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A true story about a wife

A true story about how the judge :foreword to this story through irrigation friend agreed to post published on the net ,in order to respect for privacy ,after some of the art processing ,and hope to have more friends to discuss about wife swapping &quot ;&quot ;this unique social phenomenon.
This article has promote any point of view ,just want more people to participate in discussion on text .Last Saturday ,I received my friend invitation to dinner ,he excitedly told me he has developed a bastard ( turtle ) seventy-ninth kinds to eat the law ,is a hotel personally guiding cook this dish, let I used to share with him .
My friend and I are in the years before the first collective hunting understanding, in the hunt ,an amateur level we because of a bullet shell became friends with complete mutual understanding .
Because of this article and not to be struck with fright ,it omitted the hunt ,because it was a different story .A friend is a bureau of the real school section chief ,in those days, summer he entered into the system when the aspiring ,a few years later married a girl of the same system ,husband and wife two people feeling very good.
But after only two years of marriage ,husband and wife two do not know what has nerve ,husband Continue in the cadre team in the mix ,but his wife is resigned to go .It was an unbelievable things ,a whole cadre team .
But many years later ,husband and wife two people to demonstrate that his original choice was right. The friend to resign after the office of a small company ,has now grown ,for them, the money is not a problem .
A few years ago ,the government in order to further perfect the employment mechanism and related policy (in fact, don too many people, overstaffed phenomenon serious .) ,encourage mechanism cadre to resign from or starting a business ,and provide a variety of preferential policies ,friend wife as typical was write a great deal about friends ,so the wife of light ,from the area into the city Bureau .
This model at the time of the general cadre team is rare, but in senior cadres ,this kind of phenomenon to meet the eye everywhere .Friend two couples, which is required for some guts ,because the friend that it was just an ordinary clerk .
In those years ,friends of two couples paid hardships are ordinary people can not imagine .For his wife resigned from office to go into business ,friends of the explanation is the wife with good social and ditch Ability ,although there is no power ,but there are also some human resource .
Friends think ,although those cadres usually very smart ,but not as long as the powerful cadre ,also only like a dog around eating and drinking freely ,complacent light .So friends two couples decide ,a businesswoman ,a continue to hold a secure job ,even if the business fails and a hope ,it is the courage ,they did not have today .
Although rich, but friends two couples life now is very unique ,wife to do maintenance ,beauty ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,SPA Museum .Husband everyday outside idle away in seeking pleasure ,painstaking research food ,but not with women ,these two years, friends become real epicure ,also published a number of articles related to the magazine .
Two couples without significant foreign words are not together .During the meeting, friend excitedly described his invention seventy-ninth bastard cuisine ,kept telling me eat ,eyes filled with hope I look.
I remember for more than a month before he was still studying the bread insect ninth eat, change very quickly .My friend bastard cooking method is unique ,spicy tears to my eyes ,I will not eat So ruthless bastard ,hot to hot ,I was highly praised by friends of the cooking method .
Because I don friends forced me to surplus food home and feed my dog ate ,my dogs because of an accident .In Babao River ( a local Hill Friends of perennial ) .On wine desk consort ,lipids ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,blood pressure and weight are exceeding the standard ,still suffering from gout ,the intake of high protein ,high fat food, if at the same time drinking beer can cause gout ,so my friends don ,drink only a local fine brew liquor ,he thinks this expensive liquor not local ratio of Moutai and Wuliangye is poor, and the market that a multitude of names ,packaging exquisite water liquor than is simply a heaven and an underground .
But for me ,what liquor are difficult to drink ,but the man let me show special preference to man ,but now is not the original man .I also don ,drink wine ,friends to drink a cup of liquor ,I drink three cups of wine.
Drink beer because body is starting to put on weight, whenever I use climbing to fight fat ,I found it is futile ,so I can only choose to diet .If they stay Fat down not only unsightly ,but also hurt my Jianghu first Cougar Cougar killer killer name ,also want to figure.
Here I want to explain what I define the cougar ,lest some fool him into the Japan AV Cougar who rely on ,my favorite Cougar is the standard for physical development to maturity ,development of mind and body development are synchronous ,which not only plump sexy Cougar figure ,even cerebral melon seeds is also very sexy ,aged 25 mm35 years old.
I think &quot &quot Cougar ;cooked ;key is to mature mind ,mental development is not mature ,silly ,a road to the black woman even without the Dutch act will force you to go the end.
