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Roll roll, roll up sweet - - - - - - - cream roll cake

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 80 grams of sugar (20 grams of 40 grams to add egg yolk, egg white, the remaining 20 grams of added to the cream of), 2 grams of salt, milk 30ml, 50 grams of salad oil, low gluten flour 80 grams, 20 grams of cream of corn starch, 100ml practices: 1 eggs in advance remove, room temperature warmer, then carefully the egg white, egg yolk, egg white into a dry, oil-free clean container.
The egg white using eggbeater play fish Yanpao, then add 20 grams of sugar, beat,Sweet breakfast ~ [China] vanilla waffle, bubble becomes finer, the remaining 20 grams of sugar and then two times, until the egg white beat until stiff peaks form, mentions the eggbeater, apical protein Delta will not collapse can; Sheng 2 egg bowl add milk, salad oil, manual to appear coarse bubble, and then add 20 grams of sugar evenly, gently sift in the flour, corn starch, add salt, with upper and lower mixing blade this uniform.
Preheat the oven to 150 degrees; 3 1 / 3 of the protein into the egg yolk, upper and lower stirring evenly, no protein particles,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, the liquid egg yolk and protein mixture, mix to quickly cut into pale yellow; 4 pan pad on a layer of paper, into the cake batter, smooth surface into middle oven, with 150 degrees under fireForce and bake for 20 minutes; 5 bake a cake, the remaining 20 grams of sugar into the whipped cream, with eggbeater play to eight distribution, mentions the eggbeater, top of the river after a few seconds will be slightly curved,????????????????? everyone is different, to kill a good butter in the refrigerator for standby; 6 of the surface of the cake until golden brown, toothpick into the impurities do not immediately after the buckle, hot off the bottom of the paper, and cool to hot temperature, coated with a layer of cream, the sheet cake roll after biopsy.
Cake is a very convenient small snacks, lovely shape with the kids love, of course also suitable for carrying, as afternoon tea is sweet and delicious. As long as the master the basic essentials of wind in front of Qi cake, the cake is no difficulty; omelette baked to immediately reverse buckling prevents retraction, cake layer must advance pad paper, otherwise easy release paper must be hot.
Off,adidas jeremy scott wings, otherwise cool later on easy and cake together. When the screw is reversed, grill to pad a piece of paper, or the cake is easy and the grill surface adhesion, attractive golden yellow skin would not be complete; the sandwich layer cake according to their own preferences to adjust, butter,??????????????, jam,Chocolate, honey, fruit and so on are good.
I tried a clip of ice cream cones,????? ????? ???? ?????, Yu Wen just can be softened after the entrance of ice cream, cake is soft with slowly melted ice cream is very beautiful, you do not try! Roll crimp style has no fixed mode, if some surface color, color slightly heavier also it doesn't matter, the stuffing is coated on the deep surface, to curl, expose the bottom portion of the egg yellow, is also very beautiful.
But must pay attention to, cake is the best in still warm, not hot when beginning to curl, so easy to stereotypes,????? ObyO ?????????, but also will not crack. Many friends come up cracking, may be baked too long, an excessive loss of water,I hope my blog can you love, or wait until the cake is completely cool before volume, so it is easy to crack.

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