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Tuesday, 8-May-2012 09:20 Email | Share | Bookmark
Skylight window film to accompany you to live in hot summer

In fact, many owners do not understand why, home furnishing to spend thousands of pieces of glass window film, a lot of people think not worth it. Whether building film or car, or glass film role, in fact all follow the same pattern.
And the so-called home furnishing window film, is one of the segmentation application only, but also not so as if it were raining flowers! But,Urge men wear skirts, to the Bo integrity, glass film observation room or to say home furnishing window film role.
As long as we have a look at the beginning of each paragraph, presumably to browse it. First unidirectional perspective. The so-called one-way perspective, before the observation room is mentioned " outside to see not inside ".
I believe that many owners are very need glass have this function,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, because it can have a more intimate space. But note that,Jeremy Scott Adidas, in the choice of film when must consider the indoor lighting factors. Moreover is UV blocking ultraviolet sterilization.
Can be used, but as the pageant can barrier excessive ultraviolet light. And home furnishing window film is a good choice, the first film not containing volatile chemical substances, can be followed by effective UV sunscreen.
As the summer sun westAccording to heat,Wind in the summer, which can make your home to raise the temperature of 1 ~ 2 degrees, but also for some home furnishing and decoration can not be recovered again is caused by injury.
Heat insulation and energy saving. Of course, home furnishing window film heat insulation effect is definitely yes. However, don't think affixed to the film after it without air-conditioning. Just put up film can reduce air conditioning load only,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, when the hot air is to open, but can be less degree of electricity by 1 electrical degrees.
Now 0.6 yuan of computation,Adidas Jeremy Scott, such as paste on the 15 side of the membrane, according to statistics, 1 day can save 3, 4 degrees, which is 2 blocks air conditioner is not much, need every day, to the south to calculate, 1 years 5 months spent a year in the heat, save more than 300.
10 years is 3000, is your home furnishing live in only 10 years, according to our general membrane, a party of around 170, is now considered she also does summer big discount,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, buy 2 party was sent to 1 party, the 15 party if the price by 1700, only 5 years after the cost can be recycled.
And as the beauty of the membranous period was 5 years, 5 years, shifting, the world has so favorable.,, anyway, is a boon for consumers. Some people say, this brand to haveNever heard of, is it right? Fake film? As the pageant is the world's largest film manufacturer PCFilms, 50 years of production experience,The feeling of sweating, nice, all products produced in the United States, each commodity is the one and only serial number, in the official website to check, eliminate fake and shoddy products.
As the pageant in China although only less than 1 year, but from overseas Hong Kong and Macao has a huge market. A product, in the market to stand firm, the most important is the quality, we weight to the quality, best service, affordable for consumers, the absolute value for money.

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