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Memory in Libya -- clothing _ wood containing _ Sina blog

Libya is a devout Muslim countries. The 95% people embraced Islam. They religious but not stupid. So here's the female compatriots,Adidas Wings, the vast majority of just wearing the hijab, cover their hair. Rarely saw a black turban, veil to only two holes at the world woman.
And the Middle East countries, the country of the women, relatively speaking, more respect, more tolerant. They can wear different clothes,Adidas Porsche Design, pants, skirts, as long as the body. These two years popular clothing jeans with long or abnormally colored coat.
Scarf is be riotous with colour, beautiful. We often saw in the street have a head dress like the Christmas tree as a young girl. Libya man seems like dressing up. For example, often pass by this kind of girls, the driver and Mcgee Di hate old is unable to pull out the eye beads,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com all of a suddenly from the ground,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, affixed to the others girl face up.
Drive does not see the road, they complain parents didn't give them for a can 180 degree turn neck. Often I have used force to turn their heads. I listen to more than one or two girls said, wearing turbans, they have their own free choice.
Although the vastMost of the girls out of traditional habit choose to wear headscarves, but I really have seen several to choose not to wear a turban Libya girl. However, these girls are the vast majority of students or from an educated family.
Relative to the hair and body, they on the woman's face and feet without constraint. Here many women, regardless of age love, heavy make-up. Especially in the wedding, red orange yellow green blue purple colors on his face,The first chapter has crack thought - literary bokee.com, have everything that one expects to find.
We Chinese girls, estimated only actors, singers, bride on the wedding would be the make-up. But in Libya, as long as a street, you will see a play. Do not know why, like the Arabia women unashamed display feet.
Where summers are hot, the winter is mild. All the year round barefoot and wear sandals or slippers, there are plenty of people who like women. They on hand,Jeremy Scott Adidas, on the foot with a liquid seal Brown patterns, it is said that this liquid besides beautification, but also help the physical and mental health is very popular in Libya.
. they love shining shoes, especially one that pointed head, vamp is studded with colored jewelry heels. Once, the Top Class Hotel in Cairo, I noticed,A lot of alone or with children and nanny to holiday in the Middle East's wife, lady covered by black gown over a solid, except for the feet,By buying the shoes caused complaints!, shiny, beautiful.
I believe they have some shoes on set is really jewellery. Rich in those countries were forced to use this kind of form out, is also unique scenery. Women backpack, regardless of style, not the gem and decorative tassels.
Men, like the head with thick layers of oil; some love with coarse necklace. From young to old, were on hand with distinction true giant gem ring; an older man likes to wear the traditional robes, wearing a white vest,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, a circular cap; a younger as long as there is little figure, like to wear a variety of real world famous super Slinky T shirt and tight jeans; popular shoes is about two, the first it is pointed toe shoes.
Sharp and long Mcgee. All the shoes like that. He is obviously a 43 yards feet, shoes to wear, will grow to 50 yards; second is a pair of slippers. The majority is made in China. Young men dressed a little bit like seven, eighty in Hong Kong and Taiwan LiteratureIn the youth.
But tight trousers into tight jeans. I guess, the situation changes should be on the dress will not have much impact. Sorry, no longer buy fancy things only. Strongly recommended -- Nanchang city eats
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