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Buy fish

In fact, I've always wanted to be a real husband, I mean to have their own work, to buy food, make their own food, they walk the dog and healthy life. This was a few years ago I Harbin ready to vision, plan.
Now also recall that I with lots of excitement feelings on the car. Can come to Harbin I will corrupt HH, daily living and friends together another day, idle away in seeking pleasure, often late, skip class and so on.
Finally one day last year, look at my growing fat body, my anger HH, constantly in the heart to tell myself: " I want the green, green hh" 6 more to get up, walk to work, two small when I sad spring to the unit, proud with all my colleagues said I came here on foot,Adidas wings my heart beat for thirty years old, and intend to have it do it.
All day long I heart aftertaste that sentence in a variety of sounds presented words: " alas, fat, really terrible! " immediately feel the power fountainhead tumbling boils off, sustained excitement.
I rushed into the market, prepare the evening eating fish, I look around, eyeful is " green ", excitedly lined up to get the fish away,At home,Jeremy Scott Adidas, so I can cook, I in the middle ranks staring at his boss fish tail swing, mad, feeling sighed is really alive fish WOW! The boss picked up sticks as fish head flew past, when bang! The sound to make all my inner monologue cease abruptly HH I was a gasp, followed by a few sound, bang! Bang,Jeremy Scott Adidas! Bang! Suck my final stigmata, fish do not move, I have the rhythm of the body also stop the HH of course, my face still hung poise, I don't want to get around the sister aunt a joke so no wise young man.
This is it, looked at in front of sister natural pick up pick up fish, natural and paid for, natural went out,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,www.adidasjeremyscottfr.com six one &quot, I can't quit,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo! Finally have one when it was my turn I slipped away HH just inside all sorts of gossip number one dialogue now, all stopped,The best explanation of 12 constellations,Adidas Wings, quiet, quiet so that I just bought two cucumber home HH I really afraid, just the glint and flash of cold steel front is not suitable for me HH, it seems weak I can only hide in the big mother's back, I admire punch in the first-line ladies, Shangjie Jew, theSpecial fruit, the last Beatles from home.
And later friends laugh at me and say, you want to buy a fish can also go to the supermarket to buy the kind of frozen fish. HH: I think so, but I had visions of green life maintains all the time in the ideal and the reality of the HH the very next day I finally went to work by taxi HH finally comfort myself, at least I this is the day which the blood is better than three minutes a little stronger.
Follow-up: when too, saw his father kill, I will be full of alley of the tears do cause uproar, the later get tired, still no psychological burden of beautiful eat stewed chicken with mushroom 2 | |.

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