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The film corpse bride I strongly recommend!

Recommend a movie, "corpse bride".
first stated that the film some like any such puppet effect, no seabed general mobilization or monster history to g, in the fabrication of large scenes and a rather strenuous computer visual effect, but this movie I've ever seen in terms of production, music, especially the plot all struck me great movie. It brings me can be said to be a lifetime away. Whenever you remind of this movie, feel in the movie hero from hell and wedding chapel, is the most holy place, there is nothing comparable to this.
is the following: at first I thought it was a horror movie, but know this is a little horror elements of the story, although there are also skull, dark scenes. Everything was between the hero and heroine love story portrayed as beautiful as paradise.
nineteenth Century a European village,Adidas Jeremy Scott years of culture engineering,adidas jeremy scott wings, too ordinary single young Victor (Johnny B;; Depp Dub) temperament melancholy, pale and thin,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, a piano talent, parents want to arrange for him to marry as declined aristocratic descent (Emily B; Vitoria; Watson Dub) as his wife,???????????????????2.0, hoping to marriageEnhance the family's social status, Victor accepted the parents arrangement.
in the wedding night, shy and introverted Victor about the upcoming wedding ceremony is quite nervous, the mouth has been repeatedly say marriage vows,Jeremy Scott Adidas, imperceptibly into the woods, Victor kneeling on the ground, the promise ring sheathed on the pick up a dry branch to practice again, who knows all of a sudden Shanyaodidong, open the earth climbs out in a wedding Corpse Bride (Helena Bonham; B; B;; voice of Carter), the original branch is her rotten arm, she stands in a stunned Victor before, faint charming said: " you may kiss your bride hh"
original since her wedding night was killed, she had been waiting for a husband, yet out of stunned Victor is reluctant,adidas ObyO JS WINGS but do not forget his spirit, but Vitoria is unwilling to quit, both of the parents and pastors do everything means to prove that Victor and the corpse's marriage is not established, but Victor had inadvertently been this has some jiaorao zombie attracted. In corpse bride lead, Vic come to &quot dead ",Although there is a zombie sites, but they are with this world living and enjoying life, Victor JS and death concept had become so blurred, he even began to love this place. HH
I show white spot, Victor fell in love with Vitoria after the meeting, Victor was the corpse bride into the underworld, corpse bride to marry him, and also deeply in love with him. Victor certainly do not want,??????????, to escape back to the world of the living, at the same time in Vitoria there, her parents because of the disappearance of Victor Vitoria has pledged to evil businessman, Vitoria and painful miss one can imagine. Victor could not escape but grew to love the this place,?????????????????, and gradually changed to the corpse bride views. The corpse bride gentle pay and Victor of Vitoria's persistent touching each other each other. Then HH then HH end HH corpse bride for love never paid, she smiled and left in the beautiful church, Victor and Vitoria married. Of course get bad guy the due punishment.
end corpse bride love into pairs of Victor's happiness and blessings of fulfillment, this love is immortal, and her smileTo say goodbye to Victor, into the tens of millions of beautiful butterflies, disappeared in the bright blue moon night sky mm a complete tear ~
another big luminescent spot is one of the piano music, render a moving atmosphere, really very good. I like piano.
no use saying more, do not look at regret ~ ~

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