You know for a man like me ,the most difficult not to flirt with hot chicks ,but left girl .I prefer to love between men and women as the wind no sign that blow ,like waves flow ,float to the surface of the pond but will eventually recover between calm ,leaving a beautiful memory without hurting each other.
Because there are only two of us drink, no ceremony, with drink ,talk about a lot of things .The two men in the informal chat if not talked about the woman is very Unbelievable ,in wine appreciation ,the women begin .
Friends of my virtue is clear ,he met many of those from my mistress from all sides .But although the friend to eat ,drink ,play very good, but the woman is not interested. At least I know him a few years to never heard what he has a romantic affair ,even the gossip are not, it makes me feel incredible.
You know that man just as friends money and some power ,rarely do not keep a mistress or find a lover .I ask a friend :you are all mixed up to this point ,what do you lack a big ?Man day of eat what ah ,you look at me all day long ,love life ,love the cougar ,live more moistly ,you eat food will not fear ?Do you think you have high &quot ;&quot ;symptoms ,you still eat ?Friends :food cooking is a kind of interests and hobbies ,and I just interested in cooking ,eating don eat much ,I don fuck bet ,now gun control ,hunting is not so easy to hit ,always looking for something to do ,but also not suffocated ?I hope I can study more cooking methods, this month I in * * food * * * * * * and cooking .
&quot eating ;&quot ;.In my last we used to eat snake hotpot formula with a few herbs ,snake in Zhuang respond warmly ,snake Zhuang Liu told me ,guests eat that taste great. After retiring ,as food consultant !I : on, snake Zhuang was last province after exposure is not shut down ?The boss does not fear death ?Friends :are leading cadres and people to do business in eating ,you can close ?Just ordinary people can it.
Friends say that snake village does business is very good ,except for the main dish snake ,also supply many game ,the peak time, even the bear and Southern China tiger meat has, but is frozen .
Snake village far away from urban areas, in a beautiful valley ,building is made of logs and bamboo building ,Senior affair twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth !,decoration is simple and elegant, charge also is surprisingly high ,generally where drive in that place to eat a few ,are some to eat without paying the people to go ,anyway, let me pay someone to the dinner I do ,of course ,can be considered the best cougar .
Where the chef is indeed very walk ,a few kilograms of cobra ,cook in five minutes. It can be leather to Leather ,meat is meat ,band to band ,bone to bone is placed before you rinse chafing dish ,gall bladder with a fine glass of liquor by carrying a to you.
I follow my friend visited two times not dare ,because old people say snake eating more will be bitten to death ,I especially love see a snake and afraid of snakes,Jeremy Scott Adidas, to the zoo I specifically to see the big boa constrictor.
There is one important reason is out of environmental protection considerations ,this argument has drunby suspects, but there is affected by environmental protection effect. The snake Zhuang was later reported, closed for a long time ,it reopened, although under the banner of farmhouse meal ,but in some luxury room still supply game .
But are supplied to the influential and wealthy acquaintance ,of course ,also forestry public security leadership. Friends seem to have trouble ,don play with me a cup of liquor for three cups of wine games ,since the beginning drink from action .
I am not wine ,drank only half a bottle of wine and said nothing to drink .A little tipsy friend squinted I said: you have indeed moist ,I quite envy you ,want to flirt with hot chicks would flirt with hot chicks ,what dare say ,what people dare to scold ,unlike I ,I seem very scene, can be I get this point today, how many people envy ah ?Is not the same as to lay low, and with great care ,a few more years ,I think the Chinese people National People or to provide for the aged.
I :how old are you ?A little bit earlier ?With your business and &quot ;the food and drink to play &quot ;professional quality ,there are now leading to the city leaders are named you accompany let ,according to this trend ,sooner or later you mix to the party when the Secretary-General.
Friend :I have the ambition, these years in our unit from the Secretary to Chief planted many cadres ?Let me sit in the city this position is I am rich ,think I don need not corrupt ;two is that I really had to go to the business level ;three is our unit never had an accident, otherwise can explain.
You say I can not trembling with fear of life ?So ,to divert attention ,I can only put yourself deliberately dressed as an amateur gourmet ,than to eat and drink ,dare not touch ,just plain peace An Gan to retire ,in my position ,do not do much success, if the escape is not simple .
