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The Dreamer :Teacher :listen to your program for almost two years ,this is the second time that give you the message ,I had a dream last night ,so you need to answer, thank you! I :female ,age 25 ,married ,no children .
Dream :I dreamed I went to an aunt ( is my mother the unit ,but never seen ,is also not been ) ,one inside, feel nobody ,at the time that the house is particularly large ,the living room has a bed, furniture structure is quite unique ,I do not know how in the bed, and later into two beds ,are single ,I could sleep in the middle ( two beds ,feeling is on the ground ,but as a quilt ) feel especially other and clean ,very comfortable to sleep ( usually from Mom heard that Aunt particularly clean ,but also can be with cleanliness ) .
Later found inside her husband was in the bedroom ,and also seems to sleep, I feel him out of his bedroom ,at that time I was particularly alert ,after all, do not know .He later moving ahead of me ( no special features ,the dream can ) ,I .
Up towards the road outside ,unexpectedly all of a sudden, becomes a sort of court Floor ( like Nongjiale inside that structure ) ,downstairs is a shoe ,I know not what is in downstair bought a pair of boots ( without purchase process ) ,or white ,only remember that buy feel feel special love ,but then I feel particularly bad ,still think of how I bought this pair ?Or white !Feel and point grey and surface started small cut .
I saw ,others try on shoes box ,with a very nice belt ( with a flower on it ,general waistband that plastic material ) ,I will give the waiter ( female ) with my boots returned into the belt up ,she agreed .
But after a while ,I felt a belt that flower does not look good ,do not particularly like .Suddenly ,I had to go outside ,but in the sense of a large pavilion garden ,there is one family ,the feeling is in like manner to the elderly birthday ,the special event, or during Ming and Qing Dynasties style .
Special &quot &quot ;waiter ;,especially big place, feel like someone cries ,the attendant ( that time should be called off on it ) from upstairs End of all kinds of dishes down .
At that time, I saw my junior middle school schoolmate ( usually male ,relations can also be ) inside, feeling he was naked to the waist ,holding a string of 1000 paper crane,who also feel very beautiful.
Then ,I saw two check-in desks ,should be close to what place it. I continued to go out ,go get lost, my sister and my other cousin a let me in the past, they are like a shopping or eating .
I do think it ,I knew that he knew the way ,walking ,the road also is under construction ,and took the road to special muddy ,also put a few large stones ,I have no way of the past ,the heart very anxious ,so he turned back to find the path, has not found his way ,wake up.
Explain :dream content relatively trivial ,and some alternative deformation and camouflage ,although the narrative is clear, but the background is not much, especially I don your growth data ,this dream seems to be associated with this ,so it is difficult to explain .
Maybe this dream is important to you ,so ,I will try to find out some key words in the dream ,discuss its symbolic meaning ,to help you grasp this dream Outline and meaning :Aunt mm which is a borrowed ,with &quot ;aunt &quot ;this image to represent a mother position woman ,estimate that your mother .
Of course ,aunt &quot ;&quot ;can also refer to life and you are concerned about a female elders or big sister .Specifically what circumstances ,depending on your baby growing experience ,if you have been in your parents grew up ,the aunt that your mother ,no other explanation .
Mm refers to a family living room space ,you in this family as guests at &quot ;&quot &quot &quot ;rather than ;owner ;position .If you are not in the living room ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,but directly into the bedroom ,it means you entered a very intimate relationship .
The cold chamber &quot ;particularly large and feel at home ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,none ;this is the depiction of you to the family mm with lonely ,not and parents establish close emotional attachment relationships ,or can attention and the warmth and care ,and so on .
Aunt is your mother ,why is it that you are from the outside in. ?this is because your parents relationship is ,first ,you are later born to the family ,so you are from a place Enter the family space .
Beds ,two beds ,single bed mm bed is used to sleeping or resting place ,&quot ;two single beds &quot ;refers to the two person .You &quot ;sleep in the bed in the middle of two &quot ;it means you rely on parental relationships in life.
This is in fact a a juvenile image ,as most of us ,have sleep in their middle ,were dependent on their parents to take care of her husband !Aunt mm refers to the older woman ,because my aunt was interpreted as your mother ,her husband nature refers to your father ;of course ,if the aunt is another mature married women ,such as your boss ,the boss of what her husband ,refers to the other man.
All the man is the father or the similar to the one your father. Since it is the father ,why don say ?The truth depends on your father ,and do not close, direct say your father ,are you afraid of your father closer to you ,your inner &quot &quot ;police ;yet, so need to borrow her husband to aunt ,your dad .
Dad bedroom mm private emotion space. This man from private space ,you run .Hey !That came out of the bedroom .,it is your Father ,you run, you have to father fear. Can be envisaged ,the projected onto your adult after the external relation ,do you still have to mature married male guard ,fear and avoidance tendencies .
