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2010.11 health education Fourth exercise make us stronger

Physical exercise make children healthy and strong physical exercise is to enhance their physique,Force reunification with Taiwan the best method , to temper the will of the best grinding stones, movement throughout the whole life, from childhood training, will benefit for life.
Why should I play sports 1, physical exercise can promote children's overall development. During childhood, good plasticity, physical training can accelerate the new supersedes the old., the process by the following equation: r r r energy consumption dissimilation assimilation (digestion, absorption) r r r restore energy energy consumption in vivo accumulation of material r to promote growth.
(1) the growth of bones: the skeletal growth need to continuously absorb protein and inorganic salts (especially calcium and phosphorus), the human body there must be enough to make a good absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
Outdoor activities, the sunlight in the ultraviolet, can make the skin of a substance (ergosterol) converted into vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, physical exercise,Exercise diary [07 2007 13], running and jumping movements such as the skeletal ossification center can play a effects of mechanical stimulation, improve blood circulation to promote bone growth and development.
(2) muscle growth: regular exercise, muscle fibers,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, muscle blood supply, capillary increases, make strong muscles. (3) nervous system growth: in physical training, muscle activity in the neural system under direct command of rhythm, muscle contraction and relaxation,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, but also on the nervous system to produce good effect.
Because of the nervous system and body tissues, organs and the strengthening of ties, improve and enhance the mutual coordination. (4) the growth of the heart: regular exercise in children, cardiac health,Adidas Porsche Design, beating number than children in general less, this is a healthy heart performance.
" your heart is your health. " this is the UN World Health Day " " slogan. 2, physical exercise can make children smarter. Whether a man is clever, mainly depends on the function of the brain.
Children brain oxygen demand total body oxygen demand 50%, sports consumes a lot of energy, in order to meet the new supersedes the old. Sports need, accelerate blood circulation. Enhanced. So as to ensure access to more oxygen and nutrients to the brain the brain works.
As the energy source for blood glucose, physical exercise can also enable in vivo insulin works normally, make the brain in a state of excitement, better play " intelligent " function. 3, physical exerciseCan enhance the resistance of children.
The doctor often says, physical exercise as disease prevention means is no medicine can replace. For instance, a man sat motionless, one minute can only take 1 / 4 liters of oxygen, and run 5 kilometers,Adidas Jeremy Scott, one minute can absorb 2 liters of oxygen, equal to sit moved 8 times, only from the uptake, forging refining and exercise on the health effects of differently.
Often take part in physical exercise, subjected to various temperature stimulation,Larry Byrd's value, especially in the winter, can more effectively improve cardiac, vascular system function, improve the body's ability to adapt to cold stimulation exercise.
Problems should be paid attention to when 1, fasting should not exercise. Long time empty stomach in the morning exercise, the body's energy consumption, detrimental to the body,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, the best eating in moderation began after the slight, the rest all night long, long time is quiet muscles, joints and internal organs, active in 2, after a meal.
Without immediate vigorous activities. After dinner, a lot of human blood flow to the digestive system, this time as strenuous exercise, blood will flow to the movement of organs, to ensure that the work

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