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Job - shop customer service chat Xiefu gold earned January twent

Work - apparel shop gold customer service chat &quot ;&quot ;January to earn twenty thousand - New Southern China shoes network this news from the new Southern China shoes nike agent www.
xhnshoes.cn is reported as the first half of this year ,China number network has been expanded to 63000000,the rapid expansion of the shop has brought hundreds of thousands of talent gap ,and in these people ,there is a large some are engaged in net inn customer service.
In fact ,net inn customer service is no longer a simple &quot chat tools ,&quot ;meat ;their roles are being gradually evolve ,network marketing has become a key link in .Net inn customer service this seemingly technical content is not high occupation ,has become more and more specialized ,some expert service monthly income of over 10000 ,small customer service can also be paid! Yellow in 2008 February from his hometown in FujianQuanzhou to Guangzhou ,she said that her work is &quot ;&quot ,salesman ;but not the sun and rain ,not every day to stand ,My basketball career,not to export talking to customers.
&quot ;chat is work ,work is &quot ,she is in a chat ;home men website (the new Southern China shoes network Guangzhou company ) to do customer service, is the daily work at the computer fingers flew ,the average monthly income of seven thousand or eight thousand yuan ,or even at the peak of Million .
&quot ;small customer service also can earn high salaries of &quot ;first ,Taobao shop lemon green tea Niu Zhihui also tells a reporter ,they shop for the gold medal service one month down income of over twenty thousand yuan.
Net inn customer service on the keyboard to battle a large warehouse near the plant ,with goods ,this is usually shop customer service work environment ,they need very focused and guests exchange .
Said network service this easy ,threshold is not high ,&quot ;can chat typing line &quot ;.But that ,also really very difficult, when busy while coping with forty or fifty customers ,to do the gold medal service ,deal with all sorts of people ,but also need a &quot &quot ;transformers ;a time .
While doing well, two thousand or three thousand of their monthly income is little not ,even the gold medal service monthly income of over 10000. The following is customer service people ,the true story of a network of customer service work .
&quot &quot story half an hour ;bed ;fifty at 9 in the morning ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,yellow on the to work mm is located in Kecun crossing a large warehouse .A lot of shop and entities shop ,but almost all have a large warehouse or office office used to inventory ,in addition to heap mountain high goods ,customer service personnel and packaging ,filling The workers are busy in the side of MM this is many shop &quot ;&quot ;picture.
The conventional language input keys with a minute to open the computer ,enter the store ,take three or four seconds to open their own Wangwang account ,Huang began in front of the computer to chat &quot ;&quot ;in general the beginning .
She must be within 3 minutes of processing accumulated offline message ,to input the customer ID through logistics information check ,Five Mile River, in order to not forget the memorial,to help customers tracking orders and so on .At the same time ,also be the new customer consultation ,&quot ;Pro ,Hello ,what can I do for you? &quot ;in exchange, &quot ;&quot Pro ;is a generic name ,do not know from what time, customer service people have been accustomed to using &quot ;Pro &quot ;to call customers.
Master these basic vocabulary is very important. Now there have put these common language input keys ,a customer advisory ,a key is generated at the same time and business flourishing .
50the clientchat from 10 a.m. to noon,is the customer shopping climax &quot ;&quot ;.Buyers chat box one after another in computer popup, yellow tend to face forty or fifty in a dialog box to attack &quot ,&quot ;&quot ;VANS09 ;miss, this pair of autumn ,Signs - Carter career retrospective original ,Dunk High Quality What is the amount of ?&quot ,&quot ;;this pair of shoes is a few yards ?,&quot ;&quot ;my goods sent ?&quot ;HH then yellow spirit has been tight, often also have customers as long didn reply and temper ,constantly urging .
To appease customers is Huang strengths ,only 24 shechatted on the Internet has a sister .According to customer tone ,typing speed ,she can tell each other and character. Sell a pair of shoes from 2 yuanat 7: 00 ~10:00 is abusy time .
Then often at least fifty or sixty accounts in open chat ,often more than Wangwang account to limit the number of open ,then the computer will crash at least four or five times ,while the customer hands have to numbness ,blinded .
Yellow half an hour to 50customers at the same time theAC .Yellow one day to be able to successfully sell 200 pairs,each pair she was probably a $2 Commission.Colleagues collective on the beauty shop customer service will usually work until around 2 .
In addition to the usual eating restroom ,they almost never leave the computer .Every computer at work ,avoid dry skin lit, Huang and co-workers at the end of the day like mask skin care ,but also often collective Go to a beauty parlor do care.
Will chat can earn an average of two thousand or three thousand in Taobao customer service recruitment forum, the recruitment of net inn customer service for gender ,age ,degree almost no requirements ,general typing at a rate of 60 words perminute ,the shop has certain understanding to .
