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This winter is not too cold, the WOW cold joke

Many cold jokes ,some is put all sorts of things together the ,most original ,author iD: wjl1990 1F,a heartbreaking dead in the bar to a glass of whiskey and an empty cup ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,has been drinking bar closing 2ofF ,a heartbreaking dead in the bar to a lot of Erguotou ,drink to have no money until 3bar ownerin order to prevent the guest pets ,at the gate stands a ban on animal sign ,the boss started from yesterday to now be war trampling 4todaywe feel good about it ,China should launch a Muckraking Movement,eat ,Tauren ordered steak ,Delaney points a octopus 5 developmenttoday the boss a new taste of whisky, everyone wants to have a good drink ,but the boss said each limited a cup, then a small German drunk 6,five alliances in order to celebrate what came to drink last man drank paralysis to lie on the table to drink paralysis Delaney lying on the table had paralysis of dwarf lying on the table .
MM drink paralysis on his desk dwarf drink paralysis on the ground 7fivetribal people to celebrate what run wine last Troll drank palsy lay on the table the orcs drank palsy lay on the table the undead have paralysis to lie on the table of the blood elves have paralyzed on his desk in cattle Man drinking paralysis to lie on the ground 8undeadGG to undead MM said: &quot ;we get married !&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;no,[ZZ] young people, come into the system to! Then they continue together happy life 9avery tidal dwarf in their clothes on and wrote I need hug ,a 9C GM of myopia see ,he is off 10National Day holidayis dying ,he still has a lot of homework ,so he headed a exclamation mark to Ironforge ,finally the very next day school he successfully made work 11aworking hard for several years the collar does not own can do what he wants to do Manager ,Boss ,and so he went to his head stuck on the two question mark ,eventually the Manager have got one to become a Boss 12 a few days agoat Sanlu ,then in order to refute a rumor .
Cenarius held a press conference to tell the world two points: 1 to eat their owncouncil no milk company 2 I am notdeer 13 every time the teachernamed are :Erie Danny ... .is : the Danny .
.. ..Or :the Danny ... .Illidan patience .:depend! Look! It angry wind ,miscellaneous old read counter ..14Salabsenteeism to the Internet named teacher :&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Sal !!&quot ;teacher wonder :I know you ,you don sal ,You &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;?Saurfang pigmentation :nickname 15 ablack dragon to the interview, very nervous ,the interviewer asked if he too nervous, take a deep breath and 16 men always have a warlock 17 legends,Delaney first came to earth, earth elephants shocked ,so they call it the thunder as the 18 primary schoolteacher let the kids with tangram ,results did not take ,so in addition to the naaru other children were punished 19 kJof had failed to break through the sun well portal explanation: hurry and clip 20 eggsa troll sent a card, he said the first floor &quot ;KuangDing! !!&quot ;because the result was 6+2.
Later investigated the troll ,he said ,this is your naked framed !Bully us KuangDing tribal people die !21 one day,the naaru very boring ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,so it begins to spell their own 22Qsaid :Yes ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,my son is very strong ,but I also have my own strength !23old dogsays then: an old dog also has several teeth !24Rexhalong ray, so his father kossar gave him the name 25 If you thinkthe first discovery of Thunder Bluff was called his bluff,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, I don 26twoAldo to eat KFC ,they ordered new Aldo grilled wings 27.
"who is thin ?&quot ;so we are pointing to section 28tworecovery of the D flag ?Wash face 29 powerful enemies,they do their best warriors :Tommy !We can fear! Because we are still standing behind fellow red ah !The Warlock :the demon arthritis !!hear my call! Burning !Thief :I don want to say anything ,I just know this razor cut the enemy !Hunter :go !My friend !In the lion king ,tilt your anger ,let us work together to overcome any difficulty! Knight :in the name of light !:To Mother Earth Little Germany :the intelligent part of the universe The priest :come on !My friends !I will try my best to improve our common efforts! !Mage: BIU ~ 30 he puthis clothes trousers shoes hats all tied up in the body is 31 whatdistinguish between BE and NE ?BE ah 32headis a N a B 33 how todistinguish the Tauren and dwarf? ??You are so silly !Longhorn is the Minotaur .
34the naaru arecomposed of sodium salt ,brine 35 initially9Cdwarf translation into Sun Wukong to 36compared to theha !Angle resolved ,I also found a more easily distinguish the Tauren and dwarf Method! .
.. .Tail !37 Jainawill create water ,Sal a cudgel 38 tradeinformation writes: Today storm the stronghold ,everybody ready !So everybody ready time, the storm stopped 39DQ b where B forget to add punctuation ,After ~ ~ injury,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,received reply :Mulgore you ?So some armour looked as beside the Mogao ,answer :no .
40adruid in the emerald dream, woke up ,looked at his watch ,say: depend ,at twelve thirty in the morning ,I have to go to bed so he slept 41TheDruid sleep together hold after a stretch ,a watch, say: depend ,quick eight point ,the work !He fall asleep again 42ahatred but scratched her shoulder, and said: I have hemorrhoids 43ARoyal Apothecary in teaching speech :in order to keep a certain activity ,we always put your shoulder meat mounted on hate knee .
.. .44an orcin the dark city river to take a shower ,nobody found him 45 Royalterrorist bodyguard says :depend! You how can the orcs in the dark city river to take a shower ?He replied :I am goblin 46whythe Laden pizza Glass strong .
Because .Laden There are 47 gram,Glass only one of the 47 KellTexas are wedding festivities ... The bride moans: &quot ;Kay ... Uh ... ..&quot ;then a Tauren rushed in .48.A night a small German crying to Ma legal question: why tribal Druid than OOo our strong? Ma brother puzzled :why ?Little Germany envy and say : why do we not cattle morphology ?49press conference,a reporter asked :I heard Ruud playing the WOW ,what is his occupation ?Answer :Ruud is the spokesman of the Druid.
50a coalition ofWhite :today for the first time into the thorns Valley ,amazing ,I saw a riding a rhino cow 51fireasked :don ?Water element answer: quit ,thank you 52 a long time ago,I saw a Cerberus hands luminous ,then heard a warlock said :who dares call me ?53a priestwas dead ,he point the points of his own ,so he weak raised 54 Yao Ming anda gnome play basketball together &quot ;Yao Ming was a standard textbook shot ,wow !Dwarf into !!&quot ;55 Yao Ming anda gnome in playing basketball basketball game they go back to basketball corpse run 56 A: are you?The forsaken :we are forsaken .
.. A: Oh ,nice to meet you .A second later .A: are you ?... .57water elementQ: do not drink ?Answer :the element of fire ring, thanks to the 58 elements of water and fireto go to dinner ,fire elements to be boiling water boiled 59shamancan move three kinds of elements: fire ,earth ,dog element 60 finished61 fire,water ,air ,earth ,four kinds of elements in the race.

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