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How to cultivate the strong atmosphere of woman metamorphosing M

Why do stars especially American Star Street Post has been so popular ?Because their YY match is worth to draw lessons from ,because they can have many YY dressed - powerful. We looked at them ,as if looking in a mirror .
Wish the mirror reflection is yourself. I believe as ordinary people a lot ,people did not Star height ,or star shape ,or face of the stars ,or the star money HH but we can have a little star aura ?Yes.
- does not necessarily come from height body face money ,of course, these are very important .The problem is ,we may have had such an experience: in the street see a tall or superior appearance or clothes bright MM ,but when she looked up a step leg of a talking HH either we disappointed ,or instant psychological balance.
As a result of the occupation ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,I met a lot of field is not little admirable MM ,also encounter more soft voice impressions disillusioned MM gas field ,it is not by bending shape, or carrying frame to make out.
Sometimes ,let oneself in detail some change ,your aura will slowly cohesion .A small scattered small Suibu ,bid farewell to this thing, at the age of 20 The MM body is most common. Features are as follows :Heels slightly on ,focus on the front feet ,knees clamping ,calf following partial character form within the rapid move .
Then clearly point to the thigh both sides ,palms ,fast swing ,then the body in such a swing rapidly forward displacements. Small Suibu say good point ,is a childlike cute ;has been used, the whole people is a timid man.
Don argue ,think about everyone ( even yourself ) ,when they walked too small to you can come, you will not feel good ?I have never heard of kimono Japanese woman - the strong assertion .
Two ,shut up and eat pizza for today and go to eat pizza .Table four MM ,dress well ,chat very happy .Four people at that time was as follows: A mouth ,jaw forward ,listened attentively .
B bite lower lip ,a release ,a bit . C leaning back in a chair with his eyes will be at hand ,fork ,pursed lips ,listen. As for the D ,D course is speaking. Who is aura ?I feel at the scene ,not the mouth .
Do not believe you can once again look at girls around. A large number of MM listening to someone Speak ,four search or walk on the street, mouth is open ,there is also an enhanced version of the neck ,go forward.
I have doubts about my personal preference ,and later asked me more reliable few male friends ,get a different answer :not consciously mouth appear very ignorant .So ,even if is a cherry mouth, even Plumper lips ,if not in the temptation that he ,or shoot portrait .
Mouth this trick ,do not use ,I like Taobao product recommendation,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,careful with. Three ,straighten your knees heels is a good DD ,it put a woman beauty play so well .But high heels to wear good-looking it is not easy to get ,then heels out aesthetic MM compliments .
LZ does not work when there is a hobby :squatting in the shopping center square and watching beautiful .Beautiful .One day in a shopping mall at the entrance of mobile phone MM attracted the attention of the LZ ,thin legs .
,and straight, this is LZ20 yearsbeg and must not ah ~ ~ ~ point .This long legs MM is off the phone ,mobile phone to bag a stopper ,and a step leg HH my disillusionment bird .When she walks she is bending the knee joint ,for example ,as on the stage.
I admit this way I used, the biggest advantage is reduced On the knee impact, particularly the heel high &amp ;the thin shoes. But comfortable is comfortable ,the person has a meal appearance, plus to maintain balance ,shoulders slightly bow HH well TX to play your imagination.
The high-heeled shoes come out of the aesthetic ,the homework should really do .Good LZ just searched the wear high-heeled shoes to walk the skills ,can still draw .Usually through the shop window, suggested by reflective look at their gait ,if looks jump HH that home quickly .
Four ,don walk !Do not let you are walking ,walking is good for health .But is it right? If wear flat shoes, or low heels ,please do not use high heels to walk .Wear shoes do not say ,the key is not to look wow HH high heels to walk with the wind is very difficult, but LZ think to walk more difficult, also do not know who is how do .
After a limited number of observation ,I reach a mature FINDINGS :a character ,a ,a ,a a Na, Na,Adidas Jeremy Scott, the hips then left swing ,the swing to the right ,left swing ,the swing to the right HH sometimes hit the last in this technique MM ,glance hate it with long scarf into her PP bind ,fasten ,Let you mess with the HH use the normal pace walk ~ if you really want to walk ( such as dating ,slow on HH ) ,then try to let the feet on the two adjacent parallel lines ,because I know absolutely cannot go out walking in a straight line, as far as possible ,as far as possible ,and even PP littered ,not to be a scarf tied .
