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What I write

A this is my way ,you are walking the road well, regardless of whether others ,wear other ,go your own way ,let others go looking for a view of the campus is still the same as before ,do not have too big difference, just feel a bit strange ,as if a long time no reading the book ,no matter what you do you want to have a look ,it is still there.
And so familiar !Start in this familiar and strange places around in the classroom ,I really can ,each person must adapt to the new environment ,just plug into this class, all also are not very familiar with, this also give yourself restless find a reason for new.
Let the whole school is busy ,carrying bags of other students in the dormitory .There product into a heap of new place ,noisy, excited ah ~ ah ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,I also like this. To the farmers market than, three the comrades are more quiet.
It was the first ,but not the classroom atmosphere of excitement ,but occasionally a person out of the window at the sigh a sigh of relief ,then ,into deep thinking ,think of yourself that came in too naive !Head deep into the problem in the north .
Ho ,from the Backdoor hurried out ,from the oppressive atmosphere out of, a breath of fresh air .Sitting under a basketball hoop ,quietly taste a mind of its own. The sky clouds drift slowly ,then took the school over to the haze .
&quot ;July day ,doll face ,said that changed &quot ;the toilet as usual ,it seems that the whole world even alike .But mm we Chinese even has its unique place ,this place is a notorious repute ,with toilet odor mutual .
School gangsters or no progress,Adidas Jeremy Scott, catch up with a few years a kind ,Look at the regional revitalization expert stock road,all filter cigarette holder ,a tread air .Ridiculous ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,couldn ,he had it ?&quot ;what are you looking at ,fucking have a death wish ?,Jeremy Scott Adidas!&quot ;an ugly kids think I laughed at him ,but I didn them, in particular he ,for the weak ,we always have great sympathy for the eyes .
I was out general tobacco and back ,go ,&quot ;you fuck !&quot ;the edge of a friend threw the cigarette butt into the pit ,a is not provoked waves. I think I pretending not to hear it .
The notorious repute from this place to leave,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, but ,they have only one entrance block .I suddenly stopped ,no ?&quot ;here ,just damn it laughs ?!&quot ;or that looks more ugly friends .
I really didn see him ,I was afraid of will laugh at him ,it is not very good in &quot ;hear? You fucking laugh ?&quot ;&quot ;his mother scolds who &quot ;?I stop &quot ;ah ,ah you are hanging &quot ;the men moved up at me ,seemed to me a Diao Chan &quot ;tell you ,my brother is fucking Xu Fei &quot ;hear him after I be startled at home ,this guy head with me ,what is his brother called Xu Fei ?Still fucking Xu Fei ?I really don know Xu Fei ,could not answer .
&quot ;you are a few ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;play !I rely on ,don it, what is the meaning of this ?I don fix it .It, blood ,grey walls along the flow down .May I the kick too hard ,the boy ran up the wall slowly lie down.
&quot ;&quot ;dynamic !I turned ,catch a boy neck ,&quot ;don fucking ask who am I ?!&quot ;I know that this time they must Is stunned and speechless ,I just as they pass .The outside air is good ,there is little moist, oh sky began to drizzle .
Have a look who also has not noticed footprints ,&quot ;error R. Back to the dormitory .About forest .Shut the door ,the dormitory is quiet &quot ;Hello ,the Woods ah ,I is the North Ho ,you know a person named Xu Fei ?&quot ;&quot ;how Hao brother ,you now in where ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot ;dormitory ;well ,I past &quot ;when the umbrella in the woods ,dripping ,just for a while the ground wet .
&quot ;Xu Fei the kid here, I think he fucking live greasy sprain &quot ;Lin like this forever ,impulse. Here I briefly introduce the role ,will always appear ,woods ,The twenty-ninth Beijing Olympic Games China Wind security,name :sex: male age :17this yearsecond year in high school .
