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Playing basketball the wicked

The 1 answer the phoneevery time you play .When there are so few people make mobile phone on the basketball stand below, this was no ground for blame it ,but every time the atmosphere reached a climax when, always sounded strident mobile phone ringtones ,all with very like clubbing there just waiting for the B answered the phone after the restart ,.
.. A few minutes,Library name shoes official website what sell is authentic what, and the phone rang ... Have puzzled customs ,pick up the phone and laughing and chatting ,we call the SB. If you really busy ,don come out and play !The 2 most hated that play JJYY motionless said other foul bitch ,especially his attack is not suitable when .
A little touch will reel right and left ,pain bare teeth ,you hit him in the arm he had their faces ,touched his shoulder he mouth ,also smugness spit a few saliva determines that there are no bleeding .
.. Acting in place ,the pain of the innocent expression ,posture ,lets you not have the heart to do not have the ball back to him with such a man !If you have to play with words ,suggests &quot &quot ;Swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load ;with the girl as a team mate .
3can catchbasket ,seemingly jumping ability strong .Love others in the crowd when performing dunks ,one by one, but did not succeed ,but he simply buckle do not go in ,Also have to touch the knee injury with video &quot ;&quot ;shape .
.. This base B would love to crowd drill ,Taobao.com shopping online sports shoes sports shoes XTEP sports shoes lining peak sport shoes,which many people where to buckle ,life is the most love is heard another group of cheap B &quot XX to buckle a tiger ;a &quot ;,also equipped with injury responded &quot ;No.
ah ,a knee injury ... &quot ;eyes of fortitude ,expression of the show ,let people see like barrel his knife !This man is usually a real. Do not, will only be installed B. Suggested he a bitchy ,everyone not to him, for guys to play place ,leave him personal ,not able to fly the good buckle ?Go ~ ~ ~ ~ you believe you can fly ~ !!!4 onbackseat driver .
The federal slightly the slightest not in place or error ,he began to beat his breast ,heave great sighs ,frowned, and then spit flying start you on &quot ,teach and guide untiringly ;&quot ;a mourning their unfortunate nuqibuzheng two B face !Look what he himself ,where is not, with &quot ;&quot ;voted three does not moisten ball drop each other one against two defenders ,you complaining about federal why not rebounding! There is, this is usually the one to boss ,two attack without his hands you have good days off ,&quot ;you small The only child too ,Finland SUUNTO multi-function sport Terra female models,&quot ;&quot ;play too unreasonable and so on two B &quot ;then began to jump out.
By the way ,the general age is older than you .5 notdefensive .You do not defend it, also silly B neurotic retaining his teammates to do cover ,no more with a corpse-like look ball from across the front ,you &quot &quot ;persuasion ;his two ,he also mouth truth.
6have body odor!Most afraid of and this kind of play ,especially he is your opponent ,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com,but also directly against the kind you !You under the basket ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,it is too crowded ,you will feel close to his personal defense temperature .
.. You don break him ,he will lift my arms for you to fight,Adidas Wings, I would wonder ,why have the person of body odor of footstep movement is so fast ,fast to you no matter how to breakthrough ,look up can see his axillary sporadic energy .
.. The only thing you can do, is the ball after processed at once ,either cast or pass quickly ,otherwise the fox brothers and lift my arms tight - !7playingstreetball .I really do appreciate the street ,I am sick just the kind of play is not good but just like a man! Don learn a few tricks, head With a hoop to the stadium began playing ,you do not need to move, you are not to you ,but you look over ,don his ball hit !This play is generally not correct attitude ,while laughing ,while extremely cheap school MJ ,KOBE et al.
Iconic gestures ,and extremely do not reach the designated position. The ball had to squat down on the ground ,what also do not say ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,a 8baseB !Sit ball !I depend! Such a large egg on your buttocks underneath very comfortable is not ?9spit,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000!MD ,motionless jet spit ,or cough up that ,really do not know you did not ?10 dead ina restricted area of the madman ,you can head to foot Lai in the forbidden area for several hours.
I estimate you don dead seconds as an example it. 11 deadbody .Body no ground for blame .But there are limits ,generally playing does not need desperately ,meat and more by their fat butted, you still can fouls ,slightly less than the meat is flying knee elbow .

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