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Looking after the Spring Festival Trader Strategy - Nansha 's bl

In line to see a blog article entitled , which has an old temple monk and a young monk who recite the temple every day, day after day, year after year, day of watching the burning incense donor, coming and going, and suddenly one day, the temple worship fewer people, voices foot of the mountain the old monk very strange young monk called down to find out. monk was the luggage down the mountain, all the way to inquire into the crowded place. and finally into a large house where there are too many people, the scenery than the temple, when more than people coming and going, people here still see a little sanity unusual, when laughing,???????????????????2.0, when the tension, the East West string string, when the whisper. One asked, What seems to be to buy the stock,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, all incredibly excited to have earned a lot of money. monk wondered: monk, monk told the old monk, mountain people very happy, and now everyone what to buy tickets, it is all money earned, are rich. Then the old monk with hands together,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, said: people of the world's people are making a fortune, and skilled, and skilled! the old monk said: !! count, our remaining incense how much money? sell the stock, and I would not join the hell, who hell! six months, up a mountain and lively, the old monk known monk to see what happens. monk saw the previous scene, laughter. back to the mountains of the old monk said, we are buying the stock, pull the stock to make money, to buy all buy did not win (can not buy meaning), is anxious ah! old monk thought for a moment, then hands of a, restless, said: , so that everyone make a big timber it! I would not join the hell, who hell, and skilled, and skilled! Until a year, down the mountain to repair the reservoir, the old monk called novices to the stock sold. a look, it is incredible, they even have a billion incense money the old monk thus lamented: This satisfied the old into hell, Lord Buddha, forgive me, and skilled warrior!! The story finished, then the story itself is not in the old monk, even if we forget a few years old monk, but do not forget his spirit, we need time to come forward. Let us all learn it the old monk Perhaps we really have become old monk! Year of the Dog last trading week (February 12 - February 16), and then shovel market frenzy to soaring 268 points to close at 2998 points, an increase of up to 9.82% - this since June 2005 998-point increase since the third week. Shanghai unilateral volume totaled 388.1 billion, an increase of 49.3 billion more than last week and this has made it the market again, crazy, 3500,4500 or 5000 points heard the voice again, but this is different with the previous voice seems much more confidently, and were more public response. Obviously, the main body of the multi-stage induction has been achieved, but as a rational investor who is time to implement the spirit of the old monk once. the stock market has always been accustomed to let history tell the future, let us look back the trend of history has occurred: On line, the history of the bull market statistics data, in May 1991 to April 1992 up on consecutive 13 months; February 1996 to April 1997 rose 15 consecutive months; January 2000 to June 2001, up 18 consecutive months; June 2005 to February 2007 rose 21 consecutive months. data clearly show that the bull market has experienced a continuous rise in 13 months, 15 months, 18 months, 21 months, the duration of the bull market up trend there seems to gradually increase 2-3 months of the law, while This has been a continuous rise in 21 months, then this means that the broader market has stood on the cliff edge, there is always the possibility of change set from the recent trend, the recent combination with the K line after 15 May 2006 The combination is very similar to the K line, the last from May 15 to enter the into the entered a stage of adjustment, and this will not recopy again? We will wait and see, but if you enter the stage of adjustment, then the adjustment level should be much larger than the last time I talked about in a previous article been based on China's securities market has not fully faced by market-oriented atmosphere of this special environment, the policy trend of the market stage is a huge influence, as a sophisticated investor for the government policies should be carefully studied, to grasp the ideological trends of the management,Jeremy Scott Adidas,Adidas Jeremy Scott society develops rapidly, which will become the major market trends to determine the market outlook as an important basis. the message level, the most important information is the central bank announced on 16, will be from February 25, 2007, the raising the deposit-taking financial institutions RMB deposit reserve ratio 0.5 percentage points. then, the state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks and other deposit-taking financial institutions to implement ten percent deposit reserve ratio. from this point of view the timing of the introduction of the message the Chinese government for the regulation of securities market means more and more mature, more and more artistic, and this is mainly due to the current management of appointments increasing tendency of scholars the reason I analyze this message After two conclusions can be drawn: First, it shows in January introduced a series