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Quote] [quote in the two country life difference

&nbsp ;cited the white-haired fishermen in two country life gap &nbsp ;quoted xiaoxiebno references not know ,one more than surprised ,day two in the country life gap &nbsp ;references to see world not know ,one more than surprised ,day two in the country life gap &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I grew up in China ,for 3 years before being sent to Japan to work ,because of the very kind of Confucius ,Analects of Confucius too familiar with the Chinese culture ,to almost absorb and blend in .
Let me see me to stay and the importance of prospective .So ,I contrast to in contrast to ,should stay for the popularization of Confucius culture ,to pour my heart and life .I lived in Japan for 3 years ,to understand China ,also slowly understand Japanese .
So ,see a lot of Sino-Japanese two countries people life level contrast article ,feel and fact is not consistent ,right here. Through the basic necessities of life and shopping to compare two ordinary people level ,what I say is the objective reality ,we can also hope that the spirit of peace and the objective state of mind to face up to and understanding of this gap by real data .
Possible in some And ,we also actively provide me at the same time ,and to forgive .Firstly, shopping ,buy luxury goods .Japanese cars is very common thing, Japanese monthly salary is about 35-40million yen,usually in banks ,large enterprises ,IT and IT related companies ,trading companies ,government departments ,since business monthly income is higher ,usually Japanese common large enterprises ( enterprise ) the general formal employee each month more than 400000, or even higher ( including two times a year ( Bonus ) .
According to the Japanese Ministry of health and welfare survey ,Japan will be members of the average monthly wage in more than 500000 yen ,but I know of the general staff ,each month also Sanshijisishiwan yen.
) and Japan an ordinary household car for less than the price of 2000000 yen,the general models of the price and the China price ,or even lower ,that is to say four months of wages can afford a car.
But the Japanese drove the car as a pastime or tool life ,like to buy my house saving Toyota BLIIUS one year to open thirty or 40 timesalmost ,Tokyo, convenient transportation ,the tram can lead in all directions .
Of course Japanese general digital camera ,camera price than in China and Cheap. For example can be used 30000yen to buyin China the sale price in 3000 yuanfor the camera. That is a big Japanese company employees ,can use the monthly pay ten percent of the purchase of China ,foreign white-collar workers a monthly salary to buy things.
We refer to this is the quality of life of Japanese housing problem. Most Japanese are basic ,live in a building not only Japanese called a building ,is also the Chinese common sense small villas .
Price of 30000000 yento 50000000 yen ,currency conversion * * is in 2100000 - between 3500000 RMB ,is a family the sum of 6-9.The price is China Beijing or Shanghai the equal area prices.
But in Japan, Beijing ,Shanghai, the income is the income of ten times or more. Japanese can easily loan buy a house ,such as a set of 40000000 yen invilla ,down only 1000000 yen ,then each month is 10 to150000 yenloan ,in the 30-50years to pay off.
China ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,loans are required for a variety of conditions ,and the loan ,a set of 400000 yuan ofhousing ,first to pay 100000 yuanof above, and also is a few years to pay off. But also the amount of the loan is a door Family for over 10 years the total income .
However ,Japanese live in the five or six rooms ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,with private parking and small garden family households to build ( Villa ) ;while the Chinese had two rooms or 3 rooms one hall. I am in Qingdao to buy a house down payment is about three hundred thousand ,and then twenty years to pay off ,strange is the area including pool area ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,with the different traffic .
Besides ,Japanese traffic convenience ,as long as to the Japanese people know Japanese traffic environment than Beijing ,Shanghai more than how many times. But traffic fee income proportion is cheaper in China than in Japan ,for example ,the common travel electric the ticket in 130 yen- between 300 yen ,pass is usually at half the price of around, and Japan will be members of the fare are reimbursed.
For example, a monthly income of 400000 yen ingeneral organization staff ,daily commuting costs only about 200 yen ,0.5% of income,monthly fees are usually in about 10000 yen ,for months the Chinese one in 40, and the cost is also responsible for by clubs .
