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The world's most ruthless constellation analysis

, Aries life impulse idiot you are an old white head man ,living in their own small world, with narrow describe you ,really insulted the Frogs !Impulse, naive, ignorance is not read, the worst is a pile of books or can ,known only to their biased narrow field of view world and others ,I wonder if all others will despise you !Really be opinionated idiot !Life is your greatest strengths is self-willed !Because not and others together, so always in the conversion of runway ,also pay for all I, who are negative my super locomotive shape !Be frustrated for all one is deserved! Understand ?God good to you, or at least to give you a little talent ,or how you died in a roadside all don Everything with little brains !Don do first reaction come to regret having done sth.
,have give you so many bitter experience also learn not to !Lesson ,also really suits you !Please you to exercise, make a point to train the mind !You have not called a K book ,long intelligent such a thing is not necessarily of a book ,open your eyes and have a look why others success ,but you still listen to me Lessons ,while listening to the side also hate ,others can laugh out of court thing ,you can be no sense of humor ,that what overflowing with ambition !Nor laugh others call.
You love her, I know !You love prince charming ,I know !But ,you match ?Others beautiful, handsome ,own palace noble love ,none of your business ,you are there to steal what rob ?Grab it up, do not grab is also a cry two make three hanging, a don ,grab it with little brains ,or just let you rob people feel shame .
Also, not everyone likes that kind of see eye to feel, don your happiness on the suffering of others ,OK ?! 2 Taurus slow-witted stone stubborn to die is to your advantage ,if not stubborn to protect yourself ,you must live 24 hours !Think high EQ can solve everything ,it don look ,listen ,don ,using only their superficial experience value to make the judgment, the result is to let the one who loves you sad ,hurt ,I am still my old self.
You also ,a &quot ;and I ?The &quot ;PigHead !You work smoothly because of course !Your dark side is not readily apparent ,especially not let your boss know ,but your colleague is very unlucky ,because how you kick down all don ,you more ruthless ,you betray people are unsure of how to die ,but you have to call he came over to touch a head ,did not prove myself .
I really want to beat you ,because they use the humble effeminate appearance a despicable tactics, also old never learn ,is really bad !It seems Taurus consistency ,was used for local !If someone is trying to change you ,or attempting to to communicate with you ,I think he must be mad !Because he is doing a mission impossible ,was the most miserable ,he did not know that they do ,also have been a waste of time with your blind consumption, at the end of youth have no, are you crazy ,Taurus is a face of innocence said: never mind ,for a long time he used !Time will prove me right ! nonsense ,who do not know you really &quot ;along the way ,be consistent from beginning to end &quot ;ah !So what ?If only to be set in one this be opinionated on the merits, but the presentation to you ?You are superficial ,even chat with you are very painful ,because about half Day in a boring thing around ,even the gossip of nothing.
Besides money and * * ,I really do not know what you expected .You often said in a loud voice their devotion ,ha ha ,don make fun of ,unless your friends say he does not care about you on the outside with others touched also good death virtue ,or ,you are not qualified to say his life only to love a man ,OK ?!stingy should not have to emphasize !Everybody knows how a Taurus !Author :222.
70.87. * 2007-7-21 21: 54 reply to this statement 3 reply : the world ruthless horoscope Gemini said that wrong idiot if you tell a man wise ,&quot ;in &quot ;,excuse me, do you think he is clever ?Smart as you ,must immediately said &quot ;no! &quot ;also laughed three times ,right? But ,still laughing ,the &quot significantly ;clever in the &quot ;the person is you !You just always thought that other people do not know it.
You just do what things ,so when succeed easily ,because you would put the a+b+c say it together ,with the most favorable to you say ,finally, everybody think you are smart ,you applause raises, think you to three midnight at the K book ,So be wealthy in knowledge ,in fact ,only you understand their psychological ,you just hearsay ,but beautification murmur talent, taking other people intelligence ,long yourself down.
But sadly ,this way, really only child will be you three times,Turn after 80 years of elite struggle history - not the choice regret, choose to go, at the end of the day, you are not diligent ,extensive but shallow knowledge ,possessing a ,old come to regret ,ha ,too late !You have a great advantage ,is relentless ,although we are you very well ,think you very warm, strange! You this to someone thousands of miles away in good habits ,believe it or not ,some day kick plate .
