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?Of viewpoint, the hair ties up the blood-sucking vampire that wants to absorb river sun blood.Walk to the public in front chillily after lifting up blood-sucking vampire.Start to hand river's sun of pale facial expression, pass him to the totem card of flank.
Remaining light prejudice groans to still have the blood-sucking vampire to intend to escape on the ground, the milli- Don't mention it grasps all of the blood-sucking vampires with the hair.Put a sky, say:"Do you seem to be very interested in my friend?Know I hate most of be what?The person who fools me doesn't hesitate all the persons of the prices and hurts the person whom my most important close relatives still has a friend for the sake of the benefits!The destiny of these people's end,?????????????????, ha ha ha!You know what those people's destiny is,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0!They are all tormented dead by me,??????????!Die!The garbages!"The Nie good luck till the last starts shouting of madness.
The Nie good luck is from the pocket in take out and turn corpse powder to spread toward the air.Ao way Er on seeing the blood-sucking vampire that protects to behind enjoy a play right away, there are still the manikins in werewolf.The powder of wing continuously demagogy front.The cold sweat starts into Ao way Er of face ascend slide.Once ate a lot of time of Nie good luck suffering Ao way the Er nature can't be letting his/her own race and foreign guest accept this kind of molestation.Ao way the frequency of demagogy wing of the Er is more and more quick.
Those drive Nie good luck the hair tie up of blood-sucking vampire, bear with the molestation of person's sort not.Looking at to turn 1.1:00 of corpse powder own irruptive skin, the skin on the hand still has a muscle to become small grain-like in shape, fallen off on the ground.Skin, all of the clothes of muscle still pregnant top disappear.Leaves bone internal organs to have some small ligaments blood vessels.The blood-sucking vampires see the varieties of his/her own body all open a mouth and want a scream, but this just discovers that they have already had no throat.Their eye pupil tightly looks at the nether devil.The by this time nether devil said to let them crary words.
"Is this internal blood-sucking vampire structure?Regret to have never taken a cellular phone to clap down so much, not just want to tell Long Ge this affair,????? ????? ???? ????? "Like, otherwise he will be old to worry me to understand a circumstance, to still have elder brother Wei to can not say, either.The words say this elder brother Long to give of turn corpse powder to contain quite good effect.Slowly exterminate the muscle of human body above part.It is making them taste to take a shot 1.1 drops of pain and sufferingses that are mown body.Wait while responding to come over,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, they will discover that they have already lost power of speech, this the felling for fearing will make people crary.Is really quite good, totem card this is the inspiration that Long Ge gets from you.He lets to say a thanks for you."
If the Nie good luck isn't salty not thin words are shocked the heart of owner, originally checked the totem card of river's sun body to hear the Nie good luck having no feelings and frightenned the body trembled to tremble, then stiffly turned head a way:"Saint ??Holy Ghost, help to ascend your favour,adidas jeremy scott wings they have the same,??????????????, is my glory ??honor."
"Ha ha, do you want to die?Pain and sufferings like this is on the hoof than die more difficult be subjected to?Do you want to die?Have never passed by my to allow, do you think to deadly drop?"The Nie good luck sees be held up by hair in the sky of the blood-sucking vampire sneer at of say to have fun.
Changed direction vision after the blood-sucking vampire is public, "cover second BE?I know you at.Have we ever meeteach other last time?You are to make a bet and ask the dancing party that I come to this your blood-sucking vampire with Ao way Er.I can't allow you to return you owe an Ao way money of the Er, I can also give you Ao way Er totem card their share, however help me first that severals pack a bloody bag.I want to thoroughly looking at the bag that they pack into an inside inside.Had better hurry,Adidas Jeremy Scott 2011-06-09 20, otherwise that share you have no.

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