If you really tired HH it or take a taxi home. Five ,stood to leave as MM ,certainly by the human and so on probability and probability is higher. But sometimes or gentleman ,if not et al ,also want to wait for a bus .
HH station waiting time ,don you easily gathered forces ran HH LZ stood waiting for the bus often lazy ,stand up to next slide .Then BF yell :stop !Don rely on a bus stop sign !Visible LZ was obscene gesture .
But sometimes can see more than his thunder ,very good one MM ,five or six minutes of time, a change at a left foot ,right foot rest for a stretch ,hem ,a touch PPhh we see that is dizzying.
To tell you the truth if there is a star in public places so that I could vomit, if my idol and I almost unreal The words have sit .Sit stand ,although old ,it is a be able to withstand heavy battering truth wow ,if you want the gas market .
Standing when how to do ?The most practical one ,closed legs ,stood to leave ,knee don If not to know to put hands what ,then her breasts ,of course ,don hold very cold trembling .Stand up straight ,a small pot remember close the forward ,don quite .
If couldn that quite ,put his arm a bit lower ,sidewise in her crotch front ,to cover your belly to others waiting for the bus .It ,inevitably to look around, huh .Can ,twisting the neck to see it ,can you see 180degree anglerange ,remember not to open your mouth .
Want to look behind ,then twisting it ,crotch and a little. If you want to look at 360 degrees,some way, you around in circles .HH gas from within the powerful aura .Congenital component ,but this is not cannot be cultured .
Your every act and every move ,reflects your outlook on life ,and the cultivation of self-confidence ;in turn, they will fill you ,would your temperament and full, and finally have their own style.
I love ,precisely 12 yearsloving sister ,her atmosphere is not open Was so strong .But aura in her gather more strong, both on stage and the shaping of personality ,life is also very true .
Although already fade away ,although there are signs of aging ,but her beauty did not fade with time ,this is the field of factors at play. Similar examples such as Brigitte Lin ,Maggie Cheung ,Hsu Chi ,and so on .
In a word ,in you without being female shape ,not a blue form, nor a lively form ,your aura began to coalesce. In compliance with the basic norms of behavior and manners of the premise ,you own something sincerely ,the most cited suction .
Six ,sit sit down ,sit down ,does not mean that you are shorter than the others .,at least on the momentum can not. LZ me with a lot of TX, at home like crooked, read a book like face ,in front of a computer like cross-legged ,watching DVD at urgently, still wriggling in your chairs .
However out of the house, more ugly posture is hauled up .Sit out of gas ,two kind of postures. One is the chair to sit over half ,rocker a convergent legs ,upper body slightly, this is a kind of pressing style body language.
Key: shoulder flatten when speaking !Next ,slightly raised ,face as ;Listening can also be used when in this position, if feel too looked each other, can look at the front desk .Look down too low, when you find that has seen his toes ,please raise your eyes a little.
Six ( two) ,second kinds of posture ,back when I was a child .Cross your legs ,was scolded :Adults sit !Hands on your knees !Grow up as rocker without delay. With what are the advantages? Leisurely Danding ah ,ah ,ah who protect themselves .
For me, and I looked at him to hate ,at least can be separated by a distance HH but absolutely not .The following actions: legs shaking ,dangle half shoe toes ,with random direction in chaos !In short is a beautiful ,the convergence point .
The upper body backwards ,stretch ,against the back of the sofa ,no Hanxiong humpback .Both hands together ,on one side of the body, see below .Or at random in his lap ,her breasts is also OK ,but may appear nervous or not close.
Note ,don put his hands between his thighs ,although the weather is cold ,cold enough to compare or HH please, not a change in posture ,hands in the legs ,one by one ten finger slowly massage ,warm and cool ~ seven on the brow ,brow and eye care ,in a person Face almost occupied the most important position .
Then God, people would be out .LZ side MM makeup ,which has an essential: eyebrow thrush .Truth be told LZ that bushy eyebrows eyebrow look more imposing than the elongated ,so whenever someone to repair eyebrows meticulously ,total think of 8 Poto advise on a few.
If you are born with fine eyebrow ,OK ,but the problem is that many MM the original eyebrows shaved off half ,revealing part of ridge contour HH LZ and BF used to squat on the square and watching beauty ,often be scared .
Sometimes ,especially at night ,to see a bit MM ,far ,far came, faces blurred, brow faintly reflective .Slowly approached ,approached ,see eye ,lip gloss ,blush ,is the wood has see eyebrows HH so ,maintain appropriate bushy eyebrows, people appear ,Aura will follow it.
