,and the resulting third allocation of social wealth ,power will cause the atrophy. While science and technology and social science belong to the contribution of category ,so they must be equally atrophy.
though ,after Ching Dynasty and Chinese traditional culture to match the social environment has ceased to exist ,China the diminishing impact of feudal ideology ,however its remnants still make our nation and individuals pay a high price. Education is to be the first to bear the brunt of the price.
questions :why do we get Nobel Prize ?
why we can Nobel Prize ?Although I myself remained opposed to a Western awards a measure of Chinese culture contribute content .However ,people seem to care about this problem ,especially the media to question ,let the Chinese culture a massive facial &quot ;&quot ;however, what we do .Out of the &quot ;&quot ;?
this problem from education ,when more from the distribution of the concept of culture .The distribution of cultural idea, education system ,not only seriously undermined the generation of new life in the correct way of thinking, but also from the world view and destroy their contribution social dedication .
ask: if the college entrance examination questions of Chinese education from China to the needs of social development the perspective of topic words ,this year essay topic because it is what ?
next timber ,but also can think of :the Olympic Games held in China and China economy development of relationship problems .
I think ,all secondary school graduating class Chinese teacher would have thought that such a composition on the topic ,however ,the user must have such a title, but a &quot &quot ;turtle ;problem.
I really don see ,what on earth are you here to ponder what ?
in your be rather baffling pondering ,Chinese talent training force behind his country number ?
you have not thought about this problem ?
spirit are the whole world to seek more than
what What kind of people can obtain the Nobel prize or equal World Awards ?
must be made to society has outstanding contribution to people can be obtained .Such as Mrs. Curie ,such as Sakharov ,such as Chen Ning Yang ,Li Zhengdao ,such as Qiu Chengtong ,such as Fan Jianqing ( two of them received the world prize in Mathematics ) HH and they all contribute to our society needs directly. Especially Fan Jianqing ,he in the application of mathematics in the field of contribution to the whole world was shocked.
one of Fan Jianqing schoolmate at college ,but also on the bed roommate had introduced to me ,the wild and intractable was born in poverty in defiance of exam-oriented education rebel ,has become one of the world level talents ,his slogan is: someone else can do what I do; I do people could do it and neither do I.
why ?Because it is a waste of social wealth ,is the backlog.
although he never studied economics ,but he Wall Street became senior adviser &quot &quot ;;,he need not to face what economics ,only relevant personage explaining to him to solve the problem ,he will give them the desired formula .
social development of knowledge out of dizzying If this era ,our education is still conservative, thought that does not ache not itching thing ,that will become our social sinner!
education ,is a people must feel with profound respect and humility !
education ,is a ...

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