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What kind of soup is good for pregnant women

Pregnant women drink soup? Soup is a traditional diet culture, soup is rich in nutritive elements, for during pregnancy need a variety of nutrition of pregnant women is particularly important,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, so pregnant women drink soup maximum nutritional value? pregnant women drink soup bamboo fungus soup of Tremella material: white fungus 4-5 flower (about 100 grams), bamboo, lotus seed grain, 2-3 support 10-15 15-20 tablets, red dates wolfberry 10 grains, Lily 10.
Seasoning A material: rock candy 1-2 t approach 1, white fungus into the water for about 5-6 hours, remove and wash, divided into small flower, peduncle spare. 2,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, bamboo fungus into the water for about 10-20 minutes, remove, cut into 2 cm pieces into the boiling water, then fry burns.
3, lotus seeds,Adidas Porsche Design, red dates, wolfberry, lily were washed, in the rice cooker inner pot, add white fungus,Sharing a Ma Tianyu as the protagonist MV. Quite pleasant to hear!, bamboo and 6-7 glass of water, the outer pot add 2 cups water, steaming to switch to join the A material, the outer pot, add 1 / 2 cup of water add to boil to switch to.
nutrition analysis: white fungus called tremella, containing abundant glial, multivitaminPeptide and 17 amino acids,Jeremy Scott Adidas, with Qi and blood; lotus beneficial Yangxin compose; Lily had lungs,In 2008 the first cover song released! Big ha ha ha ~ ~ ten thirty..., tonic, sedative effect.
pregnant women drink soup of Amomum villosum steamed carp efficacy: "stop vomiting. ingredients: fresh crucian carp 250 grams, 5 grams of Amomum villosum Lour.
production: Amomum villosum grinding into fine powder; fresh crucian carp to scale and gut the soy sauce, salt, stir well into her at the end of Amomum villosum Lour, crucian carp,Adidas Porsche Design, starch sealed edge,I come to see if you are the one., put dish cover tightly, steaming.
Usage: table food. pregnant women drink soup good perilla ginger red dates soup material: 10 grams of fresh basil, 3 pieces of ginger, red dates 15 grams.
approach: first the red dates on the water. Wash, and then remove the pit, the ginger slices. Will be shredded fresh basil leaves, and ginger, red dates together into a casserole filled with warm water boiled with conflagration, open the pot and simmer gently for 30 minutes after the switch.
Then basil, ginger fish, continued to simmer for 15 minutes. pregnant women drink soup soup? Pregnant womenNeed to pay attention to, some pregnant women not suitable to eat
condiments such as star anise, cinnamon, five spice powder isosceles careful! Hope that the pregnant woman drink soup questions can help you! Read the whole passage categories: default classification

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