Too cluttered edge portion repaired clean ,a little eyebrow ,enough, really. Eight eyes are pulled over ,put !Eyebrows ,by the way the eye .The eye of this DD ,unless you it to go under the knife ,otherwise it is very difficult to have any change .
I believe most people features before birth is paired with appropriate ,again not how far to go to .If you feel with really outrageous HH OK ,don ,be saved .Whether big eyes small eyes and single eyelids eyelid ,LZ I think is not the most important ,the overall coordination of the line to ?Is the most critical eye to put a positive !If you don want to be wood a gas field or temperament obscene MM words.
This part of our life ,with many ,many ,many people had a face-to-face communication. Recall their eyes ,makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy eyes is what ?Anyway, I can LZ several :1,head slightly lowered ,turning eyes to see you ;2,head slightly ,his eyes you ;3,eyes averted eyes ,take you .
Maybe they did not malicious ,maybe just a habit ,the habit is really not good .See people just looked up, face the people .Look at the person next to you ?It turned his head ,and then the eyes look him in the face .
The crooked eye gaze ,avoid being seen ,even carry forward ,with distorted mouth pulled ,who knows you are guilty of shortness of breath or want to secretly tell the 8 trigrams ?Nine ,limb up limb spreading ,is a lively and random open state ,is very kind to make at home .
Bit field ,quadrupedal received Convergence point ,close to the trunk .Why often see some comments ,said the star who is the old love &quot &quot ;end ;?Because their stylist or what the instructor must have told them ,&quot &quot ;end ;is most likely to create a temperament and even appeared.
Of course some stars are too far ,&quot &quot ;end ;too ,seem fake .Properly folded legs, let your energy and attention to focus on the body, do not create the others see things in a blur of the limbs are embarrassed .
But not too tight ,too tight effect how beautiful and clever TX we should imagine it. It seems and pulled back on the manners ,chaos chaos HH but casual God does not come loose can be tolerated .
TX ?Ten ,greatly square square wear out to tell a story. A few years ago I used to see LZ is a light blue dot dot U small T ,concise style, is a comparison of personal .Couldn like ah ,buy .
First day out ,pass by the window when you preview, feel inside the shadow giant fleshy ah ,hurry abdomen .Sit down more uneasy ,worried little belly bulge than the chest also big ,worry about U HH comprehend emptied after each time the T will be wearing it body tension ,Even slight sweating.
Finally one day off ,take off ,and when the cloth ,but quite absorbent HH cough .The focus of the story is not LZ meat more ,but in the time of buying clothes to clear ,wear out generous points.
See so many star street ,see star to pull the nose the star ,seen scratching hair ,seen star frowning ,is a very rare star finishing at the hem ,collar ,and buttons ,most afraid of you ,put your hand the neckline or skirt .
Intelligent TX ,meaning wood there ?Please dress up before going out ,determine the tidy appearance after a step ,go out, do not have clean clothes in public .If you dare to put YY wear out ,then a straight so wear down, scarf blown by wind .
Never mind ,t hem somewhat wrinkled also never mind ,it hides to the restroom to organize .If YY let you very uncomfortable or worried ,why do you buy it ?HH LZ if conditions permit ,to buy a little bit YY ,which let you wearing it will not be too concerned about their small fleshy .
Clothing and skin between minor gap ,in the limbs to swing ,the wind too ,sunshine HH and so on ,to create a comfortable and smooth effect. Only you feel comfortable, aura to hypoxia .
Hand duck chicken feet ,restless ,be on tenterhooks ,you where to find aura ?To her ,you will say ,hye ,you little tape wrinkles, your tummy exposed HH ?No, you will notice ,she has appeared ,the sunshine in her body and hair ,very pretty .
Eleven ,universal V V have what advantage? It above the clavicle ,and it appears slender neck ,leaving large gaps ,to give the skin or necklace glow room. I am not the aesthetics ,so with no professional terminology to prove V shape on human visual impact .
But V neck appears clean, give a person more aesthetic ,unlike T-shirt so cute, unlike the U got so easily contaminated, unlike the inclined shoulder like shoulder arm of slender, its proper use ,and V shaped line ,to create a style is a good choice.
V brought in line outside of the package ,such as cardigan coat is also OK ,a necklace with thoracic chain line, are easy to style .I like winter ,in the south ,the south is warmer ,and wearing a tight collar small turtleneck sweater ,better wear a small V collar ,then wound a scarf .
The former may let you become LY Chen ,the latter may let you become comfortable Q. Twelve ,concise paragraph long more fan here has two attributes ,one is concise ,two is the most important .
