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The power of smile

I need a man * a bit shy ,but were in the street ,Taobao.com online shopping shoes,I love you .* go to the temple to pray with me ,hold my hand gently down together. * keep a promise inviolate .* never late, late for me he is not angry .
* hug for a long time ,very tight -- every time when I rise almost need to slowly pushed him. * sleep later than I a little ,wake up earlier. * when he wake up call my name - not the wrong call .
* I remember the date ,shoes ,password ,are most afraid of things. I like insects, worms seen screaming and shouting that he would not laugh at me. * the morning I went to the garden ,with small branches climb to the road to earthworm to Grassland -- he in the side to help me .
* laughed like a very bad guy -- but it * uncomfortable, I take leave to see a doctor ,come back on the road to buy ice cream as a reward. * never to drink driving ,let me fasten on the safety belt .
* help me to do housework ,every day. As chat .* often helps others ,Adidas Wings,for no reason .* promise me :never .Then never. * whistle while repairing the closestool .* said :I hope you are my daughters .
* egg white yellow to give him to eat .* on rainy days, I had water in the back ,say :you also Can be more fatter .* quarrel will not walk away .* wrong mistake .* read the introduction of depilation and teach me .
* he laughs at my jokes .* shopping when I see the same style of dress in three colors, he says: try them all .When I try on the shoes ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,he took my cartoon-themed socks in his pocket .* is often said ,have me.
* things had to tell me ,touch on lightly .* fingernails clean and tidy ,like I cut his nails. * I do he likes to eat food ,ask tomorrow. * all the kids like him ,often playing downstairs a pants mire back gently unscrew .
* i s not open the soda bottle .* busy book ticket for me ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,let me take parents to go out to play together .* tell me - 24 hours call at any time. Tell me not to save money .* to voluntary blood donation ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,grinning back took a piece &quot ;welfare cookie &quot ;for my taste .
* secretly bought a raincoat for two persons in and put it in the car. I like barefoot ,in his copilot the foot spread a small wool blanket .* leave word with a small head of tiger as the signature .
* occasionally call me * * * lie .When stammer .* argued with sounds like is explained. * teach my slippery drought Ice ,when I run one thousand kilometers .* never chat on the Internet.
* his secretary said to help him to button up, he said thank you ,no .* send me a potted flower ,for I watered. * and play chess with me ,allow me to undo .* he is actually very early on that his parents about I like sports ??* ,took me to a club.
* wear jeans ten years ago still fit. He has a big dog ,his dog like me. * when I yell he also Winnie the Pooh I gave to him ,he wouldn have .* I have no sense of direction ,Casual shoes,his body with a compass ,say - - follow me.
* I eat leftovers. I sleep when he chats with me .* double elbow and knee support body weight ??* her previous girlfriends have difficulties will come looking for him. No difficulty is not.
* have a wound - and a few small rogue fights hold each other knife ,I warned him next time don like this ,he smiled no answer. I take a shower when he took a magazine sit on closestool .
* is higher than me, I can .Let him take. * talk over important things with me ,such as next year investment plan ,the weekend picnic take not to take to roast dinner ,Chinese cabbage or cabbage .
* Standing in the shop restroom waiting for me outside. I had a cold ,The man dress Charm,he cup after a quarrel ,if the other party to call your mobile phone ,must pick up! After a quarrel ,if the other party to call your mobile phone ,must meet !!!There are a pair of lovers.
The girl is very beautiful, very considerate,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, always make fun with the guy .The boy is very smart ,very sensible, the most important point .The sense of humor is very strong. Always in 2 individuals alongto find the way can be funny girl laugh .
Girls like the attitude of the boy .They have been good ,the boys and girls of the feeling ,light ,said the boy as their own relatives .Boys to girls love deeply, cares about her very much .

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