Friends say well ,their unit was mouse nest, a few years down A cadre before &quot &quot ;corrosion ;successor ,become all bureau ,Ministry ,appoint ,do in the most notorious a unit ,optical director was arrested on three, not because the anti-corruption efforts are, but because who are jealous of this fat ,which led to his people placed in this unit ?Friends can control the fat is largely the result of compromise ,since a few years, a few leaders recommended people came a cropper ,even giving a friend of vice secretary of municipal Party committee .
No wonder not non-stick ,acquired a special &quot ;with eighteen down clothing &quot ;skills, so it is .I :you look at people like I flirt with hot chicks temptation ?Friends :temptation temptation ,The stars ever recorded - reincarnation twelve section,of course ,you saved my life, I regard you as my brother ,to tell you the truth ,I although have some money ,but I have to send a leader penny ,now many people waiting for me to handle ,in such a small city ,you have to have what thing ,suddenly came the cause uproar ,usually those with our set of relations to anyone who has spent much time to get my money ,I can ,I wouldn ,but ,if what you no problem at all, it will be his platoon Squeeze the handle .
So public money to eat and drink less ,the official fart big things are not ,even if they are found ,is also up to get their own money on the line .A friend said :every day you play online ,you should know * * province discipline appoint secretary who is in Beijing caught in the act ?You think about it ,this is a simple wench ?So far can catch you handle ,in a city is needless to say .
So ,be careful driving million years boat !I :that you were on vacation travel to find Miss ?That high safety coefficient ah !A friend :I am afraid Ill ah ,anyway, which travel to your sister-in-law didn in one piece ?So many years your sister-in-law is not easy, to make a sacrifice ,we couple in order to cause, middle age child, a child of your sister-in-law, how much to eat bitter ?That age maternal ah ,when caesarean section when the doctor let me sign I was almost scared to death .
If I look for Miss, I sorry she !Friend changed the subject :you ask me ,it seems you must find her !I : No ,there is no stranger ,I cheat you what ?I don ,but not necessary ,I so much .
The word hello did not come ,miss what ?Say, ninety years time, I am in endocrine exuberant period ,although have a girlfriend ,but not in a flagrant way in school to do that sort of thing ?I didn few students do not miss ,I also itch for a try ,a chance I was in medical school ,villagers to see where the skin disease album ,called a nausea ,I see anorexia after several months ,if I had the disease ,I don I of public security organs ,if really want to help clients forsake heresy and return to the truth ,with the skin disease album nausea they like, than what the penalties are strong.
Friends listened to me laugh :you really don last year ,* Bureau organized a Singapore Malaysia and Thailand seven tour ,back less than half a year ,their deputy director on Dutch act ,at a time when many people are thought to be involved in something corruption case ,spread cause uproar .
But the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the friend says ,the deputy director of never being reported, this bureau account basically no problem ,but I a involved in investigating the case relatives said that vice director travel returned often to the provincial capital hospital run ,and later traveled to Shanghai hospital , is not in the local hospital seeing a doctor ,the organization was then concluded that is the deputy director of work and mental stress is too big to take .
You said ,maybe the deputy director is really anything which it would be awkward to disclose problems. I :what is now called STD skin disease hospital most are some mountebank who contract, you have no disease go let you have a disease ,a disease becomes terminally ill ,I won money out until at last .
Chen in * * hospital is a hospital ,his urine some pain to * * the hospital ,those who hold a foreign accent experts say he had what what Chlamydia infection ,prostatitis, let old Chen two couples to receive treatment at the same time ,the two couples go to hospital for treatment, at night because the suspect each other noisily ,accuse each other of not serious ,over half a month spent 30000 yuan is bad, most of the drugs can not be included in the medical insurance coverage ,have to pay out of their own pockets wife ,then she heard a friend say the country the corduroy grass Decoction brewing sugar drink can cure this disease ,he was looking for someone to pick a handful of fried hot drink ,did not think of the three days, costs less than five yuan ,have old Chen two .
Po to find the hospital bill. Now the old Chen see acquaintances warned acquaintance never to those ads play the loudest skin disease hospital. Friends laugh ,not easy to stop ,he asked me :the newspaper once published in Shaanxi Liquan a policewoman for wife swapping sites and involved wife-swapping.