Concise ,length of time .As an ordinary person ,we have to admit that he is in most cases can the complex YY style ,especially if you have no vision his friend So we from the lowest failure rate and money began to try .
What is simple ?Lace flounces off ,get rid of ,too chaotic pattern is removed, the metal buckle removed. Some people may ask ,what there is wow clothes ?If you perceived their momentum pressure her clothes ,then don buy it.
Clothes for you ,you should be able to reflect on the line ,let you feel at ease ,so would you like to wear second third fourth .Thirteen ,if can ,then choose why is the white white rather than in other colors? White like a clean canvas ,it can turn your face and skin color and hair color is better to bring out .
If can too many colors ,if uncertain ,so white .Why is white Instead of the black ?Black and white is always the classic ,but not all people with black ,poor LZ is one of them. Can the white MM should not much, so white .
White is a white, also is not a single white .Dressed in white this embarrassed now. Have seen ;a single white is still common ,such as the white T plus five minutes of pants ,white shirt and jeans ,wearing well is a star ,but more often ,it is put into the members of the tour group or clothing store little sister .
In fact even the stars also dare try single white . LZ early love watch Kiss and tell ,when the network was not so developed ,see star gossip had to buy a magazine .Not often have some charity activities ?Many stars in a human hair ,a white T.
Results with LOGO who is wholly intact to wear out ?Wood has the cold days ,inside .A BODYSUIT LONG SLEEVED color T backing ;hot days ,the sleeves half a lap ,tie a knot ,a bright belt ,assorted ,I cannot let the white T dress .
Why ?If no style it. So white YY had better not wear a piece of smooth and clean ,the jacket ,cardigan ,scarf ,even a chest Chain will do what. Choose white shirt is still the key models ,white is not easy to lose face ,looking for some sense of design ,fabric better .
Encountered strong aura ,don disarray aura is not good practice, but after all the people make .That person may be greater than you predecessors ,you boss ,even just because she is tall than you ,more beautiful than you ,than you have money ,so you see she is confused, will be bound hands and feet ,is short one cut .
LZ just to work it ,touches the leadership or advanced quickly and cute, with lively ,with ignorance ,to hide his nervousness and newcomer the inferiority complex .Later discovered that this is not a good idea ,first own act with confusion ,and others with poor tension ,on your personal image and stereotypes ,and then slowly to reliable ranks homing .
To work less than 2 years of MMcan forgive ,for more than 2 years is such ,do well to practise .Just now on the Internet to search, wood is searched to LZ heart want a PP. It quite many years ago, Mavis Fan just red peak ,Kelly Chan is climbing up the red when the two of them ,due to a big event and perform LZ .
As above mentioned, the stars a human hair piece white T ,big Home is so wearing .Van and Chen Gang stand together. Chen tall ,Fan Jiao little ;Chen features distinctive ,van is comely .
Arguably ,should be Chen - over the van mm but it two be well-matched in strength .Van wrapped in a turban ,LZ clearly remember with tassels, stood there silently ,and Chen eye contact is also very peaceful.
All her body language ,clearly exudes a message :This is me ,a high figure is still in. When LZ bought two copies of gossip ,with roughly the same title :&quot ;Mavis Fan hh&quot ,forcing ;.
Visible van - powerful. Hope to see this time ,van and Chen powder are not fighting, want hard code word LZ will therefore not be pinched .Take the matter on its merits .So when gas is stronger than you, or may be stronger than you people ,oneself not before been wrong-footed .
LZ is sometimes so a little bit of unconsciously stared at people ,seeing others in front of exposed at a loss or veiled smile ,stretched out his hand and took the pen ,touch the bag ,HH don look around ,confused what, can sit down ,or stood fast, don shake, speak clearly ,look fourteen ,man ?Get rid of the balsam pear face See TX said ,the general expressions of light field ,TY is calm.
Yes ,look Danding MM easier to gas field ,smile or laugh MM can also be an air field ,however ,the balsam pear face MM absolutely no gas field ,even if there is, only gas ,no field software .
TX please keep your facial expressions still! 1,you have that one does not hold the mouse hands ,touch your eyes ,just there, have a small protrusions ?Yes ,you frowning . 2 ,further down the road, on both sides of the nose to touch on both sides of the mouth ,there is no one piece of meat droop ?Yes ,unfortunately ,you have a man-made decretal grain .
LZ I believe that lives by the heart ,the heart is MM ,may have a pair of long twisted face. Expressionless face ,mouth slightly upturned still MM ,heart should be sweet to see beauty .