In fact everyone has cold right ,but there do be the same outside and inside ,do not follow others to play ,feel that others are not fun ,or did not use value ,and swiftly ran away !No matter if ,when someone with a brigade of Malay threaten when you ,you and immediately kneel begging for mercy ,no !This temporization ,next second overthrow his powers ,perhaps only you can do it ,but ,others looked tired ,7-0 is a good thing or bad thing,you ,not tired ?You are a super insecure person ,always nervous ,but because he is so bad the old fear of being caught ,bracts mentality work, called &quot ;night Road ,always encountered a ghost !&quot ;have a look you ,the whole world ghost are you light ,also do not know self review ,work less bad ,do not have to reply !4 : the world ruthless constellation analysis will live forever in the shell crab coward of the day hiding in the shell very cool ?Suffering oppression days ,probably only you stand ,be contrite and reform oneself every day ,To discuss the current hot topic high case , do not learn of Mao Zedong Mao Zedong not ah, please s,people always think of the harm you, this love dreaming habits ,is a super masochist !Because you don so important, others do harm to you.
But this time the habit and others ,for others a little more caring ,more compassion ,the truth is no self-confidence, always need * others a little identity to live, really sad to the poles.
There is no one in the world to read the same book of the Bible, so please do not use the ruler in your heart to judge others ,no one is born to accept another person values ,also should not be changed by others ,so please don in you can people ,they think others are cruel to hurt you ,because the world is not you alone ,if you feel that others don set the road ,does not mean that he would not you or not Respect you ,if you feel hurt ,tell you ,you are asking for !Boring plus three level consequences !Rational a bit? Emotional excess called ignorance ,if everyone in the world like you just listen to emotional words ,then the world will not progress ,but also full of war ,walk backwards Road ,do not admit to ?You go ask bin Laden with George W.
Bush is what constellation ,come against me later !Horoscope often said that they have the most love, however ,the great mother, what is that to you? I see my mother fatuous and conniving ,with your character more like !In my love ,you stupid !Don was really his opponent ,if you fall ,unable to extricate themselves .
When eating, you super indulge indulge yourself ,eat like pigs ,also do not feel shameful! Hate your strengths ,little trifles ,you also can write it a twenty lifetime, is it right? No matter what others have told you apologized ,or had to explain to you clearly, or is simply a little mistakes ,you are not let a little hate opportunities, although you can !In spite of hate !You hate to die by the roadside no one will notice you, your this inferiority and self-pity Guys ,remember ,poor people must be hateful !5 reply : the world ruthless constellation Leo analysis get applause when oxygen jerk the world leaders is to you, because you are the one and only care about their own happy bastard ,how could become a commander of the armed forces leader ?Stop dreaming !Just three lifetime !Who is that you can be a star ?So not credible lie you also believe ?Really good cheat fatuous plus three ,plus three !Who can tell you just love to show it ,but no matter what other people love or not love ,want to see ,is available or the mood to see, you are correct according to show ,in addition to accuse you of selfish, arrogant and does not know one ,there are more appropriate to describe ?I know the face is important to you ,but you have not thought about ,in order to good face ,you tend to other facial stomp on in foot, deeply hurt the real people of Hello ,is really very muddy !You are a could not understand the words, what do you mean ?You concerned only with what to say, and never understand what to say ,want to express what is that white point ,.
You are the king of beasts ,only the beast , inhumanity .Stupid are you advantage ,as always refused to see the truth ,so it is easy to be cheated by the people ,manipulation ,but still you happiness within ,because you like that kind of killing speak sugared words ,listen to do not have money ,but also let you tread air ,which is why the old you also dead reason for optimism ,because you have always thought he is the best for you ,ha ha ,I feel sad !You always fall in love ,why ?Because you always will be thrown and never knew that your friends leave you the real reason, then you have to change the object ,so you will always be in fall in love ,also since that is their own charm .
To protest on !It is your rejection of others ,not ?Trust me ,when you love without you, in order to make the speed of misery, they will want to enter all the way to cheat you big idiot ,including some very obnoxious behavior ,let you are mistaken to stand him, not to get rid of him, but you wrong ,you already are designed .
So don pretentious ,do not think like you !Can you hear me ?Remember :try to control others ,constant charged !Author :222.70.87. * 2007-7-2 121: 56 reply to this statement 6 reply : the world ruthless horoscope Virgo very limited outlook.
A wretch criticism ,to anybody any good, OK ?The world only the psychosis with qualification has been nagging ,OK ?In fact ,Virgo was worthy of sympathy for the people, because there is no sense of security ,but with the ground want to vent ,of course ,also do not have the speech of the virgin, do not think that this is his nature ,this represents only the first ,you ,he ,still can completely trust you ,second ,he was with the show for their own protection.
The annoying is ,you show ,also a super perfect dead .I know you in fact very want others to treat you as an upright gentlemen treat ,however ,you will not ah ,just a hypocrite !Do you really think you know everything ?What should be cut to pieces to test ?Always think others ,to be served Study on smart ?Tell you ,very limited outlook.
It is your fault ,because there is no one like you I only care about details ,and a lifetime to see .You never get what you want love ,because even if you say repeatedly repeatedly said he loved much ,but in your heart The real love that person, will be scaring you, don scare it was run! You dying to learn ,love is tolerance ,not picky.