&quot ;as long as everyone can online chat you can try to join our team ,new Southern China shoes network &quot ;Guo SIR that net inn customer service is web business basic occupation ,education as long as it is above it.
For personal image ,age also does not have too big .General entry has one or three month trial period. The lemon tea shop assistant director Niu Zhihui said ,the company recruit service using &quot ;three seven law &quot ;selection mode ,each candidate has seven day observation period ,period out of 30% people ,additionally 70% into the training period ,the applicant can continue to receive professional training .
Store &quot ;kicked &quot ;Division of fine do shop store customer service of the sea ,in the small shop only one or two general service ,from receiving advice to shipping, shipping is a fixed up.
And in the big store ,customer service personnel have been detailed division of labor .The lemon tea There are currently 60 customer service,responsible for the selection of goods to help buyers guide ,back to the cargo ,handling objects.
And the new Southern China shoes network 12 customer service,customer service is divided into pre - and two groups of 8,pre-sale ,after sale 4.Pre-sale customer service is mainly responsible for the orders, buyers accept the advice .
After sale service is responsible for returning the goods ,to handle customer evaluation ,store messages .In store ,net inn customer service not only have different division of labor ,but also the level of division of new Southern China shoes network .
SIR &quot ;Guo that ,along with the development of electronic commerce ,online marketing will be a guide line .To resolve customer service ,after sale service ,dispute ,modify the price will have special customer service .
The new Southern China shoes Network Guo SIR that net inn customer service has huge development space ,will create thousands of jobs ,in two or three years to mature. Earn an average of two thousand or three thousand currently online customer service general wage base salary plus commission ,commission according to performance and decide.
Reporter investigates the discovery ,at present the minimum wage per month for the general customer service 10001400 yuan,80% ofnet inn customer service salary per month in about two thousand.
And a few gold customer service ,customer service expert salary to over a million .The new Southern China shoes Network Guo said SIR ,to become the gold medal service ,must be able to Endure hardship .
The current net inn customer service work long hours ,work intensity is also large ,relatively dry. Some large shop ,taking into account the employees bear force ,the working time is divided into the early 8:00to 17: 00,17: 00~2:night shift in 00oftwo rotations.
Customer pay two standard ,is a high low pay commission ,another is the low wages high commission .The former high wage does not exceed three thousand or four thousand ,deduct a percentage is 1 of salesto 2.
5% .Have the ability to service are willing to take to reach sales of 10 ~ 25%of the high commission .New Southern China shoes network company to take the basic salary plus individual commissions and team deduct a percentage from a sum of this three respects, minimum wage is 1200 to 1400yuan per month,monthly sales of 1000 pairs of shoesrequired .
If a customer service a month to sell 2000 pairs of shoes,royalty salary is 1000 RMB. High income of a month can earn 10 thousandyuan. Network service classic case is EQ important once, a middle-aged woman in new Southern China shoes network had a men shoes ,yellow to members of integral and so on concessions to attract the guests ,but in the end she still says to have a look .
Over a period of time ,and a middle-aged man asked the same pair of shoes. It turns out to be the woman husband ,But the shoes have been out of stock .This gentleman is informed immediately after the fire ,Wangwang information :&quot ;flying before my wife asked have goods, I was waiting to wear.
&quot ;when the phone rang ,it was the husband ,the phone comes diatribe ,&quot ;why, in your shop so little goods ,also do not have credit ?Less goods must not open a shop .&quot ;then for the wife to scold .
Yellow offended ,she actually understand customer psychology ,with these means the purpose is to let customer price compensation .Hear the couple turns attack ,Huang has been back ,almost crying ,but never returned to scold in the past, but that will soon follow.
Yellow remember clearly ,the single spent two days to finish .A service such as Feng Shui, not meeting can guess buyers look like gold customer service Vujacic can through Internet chat to judge the buyer .
Once, a girl consulting a pair of mens shoes style cloth ,Vujacic immediately thought of this young lady is my boyfriend to buy shoes .&quot ;to what size ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;39 yards.
When Vujacic has actually been through code number to know of her boyfriend approximate height, thereby also knew that her boyfriend is a relatively thin .Through the student online voice chat ,Vujacic also know that she is cheerful and loving family girl.
According to the principle of complementarity ,&quot ;&quot ;her boyfriend should be compared to girlfriend discipline .&quot ;I guess your boyfriend is wearing glasses .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;how do you know ?The girl back to sand sofa a photo, there are five identical dress bridesmaid dress girl, lets her guess who it is.
Now think ,a cheerful ,loving family girls should stand in a prominent position and wearing fashionable ,attractive ,and immediately guess who is the girl .So ,the girl was that she too has the fate and salsa &quot ;&quot ;the distance ,all of a sudden narrowing of the lot.