As a music LZ ,often see a piece of corners of the mouth down face ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,or a tight frown face ,or a be ablaze with anger in the face ,or a nurse face HH is what people, willing to use this method to treat some of your appearance? The face, of course - in where? ,we are not the stars, in any occasions to keep smiling SB behavior .
But when you don laugh, please relax your eyebrows ,eyes ,mouth ,Jar BG& other,if necessary ,please clean with a finger to help them ,gently ease ,unfolding. Each MM was born ,have a delicate white face ,why it would be in 10 years,in 20 yearsor 30 yearsafter contraction into Brown dark a regiment ?Not in the face of when you smile ,when you walk alone or alone when sitting beside ,there are still many people who quietly watching you .
Let the balsam pear face try to stay away from you ,remember ,it ,really ,really ugly. Fifteen ,figure can not punctual ,YY color to point LZ of a schoolmate at college ,was quite positive ,height is moderate, 161cm( in the south it is OK ) ,thin waist leg length ,YY wear curve revealed.
But how to look at the total can not feel gas field. A long finally understand: is the color of clothes is not positive. The MM like what to wear color YY ?With purplish red ,with some coffee green ,with a powder blue with yellow ,brown ,with dark gray Plaid HH whole person looks .
Fuzzy ,turbid a .She put on clothes ,from head to foot Know a lot, temperament right away .Is not to say ,that vague color to wear ,LZ read again :if you think you can these ambiguous color ,it is best not to ,to choose those who clean color !LZ also have repeatedly failed to buy clothes encounters ,back analysis ,sweater Liang color is ,imagine a gray grey yellow yellow T ,with what color pants to go with it ?A between orange and pink between the bottoming shirt ,what color of the windbreaker to go with it ?- color chaotic ,daze, mental wilt dispirited waste, the man was a look.
Look at Star Street ,appeared the most is what color? Black and white ash .Always classic color, in addition can be dense or light grey ,black and white are pure .Clean up ,then the appropriate mix some colors, or simply not bright .
Don make yourself a palette yes, the key is that the color palette was not good. Want to wear the blue for sapphire blue ,sky blue ,don get some pink on the inside ;want to wear red for red wine ,red, don get purple on the inside ;want to wear yellow wear yellow ,lemon yellow ,don get Khaki inside HH want more color change ,Then with a bottoming shirt or jacket ,with a YY ( in addition to floral ) ,do not use the fuzzy color .
Then you over and you again :if your aura is not pressed those vague color ,so please choose color !Sixteen ,learning LZ friends not to boys ,10 fingersnumber to complete, but both men and women ,more balanced.
Male friends, small start ,he told the LZ the deepest impression is that some time in the pool washing the face, face a water beads that moment .Women friends said ,she is the most impressive LZ hold half sleeves ,for chorus line queue time .
BF has mentioned, LZ computer typing manuscript to violent catch the moment was that he touches .Why don take a shower and hair dressing appears at that moment ?Why do not I put on my clothes that the most beautiful moment ?Why I did not pose the sun beat portrait moment ?Why isn ?HH ?LZ slowly found ,most impress others ,are often themselves unconsciously made expressions and movements .
Of course ,the most shocked others too. Why from the boys learn ?LZ is clean and relaxed ,character is OK boys. Because they Do not shake ,not artificial, not the smaller the mind the tortuous ,they wore light ,crisp ,confidence and courage from the bottom of my heart cause sporadic.
When one has a neat and clean nail hand ,half of the volume with washed slightly faded sleeves ,quietly and steadily up in the bus bars ,either side who I want to see some eyes. Sorry I Yi Shu .
But really worthy of our study .Don powder over your clean face ,picture perfect can air field ,but the body must have a bright and colorful costume jewelry ,you must have the spotlight around ,or walking on the dusty streets ,you faceless monster .
Don too cumbersome clothes conceal your own aura .Clean fit, color correct ,one or two points is enough. The girls must be beautiful ,but certainly not the beautiful dress drowned himself .
Don sway .Say hi don put his hand up to his chest ,said bye face to carry a smile ,don put the lock of hair around and around his and his shoulder ,don lie .Why some boys can let a person can to cast their eyes ?Have an aura .
Will be overcome by one over some of the TX ,not let your men, not let you get rough .. the woman is gentle and lovely jiaorao lazy cat ,but the cat also are parents side. My strange potato potato will ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,you should also not difficult.