of management measures to control the determination of the stock market bubble has not changed, in fact, the management was already very concerned about the rapid rise in the market, but after the introduction of the relevant measures found that the stock market panic down, and down speed is too large, which for the upcoming Spring Festival is contrary to the purpose of a harmonious society, so the only way to change and contributed to this wave of rising prices, but the market is too strong, and short 9 days short stock index rose nearly 500 points, which the Government had to worry again, coupled with market trends from the past experience shows that once the holiday (New Year's Day and Chinese New Year) holiday up front if the market is strong, then often in the holiday market will continue to soar, so in order to alert investors in the market, before the Spring Festival in a hurry to catch the new bad news that proves the management of the stock market bubble may continue to produce and expansion concerns. Second, the description management of market regulation approach is to try to pursue a moderate and invisible, and I hope to try not to cause too much short-term market fluctuations in the trend, with the deposit reserve ratio increase, short-term interest rates are expected to be immediately reduced, Although short-term but may freeze this may be beneficial to short-term market trend, I believe that as long as the market is no longer insist on rapid rise,?????????????????, then the introduction of more stringent control measures to further the possibility of not too much. As for the trend after the Spring Festival, with the year The NPC and CPPCC was soon to be two meetings held before and during the meeting as long as the stock market does not appear to accelerate the rise, management is unlikely to put more bad, then the trend should be suppressed after the holiday to do stock index , while the index may show higher volatility on the characteristics, which are in compliance with policies and funds generally will not move against the practice, the big money will be put to good use during this shock pushed up the opportunity to adjust positions for the next band of the rising price of the stock market to prepare, but as time goes by, the market will occur at any stage of adjustment, this is as we ordinary investors should pay special attention. As for the new high level, the last one in my last analysis of the article about the area in 3060-3100,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 that is, but at the moment because the deposit reserve ratio increase caused by the market some years ago, vigilance factors, the main body may be induced more changes in the way, in order to achieve the majority of investors in order to confuse the market for their successful completion of the initial purpose of the transfer positions, which may take some more subtle operation strategy, investors can wait for the trend of the first trading day after the opening, I judge to open lower opening is certain, but the trend of the market outlook there are two species, a small and low open fully regain lost ground on the same day, a few days in a row behind the shock rise, then I suggest that investors in 3100-3150 near or full out, and is expected to see mid-market is likely to advance the top of the time , does not necessarily need to wait out until after mid-March, the second is a lower opening and closing the day out Yinxian K line, but they do not appear Zhang Yin, and there is no point below the 2910 (stock index), and in the next two days within a narrow range finishing with the main shock and then gradually upward, investors can continue to hold the market outlook, I believe that space and time will be different with the first phase, this analysis again in the future. Overall, My suggestion is short-term care operations to do more, middle short, to do more long-term, but as the ever-changing stock market, as investors we should not be too entangled in the forecast and to determine the index, after all, is not simply to determine the index, only in specific selected for the operation and the operation was successful stock can make money, just to judge for the index to help find the right time to buy stocks and selling it so hot for the market and related stocks to grasp is the most important and fundamental, in particular, is present in the Investors can not because the current hot market for second and third line based on the generalized holding assured, we recommend investors have completed the initial sharp upward move of stocks move up the primary, especially the existence of certain valuation bubble has been the subject of stocks to Note rallies by pounds, not very high for the location is still in the process pulled some stocks when the market is still relatively safe patient can continue to hold,A leader -- Interview with Guangdong Runchengchuangzhan Timber Company Limited Marketing Center Gene, waiting and then gradually pushed further reduction is recommended that do not have time to read the tape Festival workers can withdraw at any time after opening, after all, a medium-term adjustment for risk has become increasingly close to the market, behind the fish market not worth mentioning, of course there are investors to do you only consider long-term investment then be completely ignored point occurred in the mid-stage adjustment 500-600 (stock index) risk it is another matter friends.

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