But in Beijing ,Shanghai ,the general staff monthly income can reach 3000 yuan will have a general staff, only reaching the supervisor level white-collar monthly income can reach 4000 to 5000 peopleRMB ,I refer to the company.
And monthly commuting costs in 60-100yuan,accounting for 10% of monthly income,and in many cases are to be borne by the individual. Besides metropolitan people go to work by bus ,whether you are the boss or the staff.
As my friend Itochu president thirty-five years, the tram to work are the morning ,evening entertainment ,to take a taxi home. Because Japanese companies are not owning a car ,but the car or package cars .
Said dressing, Japan now prices are the highest in the world, but far from domestic reports so too high to be reached .For example ,in the ordinary Japanese fashion store ,buy a T-shirt ,if a country other than Japan manufacturing ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,in the price of 500 yento 1000 yen ,Japan products price in 1500-2000 yen,accounted for 0.
1% of monthly incometo 0.7% ,winter coat at the price of 10000 - 20000 yen( 20000 yen inwinter is the absolute high-end goods ) ,accounted for monthly income 3%-6%.While in China ,store T-shirt is usually in the 50 yuansometimes hundreds, monthly charge 3000 ,accounting for income 0.
15%-0.33%,is 1.5 times of Japan ;and winter at the price of 200 yuanto 300 yuan( the only Is a common sign ) ,accounts for the monthly salary is nearly 5%-10%,Japan times. In China a suit is not thousands of tens of thousands of ,let me not be understood and shocked.
Besides eating ,everyone says that eating in Japan is expensive, if according to the absolute price,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, Japan really expensive, but if monthly income ratio value ,it is in China city your number .
Then compare the Tokyo and Beijing ,Shanghai. A port three between the Japanese ,monthly family meal fee is 50000 yento 80000 yen in left and right ,accounting for the male family income wage 16%-26%.
Note ,this only by the Japanese men ,which is a monthly income of 300000 yen,but according to the Japanese Ministry of health and welfare statistics, Japan in 2006 the company average monthly salary is in 400000 to more than 500000 yen ,Adidas Jeremy Scott just bought MP3,the statistical approach is deducted from the pension ,pension ,national health insurance and monthly tax after the conservative and digital .
In the case of China how ?A family of three monthly meals less in 400-600between the renminbi,the less likely ?Then press 300-500 Renminbi?Every expenditure of 10 yuan to 15 yuanfire Food expenses ,so cheap ?But also to account for the monthly wage of 3000 yuan10%-16%,only a lot cheaper than Japan 5-6 percent.
It inside the Japanese and Chinese monthly meals are calculated according to the lowest standard .Moreover, Japanese very thrifty ,on television often have such a program ,to several people each of 10000 yen,giving them ten thousand yen a month of life ,the last remaining money most who is the winner of the race .
But in the program ,with 10000 yena month, usually have more than 3000 yen ,up to life a month only 3000 much yen,equivalent in 200 yuanRMB .Japanese go out for a drink, usually in the 10000 yento 20000 yen ,can eat very well ,monthly income is also equivalent to 100 Chineseyuan to 200 yuan,but if the Chinese want to go out for a drink, usually take two hundred or three hundred ,in my impression than the Japanese to you .
Besides benefits ,in Japan because everyone has a national health insurance ,so go to the hospital to pay only carry 30% medical bills .But in China ,although also have medical insurance ,but go to a hospital after only in the most expensive drugs to enjoy the preferential ,and in many places Party ,even do a CT does not enjoy the medical insurance ,that is the difference .
In Japan, which is true of compulsory education from primary school ,children do not have to spend money ,do not have to pay tuition fees ,and the country has not given you a subsidy. Family burden children books or clothing costs ,the cost of a year in the 20-30 million yen,is also the home of adult men the salary of a month ,always adhere to high school graduation.