The attic ,farmhouse mm you grow older ,out of the house ,you went to the &quot &quot ;attic ;type &quot ;Nongjiale &quot ;&quot ;&quot .Pavilion ;symbol of a relatively not very open space ,the dream of &quot &quot ;Nongjiale ;can you leave home after the external communication space .
Maybe you often invite or were invited to participate in some of the students ,the gathering of friends ,playing cards ,Adidas Porsche Design,eat ,drink ,entertainment and so on ,lived a very leisurely ,be light of heart from care ,so &quot &quot ;Nongjiale ;to represent such idle situation .
However ,in the interaction, no parental care and protection ,will certainly need self protection ,because you grow up ,is a big girl, in the face of interactions in a variety of temptation ,you need a reason to protect themselves.
Shoes ,boots mm which ,dream of &quot &quot ;shoes ;is this sensible protection . &quot or &quot ;shoes ;boots ;&quot ;from the symbol of reason ,Realistic function extended out, because if a person without shoes ,he can not walk ,otherwise ,the sole of the foot hurts .
Therefore ,&quot &quot ;shoes ;symbolic sense of self protection .Of course ,&quot &quot ;shoes ;usually represent the woman in a dating relationship in white boots ,self image .Grey and surface started small hole mm your boots attitudes ,responses to your self attitude.
Among them: &quot ;white &quot ;can be used to symbolize pure ,plain or clean,For seven years, your emotional outlook ,moral values ,life, seem dull and lack of color .&quot ;boots grey and surface a small hole in the &quot ;this one,Waiting for the summer, is that you think his idea is obsolete ,cannot keep pace with the times ,and has already begun to no effect ( break ) .
So ,you need to update the concept of the belt .Mm symbol of a taboo or constraint ,but this taboo and constraint ,it adds female charm. With boots returned into a belt mm it is a conversion ,namely abandon self reason ,replace sb.
To the feminine expression .Although this kind of expression is not grades ,not the meaning of nobility ( &quot ;plastic belt a Flower &quot ;portrayed ) ,but you still make that shift.
However ,this change did not last long ,you will start to feel a belt that flower ( your self image ) is not what you like .Large pavilion one family mm then ,accompany you grow further, you further from the the original communication space ,into a more adult relationship, you have give the elderly birthday of one family .
The dream from the situation, but this is a wealthy family ,etiquette family ,in your dreams with &quot ;style grand style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties ,&quot ;to describe the family ,seems to hierarchical, a &quot Jun Jun ;Chen ,father and son father son &quot ;the aristocratic demeanor .
Obviously, this is not your home ,it may refer to your husband for the elderly birthday ,&quot ;&quot ;means descendants of the elders of filial piety . Naked to the waist of the junior high school male students mm he is this big family member ,but obviously in the low order bits ,is a junior.
&quot ;closed upper &quot ;mean this person has the emotional dimension of the simple ,honest character ,not disguise her real feelings and status ,is a piety boy ,a small boy Students.
Who is this man ?Don ,estimation is to your husband !Of course ,we can imagine ,in this family, you are unlikely to have very high status ,also do not get much attention .Thousand cranes mm with very limited knowledge and scanty information !I really don &quot ;thousand cranes &quot ;can mean anything.
Guess ,&quot ;1000 paper crane&quot ;is a symbol of peace and a look to the future ,in view of this ,your husband is a nice young man .I think ,this dream is perhaps in the records of your husband family man birthday ,may also be in a lively group scene ,to reproduce your wedding.
As to the elderly ,son or grandson of marriage, but also the elderly a blessing .Mm you lost along the way ,through the above three lives ,namely: parents in the original family was born and grew up ;leave the parents to complete their studies into the society ;in love and wedding .
You finally arrived at such a important stage of life .But ,you are lost! You feel lost ,lost the direction of life. Shopping or eating sister ,cousin mm you will yourself with your sister or your peers to do a comparison ,you find they are in a A pleasure ,satisfaction and do not think in the state ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,you in a dream by &quot &quot ;shopping ;and &quot &quot ,say ;eat ;their life status .
However ,Suddenly remembered,Adidas Wings,you do not agree with this way of life ,so ,despite their &quot ;let your past ,but &quot ;you do not want, determined to find your own way ,go your own way .The road was muddy ,in construction ,road blocks of stone mm you find ,if you continue in now go on the road, you will feel very difficult.
The dream by &quot ;h h road is muddy in the construction of the rocks on the road &quot ;image to illustrate ,you are now on the road of life, encountered difficulties. Turn to find
mm so ,do you want to go back to find the road ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,but the road there ?Although dream did not give the answer, but clearly reveals your heart a repressed desire ,that is ,you need to find

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