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Find such a woman

Where a girl can do any of the above 10 you marry,Adidas Jeremy Scott, right 1,Adidas Porsche Design,The complete handbook of studying in Korea, you are the first man of her 2, from behind holding her sleep, she quietly curled into a ball, do not turn to see you 3, wake up the middle of the night when you tucked in 4, eat what you feed her you think something good, and feel good, I don't ask you 5 don't want her to know that any thing 6, every word that you say, do not expose your lie 7, efforts to adapt to your life and the lives of the circle of 8, friendly to your friends, get them as his 9 friends, in front of your friends to meet you face 10, continue to do what you love her work 11, stay long hair, not curling,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, no user gel water to make hair hard stuff 12, diet control and exercise, in order to keep thin and change the Taiping princess the current situation 13, cut nails for you, let you get rid of the bad habit of biting his nails there is something to be 14, you go to the square of soap bubble blowing 15, put away her bad mood, dry your tears, when you see her she will smile as much as possible, on the radio "16 points" to the angel and the dolphin you 17, and you cherish every meeting in 18, karaoke singing "courage" call when you 19,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, buy cigarettes to you, but only a bit,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, because smoking is harmful to your health 20, let you back with her in the house around 21,Adidas Wings,Spring training, lie on your stomach and you watch TV 22, take a shower together, help you wipe away 23, see Apian, learning to do a solution style woman, but is not a naive little girl 24, for love into a silly little girl 25, washing your clothes, especially smelly socks 26, help you to clean all the shoes, no matter what you you need to wear a pair of them are clean 27, accompany you to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, eat 28 and praised the dishes you cook 29, with father learned to do his gold medal 30, braised knuckle to ensure smooth mobile phone, you can always find her mother and 31, tell your story, she has the right to know who his daughter into a woman in 32, and you in the bathroom 33, keep you send her every thing 34, using a PP small write down you sent her a message 35, quietly waiting for you to come back again in 37, 36, when you are happy than you are happy, you feel sadWhen 38, even more upset than you really think you do every thing is justified in 39, take couple photoes, make beautiful brochure, she would wear a wedding dress in 40, the bears have been placed at the end of 41, introduction to all her good friend to you, 42 protect you from a little frustrated 43, apply a their mailbox, write a lot of letters in it for you to read 44, every year to see you from home 45, pouring coax you take medicine 46, secretly to pull your clothes angle, to remind you to drink less 47, when you are suffering will never give up you 48, be ready to follow you, be forced to leave one's hometown 49 agreed to your proposal, even without the rose and the ring (if there is such a day) 50, you no longer love her quietly walked away strongly suggest that: where there is a girl can do any of the above 10 you marry, right 20 you have to work hard to marry her.

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