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As long as all go out for clearance the persons of other associations,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット, then keep on half the hour ended, in a short while is come by ourselves."
This words say tactfully, I and Tang be also late fine to all know what mean, just offended the time of city I robbed many situations, now also the took a break.
Two of us haven't talked and there spread a step voice, the other party also broke defense line and arrived at here.
Tang is late fine to right away issue order, the person of blood-red color evening and sword bath of blood separates, we take their own person's horses to block at sword bath of blood and those new comer in the center.
"Small Ru, we block them, you compete first offend a castellan mansion."I am sending letter an interest for small Ru and starting observing an opposite person.
What to lead the way is a warrior about 20 years old in front, month for name to call Qin, after death still could not follow 2,000 people,Jeremy Scott Adidas, obviously is also after some kind of wars.
Don't know as well he originally was how to think, estimated to be beating Hun water to touch the idea of fish,adidas ObyO JS WINGS "Guo Xiao Yu wildly roared a, otherwise left 2000 people just now, if that we not at, Ba Wu Hun easily eats up them.
I see after death, the person of blood-red color evening leaves 2500 people or so, however often have the person to just fall in action to run to come over, blocking the other party is enough.
The small Ru is to greatly see the next situation and had already turned but taken to take the offensive a castellan mansion to go.
See in front the small Ru take the offensive a castellan mansion,アディダスウイングス, but didn't become nervous, Qin the month went straight up several steps,アディダスウイングス, dynasty we shout a way:"The brotherses of front but blood-red color evening?"
Tang is late fine to also come forward 2:"Is exactly us,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス "Pain, don't know you BE?"
Qin the month smiled to smile:"We are Chinas meeting of, lately- established, unworthy a lift."
China meeting, this name is pretty atmospheric, at present this popular quality appearance is also all quite good, and I secretly paid attention to.
"Do not know that you come to this is why?"The Tang late fine hypocrisy asks a way.
Qin the month is to don't listen to what,Adidas Jeremy Scott, an arch hand says:"Our feeling knows that wes are to have no real strenght to take down to halt ground,ジェレミースコットアディダス this female guest, however today's affair is on the whole that we helped you, there was a mattered to want a company to measure for a while."
Tang is late fine to lift a mind's eye, carefully say:"Please speak."
(The first begs a ticket to beg a flower to beg to collect more)
Chapter 141 gloomy Jiang corpse[this chapter word count:2251 latest renewal time:2012-01-16 13:00:00.0]
Qin month way:"We this time come however is to do a friendly gesture without extra cost, have nothing to do with the other party's being who, our requests are to halt the treatment that the ground enjoys an ally at this."
He a say we understood, after owning ground of halt, two associations can formally form alliance, and halt ground to possess the special discount that the transmission, drugs and material fixs an etc. affair in the other party.
By so doing, the association to halt ground more easily accept a person, this is also we can short time develop to arrive so many people's reason, there is certainly also the second method, after having already halted ground, the castellan can also set a part of persons as allies and enjoy same treatment.
Today Qin the viewpoint in month is probably this and no matter how it is, say, they really helped us, this condition isn't excessively either.
But if Tang is late fine still careful of to the small Ru deliver the information inquire, after getting replying of affirmation, we with China will of atmosphere just mollify down.
Our these people all block up in the castellan mansion and also at last did the small Ru their favour, if have the Ba the person of the association

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