Seventeen ,hung his head ,aura was drooping head walking or contemplative man, looks like there are many stories .She immersed in their own world ,she is in vacuum state ,she is like a black hole ,gas hole quietly to move closer.
Head bowed in person, from the forehead ,to the eyebrow ,to the nose ,to the lips, chin ,bending a beautiful silhouette .Let his head down you better watch yourself. Three tips: 1,sit with time.
Body back, and leaned back in his chair ,staring eyes can front bottom left or right below a certain point. That is to say ,don sit too straight or forward, don eyes on the front desk or just below the toes ,it makes you look for good food on the table, or in interrogations .
2,standing .In other parts of the body language has already been told ,stand ,don twist ,don shake hand foot. Look reference first. Don put into mourning posture. 3,when walking. Head slightly lowered ,the shoulder is still flat ,upper body can relax a bit, but don bow .
You want something ,2-fuxiaoping blog - the focus of Blog,or just a little tired ,but not Is being looked down pick wallet .Eighteen ,keep the filling volume why many men like to have a beautiful black long hair MM ?Because the filling volume has a sense of presence ,a sense of flow ,it lets the woman facial lines and body lines become vivid.
Her hair or is lifted the moment ,can be many people hold the hair .This DD ,at least more than gas easy to cultivate ,to ?LZ began chanting .1,do not cut too thin if your hair is not long enough ,so don cut too thin ,hair waving time should be like a cloud ,rather than a piece of paper.
If you have long hair ,so don cut too thin ,hair waving when should a soft silk ,rather than a horse mane sparse .2,selection of deep color dark than light is more a sense of weight and the pendant ,and suitable for Asian skin .
The light-coloured hair is not suitable for all people ,people with light color ,color but is very yellow very dirty. The black ,brown ,coffee ,deep purple ,crimson ,choose a .3,cut bacillus with dry hair to increase the length of your hair ,super is not worthwhile.
A heap of hay to float up ?If floats, probably will drift into An embarrassed font .Don pity. With bad burn the hair ,found open fork ,withered and yellow ,a good cut ,not words ,then spent 3 months in two pruning .
LZ have a colleague ,so baby her head and left two or three years half waist length hair ,problem there is ,about 1 / 5 lengthis dry, bifurcation .Walk along a road to come ,then a long flowing hair really gone into an embarrassed word .
4,to maintain smooth not punk modeling as a gas ,can, but ordinary people very difficult. So honest ,my hair exudes its silky luster .No matter long hair ,straight hair curly hair ,glossiness is very important .
Wash the hair ,some hair conditioner (this year should have no wood .) ,with a little olive oil ,so that the hair strong light. Regularly or irregularly make a simple care ,with olive oil or any other film, to the vicinity of trusted size hair salon to do ,a steam treatment ,not expensive .
If you bother to do care ,then carefully combed hair ,comb it down .If not comb HH then the minimum requirements ,two or three day wash a hair ,to keep it fresh and clean HH volume filling dark hair ,in the sun can reflect the very beautiful Curves and contours .
Even if you stand still ,hair still flowing beauty .Nineteen ,if you are short-sighted not if HH ,LZ I was one. And it was highly for myopia .JMS cheering ,introduce myself in it . LZ eye congenital conditions can also ,not small also not ugly ,grew up to become myopia ,astigmatism ,900degree at present.
Two years ago after retinal detachment operation ,visual irreversible decline. There is no worse than I ?Should not officially opened .8myopiamost hated what ?In addition to see things clearly ,and prominent eyes ,eye big no God ,dumb as a wooden chicken .
Well ,we are done ,don listen .Myopia does not to be worth a hair ?NO ,a little nap, actually quite tasty .Do to save yourself ?One is the laser operation ,two contact lenses . LZ does not favor the time wearing contact ,even every day wearing only seven or eight hours .
LZ wear contact for 8 years ,this particular operation two years after apparent not long wear ,dry eyes myopia .TX ,select good quality contact lens and solution ,regular eye examinations, to develop good hygiene habits ,try to wear glasses ,glasses can also dress up .
Say first look at things .There are MM says don squint, yes ,it is best not to MI. If the habit of squinting or have to squint to see ?That chin slightly up ,or face slightly a little partial ,not too high nostril in front.
Not want aura ?- out or chicken-li stand head and shoulders above others .In front of a TX mentioned ,in the crowd ,how should become a focus of the public or personal aura ?Honestly this is no crash course ,it depends on your long-term accumulation of professional ,sense of humor ,self-confidence and the ability of mastery of a language .

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