,or so impulsive ,&quot ;in fact nothing ,today met several of his younger brother .&quot ;&quot ;Xu Fei ,I see is fucking owe kick ,by home a few bad money ,do not know what ,grass &quot ;&quot ;he who it was with &quot ;&quot ;you say that Xu Fei is his brother ah ,is Wang Dajun &quot ;&quot ;Oh ,he is ,Wang Dajun ,oh the rain still lingering, pedestrians rush, occasionally to a motorized vehicle ,splashing a waterworks ,causing pedestrians oaths.
And the woods as brothers is an accident ,but also seems to be a thing should happen. When I was sophomore, he is a high one newborn ,each other is not very well. Also remember what day ,a night ,I remember ,on Liu Dan ,the woods silly sitting next to me.
He told Liu Dan Liu Dan .Don where to get so much younger brother ,the whole of a boy scout .Oh ,Liu Dan is also a great figure ,table friends are very happy to play ,the woods could drink ,also very really .
Coupled with Liu Dan, then an introduction ,everyone in a table is not significantly less squeamish ,soon I address each other as brothers .Do not know this is it right? The rivers and lakes, but basically and these people know is this way ,another friend !&quot ;Dan today is your birthday do not give brothers say ?&quot ;then we will see several ,when there came a group of strange faces .
Gao Jian ,&quot ;I tell you ,today is my birthday ,do not want to quarrel with you If you want to drink ,leave ,if nothing to hurry !&quot ;Liu Dan stand up ,face ,it is the role of alcohol or because this kid gas .
Gao Jian but did not speak, but don ,Gao Jian also heard before ,a pure riffraff .Listen to those who say ,he a sling. &quot ;yes ,I go. You to drink, drink a little a ,ha ha ~ ~ &quot ;&quot ;you fucking say what !&quot ;forest stand up ,Gao Jian has said he put his head turned traitor &quot ;you have seed Gao Jian ,come here! &quot ;still the hanging like &quot ;grass ,you hang what? &quot ;Lin go past ,no one stopped him, and he did not let Gao Jian to Gao Jian when several younger brother hold &quot ;fuck you just telling me ?&quot ;Gao Jian patted the face &quot ;grass ,I say is you ,you are a damn it &quot ;Lin ah Lin &quot ;&quot ;Gao Jian gave him a slap on the &quot ;today I was looking at the Liu Dan birthday ,the next time I see you beat you once !&quot ;then the kid went see you sit ,you stood &quot ;what are you looking at ,my grass !&quot ;Gao Jian took these words threw all the door Export to &quot &quot ;Gao Jian ;Gao Jian in turn ,the woods a beer bottle over his head flowers.
Blood ,flow down, down his face &quot ;I grass !!&quot ;a group of people to hold and woods .&quot ;a clever !&quot ;I don he used the hoist way ,so it is said, this man ,is not too hung ,easy to cause the common anger .
And your encourage. Club is my brother, I grabbed two bottles .&quot ;clap &quot ;in their head flowers ,grass ,three son of &quot ;,shut the door ,one individual out. &quot ;everyone took guy ,Gao Jian Gao Jian ,you are so hanging .
The younger Gao Jian how can block so much brother bottle ?Our national wine quality is not too good ,every time I touch them the body ,easily broken ,I suggest that the National Bureau of quality supervision should increase in the aspects of supervision .
As Gao Jian fell to the ground ,&quot ;Liu Dan ,you fucking hard ,dare to touch me? &quot ;Gao Jian fell to the ground says that make people sick ,&quot ;roll fuck you in a B&quot ;Lin a box on the ear beat him in the face ,&quot ;damn it ,dare hit me in the face ,Are you fucking &quot ;&quot ;roll ,you fucking back hard ,just which hand to hit me? !&quot ;Lin pulls out a dagger ,they see Lin to go under the knife ,are silent .
Liu Dan didn stop ,but did not speak .This time who speak ah !You ,&quot ;frighten children .&quot ;Gao Jiancuo was wrong in the more stimulating public words .A knife in Gao Jian ,deadpan .
&quot ;ah !!&quot ;Gao Jian apart ,holding the hand of Howling &quot ;I fucking told woods ,what I find &quot ;woods !Stand up ,just like a dog biting prey like this, not much of the twists and turns can speak, and so on.
