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In order to sweet honey I late into the Public Security Bureau _

In order to sweet honey I late into the Public Security Bureau text / rosewood love this spring festival was very haggard ,very tired. It seems that all energy is a kind of intangible chained ,belong to me but also where hibernate.
I live very tiredly ,than the average person to tired thousands of times; I live good hard ,than all the women are difficult. Fortunately ,like I do dissociableness and lofty people ,to have this friend .
It is my biggest harvest in 2010 ,will also be in my life I want to cherish a friendship. Thank you ,mother ,father beans beans ,and my little peas !Night ,that all pain hotbed. So dark ,I can say is to show special preference to ,hate .
People ,sometimes is such a contradiction ,struggle .Every time the sun rises ,I tried time and again remind ourselves :today must be better !But ,I can not deceive oneself and others ,????,I can .
When a warning after failed ,when a fall into the abyss of suffering ,I know ,I once again deceive ourselves !Life is a game ,feel helpless ,staged are endless infighting ,???????????????????2.0 is the first set.,intrigues ,curry favour with .
.. ... Mind emerge from those who do not a happy thing ,not only a piece of two pieces ,a lot. These unpleasant things so clear ,full of my whole world .My heart, already reburning no hope.
I ask myself :what is wrong with you? Why let all these things to the impact of their own, let your heart so bad ?Let yourself happy point can not smartly ?Good ?But ,my heart is very clearly tell myself : no! Some things can be easy, some things can not.
If you do, then I would not say this is a free and easy ,I would say :you are too 2 !I cannot so 2 ,know ?Tan Tan ,Adidas Jeremy Scott!Now ,already was at 1: 47 ,around a silence ;and my heart ,so can not be calm.
Tonight, the first of many first times .Involved in the brawl ,and a group of rural households with soil eight. Because of their small every night in the outdoor dance ,the two loudspeakers placed in our area opposite the open ,and we plot no fences separate,adidas ObyO JS WINGS, spaced only a river.
So dance to our community ,but also our couch motion ,directly into the Zhen Sha said once again .Once, is still persist in one ,I sing my justice Bao ,sweet, and XX ,you shake your sofa .
No way, night sound is loud come through ,let a person simply did not live, but not to make a scene will be forced to enter the family mad .At eight o .After eight ,soil road ,relocated the upstart ,threatened to take us into the river and drown us, shoot us .
Also say what ,we just buy houses ,where they lived for three years ,and made the land or house they used before farm ,they love to do how is the local bully ,they say ,we go on our way.
A group of silly B. There several dancing woman what bad words can call out ,I now also learn not to come .Because these curse words ,since my childhood to the country ,occasionally a few times to listen where the shrew scolded ,had not heard from &quot ;&quot ;mouth the words out.
More over that, where several of the so-called ,in our eyes look or man man ,&quot ;&quot ;was also a finger rubbing our face scold us, slobber is spatter exist everywhere ,often we Face .
.. ... This and we plot the man is just the opposite .We plot also past several men ,but when they want to kill us, to drown us,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0, we plot the man began to hide hide ,????? ObyO ????????? Princess sleeve,can slip out ,can not speak directly into the mute ,would also like to say thank one .
.. ... And I and beans mother two women ,one will never abuse ,two will not play .For a temporary stay alive ,because I don ( the ghost ) ,finally can only be pulled out 110 then staged a life for the first time in Public Security Bureau ,do not know for what? Thank father beans ,is you ,me and beans mother from the twenty or thirty men laid siege to pull out.
Thank beans mother ,because you do not rest assured I am alone in such a place. In this place to stand in, was out of the thing be accustomed to ,so your life with the young woman .
You ,I can only say ,put you in my heart the softest place .Thanks ,moved to P words ,????? ObyO ?????????,I do not want to say one more word .In Public Security Bureau ,sat down on the sofa, I opened their cabinet with disposable cup cups of water ,also give them drink to that .
The police chief was stupefied, thought I is very rough .To tell you the truth ,I only know yourself .Tonight, at this moment, I reminded myself again ,don fantasy beautiful ,don go to any final fantasy .
Even hear again beautiful P, also want to ice water it. So big ,??????????,first by police ,was first So the treatment into the public security bureau !Welcome you into the Tan Tan blog tonight
I will promise to bury his life important tips :be wary of false information winning management blog article of the good way to bring you here tonight I will own the doll to life the

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