Action is the unit discharge of the matter ,what do you see? I :Damn, what to say ,in a word ,my dick to me ,as long as it is fair and voluntary ,not disturb others .Others ,what the fuck ?Chinese ,full of humanity, justice and morality ,once had the opportunity to take off trousers bullying ,as long as no one knows ,his grandson will in the Budokai Tenkaichi between take off the dress to clean out completely .
China human rights development for generations ,have the right of harmony ,steamed bread right is not right ,Dick .Friend :Yes ,if you can not master the dick ,you can do the masters of the country ?This does not solve the problem, what rights are empty.
I : that is ,everyone has the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures ,have sex right, say the people, his old chairman is also ah! As long as no damage to the interests of others ,it is voluntary ,and is in the Personal circumstances ,I think that others have no right to interfere !Friend :Oh ,that if someone to social influence and social morality to denounce this behavior ?I :Generally speaking ,how this behavior is to be in very personal circumstances ,as long as they do not have to pry into other people and intentionally to expose to the society ,there is no what effect .
As you speak of morals ,it is more funny things ,Chinese people have morals ?In addition to their own home turf on the Chinese also speak morality ,out the door ,than those who are wicked.
This saying is very complex ,but also simple ,if everyone felt either at home or outside the home has a master of happiness ,you say that Chinese will the wicked ?Friends :and you said ,I I :Chinese since ancient times when there truly master feeling? Please note ,this is only is feeling, also do not master the pride ,would not say do master ,you have a look Chinese history occurred many times &quot ;who is behind not ginseng person ,who behind no ginseng &quot ;political events ?You said that in such circumstances ,one can have a morality ?If there ,it still does nothing What moral construction of spiritual civilization construction ?What ?From the minimum angle, our country the situation ,in the absence of the legal system construction under the condition of good ,talk what orthodoxy are deceive oneself and others bullshit.
Friend nodded, encouraged ,I then said: those who spit over accusations of wife swapping &quot ;&quot ;will be a bad influence on society people have any qualifications to accuse others ?Others do boldly what is righteous affect him ?Now that affects him why the society take person blood steamed bread were still so much? What the fuck is selectively affected by them, I pull away ,not say, say me will never finish.
Friend : I didn a simple &quot ;wife &quot ;problems can be caused so many problems. But then again ,although we say so outright, if facing his wife choose ,or the people around you are involved wife-swapping.
What would you like me to look at ?To swing ,I mean like ha .I :&quot ;&quot is your wife ;the couple freedom ,any person the right to interfere ,but I think &quot ;wife &quot ;this word sounds wrong ,a belittling the female suspect, because in &quo Let t ;&quot ;in the process, but also in &quot ,&quot ;change ;estimates of the true .
Play this couple is not such a call ,or the woman psychologically there will be shadow .Friend : you ,really play the do not call ,this behaviour is most early in the European stream middle class families in endemic ,in accordance with their version called &quot &quot ,gentle ;exchange ;the word to the US mainland is called &quot &quot ;couple ;,only those vulgar media and trying to prying person would call this activity of &quot &quot ;wife ;I :ha ha ,you are .
A study of them, can give me to explain ?I was interested in ,next time with the cougar therapy have endowment .Friends laugh ,do alone a cup of wine and said :Director Ang Lee you know what ?crouching.
Tiger, hidden.dragon is the film that director ,who in 1997 directed a film called ice storm ,reflects on century 70 time American middle class family history ,the movie on the &quot &quot ;couple ;the party but the party is called the &quot ;keyparty&quot ;,Party couples respective car And your key at the office door in a bowl ,on the left the party by Party organizers gathered together from the bowl with random touch key ,if you touch not his earlier into the turn ,then you need to take other wives or husbands back to his home for the night.
Of course ,this approach is not suitable for our Chinese mainland .I :Well ,you that I did not hear ,but small park ( South Korean customers in a company resident representative in China ) once told me that the party in South Korea called &quot ;the butterfly club &quot ;the name ,very romantic, but I think that if the party we Chinese have at least with Chinese characteristics ,is not absolutely foreign newspapers or on the network and some boring literati invented that model, now is whether newspapers or the Internet said about &quot &quot ;swing ;matter most is to attract the eye of hype .
Friend :Yes, the party in China although the nature of the same ,but the mode of operation to much more subtle ,as mentioned before ,there are people through the Internet to such party ,still one part person is spontaneously through the family party for this game ,but really to club Way of doing such party or club as far as I know ,in our province in only one place ,called * * club ,at * * * * * * * * City Waterfront Hotel has two independent activities.