General campus evil forces that grew up in school ,so special place mixed ,or your family is very rich, and you and I are the relatively generous, either you are more loyalty ,is a bit like the hearts of students and professionals, start to hate .
Even if you had only one dollar to all, even if you can have to fight to the end ,or burning you is difficult in such places wise remark of an experienced person ,mixed up .Jun and encourage each other.
The classroom after lunch, and the woods In wanton wind walk, arrived very quickly we often happened ,pure campus school .What is relatively clean place ,at least in the school you can anywhere people.
Walk into the classroom everyone sleepy ,we are the flowers in the greenhouse ,greenhouse environment is most suitable for sleeping. More disgusting thing is the class so you can ,they learn not.
Then we will think of the rules and regulations of the school or have it in place ,or you sleeping? Light study is a routine meeting, this is our school errors in place ,it will make many people feel uncomfortable ,analysis, learning good students only if it is a waste of time ,delay in Tsinghua or Peking University People ?Learn bad ,needless to say ,is very accurate .
This may be a lot of schools are wrong !Old class ,middle-aged man ,body small fat, bearded (assuming no scraping ,I that beard ) ,a smart ( I will think of the word l intelligent mm ?R ) ,is our Chinese teacher ,but the fact that his Mandarin is very common .
&quot ;students we pay attention to Next ,there are a few things to declare what ,,,&quot ;I think it is necessary to omit it ,generally the case teacher said, never less than half an hour .
He finished, the following is the class cadre took turns on stage. What about this semester work plan ,to talk about the teacher respect ,talk about love of country ,to talk about the learning enthusiasm .
Later the group A also failed. Remember our big monitor ,handsome ,tall a boy ,the other has nothing special impression .My deskmate is a girl ,named Xu Shuang ,is not very pretty, the inside call Sun Dong ,grow more beautiful, so that a comparison I still think Xu Shuang is beautiful .
This is what we often say that the &quot . &quot ;comparison ;,Adidas Wings If there is,is on the basis of the comparison we can see who is more beautiful ,or slightly ugly. So when someone says you are more handsome or beautiful you have a look ,with whom is our dormitory .
The dormitory is eight worlds, so a small dormitory but should not be underestimated, there are our school various characters. A repeat ,two higher vocational students ,the rest is our class four .
Oh ,forget ,there is a A high school junior. This combination also can not tell who is who ,because for any of us is a new environment ,we can only learn to get along and everyone slowly ,with long process .
Sometimes we may find a true friend, but sometimes only one .Many masters are not so ?The rain outside the window still glass around, under it ,under it ,the school has flooded it. I can swim .
Roommate is one of our class A ,called Zhu Dong .Long just like his name ,take the clothes off is a heap of ribs .I have a good relationship ,to an officer ,I sleep on his floor .Repeat student named Chang Chen East ,very mature.
Talk is also very cautious ,conservative estimation should be in more than 20 years of age .His was called Jin Cheng, looks honest ,but generally looks honest guy don settle. Two vocational students are very silent, a man named Lin Yi called the south ,I am sorry I can remember their names ,this is very normal ,at the end of the term of Zhu Dong was not called up to them, they just like one of A-Sun song has been very quiet .
In the guy I ,on the floor ,all frame A cigarette with maturity ,and so we are all graduated from his beard is not long ,failed. His bunk is our class study model ,honestly do knowledge ,it is reading kill ah ,I have a suspicion that he is it right? Learn stupid ?That ?Not easy !You simple dormitory chat on the restoration of the quiet ,lying in bed can hear the rain outside the window, and slowly breath .
&quot ;something what grove ?&quot ,&quot ;;Oh ,hey ,all right ,we are playing cards ,and you, ha ha ~ ~ &quot ;&quot ;HA ,laugh my ass ?!who are ?&quot ;&quot ;like a wise ,old Wu &quot ;&quot ;row ,you play it ,be careful .

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