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2009 Market truth of what are now the purchase right - Li Xiaope

Text / good Lolo friction as far away as Weifang's friends call me,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, take indefinite attention, can now buy a house? He worried that prices fall, because in many houses in the promotion, also a lot of vacant houses, although already made deposit, or some hesitation,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, he asked me what is the truth? I give him tell a story: once, in his home town one thing: that the richest man in the town on the river just when the storm.
The river is in flood, ship in midstream over. Somehow, the boatman to escape, he failed to save the money. The money people drowned, there are a lot of people to find the body. A fisherman found a corpse, a corpse, but his price is very high, but not willing to bargain.
The family refused to a corpse out of so much money, so they went to consult a lawyer, ask how should do. Can you take any legal action? The lawyer said: "you do not have to worry about. The first paid the money to me, then I will tell you.
" "lawyers took the money, and then said:" you stand. He can't put the body to anyone else; he will compromise, because no one will buy the corpse, so you just stick to live in. "In 2 days, 3 days past.
The family in accordance with the lawyer's advice halt the troops and wait. Fishermen started to worry about, because the body is embodied in the stink, he starts to think or give up,アディダスジェレミースコットウイングス2.0, they can give how many to many.
The corpse into a dilemma, no one else will want to buy it, he also felt that this a little. So how can he for a supply of sth.? But in his decision, he went to ask the legal adviser, with a legal adviser.
The legal adviser said: "first paid the money to me, then I will tell you the way. " he took the money, said:" hold it! The family could not from any other place to buy the corpse, they will certainly compromise.
"" all attempts to elaborate the logical truth as a prostitute, a prostitute. It can support, it can also be against it. It belongs to no one. The truth is always and logic together. The property market is so, for want to buy a house people, which is the one and only a few houses as the corpse, developers sold to you, he may not be sold to others, because everyone has the one and only choice,Adidas Jeremy Scott, buy a house is your uncle, reserved, developers will not stand.
The developers also said, that the one and onlyHouse, only you have, he can't be from other places to buy, you have to bite the tooth, he must be from here to buy,ジェレミースコットアディダス, because he could not live on the streets.
Haha! Developers and property buyers of the game, like a logical, is actually funny, economic shocks reflected in the property market is small concussion, prices for, you may not have, also did not account for the greater cheap space.
Calm we will seek to sell the realm, low-key, buy also stick to your own choice. Trying to penetrate the market truth, this is just a wish. The truth only exist with present, past, future or not. You

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