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Zombie King Zhu Guanghu 88 Li Jinyu

Zombie King: Zhu Guanghu Li Jinyu 88
in the Zhu Guanghu country foot with one train of thought, we know is that he loved by young people like to use own players,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, especially from or have from Shenzhen and Shanghai players. Using direct player causes a very simple also, after all the more familiar to players to carry out their own tactical intention, according to their own tactical requirement to do. Such as Zhu Guanghu's mad spirit, which requires the player on the pitch can never keep up appearances, must every rhythm to defensive effort. But in Zhu Guanghu's own forces, we found that a person has disappeared,Adidas Jeremy Scott bamboo can be seen everywhere, it was Zhu Guanghu that year in Brazil the most heavily on the striker Li Jinyu.
when it comes to Brazil Jianlibao, although the team training, although the team are young players, but the Jianlibao team no one learned Brazil football's essence, including footwork best Zhang Xiaorui. But the results are not at all Brazil flavor in the backcourt players such as Bi. The team main force vanguard is also an important striker Li Jinyu Hahn, was a legion of the essential one knife, however in the era of Zhu Guanghu, was his young teacher, did not think of theAfter become a stranger.
Zhu Guanghu not only West fired Li Jinyu in his hand, and Li Jinyu did not get much playing time. In view of the forward line and the Chinese team back in a defensive relations are not close, and Li Jinyu himself in the defense is also quite hard, so Zhu Guanghu couldn't Li Jinyu apparently not Lee's defensive ability is not up to his request, but Li Jinyu's attacking style and with the team on a problem. A typical opportunistic striker, people only remember the Li Jinyu come and go like a shadow in goal and goal celebrations, but for most of the match, Li Jinyu to the Chinese offensive plays what role.
today's foot while the midfield organization has not been changed, but the flank attack mainly thinking have started to see clue. Every game for Zhu Guanghu's largest respectively are manifested in the avant-garde edge candidates, since to flank attack, so the high center configuration is must have a person. In addition a striker places belong to Li Jinyu? Don't belong, because Li Jinyu style and body condition to restrain him. Li Jinyu was clearly the impactCan not become a high center similar in position,Adidas Jeremy Scott there are 3 bedrooms,ジェレミースコットアディダス, winger Lee ball and extraordinary and flank speed more and a winger's request is very different. In a word, in the Chinese striker bring forth the new through the old today, Li Jinyu has become the front line of the ribs.
to the defensive counter-attack,Jeremy Scott Adidas, doomed to Li Jinyu. In the Shandong team and Liaoning team how Li Jinyu into the ball so much? Why Shandong and Liaoning are not anti team,アディダスジェレミースコットウイングス2.0, a strong midfield strength assuring themselves can compress opponent half-court defense, when there is a high center teammates, lurking in the restricted area of the opponent Li Jinyu can run it and see empty shot success. But the Chinese team in Asia does not belong to the midfield super team, although there are two vanguard's configuration, can these two individuals are often served as guard use. The ball in the Chinese team's half-court to roll in,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, is not easy to get a ball,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット Travel back, the avant-garde edge bottom advancing fast after seeing the figure is not high, Li Jinyu is in the opponent back arms, at this time how high passes? The generation time is equal to the opponent back to send a gift.
so don't blame Zhu Guanghu Li Jinyu, is in fact

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