With a peace life, although it is your dream ,but it would only be in your dream ,you will can not be with others peacefully in a month, let alone a lifetime! Because of your eyes can only see the shortcomings of others ,any person in front of you are idiot ,no one to do better than you ,then you do ah ,do you you die ,the die hard life !Super bad speech ,although you no harm ,and even well-intentioned, but everything through your mouths open ,be rather baffling stands a group of enemies ,have a real ,really amazing !The world is like you out others abilities! 7 reply : the world ruthless constellation analysis always imbalance Libra Libra seeks the balance is not the focus.
The old want to all men equal ,the result is to make everyone feel unfair !What are the results you want what is not !You have a super metamorphosis to please people always trying to show others my good man ,only to become a super large A bad person, say repeatedly repeatedly said that does not care about other people ,but the show is super care all of you a little advice ,super boring end.
You can hardly alone ,because there are several :first ,you lazy ,if no water for you ,you will die of thirst ;no others to look after ,your home is a dump! Second ,you are afraid of loneliness ,do not know a person how to function !You often leads to some unnecessary disputes ,influenced many had no intention of people quarrel ,also told you not to join a war ,the results could have ended the event of peace ,but because you come out to speak ,resulting in no crazy people crazy ,people have crazy mad !Sadly ,all also recommend you for heroes ,think you help them gain benefits ,in fact ,you just didn fight with evil ,they find a bunch of people to hurt others ,also cry !Not take it seriously ,even the work in just ways as a union leader has come, really hateful !You everywhere disorderly discharge dirty habits ,it is the first in the world! There ,you can in a B lover lover.
How can calmly virtue ,looked really makes people want to kill you !You really think of others all Donre doing what ?Just trying to prove how much can be done ,others can status !But ,call it bad ?It &quot ;shameless ;!Know ?Also is innocent ,people fall in love with you ,so you are not wrong !No shoulder bad guy! 8 reply : the world ruthless Scorpio constellation analysis naturally suspicious poikilotherm in your eyes, others are lower animal ,but you may not ,in the eyes of others ,you are not even animal !Always suspicious of others ,so very happy to tell you ,you ?Not so great ,nobody is available all day long stories ,just to fool you !So ,please put your automatic scan system ,because you are the most toxic and most of the suspected person! Care about is your advantage ,selfishness is your tenure, mean you are more features ,like no blood no tears you this bastard ,really should be made in border area, wait until the day even water did not have to drink it ,you may know pity Xifu ,but not repeated criticism ,criticism and criticism !Some people say you have a general wind is !Yeah !Yeah !But you are just a pile of dog slaves To be a yes-man ,because in addition to save a life ,simply can not have any one will bear you die temper ,and will continue to stay in you that I do not know to respect others asshole !By others is also your talent ,where everyone around you, must have the use of value ,whether to buy lunch ,when the driver ,sweeping, or when the staff ,to help you out with bad idea ,help you to pay or make money, even without regret is you scold ,everyone must have a role ,but sadly ,when these people use value was gone ,they were you kick it !The world like you this dead conscience vicious members also do not see more really ,however ,cannot say you vicious ,you might even think it is a kind of praise ,may laugh three times, it liver did not freak! You love is so low ,it will find a pair of goals ,and asked if he wanted to talk to you ?If they don agree, you head do not back away ,as if people only ,no other !Like this only lower animal can do the things you do, really lost the dead man Class face! 9 reply : the world ruthless constellation Sagittarius analysis spineless runaway King less smart what proud ,less stupid OK !A too direct people called stupid good ?Is not always pierce to the heart of the matter is effective !Didn less speed Da ?These fatal defect ,usually shooter side are very clear ,only shooter don !Because there is less of a bar ,leading to work up does not attend to, always speak promise with no intention of doing ,hurt many close friends ,but I still don .
You best shot is ,when you put a fine mess ,but when the first one who ran ,really is a whirlwind of Peter Pan ,come and go without a trace ,do not know where your body ,to where !Super narcissism, never mirror on your role ?Anyway, as no ,because you are a never see their own shortcomings, thick-skinned to the dead person !When the shooter of a goal, the world only then a target ,causing you to fully feel about what happens ,the sky is falling also has nothing to do with you !Haven memory too difference ,also regard it as their own advantages ,and arrogance Proud to hang in the mouth always speak moron ,all did not know the world ten forgot to turn off the gas .