Of course if in Japan in the choice of private schools ,the price will be surprisingly high. But in China ,nine years of compulsory ,school fees ,fees, costs a lot at sixes and sevens ,a years down number money ?At least a 349.
Japanese club employees retirement ,get a decent pension ,it is society thanks to the staff in the company for a lifetime appreciation ,although Japanese economy depression ,but less is 2 millionyen ,big company and bank ,IT ,trading company some can get 5589ortens of millions of yen ,this is just an ordinary employee ,if until director or above level ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,this number will be higher.
But Chinese employees retirement ,no nothing. After retirement, because Japanese employees at work During their national annuity and pension ,general every month can from the country to 150000 -300000 even higherpension ( this is not go-vern-ment civil servant, is a common Japanese company employees ) ,but this time the medical expenses spent only 10% or even 3% ,this treatment plus deposit ,enough to get paid housing loans two old ease through old age.
In China ,the company employee retirement and how much of what now ?The company to employees retirement pension ?Unless human relations in the company ,the majority of contract staff have no pension ,after the old life safeguard is a problem ,because the country no matter ,want this some of the burden to the company ,and the company only burden human relations employees ,for employees to just let them pay endowment insurance ,and the endowment insurance pay later ,when it is old, can from the country Social Security Bureau get how much ?Who knows ??and medical expenses in China ,how to do? Medical costs and the high drug costs surprisingly ,and per capita income absolutely disproportionate, Chinese company old people how to do later? What do not have disease ,a disease to human life ,which may be in Chinese common people life True portrayal.
Besides playing ,traveling in Japan ,such as going to Australia mid-range six brigade ,costs about 100000 yen ,equivalent to a monthly salary of 25%-33% ;go to Canada ,the United States fifteen days ,the cost of the 150000 - 200000 yen,equivalent to one month wages half ;to Southeast Asia tourism is very cheap ,100000 yencan swim Xintai horses a week.
In China ,to go to Australia for a week to more than 8000 yuan,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings had also just, more expensive than Japan ,and is the monthly salary of 2-2.5times.To the United States and Canada tour fifteen ,cost 10000 5000 yuanmonthly salary ,is 4-5 times,to the Southeast Asia recently seems cheap ,but also to 8000yuan,and Japan quite ,but Chinese monthly salary is 2 to3 times.
In China ,by the hour, one hour to count money ,cheap 20 yuan,expensive 50 yuan a day ,if you want to slip 8 hours,need to spend 160-400yuan,equivalent to a monthly salary of 5%-10% ;in japan skiing ,by the day of money ,one day cheap 7000 yen,expensive 10000 yen,equivalent to a monthly salary of 2.
5%-3.3%,and from nine in the morning ,can be slid to nine at night, casually. In Japan to see a large areas of the United States ,the price is 1800 yen,equivalent to 0.05% of monthly salary.But in China is a large areas of the United States ,the price of RMB is monthly wages in 30-50 ,1%-1.
6%,that is to say in Chinese movies is the price in Japan movie price 2-3 times.Japan many museums ,exhibition hall for students are free ,but in China the student is preferential ;many sports facilities in Japan for example ,basketball courts ,soccer field ,tennis courts on the small people are open free of charge ,but in China in addition to the school ,want to look for a to play football and basketball fewer places to work in China .
Besides ,because hard work is as everyone knows ,apart from the black armband does not work ,what people want to work, but also a lot of things tube does not understand, if the Chinese want to do a thing ,or to have a relationship ,or to be rich ,or eat face ,please eat gifts is unavoidable .
This point of China and Europe and the United States ,Japan system country does not have a law to compare .Here no longer this problem ,otherwise will involve go-vern-ment and politics. The gap between China and Japan in where? I think in our daily life, it is the difference .
I often come to China to Japan ,this is what I know in the lives of the people level gap. Because deep understanding of china ,But since that is slowly understanding of Japan ,so to conclude :if you have the money and authority, living in China is very handsome ,very happy ;if you have no money and no power is a small community ,living in Japan, stability and peace of mind.

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