The club is a member of a Japanese Corporation engaged in, they consortium in our province to invest in the construction of several large companies, as the name is * * senior clubs he and Japanese friend individuals engage in .
I : can there such clubs ?If this in Shenzhen, where I believe ,we have not heard, I know it is * * a senior club is dedicated to provide SM training and services, I have seen them in a SM live performances ,not interested ,I was on the show with the whip is very interested in, it pumped to show Miss body when voice is very loud, but it does not leave a visible the scar .
When the show Miss clothes including underwear are made of paper ,a smoke break, at her side to enjoy it. When my dog had died ,I think that whip used to train my dog is suitable ,not hurt it can scare it.
I will go there .Surface of a manager is one of my acquaintance ,he is from * * hall retreat under a waiter, personal quality and management level is very high ,the province of several Stars Hotel digging in him, he in * * hotel dry after a year away, was the SM club to poach ,the time I used to go is that he does not know where to get a membership card ,no membership card ,they do not receive an annual salary .
I asked him how many ,that guy said confidential ,but where the membership card annual fee is ten thousand yuan ,rely on ,it ,because membership in addition to eating ,drink ,live without money, other services to pay .
Friend :you said that SM Club fees are not high ,its service object is relatively broad, generally as long as the money can be added ,so it is very easy to mix in some low level even harbour evil intent designs people ,personal privacy protection impossible.
I said that &quot &quot ;couple ;clubs charge tall ,fee of one hundred thousand yuan RMB .Money is not enough, there must be the early members ,after the intro and pass the professional doctor strict examination ,only after passing a medical examination before applying for a membership card ,etc.
You the proof ( such as proof of marital relationship ) are approved and ensure compliance with regulations to pay for club membership card .I interrupted them :so complicated ,too tired, do not love is ?Get so complicated ?Friends :you don ,to listen to my introduction to speak club membership ,couples receive a membership card after did not directly participate in activities ,members will participate in activities must apply in advance ,according to different clubs paired arrangement party ,club is absolutely not allowed a number of local couple together to the party ,it is mainly for the protection of the service object of privacy considerations .
The party who the couple training ,hobbies, basically in a level, only in this way ,the members do not think that communication obstacle. Besides ,each time to participate in activities must accept the club exclusive doctor examination ,the club have male and female doctors each one, specifically for to participate in the activities of the member couples provided health examination .
Only in health examination through the cases can take part in the next activity. Activities are divided into primary ,intermediate ,advanced three levels .Here ,I know my mouth Open ,did not think of wife swap so trouble ,friends watch be not a little bewildered look smiled and continued: attending primary activities member couples must undergo a club professional psychological counseling and some necessary knowledge and learning, and then to participate in activities ,the primary activity is generally a get-together in nature, but no specific the sexual activity ,only through performances and interactive way to eliminate new members couple concerns ,relieve their psychological stress.
For example through a random draw to decide not to know each other and to perform a sex to touch the action ,like take three pieces ,is surrounded by the audience ,each man have the opportunity and the wife of another show ,his wife also had the opportunity and others husband performing on stage .
At first is not used ,but then slowly adapted to it ,in the scene, everyone can learn a lot of their usually do not have to touch her ,the sentence joke ,that kind of activity is a bit like my party the scene to observe and experience exchange conference .
If a friend has not yet finished, I laughed ,I know it not polite ,but I couldn it do * love ,and for the people Service issues .Friend :what ,this is to help member couples the dispel misgivings and ease the pressure on the best way, and do not point ,no leakage ,is at best an erotic dance performances .
Men and women in the activity just to touch and simulated sex way to learn from each other ,from the experience from heterosexual petting and happy necessary communication. This to those shy even with a mental disorder are particularly good.
If you think this pattern and those who engage in pyramid selling almost, good as excusable ,and on-site office will be what and where? In order not to make friends to continue losing interest in the topic ,I hastened to apologize :sorry ,you said the senior activity is not the same as what place? Friends :only experienced the primary activities and to participate in the activities of the personnel can apply to participate in the intermediate ,intermediate activities must provide couples such as sensitive points and sex position preference data and information ,which is also in wife swap activities as far as possible to eliminate strangeness ,promote activity of harmonious ,formerly known as well ,now with &quot &quot ;harmony ;the word is in order and the central consistency in acquisition .