The nine is Sagittarius idiot ;ten a child to bring out ,forgot to bring diapers and bottles were nine is Sagittarius dumbass ;however ,ten to the airport nine forgot his passport ,would never striker ,because go out to play this file ,the shooter can never careless !You don love !Because you have only three seconds of devoted ability ,see a new like the evil tiger wolf pounced ,no shame ,and then connect to old lover say no ,and is swiftly disappear, irresponsible !There ,take it up, but even lying skill nor ,always caught bracts, Hickey ,tickets ,what to his love ,all in the body ,it is the one who will come to leave traces idiot !10 reply : the world ruthless horoscope Capricorn uninteresting to dead wood as a Capricorn people is very poor ,not only people around you will because you think too dull and leave you ,even you can not continue the uncreative life ,but incapable of action to change the situation, really Is sad !Because Capricorn boring ,so I had to stick in the mud ,a finish line ,but unfortunately, it also is the world most ambitious Capricorn one, so there is often a kind of why others did not see me as the most important figure in injustice ,because they not only dare to think ,but dare not express, so long suppressed down results ,not suffering from depression ,is a pervert! Don !Nobody will sympathize with you ,because you killed this pessimistic ,to the old also did not change ,so who is to you !Live forever in the achievements of the past with the shadow ,hard, often see a sign not in &quot ;like when I had been so bitter ,which like you now so good life ;&quot ;in &quot ;want at the outset ,I passed many efforts, how to work famous &quot ;the pain itself exaggerated and preserved ability nobody can the enemy ,but also the older the more serious! I also calculate, also old love lessons ,lessons are even, also no creativity, always saying the same precepts ,the three hundred principles are not killed themselves ,but also killed those around you friends ,please, life is short ,you want to live in the pain really whatever you , but please don you set yourself out dogmas ,ask the innocent man ,OK ?A very boring person ,how can there be love ?So ,next time! Have a look to the old, there is no way you wait until that kindness was good ,would like to stay with you ,but is only for your property !Of course ,you still have to thank him ,because after all the money in order to endure life boring is not easy! !11 Aquarius don alien basically ,Aquarius live on another planet ,you not the earth ,not the earth !Of course also won understand what others are saying ,because it has nothing to do with you !Don alias bottle as a freak ,he will be immensely proud ,not their own ,because he did not bother with this group of mortals ,he would rather be a heterogeneous, not wanting to be a normal person general view ,so ,when you find a geek ,don doubt ,he must be Aquarius !Be opinionated old genius ,but make a fool of behavior ,bottle life career changing forever and is shameful ,is determined to be a mistress ,toy boy ,is to make a large sum of money and then take the moon walk, or go to a refugee zone ,also never mind ,All this just to follow others.
You like this self-centred bastard ,pay no father or mother ,show no respect for elders ,no sense of propriety used to the dead child ,will one day how died in a roadside nobody know !You never care about what others think of you ,forever only the things you want to do, so your family very unlucky, is subject to be implicated in trouble ,because when you continually looking for trouble, and refused to admit when wrong ,wipe my ass is always your poor family ,but you still keep out of the affair ,a pair of NIMBY dead face! Love is used for all mankind ,not to treat you ,OK ?You even cry die also cannot change your heart fact ,but the hateful, flower is spent ,also named as fraternity ,listened to feel bad !Even feel that others cry the life and death ,&quot ;who called his own love .
,not me his !&quot ;like this without conscience would only bottle that! Even feel great ,give love a chance to grow ,when the incident. ,forget yourself to others, also dare to contact others ,since that was his lifelong friend !It is a standard bastard! 12 no longer Pisces brain rare animal super idealism and realism of the complex, if you are romantic ,really insulted the romantic two words! Because of your romantic only in your head with your watery eyes box ,never practiced ,because you have no ability .
So you only fantasy ,not qualified to say romantic !But strangely enough ,you and surreal ,with others is the money when you can be a little is not ambiguous ,that counted countenance, also
call a person lifelong and unforgettable !There if there is an award called moral award R ,you must is the first prize recipient ,because you have not received the virtue education
,so in your body ,in addition to the dark side of human nature ,the other to see, what drug ,alcohol ,passion ,anyone with a scandal about things, mostly with you enough ,it is admirable
!Mood of your life, is really sad ,because you also learn how not to use a little reason to help you a miserable life ,to die of old age, but also think that your home a broken washing
machine ,just to tell you to do ,just didn you to wash clothes !Crazy to this degree ,even three years old kid will Because of your ignorance ,feel sorry for you !Because emotions and
ignorance ,lead your life complete control in the hands of others ,others will know which words have been offended your nerves, but never mind ,because you the boring part ,in just sent
oath said he will never ignore a while before long ,he immediately forgave the cursed people just to be with you ,oh! This split personality ,only you stand! You anthomaniac ,love plus
three grade !Always use a ?N ambiguous attitude ,treat all the people around you, as long as the people do not let go ,sometimes even the people you can discharge ,no principle to deal
with the feelings of this file ,such as in the cry ,the tears offensive that can solve all ,wait for the lover couldn leave you, you also want to find monk ,with some strange means to

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