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routes set up the Lu Sheng

In May 1st, I set out from base camp at 5800 M transition camp ,May 2nd braved the snow to reach forward camp. Advance base camp at 6500 meters above sea level ,is located in a valley ,steep mountains ,climate is harsh ,according to Tibetan members of the argument ,even &quot &quot yak ;headache ;camp .
Dead ahead is an open ice ,the ice sheet to the right is the North col ,steep ice walls ,it is often because of diffuse ,daunting. We advance base camp has completed 7028 meters ,7500 meters of training adaptation ,very hard .
12 ,withdrawing to Tashi case area to rest,アディダス ジェレミー スコット ウイングス, for the race to the top to make final preparations. Forward camp life relative to dull some ,both day and night stay in tent cards ,chat .
The camp every night snow, can see the beautiful snow color and night .Transition camp ,at an elevation of 5800 meters ,from base camp to the forward camp to rest here one night. The tent is generally located in the forest of seracs .
Solar energy device due to strong sunshine ,located in highland ,Tibet solar energy application is widespread ,we all the way through the towns and villages can be seen .The transition from the camp to the forward camp road is continuous forest of seracs ,in the sun light Shining blue flashing blue light ,very beautiful .
The transition from the camp to the forward camp road is not good, complex terrain, mostly gravel road ,and some of the ice ,ice bucket, go up very uncomfortable .Advance base camp ,アディダスジェレミースコットボーン,at an elevation of 6500 meters ,is a &quot ;even the yak headache &quot ;place ,adidas ObyO JS WINGS,rugged mountains,Jeremy Scott Adidas, climate is harsh .
Across the camp is a sheet of ice, according to Wang and coach ,Jeremy Scott Adidas shaft,through the ice to reach the world Zuo Neng mm Makalu camp along the ice .Look right, you can see Mount Everest steep ridge and the North col of ice wall (right ) ,Mount Everest had a pointed roof ,couldn .
This is our camp ,right near the white Cooking Accounts yellow tent is my ,opposite rows of five tents are the other team .My tent ,the space is very large, the pad was a three bed of military ,lay good.
Look, there is a use of solar energy .Power supply of the lamp .As long as they have the time ,I will write diary ,to happen here are recorded. Mount Everest brings me a lot of experience ,every day to write a lot of ,a total of about about one hundred thousand words.
When not busy ,coach Luo Shen always come around and teammates playing cards ,fire Torch team camp in the US top the hill ,go on about half an hour .Teammate Li Xiangping in iridium phone contact with his family.
The iridium phone signal is relatively stable ,アディダスウイングス a blind man on a blind horse,every minute needs about 20 yuan .Mountain guides in blood pressure measurement. Every morning we measured blood pressure ,heart rate ,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット is the official personnel Yisifumu,oxygen content ,to understand the state of his body .
Forward camp kitchen ,than the base pallet. Due to high altitude ,the food is not easily cooked, the taste is not static as compared with the base .At the camp ,the tent with orange lights ,this is to advance base camp at night ,so quiet and serene.
May 7th, CCTV camera in Awang and other four before held very single Weisang rites ,with a curl of smoke for the acceptance and tolerance. Big Awang video on lower back to tell us the conditions on the mountain .
They and torch rehearsal team in 9 summit ,Adidas Jeremy Scott do not preach animated stories,the retreat to the forward camp vunga coach with us .Training camp ,from set out to 6600 meters of the shoes are such a gravel road ,some sections are mixed with ice.
Shoes office ,6600 meters above sea level .The team in general are crampons ,seat belts and other technical equipment in Barrel lock up ,wear ,down the mountain took off .This is the famous North col of ice wall ,the dot is the climber ice wall .
The average gradient of 40 degrees, the steepest part close to 70 degrees ,height difference of 400 meters, a road is ice ,go up very hard the first time I go .For nearly 7 hours. We are through the North col of steep snow slope ,because of the high elevation ,steep terrain ,route long ,from the North col of ice wall ,routes set up the Lu Sheng ,until 8844 m peak.
Reach the North Camp before by an ice crack ,not very wide ,can see the gloomy crack down on bottom. Fortunately crack on the metal ladder ,by up to save a lot of trouble. North Camp ,at an elevation of 7028 meters ,is behind Zhang Zifeng steep ridges.
Because of the wind ,the tent with thick ropes binding reinforcement .12 we completed third stage training from the forward camp down to 4130 m ,the Tashi case rest, for the race to the top to make final preparations.
Visit the case of Central Primary School ,there are more than 400 students, is in Tibet, a sizeable .I send text messages when, the children have encircled, staring at the mobile phone .
Watch this is small .Student dormitory ,simple but clean and tidy ,it reminds me of the apple school ,our children do not enough. The case of spot Cirendunzhu hotel boss ,he is the Tibet autonomous region of the people ,be happy in doing good ,won the local people respect .
In March, Tibet autonomous region ask him to go to Beijing for a meeting ,he had refused ,the reason was that Beijing was not highland barley wine and Zanba .In order to expand the hotel business ,Cirendunzhu boss from Lhasa bought a lot of new furniture ,アディダス ObyO ジェレミースコット bath treasure,spot the hotel shortly after the repair of a new case .
The Mount Everest shop ,each week from Lhasa ,アディダスジェレミースコットウイングス2.0,Shigatse and shipped fresh meat ,vegetables and fruits ,supply here several restaurants .Rock candy stew Sydney ,Runfei cough ,is a restaurant in accordance with the requirements of our special to do .
We drink for two days ,but the effect is not obvious. Teammate Christine Fan rest when went to Zhangmu Zhangmu .Is the altitude on the world the largest gap between the towns ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 but once there,nearly 500 meters ,verdant trees ,the air is moist, very comfortable.
Due to the bilateral trade port ,gathered here in Nepal ,Indian and western ,high degree of internationalization .Base bar & Restaurant ,was published 1960 Mount Everest of Kampot his son Ben opened ,in the customs boundary ,business is fire .

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