Member couples the necessary information ,clubs will put the information in a pamphlet ,when the member couples to participate in activities ,in addition to and other member couples in catering meeting face to face can also put the booklet as auxiliary reference, the final selection of their own satisfaction with the object of exchange ,once both parties consent, you can the couple exchanged &quot ;&quot ;.
I : Yes ,quite user-friendly ,that they how to ensure security ,such as how to avoid the spread of the disease and prevent some allergic damage exchange object. Friend :in disease transmission can rest assured ,because of our own in addition to providing proof of medical examination ,the doctor will be the exclusive club you are careful health examination ,including the blood ,reproductive system, examination ,each to the club during the physical examination to blood ,even need enema ,our unit organized annually examination ,never enema ,club doctors credibility than general hospital physical examination the doctor is much higher.
Friends here my heart confident ,friends should be involved in such activities ,otherwise impossible to know so detailed. Have not drinking I quickly put his empty glass with wine and friends do A cup of wine ,devote oneself heart and soul to friends seem to forget than three rules.
But I still active s drinking two cups .Friend then said: in addition to those measures are not enough ,the course of life must use the clubhouse for the Durex condoms, this is also the club membership in the rules and regulations must be emphasized ,,in order to prevent the exchange process the woman insulted deceived phenomenon ,will all proviso ,must fully respect her wishes ,not for any means to force the woman against my will .
Generally, participation in such activities couples personal cultivation and the quality is very high ,Adidas wings,not against her will action ,because the exchange in their husband ,and, in exchange for a member of the feelings of husband and wife is very good.
The club has not happened such unpleasant phenomenon .I :the intermediate activity relative to the primary activities, in addition to a substantial exchange wife ,what other different points :intermediate activity ?Friends a most obvious characteristic is all member couples according to the club professional advisory staff recommended change sexy clothing ,of course ,those Clothing in life is not dress ,ladies dress sexy and revealing clothes absolutely not ordinary nightclub ladies wear that, although the sexy and exposure ,but never vulgar ,the activity atmosphere indeed played a role .
The costumes are supervised ,if ladies outside buy to the right clothes ,will all the specialized clothing store for members to provide paid .If you take part in such activities ,see those ladies ,you will nosebleeds .
I :this opportunity I would really like to go and see ,of course ,could offer me no exchange object ,I go to have a look ,only see the real good? Friend :you might say ?I :disguised as a waiter OK? Friends :you look more like a waiter his dad ,The Guizhou archway village 282 singles soul history I need a woman,you are so old waiter waiter ?They cannot enter the arena ,only at the peripheral activities.
I :Oh ,the senior activity is friend :what ?That more stimulating activities ,many people are only willing to participate in the intermediate event ,because the intermediate activities couples exchange requirements to meet the needs of most of the members ,many members of husband and wife is only at an intermediate level of activity at this level Will not move forward ,because of the high activity and primary activity form almost, different place is the primary activity without substantial sexual activity ,and senior activities is not, members should participate in the draw ,once the smoke to show sign ,you will be publicly and another being pumped to the heterosexual stage performing real the sexual activity ,which for all people is a stimulating ,similar to what we usually eat aperitif ,performing on stage people tend to use use all one to get more heterosexual recognition ,performing after the end of the event ,we can according to their own liking people free pairing ,the level of activity for many members and step back ,because they didn reach that mental capacity, of course ,crazy members also .
I :the senior activity is all activities in the climax ?Friend :Yes ,as far as I know ,participate in the senior active membership couples are usually only a dozen pairs, relative to other levels of activity, the member is fixed therefore ,whenever a new member couples from intermediate to join ,is their most exciting time.
I :if only these activities ,I think the fee of one hundred thousand yuan too high ,twenty thousand yuan can also be To accept .Those members pay so much money for some reason is it right? ?friends :that from what the respect looks ,clubs provide service level is very high ,Adidas Porsche Design,unlike ordinary family gatherings ,in addition to arrange the above activities ,the club has often employ top beautician and stylist for members teach and guide .
Members benefit, especially by the ladies warm welcome. I :the experts will be Mao Geping ?This friend :you don ,but experts are very popular ,famous degree very tall. I :Oh ,there are other services ?Friends: how ,club also hired experts in psychology for members to provide counseling and psychological counseling ,some psychological barrier member therefore benefit ,be profuse in praise of experts .

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