Later ,not only let the girl have bought a men to her boyfriend ,but after she bought a dress .Customer service to professional &quot ;&quot ;training market is budding according to incomplete statistics ,Guangzhou currently has over a million people in the full-time net inn customer service ,while the net inn customer service number exceeds one hundred thousand .
Net inn customer service training institutions responsible person Chen said ,now the majority of net inn customer service are not professional enough ,just put the work into simple chat on the Internet , answer guest questions ,the wages is not high ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,high mobility frequent job-hopping.
In fact ,net inn customer service this looks not much technical content of the occupation ,is moving towards specialization. Besides there are more and more training institutions to settle on the occupation ,the beginning of professional personnel training ,local government also began to cultivate professional net inn customer service.
With more and more people are engaged in this occupation training ,market also began to sprout. Technical doorsill is low liquidity is new Southern China shoes Network Guo SIR says ,net inn customer service threshold low ,but liquidity is relatively large ,in the past year ,the company has five or six customer service to resign ,at the same time a new customer service in .
&quot ;threshold low ,most people learned to make shop to go ,after all, be your own boss or reality .&quot ;net inn customer service very quickly, half will be able to grasp the shop doorways ,as long as there is a certain start-up capital will be able to open his own shop .
The shop customer service work at least 10 hours,all the time sitting in front of the computer work load is big, when business is bad and boring ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,customer service staff job hopping frequency is very high.
Lemon green tea Niu Zhihui tells a reporter ,currently holds the post of net inn customer service work The staff is more than 80or90,early in the trial within a month ,net inn customer service staff turnover rate is higher, reaching 20% .
After three month trial period ,customer service staff familiar with the atmosphere of the company ,accepted the company the basic can be stabilized. Moreover, whether in Beijing ,Shanghai ,Guangzhou ,served as a net inn customer service are mostly foreigners ,Shanghai net inn customer service in 95% not Shanghai.
&quot ;many people in the big city for one or two years ,will go home ,Niu Zhihui said ,&quot ;the mobility relative to local people .But ,after 80 ,90arenow like the job ,is very difficult in the unit of a job ,post doing three five years .
Many people choose to shop work ,was to take a fancy to its size ,the work also learning shop operation ,work for a period of time went back to his hometown to keep house open shop ,when the boss .
To the professional development of rising in recent years, training institutions, the reporter understands the specialized training of net inn customer service agencies rarely ,only Taobao ,Alibaba ,mainly the Southern China business network three or four.
Southern China business network training institutions responsible person Chen says ,net inn customer service training is a new project, is contained in the whole A network training .And other network training project ,operation sex is very strong ,because the network marketing has the polytropy ,at present the net inn customer service related training course is not mature.
The reporter understands ,at present the network marketing training is targeted mainly hope to open in Taobao shop ,opened shop hope to continue to increase online sales the ability or to online sales of interested people.
Now for the network course is primary ,intermediate and advanced .Customer category training is relatively single ,only belong to this series of courses in a middle course .Net inn customer service training courses are usually not long training time for one or two days ,which lasts for two days .
Network thematic courses ,fees for 500 yuan,while the single course fee from 30 to 150 yuan,among them net inn customer service training of specialized course fee is 80 yuan.In addition to these training institutions and large-scale network of the city ,for its training ,transportation service personnel.
Taobao University Guangzhou training in line from 2008 in the beginning withspecialized training of net inn customer service program ,called &quot ;customer service to win the world &quot ;training mode .
For consultant training ,including the theoretical explanation of knowledge and practice exercises .Southern China business network of training institutions and Alibaba cooperation ,in 2008 July startof net inn customer service training courses.
Students intend to training after the shop business accounted for 80% ,hoping to engage in customer service work accounted for 20% .&quot ;after 80 ,want to network poineering person to receive training and more, really want to engage in net inn customer service working or less &quot ;,Southern China business network training institutions responsible person Chen said.
Many training institutions responsible person said ,at present the net inn customer service training institutions students or rarely ,training market remains open ,this is mainly because the people of net inn customer service this occupation low recognition .
Southern China business network training institutions responsible person Chen said ,according to their investigation shows ,at present people on this occupation cognition of only about 7% .
&quot ;at the time of enrollment, often hear the issue of l network service is what ?R&quot ,understanding of this new industry ;few people ,natural training market is also very difficult to open the .
&quot ;the first is to let the students good positioning ,himself as a clerk typist ,rather than &quot ;net inn customer service training instructor told the reporters ,they in addition to teach basic shop operations ,most importantly through specific examples To enable students to master the network sales skills .
Since 2006 asTaobao Guangzhou to UNITA Secretary Chi Chunxia says ,net inn customer service must have the charm of communication ,even if the sale to customers to make friends .Because of net inn customer service is not just to answer customer questions ,their role in shaping the store image ,eliminating the distance and doubt ,improve turnover rate ,increase the buyers back rate .
Learned ,Southern China business network training institutions have conducted phase five training. Each attracted twenty or thirty participants. Training mainly in practice ,explained through network marketing examples to teach students with skills to communicate with customers ,promote customer consumption which how to master .
The customer ,is a focus on training courses. Such as customer service and one to buy mens shoes exchanges ,the customer needs according to the size of the shoes to determine the boy height .
At the same time according to the complementary her aesthetic preference ,know her &quot ;hope that her what to wear shoes ,&quot ;thereby recommend appropriate style. Can also be based on customer typing speed ,words ,expressions to determine their character and mentality .
And training special attention to impart some Tips ,such as teaching staff and customer communication after all should to each customer details note ,such as the customer characteristic of &quot ;female / open / fat / things like &quot ;&quot ;male / skinny / don talking &quot ;and so on.
Then and the guests communication ,can have the to sell goods. In training,Jeremy Scott Adidas, transposition game is also a training of key projects. The reporter understands ,the so-called transposition game is to let each students exchange name ,the lecturer name cries you must imagine someone else.
This is to let the students through the game, learn how to think .&quot ;net inn customer service is the most important to transposition thinking, always stand in the position of buyers think ,only in this way can we know yourself as well as the enemy ,the &quot ;,a customer service training division told reporters ,in the training class often have some collective game ,this is in order to cultivate net inn customer service organization .
As a net inn customer service the most basic is to do while coping with dozens of buyers advice .At present many net inn customer service training and after sale service &quot ;&quot ;.
At present some training institutions each class online exchanges ,participants in the concrete Online sales and customer service aspects of the specific problems encountered can communicate with each other.
Most shop on the old with the new &quot ;&quot ;the reporter understands ,at present as a result of the social network for the customer service training courses is not perfect ,large companies are taking internal training, by the old customer service staff to prepare training materials .
New Southern China shoes net company mainly take the old customer service employees with young customer service employees, let employees for customer service customer service ,to understand the company ,and then contact the work orders.
The company staff after half a year of work and the corresponding training to master the contents of the work ,to become a professional personnel of net inn customer service .The lemon tea companies have internal training ,training material is green tea with lemon five or six years in net inn customer service has accumulated experience is summarized.
Internal training is beneficial for the actual situation of the company ,with the last encounter specific examples for staff training .Niu Zhihui says ,net inn customer service is a new type of the great potential for development of the industry .
He thinks ,at present the net inn customer service personnel or scarce ,to promote the development of this industry ,Need to shop for the people to provide more opportunities and space to progress ,to net inn customer service staff to carry out standardized training.
Lemon green tea and Shanghai has more than 10 colleges and universities has reached a cooperative relationship ,for the customer interest and enthusiasm of students to provide trainee and net inn customer service training.
&quot ;electronic commerce still during infancy ,net inn customer service will be along with the electronic commerce development of mature &quot ;,he think customer service personnel training but also the future of e-commerce development.
Professional requirements is not high but easy job boring work on Internet in China opened a new shop every day more than 5000 ,net inn dimensions increases gradually ,it has many shop owners unable to cope with the daily transaction ,resulting in an emerging occupation of net inn customer service &quot ;&quot ;more and more popular.
It is understood ,net inn customer service division has already reached a considerable level of detail ,through instant messaging ,telephone answering service specialized buyers problems ;help buyers choice commodity shopping guide service ;have a special reception of complaints service there are specialized for the owner ;package express service and so on .
Journalists from the shopping website to understand,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, shopkeepers to net inn customer service Requirements: a strong patience and responsibility .First, ask fast typing .Secondly ,to be familiar with the store product information.
Furthermore ,net inn customer service to help customers solve some small problems .Finally, customer service will be very familiar with the online transaction process .Some shop owners according to practical experience ,edited by &quot ;net inn customer service book ,&quot ;online and spread widely.
As to work part-time or full-time ?Look at the request ,or online longer .Net inn customer service income also has a variety of forms ,with the basic salary ,pure royalty ,also have both .
General salary is not high ( about 800 yuan ) percentage of sales of goods ,but also to see the profit and sales volume .However ,the industry still exists many problems ,especially the job-hopping phenomenon serious .
So ,because the customer service and easy to use ,a lot of people are at work after a period of time will be his own boss .Secondly ,the job is too tired and dull. Many network customer service the time from noon to evening 10 when end around ,many people do not adapt to the long face of the computer work.

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